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The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human. To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. Then we can create the hidden stone within us. The stone that is not a stone but a state of consciousness, the Buddhahood or Christhood. Alchemy and meditation is the central key.

The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human. To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. Then we can create the hidden stone within us. The stone that is not a stone but a state of consciousness, the Buddhahood or Christhood. Alchemy and meditation is the central key.

In its popular (limited) definition, Alchemy is an empirical science which concerns itself with the transmutation of base metals into gold.

For many the word Alchemy conjures up an image of a crude laboratory where foolhardy pseudo-scientists labor to turn lead into gold so that they may spend their lives living in a state of luxury.

However Alchemy’s true definition encompasses the doctrine of the transformation of humanity to a higher stage. The treatises of Alchemy are not only chemical in nature, but also mystical and magical.

Certainly many Alchemists left behind a vast amount of information to prove the fact that one version of Alchemy was primarily practical and chemical in nature. On the other hand, the principal interest of many Alchemical philosophers was spiritual. These Alchemists did not look merely for the substance of gold, they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being—to transmute the base metals (gross and impure parts of their own nature) to spiritual gold (wisdom). To them gold, the metal which never tarnishes and cannot be corrupted by Fire or Water, was a symbol of illumination and salvation.

Present humans are dormant machines driven by the legion of “I”

from the mind the dross of Ignorance (Avidyā); and the human is transmuted into the divine by the spiritual alchemy of yoga.

This illumination which permits us to have a true conception of the beautiful scheme of existence is obtained by “drinking,” or absorbing, the “Wine of Life,” which brings about the union of the Sun and Moon, or head and heart, or physical and spiritual being, in the alchemical marriage.

One might even acquire an inner elixir through spiritual illumination and produce an ethereal and immortal body within oneself .

The function of human existence is to strive for illumination. This is the natural development which needs to take place if we are ever to realize our true potential as unlimited spiritual beings.

The objective of the work is designed in such a way as to change us from a dispersed fear-based culture to an interconnected love-based collective, so as to make the largest soul-stride possible at this time of remarkable change.

This harmonious vibration is vast and potent, for it unifies mind, body, and soul. Harmony is benign yet powerful; through it, we achieve a unique fusion of embodiment and spiritual integration. Just as the alchemists of old intended, the embodied divine human is the ”philosopher’s stone.” When we emerge suffused with divine love, we discover the “stone” multiplies to infinity, endlessly repeating as we use breath-light and sound. We become selfless instruments of the divine, moving like thousands of meteors throughout the cosmos.

Personal Alchemy will teach why your vibration is important and, more importantly, how to raise it.

The logical brain will cancel out the intuitive information because it is illogical and inconsistent with the preconceived notion.

Get out of your “Ego space” since your Ego is 100% non-intuitive.

The stronger the ego, the less the intuitive information will flow from your Higher Self.

The ego wants us to create divides and it will find anyway possible to do that, because if we stay divided the ego can live on as a powerful guidance of our lives; our fear becomes our inner guidance system.

The intuition, with its symbols, is a gateway to the inner unconscious, source of our most powerful thoughts and urges.

Earth are still locked in the embrace of the ego.

Thus, the ego-self is intuition’s enemy.

The New Man, The Future Man, This alchemical transformation from one conscious state to another consists of steps—concentration–contemplation—meditation, from leaden consciousness to gold consciousness  (transform lead to gold), The New Man will be Master—and not slave.

The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human. To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. Then we can create the hidden stone within us. The stone that is not a stone but a state of consciousness, the Buddhahood or Christhood. Alchemy and meditation is the central key.

A consciousness opens in our very flesh and marrow that enables us to pierce the veil of things and pass beyond and understand — see and experience — the why and the how and the whither of it all.

The real human greatness, the force that impels man to be like a star. The Power that gives us life is sleeping in our Unconsciousness, but it is the same power that is at this very moment transforming a bud into an open flower.

When the human flower is open, the Super-Conscious is fully felt and all myths and human values are transmuted. But we have to transform ourselves. There is an Alchemy that changes our lives.

This exchange is accomplished through the consciousness of the Christ, the Super Ego who, positioned in the center of the cross, is the agent of the alchemical transformation that takes place between the energies of God and man.

The cross is the center, but it also represents division; it is a counterpart of the mandala symbolizing the division of the world into a polarity of right and left.

The symbol of the cross, which many have long misunderstood, is a symbol that promotes deeper understanding of the end of duality that approaches. The cross shows two opposite energies coming from two different directions. The center, where those energies meet, represents illumination. It is in the center, where opposites meet, that the divine spark begins, for divinity and unity are the same. (It is the clash of opposites that creates the divine spark. We will speak more of this when we speak about the Divine Couple.) The symbol of the cross illustrates how opposites meet in the center and spark illumination. The end of duality is represented by the coming together of polar opposites at the center of the cross.

Ascension needs to be understood as the completion and integration of every astral layer/body within the entire periodic table. This is the same as being energetically mastered within every single type of energy in this world. It should be noted that when awareness is concealed at one particular center gives birth to extraordinary awareness and abilities.

