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When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence,” which HMI defines as: “The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.” (The opposite, when it is not operating in an orderly manner, is heart incoherence). Threefold flame is in the heart

When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence,” which HMI defines as: “The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.” (The opposite, when it is not operating in an orderly manner, is heart incoherence). Threefold flame is in the heart

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence. When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence. The Heart Bridge.  It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one. From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation.

The whole organizes the parts, and when we align our physical human self with our nonlocal primary consciousness, we optimize our human potential and positive relationships with others and our world. When we are in coherent states, our connection between our human self and nonphysical self is clearer, and when our primary nonphysical Self is more available and present, our human self becomes more coherent.

When we come into relationship, we share information at every level of our being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and reality (local, energetic, and nonlocal). These can be shared consciously or at unconscious levels. We share information from past and present experiences and from future events. We can influence and be influenced by one another in this shared holographic field of experience (McCraty, 2003; Radin, 2006).

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence

Scientific  findings from the Institute of HeartMath says; The institute’s extensive research suggests that our heart’s electromagnetic rhythmic field acts as a global synchronizing carrier wave for our whole body; that when our heart field is more coherent, our brain and our whole system becomes more coherent; and that our emotional states are correlated with the patterns of heart coherence. When we experience expansive emotions of love, well-being, gratitude, and joy, we are more coherent. When we are in constricted emotional states, such as frustration or anger, we lose coherence (McCraty, Trevor, & Tomasino, 2005).

When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence,” which HMI defines as:

“The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.” (The opposite, when it is not operating in an orderly manner, is heart incoherence).

The Heart Bridge

As you read about blessing the energy centers, the heart, located right behind the breastbone, is the body’s fourth energy center. It is our bridge to greater levels of awareness and energy, as well as the center where our divinity begins. The heart is the intersection of our lower three energy centers (associated with our earthly body) and our upper three energy centers (associated with our higher self).

It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one—where opposites unify as the yin and the yang, good and bad, positive and negative, male and female. past and future. When your heart becomes coherent, your nervous system responds by increasing the brain’s energy, creativity, and intuition, which has a positive effect on virtually every organ in the body.

Now the heart and the brain are working together, causing you to feel more whole, connected, and content—not only within your own body, but also with everything and everybody. When you are in a heart-centered state, the wholeness you feel consumes any feelings you may have of want and lack.

From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation—you’re no longer waiting for something outside of you to provide relief from the internal feelings of lack, emptiness, or separation. Instead, you are becoming more familiar with your new, ideal self and creating new experiences of yourself.

If you keep activating your heart center properly enough times during the creative process each day. in time you will feel more like your future has already happened. How can you ever want or feel lack If you feel whole? If the first three centers reflect our animal nature and are based on polarity, opposites. competition, need, and lack, the fourth center begins our journey to our divine nature.

It is from within this heart center that we change our mind and energy from living in selfish states to living in selfless states, and then we feel less affected by separation or duality and are more prone to make choices for the greatest good of everyone.

All of us have felt the consciousness of the heart center at one time or another in our lives. This energy is related to being fulfilled and at peace with yourself and your surroundings. When we embrace the feelings related to the heart—feelings that lead us to give, nurture, serve, care, help, forgive, love, trust, and so on—we can’t help but feel filled up, whole, and complete. This is our original innate nature as human beings.

Heart coherence is an optimal state of functioning that synchronizes the heart and mind and creates harmony in the systems of the body.

Coherence between the heart and the emotional brain stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, both sympathetic and parasympathetic. Having reached a state of balance, we are optimally poised to confront any and all contingencies. We simultaneously have access to the wisdom of the emotional brain—its “intuition”—and to the faculties for reflection, abstract reasoning, and planning of the cognitive brain. The more training we have in using this technique, the easier it becomes to induce coherence. Once accustomed to this inner state, we become capable of communicating directly, so to speak, with our heart.

Christ and heart coherence

According to the transcendentalists, such states of ecstasy are rational and even wise because of the coherence of superconsciousness. Superconsciousness refers to consciousness of the “superincumbent tendency” by which all life is supposed to be organized as part of the cosmic order (Emerson 1841, page 57). Emerson’s disciple Bronson Alcott described the psyche as an oracle to which we should listen with enthusiasm.

