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Unlocking the Secrets to Your Spiritual Promotion and find Keys to the Deeper Life or Keys eternal Divinity. Spiriual information works like keys that can access everywhere

Unlocking the Secrets to Your Spiritual Promotion and find Keys to the Deeper Life or Keys eternal Divinity. Spiriual information works like keys that can access everywhere

Keys to the Deeper Life

There is only one way, and that way is through Love which is the glue that binds the trinity of creation, unlocking the genetic codes implanted by this intelligence to guide us back to the divine manifestation. That force that draws mankind with an everlasting low, as well as all sentient beings, which also means you, the prodigal son and daughter to return home, meaning to consciously join with the God Nature, your foundational structure and Essence that underlies all of creation. To understand that you are in fact individual manifestations of this magnificence joined at the root to one another and to all life manifestations, and to the infinite Divine life.

This order of creation has existed beyond any means of measurement in the human understanding of time. Trillions of millennia have given rise to the incubation of intelligence, manifest out of nothing, which is beyond the grandest scale of your imagination. This order of life already exists and beckons all life to join with it. The Kingdom of Heaven is done, the divine realms exist, occupied with divine beings, it is a reality. However these dimensional realms are so powerfully protected, entrance to this Kingdom can only be obtained through the medium, vibration, sound, manifestation of divine LOVE. Love will begin to manifest in your life when wisdom is present.

You will remain trapped in the karmic wheel, cyde of suffering until you, personally and on your own, do something to remove yourself from this illusion. When you begin to understand how the mind functions, then you will agree that the bulk of your experience is illusionary. The Illusion is not a mystery, as you begin to study and understand it, it is a process that only appears real, only when you become still, know and understand what the emptiness Buddha referred to is all about, and then perceive the living awareness and begin to recognize this as reality. The death of self mind shall begin and the reality of Divine mind shall begin to emerge and the illusion shall disperse. When it is fully recognized, the shift in consciousness can take place and the path to freedom and liberation from the self begins and the road to Mastery of self commences.

God lies nowhere else but within man himself. This is eternity and this present moment reveals the truth alone. This is the calm awareness, the calm abiding. The light from within, as the sunrise illuminates the earth; this understanding, enlightenment will illuminate your mind, the mind beyond the self mind.

This Christ consciousness is yours to have: but first, you must have understanding of the self. The realization of who created this self must be understood and then the release of this self, the death of self, and this dark shadow shall dissolve and pass away. Liberation and freedom shall be yours. What the self has done is to try and emulate the attributes of the Universal mind. What we have come to call God. You have attempted to mimic God mind in your game of life, through the mind of self.

The Mysteries impart Keys to powers that lie dormant within you. For instance, every Initiation brings you closer to the Divine. In that utter, breathless communion with the Divine—the all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present force of consciousness—your Immortal Self is revealed. Keys to manifestation and co-creation will be given to you in that moment of communion and illumination.

With the Keys given to you during your Initiations, you will ultimately unlock the golden doors to The Divine Records of Consciousness, which lie dormant within you from across all Time and are held in trust by your Soul. Once you are able to access The Divine Records of Consciousness, you shall take your place within the ranks of The Original Ancestry of the Gods once more. Welcome, all of you . . . and let your journey begin!

Spiritual authors explains that participating in shared consciousness literally builds the fabric of reality, and that understanding this process is key to unlocking our potential for higher consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Unlocking Intuition

The intuitive body and how it relates to you in expressing your “free will” is what “fell” from your remembrance a long time ago. When you lowered your thoughts, views, and feelings to a judgmental belief consciousness (symbolically taking the bite of the apple) a long time ago, you discovered that you not only lost your intuitive consciousness to memory, you lost your divine will and the wisdom of your Christ consciousness as well.

You see, when you add awareness, understanding, and a knowing to “all that you are; including that of divine conscious choke, into the many vibrational energy frequencies of duality that surround you, all energy frequencies will move back to their pure neutral state, thus your wisdom is released.

you would think that by colliding two known energies together (opposing beliefs and that of what it formed into matter) it should still add up to the same two known energies and yet, it turned out to be different, proven by scientist. Today, we can find people all around the world becoming awakened to this “new pure energy,’ although it has always been there. According to my soul, this “new pure energy” is now available to all who are willing to wake up to it and have it become part of their reality.

As always, there are many right now that are not sure what this “new pure energy” is, or how to use it, or how it is to serve us, and therefore wait until we see something that will convince us of its existence, thereby missing out on many good miracles. Of course, let’s not forget! This ‘pure neutral energy” will not work with your old way of thinking. It will not work using dual thought patterns of energy. However, you can choose to bring in this pure energy just by allowing yourself to let go of the old belief that someone has to be right and that someone has to be wrong.