The sixth chakra is often referred to as the “third eye” and is the seat of intuition and consciousness. It is sometimes called the “triple confluence” as the main nadis cross over here.

Another symbol for the meeting of these three nadis is the Christian cross, where ida is balanced with pingala. The left side of the cross is ida, the right side is pingala, and the vertical line is sushumna, which continues upward to sahasrara. The three lines meet in ajna chakra, the egoless state, where you die (are crucified) to your old self.

Stepping beyond death was the attribute of the sixth chakra; mastery of time was the attribute of the seventh. The end of duality is the birth of Oneness. The state of duality is the state of ego, and were the olf ego-self ends, it is the birth of the real divine Higher Self.

The sixth chakra, or third eye, is located in the middle of the fore-head. In the Hindu traditions it is thought to be the third eye of who grants knowledge of perfect truth and nonduality.

The name of this center in Sanskrit is aim, or “unlimited power.” In this chakra we attain the knowledge that we are inseparable from God. You realize that you are an eternal being inhabiting a temporal body. A person with an awakened sixth chakra realizes that the authentic self must shed its exclusive identification with bodily or mental experiences. We transcend body and mind, yet welcome both into the field of our awareness. As we begin to observe the mind, we can step into transpersonal states. We follow the mind with curiosity  yet without being absorbed by it. Doubt disappears when you step beyond the mind, and desire and longing cease to be driving forces. One enters the realms of knowledge that can be experienced but not told. It is not that these realms lie outside the domain of words, but rather that experience is all there is.

There the three major nadis (ida, pingala, and sushumna) meet together at a junction that forms a red hexagonal region. In fact, the ida and pingala nadis terminate in the brow center, at the point where they conjoin with sushumna, the central median axis of your subtle body.

The Sanskrit word taraka means “cross over,” “liberate,” or “deliver.” What is being liberated? The goal of all yogic practice is to liberate your soul from the bondage of this relative world—the dualistic field of suffering and ignorance—and to realize the true self.

The work of transmuation and transformation is a process of alchemy and meditation.

“Alchemy is not merely an art or science to teach metallic transmutation, so much as a true and solid science that teaches how to know the center of all things, which in the divine language is called the Spirit of Life.

Contemplation of alchemical diagrams and pictorial symbolism is meant to intrigue and inspire the viewer on many levels—conscious as well as subconscious—and speak directly to the human soul on the true nature of the alchemist’s “gold?’ Alchemy’s true definition encompasses the transformation of humanity to a higher stage of spiritual purity. While many alchemists worked in the laboratory, the principal interest of many alchemical philosophers was spiritual. These alchemists did not look merely for the substance of gold; they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being—to transmute the base metals—(the gross and impure parts of their own nature) into spiritual gold (divine wisdom). To them, gold, the metal which never tarnishes and cannot be corrupted by fire and water, was a symbol of illumination and salvation. This alchemical gold was the Philosopher’s Stone. Gold represented light incarnate, as well as the sun, purity, and spiritual attainment.

Alchemical theory states that eternal wisdom remains dormant in humanity so long as a mundane state of ignorance and superficiality exists. The objective of alchemy is the uncovering of this inner wisdom, and the removal of veils and obstacles between the mind and its intrinsically pure divine source.

The goal of alchemy is called the Magnum Opus, or the Great Work. It is the purification and evolution of something lesser and coarser, into something greater and more refined—whether in metals, vegetable matter, or in human consciousness. The term prima materia, or “first matter;’ is used to describe the original substance and condition of whatever material the alchemist is trying to change, be it lead or his own soul. Through the alchemical art, this first matter is transformed into the Philosopher’s Stone—the highest most perfect form of matter—it is the first matter elevated to the Godhead. This process is often symbolized by the transformation of lead (the darkest, heaviest, and least valuable of the metals) into pure gold, the most brilliant and valuable of metals.

Although alchemy suggests the pursuit of a formula for condensing gold, true alchemy is the quest for spiritual illumination. We dissolve the mist of illusion — the “cloud of unknowing” — that lies between our conscious mind and our “divine. The veil of ignorance is the veil of the ego thay clouds reality and the divine nature of Man.

The ordinary human consciousness is obstructed, blind, unconscious, a play of illusions (maya). The ordinary human consciousness is also the “leaden consciousness” that is in action in the human daily living. This leaden consciousness can be transmuted and transformed into higher levels of consciousness or the gold consciouness (Buddha or Christ state of Consciousness).

The Agnya Chakra is placed at their crossing point, and controls the pituitary and pineal bodies in the gross. Thus the pituitary controls the ego, and the pineal controls the superego. The pineal which controls the superego is over-developed in animals. In human beings there is balance between the ego and superego, by which both the ego and superego come to the centre on top of the brain near the fontanel bone.