“Believe, youth, that your heart is an oracle; trust her instinctive auguries, obey her divine leadings; nor listen too fondly to the uncertain echoes of your head. The heart is the prophet of your soul, and ever fulfils her prophecies; reason is her historian; but for the prophecy the history would not be.” (Alcott 1840, page 87)

The functions of the soul as an oracle or inner voice are multifaceted according to transcendentalists. Initially, Homer distinguished the essence of understanding (i.e., sentient life or Greek quh `c) from the will (i.e., Greek jum’ ov). According to the Orphic mysteries, recognition of the true path of spiritual knowledge also depended on inspiration from the Lake of Memory, which allowed people to recognize the divinity within themselves (Geldard 1989).

The human drive for coherence requires the integration of these three functions. Growth in self-awareness increases understanding, but recognition is required before understanding. Recognition depends on memory, and the will of the psyche is to do spontaneously what is understood to lead to well-being. Therefore, to learn is to remember and to act. By the time of Plato, the three functions of self-aware memory, understanding, and will were regarded as interdependent functions of the indivisible psyche, thereby permitting coherence to arise by growing awareness of what is divine within all things.

According to the transcendentalists, the key to any radical transformation of consciousness (i.e., metanoia) is the contemplation of the unity of being, which requires the mind to be aware of itself. Hence, when we listen to the psyche, the appearance of a subject-object dichotomy is eliminated.

When we pass beyond the narrow gate of dualism, which appears to separate physical matter from its surrounding immaterial atmosphere, we enter into awareness of oceanic feelings.

According to the naturalist Thoreau (1848), such contemplative thinking is merely the awakening of the “common sense.” Materialists, of course, regard the “common sense” as simply a romantic illusion. Reliance on the physical senses alone leads toward the negative philosophy, whereas listening to the psyche leads toward the positive philosophy.

Questions about the role of intuition in consciousness are at the crux of disputes about whether human beings can know the truth of reality directly by intuition or only through appearances from the physical senses. The understanding of materialists is that belief in the nonlocal consciousness and phenomena like spiritual healing are illusory.

Consequently, human beings can advance step by step if they use their freedom of will (i.e., the space free for expansion and contraction with the seasons) to move along the ascending path of consciousness by keeping their thoughts elevated in search of what is beautiful, true, and good.

“This is then God’s will, that the soul should labor like the body in search of nourishment … that our minds may be always thinkin.g of Him, advancing slowly step by step toward His perfect knowledge; for if we could reach that knowledge at a bound, we should walk on and search no more; but to be ever seeking after truth—this is to live. ” (Lamartine 1851, page 138)

Hence, there is freedom of will to grow in awareness along the path of the psyche. Such growth is an evolution of the degree to which we can see and recollect the interdependent influences on our life. As we grow in awareness (i.e., as we “awaken”), what was formerly part of the collective unconscious becomes conscious, according to Jung’s terminology. Growth along the path of the psyche is the awakening of awareness of the cosmic order in the individual being.

The finite cannot hold the infinite within itself, but it can participate in the infinite with ever-decreasing resistance. Such nonresistance must involve freedom of will because what is unbounded is necessarily free. The free and stepwise reduction of our resistance to the intelligibility of the cosmic order is the path of the psyche.

According to the transcendentalists, we differ in our capacity for selfless love in proportion to our awareness of the truth that all humanity participates in the universal unity of being. Our little individual self in space-time becomes one with the universal Self that transcends space and time.

In addition, Emerson described the movement thong the path of the psyche as fluid and free, like flowing water, action and reaction in the cycles of nature, or beautiful dancing:

Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms. Any fixedness, heaping, or concentration on one feature … is the reverse of the flowing, and therefore deformed. Beautiful as is the symmetry of any form, if the form can move we seek a more excellent symmetry. The interruption of equilibrium stimulates the eye to desire the restoration of symmetry, and to watch the steps through which it is attained. This is the charm of running water…. This is the theory of dancing to recover continually in changes the lost equilibrium, not by abrupt and angular but by gradual and curving movements…. To this streaming or flowing belongs the beauty that all circular movement has … the annual wave of vegetation, the action and reaction of Nature; and if we follow it out, this demand in our thought for an everonward action is the argument for the immortality. (Emerson 1860, pages 178-179)