Once you understand that you cannot experience this pure energy in your life if you continue to believe that positive and negative is all that there is, because all that will happen is that your creations will always consist of dualistic energy. Thus your experiences remain the same. That is living in the old world. Also, there may be some of you that have tried to create your miracles using pure energy but nothing seems to happen. Well, the reason is because pure energy can only be used with the intuitive consciousness and nor with your mental or rational consciousness.

You see, because of how we have created a mental network and many personality-aspects (lifetimes) of ourselves since the time we left our divine state, these past personality-aspects of us are always using the same mental patterns, the same logic, and the same skill process to derive at a result. This means we, in our present life, will do the same if these personality-aspects of our past are not integrated with our present self.

When you try to use this “pure energy,” even though you are aware of its existence, with your new creations of today, you cannot associate it with your old way of thinking in trying to bring it into your life to experience it unless all aspects of you are integrated, including your emotional ones. You see, “pure energy” cannot be associated with old thinking because there are no patterns for you to follow. It is all about you creating a new route to experience as a sovereign God in your own right. Bottom line! What it comes down to is that you cannot use or call in this new expansional energy” by means of the old thought process or using the rational mind as the trigger. It has to be triggered by your imagination, intuition, and your Gnostic consciousness, via through the heart center and not your mind center.

When you make the choice to move forward with this new expanded energy, you will have an interesting period where you will have energetic and vibrant experiences in your life because of everything and all beliefs coming together, including the building blocks of all your other past personality-aspects. All colliding together, and in the end, you begin to create your world with nothing but using “pure expanded energy” because everything, including your human consciousness returns back to their original form. Back to where your soul is now one hundred percent part of your physical life instead of your soul only being two to three percent of your physical life. This means you become free and disconnected from the reservoir of the energetic grid of duality. You become a sovereign “I AM” energy creating being in your own right. This also means, you become an energy creating being of pure expanded energy that doesn’t serve the collectiveness group anymore that is still part of the reservoir of the energy grid of duality.

In other words, for the very first time in your life you will create what you desire without using the dualistic field of energy that surround most humans. Each human is a divine spirit operating a physical body and is capable of creating matter, energy, space and time out of nothing. They are gods in their own right!

“Freedom” is about learning to re-wire (re-think) your consciousness, and not by the old hardwire of using electrical cables of positive and negative to connect you to some main metaphoric energy box, but to rewire your consciousness that connects you to a new expanded energy stream of “pure energy” that needs no wires. By moving out of your two dimensional mental energy field of rational thinking and into this new mental quantum type of energy of neutrality and expansion, you dissolve and melt everything away that feels part of the old way of thinking. It is when you learn to trust in yourself to take the leap in consciousness, for it can feel like you are taking a leap of a high building and into a deep dark alley. But when you take the leap, it is no longer a high building or a deep alley. It is whatever you have chosen to experience in that now moment. True freedom is not about following God, his laws, or anyone else. True freedom is about learning to make a conscious choke to become a sovereign Christ like being in your own right, for you are the God to follow. Choices that will always demonstrate that you are indeed the Christ you have been looking for, and that you are not a sinner. When you learn to do this, you will create your miracles faster than the speed of light. Then suddenly the miracles you create become a real experience and a real joy to you.

The Reptilians who controls the humans mind through programming mass consciousness, mind control, brainwashing, predictable programming, and fear programming they have manage to keep mankind in a low state of consciousness. The One World Goverment together with the Digital Global World Brain will disconnect all humans from the ability to reach their divine powers. They have controlling mankind’s consciousness for thousand’s of years, generation after generation. Tavistock Institute is a central key for programming mass consciousness through mind control and brainwashing.

With the soul we can think, study, reason, and conclude. Through the spirit we can have “spiritual intellect: or the ability to understand the things of God. It is an intuitive realization of the truth of God and the enabling to understand the mystery of the divine.

Keys represent control, power, and authority. He who holds the keys can open doors that no one else can open, and what he shuts no one but him can get back into.

Jesus is the man. He’s in charge. He holds the only key. When He locks the thing, it’s good and locked. When He opens it and wedges it open, there’s no force in the universe that’s going to pull it closed; it’s not coming shut until He comes and does it Himself.

In legend and folklore, three keys are often used to symbolize a like number of secret chambers full of precious objects. They are symbolic representations of initiation and knowledge. The first key, of silver, concerns what can be revealed by psychological understanding; the second is made of gold, and pertains to philosophical wisdom; the third and last, of diamond, confers the power to act (38). The finding of a key signifies the stage prior to the actual discovery of the treasure, found only after great difficulties.

What does scriptures says about knowledge and keys?

Luke 11:52 says; “Woe to you experts in the law! You have taken away the key to knowledge. You didn’t go in yourselves, and you hindered those who were trying to go in.”