The complete covering of the brain and the calcification of the fontanel bone separates human beings from the All-pervading Divine Power. In this way humans develop their “I-ness” or own identity. When both ego and superego are balanced by the temperate life of devotion of a householder, the Kundalini awakened through Yoga, breaks through the centre of the brain. She takes the attention of the seeker into the All-pervading Power, the Universal Unconscious. His attention moves onto the left or the right side of the system according to the nature of his activity. Any energy that is needed for this activity comes from the Ida or Pingala Nadis, and the Deities which are placed at the centre of the chakras (see Figure) decide the appropriate mode of action. The two parabolae of energy emerge from the two sides on the Pingala and Ida Nadis, one in a clockwise direction, the other in an anti-clockwise direction. The energy needed is transformed by the Deities. They are in contact with the seats of the subtle centers (Peethas) in the brain, and also with the auras of the Spirit that encircle the Divine Spirit (Atma) in the heart.

Until you are able to understand the meaning of the Self, the physical body would remain imperfect and would be unable to verify the truth. But once the physical instrument is connected with truth you are able to verify the Truth.

It is very important to understand that until the animal stage there was no need for animals to solve the problem of life as animals were under the complete command of God. At the human stage, however, as we learn from the story of Adam and Eve, they were given the choice and freedom to solve the problem of life itself. That was how evolution was to go a step further. Without such freedom human beings were not equipped to learn the secrets of Divine Power.

The ultimate in Opposites, the empirical ego and complex and the transcendent totality of the Self are brought together in the third, making the paradox of an apparent duality into a unity. The subject or individual soul who experiences the totality of the Self is both the same yet also different from its source, and it is also the same yet different from the opposites in the ego complexes that have been united. In The Symbolic Life , Jung reiterates that the Self is the central archetype, and equates it with the Deity. He again uses Christ as the epitome of the whole man whose crucifixion represents the process of uniting the opposites. In this reference Christ is “the model for the human answers and his symbol is the cross, the union of the opposites” . The work of seeing and understanding and thereby uniting the opposites in soul is the discovery of the “middle way,”  or individuation, which is a conscious journey back to unity. It is a “task left to man, and that is the reason why man is so important to God that he decided to become a man himself’. Without the opposites of the complex experienced in the ego there is no material for transformation.

Ancient alchemists worked to turn lead into gold, which was to turn heavy and base metal into metallic light. The great psychologist Carl Jung explained this alchemical process as a metaphor for transforming the dark matter of the unconscious into the pure gold of the integrated self — for turning our own internal darkness into light. The universe reflects an alchemical process of transforming matter into consciousness, which we could call the ‘alchemy of light’. From mineral to plant, to animal, human and then to enlightened sage is a progressive evolution of the light of consciousness.

This ability to extract consciousness from matter is the internal alchemy of light. Our lives are part of this churning process, to bring the light out of darkness, to bring our soul out of our bodily density and inertia. Through the inner light of awareness we can discover light, truth and beauty in all things, which is to return the world to God without any loss of diversity. All life is moving towards this alchemical transformation of consciousness. The process of evolution does not end with the human mind as we know it. The mind too must evolve further to its source — which is pure consciousness or pure light transcending all material forms.

We must move beyond our current dualistic thought-based intellect, trapped as it is in likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, opinions and prejudices to a greater unitary awareness. This pure light of universal consciousness is what great yogis and mystics have always sought to realize through their meditation practices. The universe is evolving toward enlightenment as its true goal. Our role as a species is to bring the evolutionary process to its decisive phase in which we consciously seek enlightenment, so that the plenary light of pure consciousness can come forth out of the half-light of the mind. This search for enlightenment is our real contribution to the evolutionary movement.

Slowly the path and its practices free us from our negative tendencies and give us access to more and more of our light, more of its consciousness. And as we diligently work upon ourself through our devotions and inner work—as we “polish the mirror of our heart”—so the light within us grows. And this light works its mysterious chemistry, opening life in unexpected ways, revealing more of its magic and wonder. Also, as our light grows, we attract a higher light, a light from the inner world of pure spirit.

This is the mystery of “light upon light” in which “light rises towards light and light comes down upon light.” The light within us and the light from above then work together, growing in strength and purity, helping us on our journey. In fact the journey is the light transforming us, revealing itself within and around us. What we think is our evolution is the evolution of the light of our true nature, expressing itself in our inner and outer life and expanding our consciousness.

There is a great difference between a consciousness that sees with the reflected light of the ego and one that sees with the true light of the Self. The ego exists in a world of distortions and patterns of control that are antithetical to the Self. The light of the Self burns away these distortions, though this is often a painful process—to become free of the many chains that bind us, we have to lose what we have believed most precious.

And so the journey continues, the eternal journey from darkness to light.  This journey of the soul takes us Home, where it finally reveals that the light within us is the One Light. There is only one light—the light of the heavens and the earth is the light within our own heart. We are the light of God in the world. The light within our heart is His light. This simple truth of the union mystica finally takes the wayfarer from the prison of the ego into the ever-expanding dimension of our divine nature and its true purpose; and into a direct experience of the oneness of life.

This alchemical transformation from one conscious state to another consists of steps—concentration–contemplation—meditation. These specific layers allows the individual to move from the microcosm to the macrocosm—it moves the individual from the fragmented self to the complete self—it moves the individual from a one dimensional view point to a multidimensional view point—it moves the individual from the conscious mind to the super conscious mind. 