In contrast, materialists deny the possibility of free will and think that everything is caused by something in the past, which may or not be measured. This leads materialists to regard people and the world as deterministic machines for which love is a dispensable convenience, rather than an intrinsic living spontaneity. For materialists, what is unpredictable is the result of not knowing what to measure or the action of chance in nature. Nevertheless, according to modem physics, freedom is a fundamental quantum phenomenon underlying all things. There is underdetermination of all events in space-time, such that only probabilistic statements can be made about material events. More exactly, there is a limit to the precision with which any material event can be predicted in space-time. The unpredictability of physical events is another way of talking about freedom.

BALANCE OF HEAD AND HEART Heart and Minds, though both part of the mental body, are quite distinct. Mind seeks to find a coherent meaning in multiplicity and to create new and integrated things from it; heart starts from the inner unitary view and seeks to give expression to it in a multiple world. Each must adjust to the other and its differing viewpoint and functions.

They must balance each other, neither one predominating. It is an important point that harmony between them is so vital for the life of spiritual undemanding which is integral (or one) and undivided, not being set one against the other nor heart against head. If we concede that heart is different from love and that it is part of the mental body, where does that lead us? It is certainly true that at the moment of Realisation love is the be-all and end-all. It seems to me that on the Path, heart and mind must go hand in hand right up to the banks of the gulf of Realisation, where their separate bits are ended in awareness of oneness with God, because there all separation ends, whether separate mind, separate heart, or separate ego.

Head and heart express themselves through reason and love. They relate to eath other in three ways. They can be divorced from each other, running parallel but kept as separate as possible and inaccessible to each other so that love is unillumined by reason and reason unlimited by heart. Or they may be mixed up together and in a state of conflict. where both love and reason operate but not in harmony. Although this causes confusion it is a necessary stage in the evolution of a higher state, which transforms them.

There is a third way where heart and head are truly balanced.

SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. Baba says about the stages of cooperation between love and reason: in the third type of love, this synthesis between love and reason is an accomplished fact—with the result that both love and reason and so completely transforme that they precipitate the emergence of a new lewl of consciounsess that, compared to the normal human consciousness. It is described as superconsciousness.” (Meher Baba. Disantries, p. III)  It is the consciousness of Beyond-Beyond God’s Being. Baba says this super-consciousness appears in the seventh plane in the vacuum of Nirvana in the first stage of Realisation. where fully involved consciousness is only aware of Beyond-Beyond God’s ‘I AM’ and the divine absolute Vacuum.

“it is but natural that the full consciousness, fully involved, and now free from even the slightest trace of any impression, should give no other experience but that of the original, absolute vacuum state of God [in the beyond the beyond state of God] which once prevailed and which is now experienced consciously. This full consciousness, fully involved, is the super-consciousness . . . The unconscious God in the original, absolute vacuum state is now fully conscious, or super-conscious, of His original state of God in the Beyond the Beyond state.” (Meher Baba, God Speaks, p. 125) This is an enormous statement, that the synthesis and transformation of love and reason can precipitate the emergence of super-consciousness, which is God’s consciousness of His own original state.

This limited strength is related to our entrance into the second circle of creation (abyss) long ago, where we measured our creations by means of positive and negative viewpoints, duality. In other words, we used a 2-dimentsional corresponding system, which means that in the second circle our energy was like — in character, quantity, origin, structure, and function — what it was in the first circle. The difference was that we began to record our creations by using the 2-D system of a mental level, perception, time, and space. Do not confuse this 2-D system with your 3-D consciousness. Because we brought a large but limited amount of energy into the second circle (astral/physical realms) with us, everything came from the same structure, quantity, and origin of the first creation. The only difference was that the energy was limited. In other words, it had the same character and the same function as in the first — which was universal — but in the second creation the energy had a positive and negative blueprint to it, which made it limited. Since leaving the first creation, we have been restructuring and reorganizing that limited amount of energy into positive and negative patterns.