Doesn´t this sound much like how the secret socities is working. Keeping knowledge for their own purpose and hindering the masses of population to understand how to make some spiritual progress. The One World Government and the global world brain will lead to total enslavement and imprisoned within a artificial computer reality.

“Learn to control vibrations by controlling thoughts and you will hold the keys of Eternal Life in your hands. The Eternal energy surging through all matter, the power of existence in atoms with their whirling molecules and electrons in all earthly substance are nothing more or less than vibrations condensed to the point of slow, heavy, mortal tangibility. Control the vibrations and the power to control substance and material energy will eventually be given, that is the keys of handling Eternal Life, for energy is life, and life and Light and Love and energy are the Eternal elements and are vibrations created by mental thinking. Every thought sent forth is a never ending vibration winging its way across the Universe to bring us back just what we sent forth. We can control the vibrations that emanate from us — and we can thereby control our destinies. Thus, science and religion can at last join hands and step into the spiritual realms of eternal progress and happiness together. One reaches the Higher Knowledge through a complete understanding of the material elements which melt into Light and energy and vibration through investigation; the other through its direct search into the spiritual, for both are one, expressed in various degrees of intensity and vibration.”

The Reptilian Bloodline promotes a low vibrational frequency world and reality, so they create technology that streghtens a low vibrational enviroment. Fear is the basic emotion-thought pattern that´s keeping humankind tuned into a world of lack of knowledge.  Science is Reptilians based science.

By spiritual transformation one get access to the “Master Key” that can unlock knowledge that has been hidden for eons.

Low vibrational frequencies is key of knowledge that limits all life, and high vibrational frequencies holds the “Master Key”.

Christ is the Master Key to Eternal Life. Love and obedience is the key to eternal life, and Jesus is the master key.

There is only one who has demonstrated the ability to fill this job description and it is Jesus Christ. The fact of the matter is that every person has an appointment with God.

Science does no have God as a reference for knowledge. Science has replaced God, and science is and will therefore become the new “computer God, ruled by scientific dictatorship, and the one world government is part of these goals. Science has the Reptilian thinking system as their reference, and the global world brain will lead away from God into total enslavement of mankind.

Philosophy is a science limited by the intelligence of men or even of humanity. Its teaching regarding the nature of man can only penetrate what is of the soul’s capacity to delve into. The reality of the spirit, however, is beyond what the soul can penetrate because the former can deal with the reality beyond the faculty of intelligence and reason. By means of faith, the spirit can penetrate into the reality of the eternal truths beyond the understanding of the human mind and beyond the scope of philosophy to comprehend.

Philosophy gets its acquired knowledge from the human effort of reason and logic; while there are many truths in life beyond human reason and logic perceived through Revelation and Faith by the workings of the Holy Spirit.

The normal process of knowing is through the use of the faculties of the soul (fantasy, imagination, memory, intelligence, reason) as it works on the impressions coming from the senses. The result of this process is acquired knowledge.

God, however, if He so desires, can directly reveal certain truths to man from within man’s soul even without man’s intelligence initiating. This is called infused knowledge.

It is important to understand that philosophy is a science, which results from one’s intellectual examination on the nature and meaning of things. It is limited to the capacity of what the mind can penetrate and understand. Even if all the knowledge of all generations, past, present, and future, are put together, still this cannot measure up to the eternity of God’s knowledge and wisdom. The wisdom of God is unquenchable and without limit. Thus, if men would hold onto their limited wisdom and knowledge and forsake the unlimited wisdom and knowledge of God, this would really be foolish. It is thus important for philosophy to be at the service of revelation and not revelation be limited by philosophy.

Science has become the new God of this world.

The spirit is the “inner man” (Eph 3:16). It is that portion of our being which is meant to touch and commune with God so that we “may be able to comprehend what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of Christ; and to know His love which surpasses knowledge that we might be filled with all the fullness of God” (Eph 3:18-19). The spirit is what Peter refers to as “the hidden person of the heart” (1 Pet 3:4), and it is precisely the “hidden person of the heart” which differentiates man from beasts.

Who can ever learn the will of God? Human reason is not adequate for the task, and our philosophies tend to mislead us . . . All we can do is to make guesses about things on earth. We must struggle to learn about things that are close to us. Who, then, can ever hope to understand heavenly things? No one has ever learned your will, unless you first gave him Wisdom, and sent your Holy Spirit down to him . . . (Wis 9:13-18)

Man separated himself away from God. Man is no longer able to get back to God. Hence, his true nature is no longer acknowledged as manifestation of God’s own being. Man, since his fall, has always treated himself as a separate being distinct from God, when the truth is that God is the very source and reason for his being and life.

God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made outside of Him. (Jn 1:3)

Man no longer knows the way and path leading to paradise, a paradise of peace, of love, of joy. Everything has become a struggle for man to find the true meaning of himself. He has become restless. Since the fall, man and the world have been looking for the way to peace and have never found it completely.