“Its goal is nothing less than the total transformation of a seemingly limited physical, mental and emotional person into a fully illumined, thoroughly harmonized and perfected being—from an individual with likes and dislikes, pains and pleasures, successes and failures, to a sage of permanent peace, joy and selfless dedication to the entire creation.”

The yogis believed that this transformation was possible for all beings. They believed that through their fervent dedication to seeking the answers to unlocking the mind and expanding their consciousness, that their teachings would help to illuminate a path for all who seek to experience Oneness.

“The basic premise of Yoga is that our perception of the divine Self is obscured by the disturbances of the mind.  If the mind can be made still and pure, the Self will automatically, instantaneously, shine forth.”

“When, through the practice of yoga, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, the aspirant realizes the Divine Higher Self.” Essentially, meditation is the conduit for creating mental space, to tap into the unknown reservoir that is your being, passing through the wormhole of your consciousness in an effort to allow your highest self —your true Self.

The world is in the throes of a new creation and the pangs of that new birth have  made mother Earth restless. It is no longer a far-off ideal that our imagination struggles to visualise^ nor a prophecy that yet remains to be fulfilled. It is Here and Now.

Although we may not know it, the New Man — the divine race of humanity is already among us. Only a thin veil covers it. It marches just behind the line. It waits for an occasion to throw off the veil and place itself in the forefront. We are living in strenuous times inj which age-long institutions are going down and new forces rearing their heads, old habits are being cast off and new impulsions acquired. In every sphere of life, we see the urgent demand for a recasting, a fresh valuation of things.

From the base to the summit, from the economic and political life to the artistic and spiritual, humanity is being shaken to bring out a new expression and articulation. There is the hidden surge of a Power, the secret stress of a Spirit that can no longer suffer to remain in the shade and behind the mask, but wills to come out in the broad day-light and be recognised in its plenary virtues. That Power, that Spirit has been growing and gathering its strength during all the millenniums that humanity has lived through. On the momentous day when man appeared on earth, the Higher Man also took his birth.

Since the hour the Spirit refused to be imprisoned in its animal sheath and came out as man, it approached by that very uplift a greater freedom and a vaster movement. It was the crest of that underground wave which peered over the surface from age to age, from clime to clime through the experiences of poets and prophets and sages—the Head of the Sacrificial Horse galloping towards the Dawn. And now the days of captivity or rather of inner preparation are at an end.

The voice in the wilderness was necessary, for it was a call and a communion in the silence of the soul. To-day the silence seeks utterance. To-day the shell is ripe enough to break and to bring out the mature and full-grown being. The king that was in hiding comes in glory and triumph, in his complete regalia. Another humanity is rising out of the -present human species. The beings of the new order are everywhere and it is they who will soon hold sway over earth, be the head .and front of the terrestrial evolution in the -cycle that is approaching as it was with man in the cycle that is passing away.

What will this new order of being be like? It will be what man is not, also what man is. It will not be man, because it will overstep the limitations and incapacities inherent in man ; .and it will be man by the realisation of those fundamental aspirations and yearnings that have troubled and consoled the deeper strata —the soul—in him throughout the varied experiences of his terrestrial life.

The New Man will be Master—and not slave. He will be master, first, of himself and then of the world. Man as he actually is) is but a slave. He has no personal voice or choice ; the determining soul, in him is sleep-bound and hushed. He is a mere plaything in the hands of nature and circumstances. Therefore it is that Science has become his supreme; for science seeks to teach us the moods of Nature and the methods of propitiating her. Our actual ideal of man is that of the cleverest slave.

But the New Man will have found himself and by and according to his inner will, mould and create his world. He will not be in awe of Nature and in an attitude of perpetual apprehension and hesitation, but will ground himself on a secret harmony and union that will declare him as the lord. We will recognise the New Man by his very gait and manner, by a certain kingly ease and dominion in every shade of his expression.

Not that this sovereign power will have anything to do with aggression or over-bearingness. It will not be a power that feels itself only by creating an eternal opponent—by coming in constant clash with a rival, that seeks to gain victory by subjugating. It will not be Nietzschean ” will to power,” which is, at best, a supreme Asuric power. It will rather be a Divine Power, for the strength it will exert and the victory it will achieve will not come from the ego—it is the ego which requires an object outside and against to feel and affirm itself—but it will come from a higher personal self which is one with the cosmic soul and therefore with other personal souls. The Asura, in spite of, or rather, because of his aggressive vehemence betrays a lack of the sovereign power that is calm and at ease and self-sufficient. The Devic power does not assert but simply accomplishes; the forces of the world act not as its opponent but as its instrument.

Thus the New Man shall affirm his individual sovereignty and do so to perfection by expressing through it his unity with the cosmic powers, with the infinite godhead. And by being Swarat Self-Master, he will become Samrat, world-master. This mastery will be effected not merely in will, but in mind and heart also. For the New Man will know not by the intellect which is egocentric and therefore limited, not by ratiocination which is an indirect and doubtful process, but by direct vision, an inner communion, a soul revelation.