Solar Plexus Chakra The third chakra, or yellow solar plexus located in the center of the belly, lends the spark of fire that has the transformative ability to produce energy from solid matter. In the solar plexus we harness the fire and put it to work for our ego. After the birth of self in the first chakra and the experience of “other” in the second, our ego brings us into an autono-mous self that chooses to be separate. This progression is necessary; it is here that we begin to define ourselves in relation to the wider world and our role in it. In the third chakra we come to understand our purpose in life and the actions we need to take to fulfill this purpose. These actions require willpower in order for us to move forward toward our future in a conscious way, and so it is the function of the third chakra to engage our willpower. The concept we have of ourselves is established in the third chakra and when it’s balanced, our self-esteem is confident, bring-ing vitality and healthy choice through our will. A compromised third chakra could manifest in low self-esteem that becomes a self-destructive downward spiral threatening our very spark for life.

If only we can shut down the constant, superficial ego-chatter of the left brain, we can gain access to blissful and expansive states of awareness.

The left brain is our normal conscious mind (or limited ego self ), while the right brain has access to a far wider spectrum of consciousness. The left brain is designed for focusing, and when it is in balance with the right brain, it focuses helpfully on the positive, and on our goals and desires. But when it is out of balance, the left brain can stress and torture itself with anxiety, blame, guilt, negativity, worry, self-doubt, judgement, pretence, defensiveness and hurry-sickness — whereas our right hemisphere seems to be a doorway to states of inner peace, love, joy, compassion and authenticity. While the left brain is head-centred, our right brain is heart-centred. When the chattering mind becomes silent, we can listen to the heart.

When we are in a state of heart coherence — when the so-called ‘heart-brain’ is functioning well — this seems to coordinate all the systems in our physical body and energy field, so that our physical health is supported along with our happiness and spiritual growth.

With a conscious universe, the human body — rather than being controlled by genes and biochemistry — is dancing to the tune of consciousness and subtle energy. This is then mirrored in changes in our biochemistry, neurology, organs, muscles and physical structure, and even in how genes are expressed. In other words, what happens at a physical level is merely a symptom of what is occurring at higher levels of organisation — just as we can begin to affect our physical health in moments by connecting with our higher self. Within this new model, changes in the body ‘unfold’ into physical reality from the invisible realms of energy-consciousness .

Thus discriminative ego shuts up man in his one bodily habitation and prevents him from enjoying his proper estate , the rich universe. Let go of your EGO And you will find GOD.

The ego accomplishes this by shutting down the heart to the point where the portal remains closed to the spirit world. The portals pop open only when a certain amplitude is reached, so keeping it below a certain level prevents opening. What keeps amplitude low are all the familiar maladies: fear, hostility, self-importance, depression, self-doubt, cynicism, and frustration. Because of these, most people’s hearts are shut down most of the time,

It is possible that the “Christ Within Theory” holds the most simplicity and power. This would mean that all people contain a part of the Divine Spirit within themselves that they are responsible for connecting to and serving. Many may connect with that Inner Spirit by prayer or meditation. Others are driven to be useful or successful in the world because of this faith or Spirit connection, and they do not want to deny the power of God by wasting any given talents. The channel between your mind and the Spirit can he shut down through you own self-will.

Overall, we can gain a supernatural connection and faith when coupled with the use and exercise of prayer, gratitude, and acceptance. When you are able to identify your god as the source of all that is needed, then, you are on the right path.

The ego is not pure and holy, it is perception and desire of that in which is just an illusion that gives the ego pleasure. And as we grow more purely, we lose those ego perception of discrimination and desires. We no longer see the illusion of beauty in the faces and appearance of others, for the illusion begins to unfold and reveal it’s illusion of truth. We no longer desire that in which makes the ego happy, for we are no longer deceived by their deception of those desires, and we find happiness within our selves and our spiritual lives. We only see and attracted to the soul that exist behind the illusion of flesh. We seek a higher spiritual wholeness in which we do not desire the illusion of sexual perception and lust. We no longer desire that of material nor social expectations. We lose our ego self, and we free ourselves from the temptation of other egos. We become true spiritual beings. We desire nothing that is of egoism, only a free and pure peaceful spiritual life.