A depiction of an illusory world from which people could escape through a process of “awakening” was neatly pack-aged in a modern action movie meant to appeal to mass audiences. The Matrix portrays a future in which humanity is trapped within a computer-generated simulation of reality indistinguishable from the “real world:’ Those who have “awakened” from this dreamlike illusion, and perceived their actual situation, endeavor to free all of humanity from the delusion of the matrix. The main character, Neo, reluctantly accepts his role to fulfill prophecy and become “the One” who not only experiences reality as it is but uses his enlightened status to save those trapped in the delusion of the matrix.

The Matrix (a dark future where artificial intelligence [AI] robots have colonized the planet and most of humanity is trapped within a hallucinatory prison). Humankind unwittingly enslaved in a computer – generated world known as the matrix. The Matrix, humanity is enslaved by an artificial intelligence we ourselves created. Our soul is literally held hostage in this matrix.

Today, humanity as a whole appears to be trapped at this very low level of self-confinement, which corresponds to the lowest row of the confrontational matrix, but there is no active link to the upper half. Strangely, nobody seems to mind this. Perhaps this is so, because humanity has lived in this arena of perpetual conflict for more than a century, and has deemed it to be normal. The entire speculative world-financial system is built on a foundation of conflict. This is even regarded as desirable, and healthy, and a lot of people believe this to be true. Thus, nobody minds the conflicts, even if the whole thing is about to blow up and take humanity with it. The fact is, most people defend this insane system of gambling on a galactic scale by which society steals from itself and calls this profit.

There exists a near homogenous thinking throughout the wide field of humanity, which reflects all the characteristic of the lowest level of self-confinement. This may be the reason why any real leadership, The reason is, that this leadership reflects a quality of thought that is foreign to those who are thinking at this level. They regard everything that exists outside their scope of thinking, that they cannot comprehend, much less deal with, as revolutionary and unrealistic. This creates a challenge for leadership. If they talk about leadership, this means to them that someone, somewhere, has taken the initiative to move certain things around within the confines of their level. If the world-financial system bleeds, patch it up; if it disintegrates, apply crisis management. This is what leadership means to those at the lowest level where conception is self-confined by certain barriers which have been largely artificially imposed.

This is the reason why nothing positive is achieved at this level, why endless cycles of crisis and crisis management follow each other in a spiral of doom. In real terms, the concept of leadership at this level is not an aspect of leadership at all. It is a false sense of leadership that is designed to strengthen the mental trap for maintaining conflict. All this is far from being normal. The coming One World Government is based on same old ego-greed-power structures, and these energies can never create a world of peace, then the ego and duality is constructed on the base of fear, greed, conflict and domination. The ego has never created a equal world and will suddenly start, but rather growing in its journey of greed. Its all about Empire Building or building a World Empire in the hands of the few (The Reptilians).

We are pearls in the mud, a divine spirit trapped in a material body and a material realm. Heaven is our true home, but we are in exile from the pleroma.

As Morpheus explains: “As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free” (Matrix).

The One World Government, The Digital Global World Brain, Artificial Reality, RFID-microchipping everyone holds all the central keys to create a automatic artificial computer governed world and reality, were people minds becomes slaves to a super-mega-computer. This is based on on a Scientific Dictatorship and will become the new God of this world.

The Matrix portrays a dystopian future in which mankind is enslaved by machines, but it is not about a dystopian future in which man is enslaved by machines. The world as portrayed in the film is, of course, a metaphor for some of the problems we face here and now in our own society.

The dysfunctional nature of the real world we live in today. In the film, humans are each housed in their own small cocoon-like structure and used essentially as batteries. Their internal chemistry is used to generate electricity that is needed to power the machines that are mankind’s new overlords. In order to keep them alive and passive, these humans are plugged into a sort of virtual-reality computer programme that makes them believe they are living normal lives as people lived them at the end of the 20th century.

This false reality is known as, ‘The Matrix.’ Thus, humans live their lives in a sort of computer-generated fake reality that keeps them from knowing the truth about what is really going on in the world. This means they can then live as electricity-producing slaves to the machines that now rule the world. They are deceived and this deception allows them to unresistingly be used as mere components in a vast machine serving their masters and overlords.

The Matrix was designed to occupy the mind while the sleeping organism performs its function as a battery for the soul-snatching machine intelligences. Paradoxically, what turns out to fit humanity’s instinctive needs for a contented sleep is not an ideal world of happiness, but the familiar rat-race world of suffering and misery in which we, the audience, are actually living. By its veto power to choose among possible Matrices, sleeping humanity is unconsciously, instinctively, in charge of the program.

Dark side of intelligent machines and the development of artificial intelligence is the source of humanity’s enslavement.

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