The new knowledge will be vast and profound and creative, based as it will be upon the reality of things and not upon their shadows. Truth will shine through every experience and every utterance —” a truth shall have its seat on our speech and mind and hearing”, so have the Vedas said. The mind and intellect will not he active and constructive agents but the luminous channel of a self-luminous knowledge.

And the heart too which is now the field of passion and egoism will be cleared of its noise and obscurity ; a serener sky will shed its pure warmth and translucent glow. The knot will be rent asunder—Midyate hridaya granthih—and the vast and mighty streams of another ocean will flow through. We will love not merely those to whom we are akin but God’s crea-tures, one and all ; we will love not with the yearning and hunger of a mortal but with the wide and intense Rasa that lies in the divine identity of souls.

And the new society will be based not upon competition, nor even upon co-operation. It will not be an open conflict, neither will it be a convenient compromise of rival individual interests. It will be the organic expression of the collective soul of humanity, working and achieving through each and every individual soul its most wide winging freedom, manifesting the godhead that is proper to each and every one. It will be an organisation, most delicate and subtle and supple, the members of which will have no need to live upon one another but in and through one another. It will be, if you like, a henotheistic hierarchy in which everyone will be the greatest, since everyone is all and all everyone simultaneously.

The New Humanity will be something in the mould that we give to the gods. It will supply the link that we see missing between gods and men ; it will be the race of embodied gods. Man will attain that thing which has been his first desire and earliest dream, for which he coveted the gods—Im-mortality, amritatwam. The mortalities that cut and divide, limit and bind man make him the sorrowful being he is. These are due to his ignorance and weakness and egoism. These are due to his soul itself.

It is the soul that requires change, a new birth, as Christ demanded. Ours is a little soul that has severed itself from the larger and mightier self that it is. And therefore does it die every moment and even while living is afraid to live and so lives poorly and miser-ably. But the age is now upon us when the god-like soul anointed with its immortal’ royalties is ready to emerge and claim our salutation. The breath and the surge of the new creation cannot be mistaken. The question that comfronts us to-day is no longer whether the New Man, the Super-humanity, will come or if at all, when ; but the question we have to answer is who among us are ready to be its receptacle, its instrument and ’embodiment.


The difference between living organism and dead matter is that while the former is endowed with, creative activity, the latter has only passive receptivity. Life adds, synthetises, new-creates—gives more than what it receives ; matter only sums up, gathers, reflects, gives just what it receives. Life is living, glad and green through its creative genius. Creation in some form or other must be the core of everything that seeks vitality and growth, vigour and delight. Not only so, but a thing in order to be real must possess a creative function. We consi-der a shadow or an echo unreal precisely because they do not create but merely image or repeat, they do not bring out any-thing new but simply reflect what is given. The whole of existence is real because it is eternally creative. So the problem that concerns man, the riddle that humanity has to solve is how to find out and follow the path of creativity. If we are not to be dead matter nor mere shadowy illusions we must be creative.

Every individual soul, however placed it may be, is by nature creative; every individual being lives to discover and to create. The inmost reality of man is not a passive receptacle, a mere responsive medium but it is a dynamo—a power-station generating and throwing out energy that produces and creates.

Now the centre of this energy, the matrix of creativity is the soul itself, one’s own soul. If you want to create—live, grow and be real—find yourself, be yourself. The simple old wisdom still remains the eternal wisdom. It is because we fall off from our soul that we wander into side-paths, paths that do not belong to our real nature and hence that lead to imitation and repetition, decay and death. This is what happens to what we call common souls. The force of circumstances, the pressure of environment or simply the momentum of custom or habit. compel them to choose the easiest and the readiest way that may lie before them. They do not consult the demand of the inner being but the requirement of the moment. Our bodily needs, our vital hungers and our mental prejudices obsess and obscure the impulsions that thrill the hidden spirit.

We hasten to gratify the immediate and forget the eternal, we clutch at the shadow and let go the substance. We are carried away in the flux and tumult of life. It is a mixed and collective whirl—a Welt-Geist that :moves and governs us. We are helpless straws drifting in the current. But manhood demands that we stop and pause, pull ourselves out of the Maelstrom and be what we are. We must shape things as we want and not allow things to shape us as they want. Let each take cognisance of the godhead that is within him—for self is God—and in the strength of the soul-divinity create his universe. It does not matter what sort of’ universe he creates, so long as he creates it.

The world has become dull and uniform and mechanical, since everybody endeavours to become not himself, but always somebody else. Imitation is servitude and servitude brings in grief. In one’s own soul lies the very height and profundity of a godhead. Each soul by bringing out the note that is his, makes for the most wondrous symphony. Once a man knows what he is and holds fast to it, refusing to be drawn away by any necessity or temptation, he begins to uncover himself, to do what his inmost nature demands and takes joy in, that is to say, begins to create.

Indeed there may be much difference in the forms that different souls take. But because each is itself, therefore each is grounded upon the iundamental equality of things. All our valuations are in reference to some standard or other set up with a particular end in view, but that is a question of the practical world which in no way takes away from the intrinsic value of the greatness of the soul. So long as the thing is there, the how of it does not matter. Infinite are the ways of manifestation and all of them the very highest and the most sublime, provided they are a manifestation of the soul itself, provided they rise and flow from the same level.