Beyond The Conscious Of The Human Mind

Conscious is not just that exist in living beings nor departed spirits, it exist throughout the entire universe. One can truly say the universe is one conscious of many. For this is the absolute truth, but do not just accept this as truth until one finds out for one self. Until then, know that all is truly God, in which God is one of many. And those many is the cosmic spirits that dream creation and life into being. This does not mean the ego is God, but the ego will play god. The ego is not pure consciousness, it is just a program. Just like our entire existence. Only the matrix is the true God, but the matrix is many up of of many pure conscious. And the ego does not go unchecked when it tries to play god, for the dark forces keep the ego in check as well. For the light and dark conscious work hand to hand in order to keep balance, and only the ego will disrupt this balance. And it is the ego conscious that we meet it’s fate when it departs from the physical body. For the ego minds of wickedness will in fact be haunted by that of darkness in which will take them into the darkness of unpleasantness. Only in the darkness the ego becomes a slave, only in the light the ego is free of it’s existence.

Reality is like geode, we can only perceive it’s physical layer. But our higher conscious mind can heighten our perception to cut through reality and see it’s many unseen layers.

Kether holds the greatest promise, but he needs the balance of conscious conviction to keep his spark alive and on track. To avoid burning wildly or burning out, he must be attuned, grounded, rational and emotionally committed. That is, in order to remain successful, in addition to staying consciously attuned, he must balance the fiery part of himself with the other major elements: Earth, Wind and Water. Connection with these elements—Earth for grounding; Wind for rational thinking; Water for emotional commitment—will both fan and temper his flames.

The essence of the tempering process is to keep the processes of production and destruction in active balance. Remaining temperate is the processual goal of Fire Father. Fire Father symbolizes the inner connection to wisdom. With the wisdom that results from balance and proper attunement, Fire Father becomes the master of growth, inner development, and increased perception. Growing through every challenge, he becomes the essence of dynamic change in conscience and consciousness. Moving in tune with the cosmic flow, he becomes dedicated, powerful, loyal and noble: the very essence of success and leadership.

The Fire Father is the white hot flame of spirit. He rides the beast of radiant darkness into the limitless The Fire Father is the white hot flame of spirit. He rides the beast of radiant darkness into the limitless light. The dark horse treads the sea of wisdom, so cold, that, like dry ice, it burns. The dry ice is the dry eye/the dry I of the One of Fire.

it longs to be wetted by connection with feeling and understanding. The Fire Father’s magic wand and his steed’s hooves spark on contact with balanced (gray) wisdom. Wisdom is gray because it comes from a combination of light and dark forces. As this sparking occurs, new flames—new possibilities—flare into existence. The only danger is that Fire Father’s wand is burning at both ends. If Water is not encountered, the magic will be lost.

The rider’s steed dances at the portal between layers of consciousness. Just beyond the Fire Father is a layer of light—Higher or Super Consciousness. This is the light of Kether, the God force. The layered concentric circles of light and dark imply that light and dark are forever contained inside each other, that there is limitless light in darkness and radiant darkness in light. When the Fire Father moves fast enough, light and dark collapse and become one.

“We behold by Fire, and we ascend by Flame. There are no other propellants, and therefore blessed be the Fire-conscious”, proclaimed the Master in the Agni Yoga.6 The Masters themselves have a fiery nature, which accounts for their invisibility and inaccessibility by ordinary earthly humans.

The cone of fire is necessary in order for individuals to understand the circle of fire and the dot in the center of the circle, signifying the First Monad and the expansion of the monad from the base of the circle to the apex of the cone. “The cone of fire is involved with the constructive spiral of manifestation. For out of this energy is given the pattern by which man may rise in divine symmetry, without flaw, in the ideational patterns of his existence. Unless this occur, the smoothening of the way will not be possible—it will not be possible for individuals to shape their tube of light as they ought in preparation for the ascension.

When it is understood and the terms light and fire become syn-onymous in their consciousness, individuals will understand how space can be hallowed by divine thought and feeling. They will understand how a given amount of space—so many cubits of space—can actually reflect either light densities or vacuums of consciousness. If vacuums of consciousness are filling that space, this indicates that there is indeed a lack of light within the cone of fire, and intensification must occur.

