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Carl Jung: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” The Ego separates humans from God. Man can defeat it. “The ego is the main thing within us that is not God; it is the strongest barrier between ourselves and God. In simple terms, when we break down the ego, we become like God

Carl Jung: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” The Ego separates humans from God. Man can defeat it. “The ego is the main thing within us that is not God; it is the strongest barrier between ourselves and God. In simple terms, when we break down the ego, we become like God.

Our conditioned fears, our false self, drive us to resist change. Unable to free ourselves of these emotional blockages, we succumb to them and chose to remain as we are. By surrendering to this conditioning from the past, this echo of the ego, we fail to discover our true being and what our authentic purpose in life is. We fail to “Awaken the Universe Within”.

By learning how to harness our inner wisdom, to transcend our conditioned fears, our false self, we position ourselves to fully explore our true potential.

At a deep, subconscious level, we all know what our purpose is. Over time, the fear that we have accumulated through our societal conditioning has disconnected many of us from our source and the divine essence where our purpose is known. It blocks us from realizing the true genius that resides within us and from becoming the great icons that we are all capable of being. Few people have enough courage and belief in their authentic selves to transcend their conditioning and discover who they really are and what their true purpose is. Society demands that we live by the rules that are set for us. In response, our survival instinct has wired our natural conditioning to a habit of succeeding within that normative context, without questioning whether it really serves us as human beings in our core essence.

On a global scale we can see the damaging effect of inauthentic living, based on unhealthy leadership consciousness. In many cases, leaders of society have maintained power positions by pretending that they have “the knowing and the thinking” but, in reality, they are hiding their shortcomings by stigmatizing the collective through the creation and indoctrination of false beliefs and fear. This creates an energetic wound in society that we could call the “collective pain body”, an energy that feeds frustration, anger, and depression.

If we want to live our life from a domain of wholeness and in alignment with our purpose, we have to focus our attention on what it is we want in our own lives as individuals as well as in our relationship with the Collective. Fortunately, we are finally beginning to understand that the main conditioners preventing us from pursuing our true purpose in life and preventing us from rising to the true genius that resides within each one of us are fear, stigmatization and dogmatic social rules from the “knowing and thinking” authorities.

Once we have learned to invite our ego as a welcome natural partner and not as an opponent, we will discover who we really are and what our authentic life purpose is. With this awareness we can rediscover our wholeness, begin to live our lives authentically. We will become joyful again, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and the will to live our lives with passion and zest. We will learn to trust our profound intuition at all times and rely upon our inner knowing to guide us with ease through any obstacle that life throws at us.

Carl Jung: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Be Aware of the Ego; When our senses are activated through the echo of the ego the result is often that the thinking mind creates fear, or an overruling desire for more matter, or lust for more power. The echo of the ego so often takes you away from your true self.

The biggest challenge for the industrial/technological, rational driven world is that we have lost identity (disconnect of self) and meaning (disconnect of purpose) in life by enslaving ourselves to the relentless and endless pursuit to produce material economic growth, resulting in a total disintegration of the natural balance of life. If we look to all of these problems — and there are many — we can ask the question, “Can they be solved?”

The answer is “Yes.” What is needed is more understanding of the miracle of life, and a lifestyle of wellbeing for all. Each person, within the context of the collective, needs to “Awaken the Universe Within”.

To intuitively reconnect with the essence of life, it is critical that we again become aware of our existential life journey and that we reconnect with our authentic selves, as it is in that connection that our life pulse originates. While the detail may be complex, the principle is just unconditional love. We need more heart/soul energy in every aspect of daily life. Heart, in its earthbound flow, is the love and affective connection, the essence of emotional intelligence.

The heart’s energy is the soul of your inner knowing. The miracle of life is that if we find balance, if we are able to embrace our connection with all of life’s essence we can all enjoy the unlimited prosperity that is the inextricable result of soul and matter integration. To recognize the universal flow of life and to connect both individually and collectively in a manner that is in harmonious alignment with your personal being and the collective development potential, is the main purpose of the Universal Life Cycle. Through its art, a journey of boundless possibilities of soul/matter manifestations opens up and can connect us with our inner wisdom.

Finally what is a timeless mind, and how does it influence the biological clock? More and more, I’ve become convinced that our experience of time directly influences the activity of such a clock. If you’re “running out of time,” your biological clock will speed up. If you “have all the time in the world,’ your biological clock will slow down. In moments of transcendence, when time stands still, your biological clock will stop. The spirit is that domain of our awareness where there’s no time. Time is the continuity of memory, which uses the ego as an internal reference point. When we go beyond our ego and enter the realm of our spirit, we break the barrier of time. Ultimately, both the quality and quantity of life depend on our sense of identity. If we have meaning and purpose in our lives and our identity is not tied to “a skin-encapsulated ego,” then both the quality and quantity of life will be dramatically enhanced. More than any nutritional supplement or exercise, the most important thing that you can do to change your life is to practice the following principles:

• Have your attention on the timeless, the eternal, the infinite.

• Get your ego out of the way.

• Be natural; relinquish the need to hide constantly behind a social mask.