The cosmic soul is true. But that truth is borne out, effectuated only by the truth of the individual soul. When the individual soul becomes itself fully and integrally, by that very fact it becomes also the cosmic soul. The individuals are the channels through which flows the Universal and the Infinite in its multiple emphasis. Each is a particular figure, aspect— a particular angle of vision of All. The vision is entire and the figure perfect if it is not refracted by the lower and denser parts of our being. And for that the individual must first come to itself and shine in its opal clarity and translucency. Not to do what others do, but what your .soul impels you to do. Not to be others but your own self. Not to be anything but the very cosmic and infinite divinity of your soul. Therein lies your highest freedom and perfect delight. And there you are supremely creative. Each soul has a consort—Prakriti, Nature—wbhich it creates out of its own rib. And in this field of infinite creativity the soul lives, moves and has its being.

The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human, all too human ”-—who is the embodiment of life-force in its absolute purity and strength and freedom. This then is the mantra of the new age—Life with Intuition as its guide and not Reason and mechanical efficiency, not Man but Superman.

So if you have to transcend man, you have to transcend egoism also. For a conscious egoism is the very characteristic of man and by increaing yoursense of egoism you do not supersede man but simply aggrandise your humanity. The superman, if he is to be the man “who has surmounted himself””, must embody a poise of being in which all the three find a fusion and harmony—a perfect. synthesis.

Intuition is a sort of sympathy, community of feeling or sensibility with the urge of the life-reality. The difference between the sympathy of Instinct and the sympathy of Intuition being that while the former is an unconscious or semi-conscious power, the latter is illumined and self-cons-cious. Now this view emphasises only the feeling-tone of Intuition, the vital sensibility that attends the direct communion with the life movement. But Intuition is not only purified feeling and sensibility, it is also purified vision and knowledge. It unites us not only with the movement of life, but also opens out to our sight the Truths, the fundamental realities behind that movement.

Matter forms the lowest level of reality. Above it is the elan vital. Above the clan vital there is yet the domain of the Spirit. And the Spirit is a static substance and at the same ‘a dynamic creative power. It is Being (Sat) that realises or expresses itself through certain typal nuclei or nodi of cons-ciousness (chit) in a continuous becoming, in a flow of creative activity (ananda). The dynamism of the vital energy is only a re-fraction or precipitation of the dynamism of the spirit ; and so also static matter is only the substance of the spirit concretised and solidified. It is in an uplift both of matter and vital force to their prototypes—swarupa and swabhava—in the Spirit that lies the real transformation and transfiguration of the) humanity of man.

This is the truth that is trying to dawn upon the new age. Not matter but that which forms the substance of matter, not intellect but a vaster consciousness that informs the intellect, not man as he is, an aberration in the cosmic order, but as he may and shall be the embodiment and fulfilment of that order—this is the secret Intuition -which, as yet dimly envisaged, nevertheless secretly inspires all the human activities of to-day. Only, the truth is being interpreted, ‘as we have said, in terms of vital life. The intellectual and physical man gave us one aspect of the reality, but neither is the vital and psychical man the complete reality.

The one acquisition of this shifting of the view point has been that we are now in touch with the natural and deeper movement of humanity and not as before merely with its artificial scaffolding.

Certainly this does not go far enough into the motive of the change. The cosmic order does not mean mentalised vitalism which is also in its turn a section of the integral reality. It means the order of the spirit, it means the transfiguration of the physical, the vital and the intellectual into the supernal Substance, Power and Light of that Spirit. The real transcendence of humanity is not the transcendence of one or other of its levels but the total transcendence to an altogether different status and the transmutation of humanity in the mould of that status— of the tranquil vision and delight and dynamism of the Spirit— the incarnation of a god-head.

The Spiritualized Psyche: Reclaiming the Inner World Through the Power of Truth

The philosophical tradition of alchemy, which has been practiced since antiquity, was purported to bestow profound miraculous powers upon its practitioners. These supposedly included knowledge of the fabled “philosopher’s stone,” a magical formula that could transform base metals such as lead into gold or, working as an elixir of life, bestow the gift of immortality on those who unlocked its secrets. Metaphorically this myth hints at the transformation of consciousness—conversion of the ordinary human mind (lead) into a reflection of the Eternal Living Mind (gold). For those embarked on the quest to enlighten their minds, psychological self-knowledge is of paramount importance. A good alchemist must know the substances he is working with, otherwise his experiments could blow up in his face. If you and I want to turn lead into gold, transform mortal human consciousness into higher consciousness (and access its attendant powers), we need to have a very clear and perhaps even new understanding of the human psyche.

Happiness and the Transformation of Negative Emotions

If the true secret of alchemy is the transformation of gross substances into something finer, then in the laboratory of our own consciousness we can practice the art of turning the lead of negative thoughts and emotions into pure gold. How can we entertain negativity and be happy at the same time? It is impossible. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Our light, not our darkness, frightens us most.

Shocking as it may seem to those enmeshed in cynicism, the key to the art of happiness is knowing how to turn the lock that keeps us addicted to our negative emotions, releasing and transforming the energy it takes to stay trapped in them into a positive force that can feed the soul. Transmuted negative energy has the power to fill us with the enlightened consciousness of pure happiness.