It is like a spiral of wire: the energy does not necessarily travel around the wire cir-cle by circle, but through magnetism and induction it suddenly animates the whole by the principle of the divine soul. “This principle is universal cosmos; it is cosmic essence. And this principle can, as a spark leaps a gap, flash forth through the coils of manifestation. The residual ash will then fan out from between the coils and fall to the floor or to the ground…. “I would like to point out that there is a certain waste in the white ash.

Actually, the white ash ought not to manifest at all, but often it does because of a lack of preparation on the part of the aspirant. “Let men understand that by constructive spirals of thought, by discipline of mind and heart, and without engaging in any strange states of consciousness, individuals can fashion the ascension spirals.

Some are prone to use the power of mortal imagination, and they fail to recognize that we are deal-ing with the true geometric figure. “We are dealing with true geometry. We are not dealing with imagination. We are dealing with fact, with the spirals that are closely knit, with the spirals that follow the cone pat-tern, with the spirals that stem from the base of the circle of identity, and with the desire for cosmic purity, which is akin in miniature to the Cosmic Central Sun behind the Central Sun.

“By the power of the three-times-three, the triad of manifestation can produce the fruit of the ascension within the forcefield of the individual. But men must understand that as these spirals become closely knit, there is a definite responsibility to the cubit stone. The cubit stone of identity must con-form to the necessary patterns whereby there will come about the manifestation of individuality in accordance with cosmic principle.

“The science behind the ascension is very great indeed. And if the necessary conditions were met by mankind, there would be built in the world order a pillar of great beauty, a pyramid of lives in harmony, a pyramid of architectural grandeur. “When that day comes, the greenswards will stretch toward the four corners of the earth. Then the pyramid will glow. Then the fire of the Spirit will transmute first the base stones, and the capstone will be the last to glow. All energy in the capstone is from on high, and that which is in the base is from below; but the qualifications of the base must conform, by reason of thought and devotion, to the pattern from on high.

Thus, the fire will draw down first to the base stones. Then the capstone, supported by the base stones, will glow as the sweep of the great electronic stream from the heart of God moves down symmetrically and in perfect divine order through the entire structure and then rises from the base as a mighty cone of fire, causing the entire pyramid to glow on the greensward. “And it shall come to pass that, with the accomplishment of the capstone crowning man’s achievement, the civilization of the permanent golden age will begin.

“The divine geometry, through the symbol of the pyramid, draws the aspiring consciousness of man into the idea of an ascendant life. To ascend is to blend in cosmic unity with the heart of the Eternal. It is the destiny of every man. Those who understand this will rejoice in the consolation of their own ultimate freedom from every earthly travail, as cosmic purpose is enthroned in consciousness both now and forever.”

“The Masters are Mediators. They have safely risen to the highest contacts with great Cosmic Beings and back to the very heart of God. They have maintained a state of willingness to enter into human consciousness—with all of its degradations and all of the accompanying uncomfortability that the Masters face in descending into human consciousness—all in order that they might do the work of God and restore man to his rightful place so that he can safely rise into the arms of the waiting Deity, who longs to welcome him home.

As we compare the joint services of Ascended and unascended , let us define the term “mastery.” Mastery is the state of having power of command, expert skill or proficiency in a given field, area of knowledge or discipline. Now, there are of science, of art, of music and of the professions. These are not necessarily masters of life and death.

In our consideration of we are referring to those who have attained mastery over themselves. These are they who have learned to govern their energies and to discipline their thoughts and feelings. They have mastery over the cycles of life and are mastered by neither the tides of their returning karma nor the tides of the mass consciousness (with the exception, perhaps, of a narrow margin of their personal lives that may require the attention of the Master of masters).

“It is also true that some of these find it impossible to demonstrate the mastery of retaining life in one body. There fore, they do reembody from time to time, while c g to abide in the nirvanic state during intervals in their long tourney toward higher mastership and the ascension. “The powers that these unascended masters demonstrate arc sometimes phenomenal, but this does not set them above those who are in the ascended state.

All should know that soul progress is the real goal, not the exhibition of power in one or more of its forms (although such powers are often evidence of soul development). Also, seekers should beware of false adepts whose control of substance is used for self-aggrandizement and destructive intent. Often these put forth an appearance of good, but in reality they are self-oriented. “It is true that by the exercise of their sovereign free will, men can elect to fulfill their evolution in any manner and by any means that they deem acceptable.

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