• Surrender to the mystery of the universe.

• Have a sense of communion with Spirit or Divinity.

• Be defenseless, relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.

Unless we break the barrier between the two it is not possible to use the entire mind for productive purpose. Unless we replace negative thoughts by positive thoughts , the barrier cannot be broken. Barrier of Ego Ego separates one from Universal – Self which is the nourishing source . Ego does not allow us to love or express compassion . It prevents us form relaxing and enjoying blissful life.

The beings trapped by the barrier then become freed and make their way out through the ego and return to the spiritual world . At the same time the overall effect is to break down the barrier which was preventing the outer activity from entering and carrying out its function.

The resistance is often experienced as a barrier that has arisen involuntarily, a literal block between the conscious self and its sources of material in the unconscious.

Each one of us has that reservoir inside him , ready to flood his life with joy , wisdom , and immortality , if only he will break down the eg , the barrier. Ego is a barrier to become our Divine Self; if we break down Ego people can become more like the Divine or Higher Self.

The Ego separates humans from God. Man can defeat it. “The ego is the main thing within us that is not God; it is the strongest barrier between ourselves and God. In simple terms, when we break down the ego, we become like God.

When we live as God, we realize God’s nature in every cell and we eradicate the barriers between our true nature and ourselves.

It is going to be your decision as to whether or not you stop moving forward. Excuses don’t stop you. Disabilities don’t stop you. Obstacles don’t stop you. Circumstances don’t stop you. Only quitting, stops you.

The ego arose from the separation, and its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in the separation. The ego must offer you some sort of reward for maintaining this belief. All it can offer is a sense of temporary existence, which begins with its own beginning and ends with its own ending. It tells you this life is your existence because it is its own. Against this sense of temporary existence spirit offers you the knowledge of permanence and unshakable being. No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again. How can its meager offering to you prevail against the glorious gift of God?

 If we eliminate the ego barrier by being humble, we can then come close and bond with God.  In truth, the ego is a wall or a barrier that keeps the Spirit from making its abode in the soul.

Through this global lens, it is striking that our great spiritual, religious, and philosophical traditions concur that we humans cocreate our worlds through the conduct of our minds. Furthermore, our egocentric patterns produce fragmentations, dualisms, and existential alienation that generate all sorts of pathologies. So if it is, indeed, a global axiom that egocentric patterns of mind produce suffering, the obvious question is: Why has it been so difficult for us as individuals and as a species to overcome these egomind addictions and to rehabilitate our mind practices in more integral and healthful ways? Why do we continue to choose to suffer individually and collectively perhaps now more than ever? Can we break through the egomind barrier?

Buddha’s enlightenment revealed that the egocentric patterns of our minds—judgment of others and attachment to cherished outcomes—are the origin of human pathologies. Buddha’s profound prescription for humanity to remove this primal cause of human suffering is summed up in his Four Noble Truths. The principal way to end suffering is to recognize that egoic patterns of thinking directly cause our afflictions. We must become aware that our day-to-day reality is caused by how we use our minds, and we must learn to see clearly that our egocentric habits of mind can be terminated. We have a direct choice to break these negative habits and regenerate new integral patterns of the mind that bring us into alignment and harmony with our Selves and with each other. Buddha’s Eightfold Path is precisely this prescription of how to break the old egocentric mind barriers and cross into a new life of awakened mind, or as the authors of this book would say, “Give up the story of who you think you are.”

The egocentric constructions of artificial entities generate dualities and separations on all levels. The insight of nonduality is that all things are interrelational or dialogical in their being. The old substance cosmologies that act as if things had independent self-existence are displaced, and now true reality shows itself as a vast, interactive, co-arising, dynamic, ever-changing process.

Once we truly give up a belief in independent entities, especially the illusion of ego-existence, a deeper power of minding is released, and the “self” is no longer any kind of entity but a dynamic, co-arising, interactive process. In this respect, the “no-self” is the interrelational process of Right Minding, minding the Dharma. When the Awakened Mind breaks the ego barrier and ignites to the dynamic flow of the interrelational process, it dances with the interplay of reality. This is the Dialogical or Holistic awakening of Mind.

Once the ego barrier is broken, the Awakened Mind rises to a higher order of functioning and moves in unison with the dynamic, interactive Uni-fied Field. The great principle of co-arising, the Principle of Relativity, implies a nondual Unified Field of dynamic interrelationality. This is the secret of the dialogical nature of reality itself It is in the new language of this Unified Field that the Buddha’s great insights flow.

Jesus breaks the dualistic barriers and embodies a more profound nondual communion. The global truth of Jesus requires the letting go of egocentric life. Jesus becomes the Holistic living embodiment of the Universal Law of Logos. This Holistic or Dialogic turn in being opens up the new global covenant, the prototype, to all humans. This is why Jesus is the mediating being who existentially joins the separated realms of Infinite and Finite and is seen as the Logos that has become Flesh. In this way Jesus expands and fulfills biblical Script to its global signification, breaking old ethnic boundaries and identities that arise from egocentric life.

Those barriers between man and God must be removed if this world is to know greater harmony and peace.

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