“When people live as part of the mass, nobody can help them; they are so intermingled that you cannot separate one atom from another. On the level of the mass they are all the same. People can only expect to meet with favorable influences when they rise from the mass, not before. Influences affecting the mass are only unfavorable; they are influences that keep it down. There are favorable influences that help individuals to get out, but they can only help men who stand a little above the mass. We can expect help, but only on a certain level; for what would be the value of our efforts if someone could take us by the ears and drag us up? If we become conscious, it is the same as having will on a higher level; and if we can ‘do’, we can isolate ourselves from many of these planetary influences which affect the mass.”

Psychology has the potential to be one of the West’s great contributions to the world mind. Unfortunately it has failed to fulfill its promise because it makes two terrible mistakes: it assumes that we are already conscious, and it takes the unconscious to be a reflection of the conscious “waking” mind. How can this be so if we are actually asleep in our so-called consciousness, as so many great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated? True wisdom, which is knowledge of the self, should lead to consistency in human behavior, for without that we shall remain instruments for the unconscious creation of fiwther chaos in the world, rather than being a blessing to ourselves and others. So study of the psyche is not simply a mental exercise or a dry indulgence in seeking information, but a practical solution to understanding ourselves and, by extension, our fellow human beings. This understanding of self and others is a result of knowing why you think and act the way you do.

To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. This we do by constantly moving our center of gravity, the focus of our attention, away from the peripheral circles (in our diagram of the psyche) containing weak “i’s,” and starting to inhabit the circles of consciousness closer to the center. This is where the power to master life resides within us. By progressively moving

“Go and proclaim liberty through all the land unto the people thereof!” The “land” is our body-mind organism, which is made of the elements of the Earth. And we seek liberty by freeing our consciousness from the automatism of being ruled by the untold myriads of thought impulses roaming not just in our mind, but in the world mind of which we are a part. It is up to us to say to the forces of delusion within ourselves, and the illusion through which we must operate to have our lives.

The meaning of salvation is the shift and change from lead consciousness into gold consciousness or (Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness). The work of Christ is to draw people into greater God-consciousness, and to experience the salvation hidden within themselves (self-salvation) by mastering psychophysical techniques which lead to definitive enlightenment. Spiritual awakening is a journey that gradually shifts the center of gravity from an ego-based consciousness to a consciousness based on the higher imagination.

The salvation of man lies in the transformation of his mind leading to the vision of eternity as the sole and absolute reality. Salvation is not only about saving one’s soul; it is also about learning how to seek liberty from the illusions of life, a quest that can never be achieved without knowing where one stands in their faith.

What´s is the ordinary mind of man and what is connected to it and what´s controlling it?

  • Lead consciousness
  • Desire consciousness
  • Mass consciousness
  • Beta brain waves
  • Maya consciouness (the veil of ignorance)
  • Fear-based consciousness – low vibrational frequency

To become free from the lower material ego-body-consciousness one need to change, transmute and transform the energy pattern that´s creates bondage to the Matrix and bondage to the veil of ignorance.

ALCHEMY :— This signifies the production, by unperceived processes, of the higher qualities from the lower ; that is, from the baser metals, or lower mental qualifies, the precious metals, or higher mental (silver) and buddhic (gold) qualities, are by transmutation produced. Also, the process of puri-fication by fire, whereby out of earth (lower nature) there is made gold (higher nature).

The lower nature (earth) gives birth to the higher nature (gold). This is the Divine Alchemy in which the black earth of ignorance appears to be transmuted into the gold of Wisdom. ” The transmutation of the normal physical consciousness of man into the divine consciousness was the magnum opus on which the true alchemists were engaged, and much that is grotesque imbecility in the directions and recipes they have left behind, if we read it simply as nineteenth-century chemists, becomes beautiful spiritual philosophy in strictest harmony with the laws governing human spiritual evolution, when we put a symbolical construction on the quaintly expressed formulle relating to coctions and distillations and the mercury of the wise, and fiery waters and fermenta.

“The prime object of alchemy was held to be the production of the Philosopher’s Stone ; that perfect and incorrupt substance, or ‘noble Tincture,’ never found upon our imperfect earth in its natural state, which could purge all baser metals of their dross, and turn them to pure gold. The quest of the Stone, in fact, was but one aspect of man’s everlasting quest of perfection, his hunger for the Absolute. . . . Gold, the Crowned King, or Sol, as it is called in the planetary symbolism of the alchemists, was their standard of perfection, the ‘ Perfect Metal.’

Towards it, as the Christian towards sanctity, their wills were set. It had for them a value not sordid but ideal. . . . Upon the spiritual plane also they held that the Divine Idea is always aiming at Spiritual Cold ‘—divine humanity, the New Man, citizen of the transcendental world,—and ‘ natural man ‘ as we ordinarily know him, is a lower metal, silver at best, a departure from the plan ‘ ; who yet bears within himself, if we could find it, the spark or seed of absolute perfection, the ‘ tincture ‘ which makes gold.. . The art of the alchemist consists in completing the work of perfection, bringing forth and making dominant, as it were, the ‘ latent Bold-ness’ which ‘ lies obscure’ in metal or man”.

The Higher Self must be born in the soul in order that its dross may be turned into pure gold.  A symbol of the spiritual vision awakened in the soul, which recognises the inner meanings of the sacred scriptures ; for the meanings are already engraven on the secret tables of the heart. ” In the same Kingdom of Christ all things are inward and spiritual ; and the true religion of Christ is written in the soul and spirit of man by the Spirit of God.

“This process of transmutation, this rebuilding of the sell on higher levels will involve the establishment within the field of consciousness, the making central for life,’ of those sub-conscious spiritual perceptions which are the primary material of mystical experience. The end and object of this ‘inward alchemy’ will be the raising of the whole self to the condition in which conscious and permanent union with the Absolute takes place ; and man, ascending to the summit of his manhood, enters into that greater life for which he was made.

Through the purifying and transmuting Spirit the higher qualities healed the Soul by means of the offer-ing up of the desires ; and whatever the higher nature offered up, that was transmuted, and it became a spiritual quality which passed into the evolving Soul. And because the spiritual qualities are transmuted desires therefore they are desirable.

The higher emotions which contend against the desire-mental qualities, arise upon the buddhic plane (or Christ Consciousness) as a result of aspiration from below, and are contiguous to the ” river of life.” They are above the mental qualities, and are co-ordinated by Wisdom.

The Divine Alchemy in which the black earth of ignorance appears to be transmuted into the gold of Wisdom. Humans is made of Earth subtance of ignorance and this may be the leaden consciousness that can be refined, transmuted and transformed into gold consciousness.

For centuries, the holy grail of the alchemists’ pursuit was to forge ‘the stone that is not a stone’. It has been called many things throughout the ages, including the ‘pearl of great price’, the ‘white stone by the river and the ‘sword in the stone’. Although it goes by many names, its sole function has always remained the same. The Philosopher’s Stone is a catalyst, said to transmute invaluable lead into valuable gold.

Over the centuries, the search for the Philosopher’s Stone has consumed the lives of many, counting Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Jung and St. Thomas Aquinas as members of a fraternity that devoted much of their lives studying alchemy. The pursuit is even purported to have taken the life of Newton, whose body contained massive amounts of mercury due to his alchemical pursuits. To understand alchemy and the pursuit of The Stone, you must view it from two perspectives. The first view relates to the world without, while the second, to the world within. The first is the well-known material alchemy. Their quest was to create elemental gold out of base metals, such as lead.

The promise of great riches to the alchemist who accomplished this feat lured many into field. However, their quest proved ultimately futile. We now understand that only nuclear reactions within stars or particle accelerators can produce the energy required to transmute elements. However, the science of alchemy does not end there The second is esoteric or divine alchemy. The esoteric alchemist’s aim was to transmute the kw metals of ignorance into the gold of awareness.

The objective was to transmute leaden consciousness into golden consciousness. It was to transmute bondage into freedom and poverty into prosperity through a direct rapport with the Higher Self. It was to dissociate from the lower self, the Ego, and associate with the Higher Self, or Spirit. The esoteric alchemists called this shift in identification The Great Work’. It is this life transforming shift in identification that was the real gold that the esoteric alchemists sought.

The Philosopher’s Stone – the latter was said to be the catalyst for the transmutation of lead to gold. In alchemical writings, this was often viewed as a metaphor for the transmutation of the self from the crude ego-bound person to the awakened spiritual human. So. where is the knowledge that allows us to reclaim our capacities of clairvoyance, healing and rejuvenation? It is in our cells, our “genetic memory banIcs.”This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.

Another correspondence to the alchemical transmutation of lead into gold concerns the human aura. Changing the leaden” gray habit-enslaved person into the ‘golden’ radiant spiritual human being. Spiritual treasure has always been viewed as a kind of inner gold; and spiritual alchemy’s goal has always been the transmutation of the self.

The word “enlightenment; another of the promised gifts of the Philosopher’s Stone, means “to be filled with Light; and this is the primary purpose and function of Azeztulite—to bring the Nameless Light—the saura agni. the Sun in darkness of the Hindu rishis—into full expression in the world through us.

Then the transmutation of our personal “lead” into spiritual gold” can begin. The process of cellular reattunement —the repatterning of the liquid crystal structure of our own organism—can proceed. in part, on a subconscious level. simply by our exposing ourselves to the Nameless Light and being open to its influence.

Planet Earth has been conditioned to a certain frequencies of light. It block cellularly these light waves through thought-form shields and contracting emotional patterns [ fear]. The cellular consciousnesses are therefore unable to properly learn and expand, resulting in a state of ignorance. Azeztulite carries energies and frequencies of Light that help release the shields and blocks [habits], healing ignorance and aiding in cellular rejuvenation and expansion.” We can participate in overcoming the old patterns of ignorance by witnessing and actively releasing our ‘contracting emotional patterns” (e.g., fear and judgment). We can learn to release fear and its ilk by going to our heart, dwelling there, finding the truth within and living from that truth.

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