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The divine spark having been driven out in the forcefully manipulative and invasive process of genetic engineering. Like a diamond in mud, a divine spark hides within human inhabitants of this dark and ignorant world. Though man ‘ s purpose is to rekindle the divine spark that exists in him. The spark remains in a latent or a potential state—like a glowing ember needing to be fanned into flame

The divine spark having been driven out in the forcefully manipulative and invasive process of genetic engineering. Like a diamond in mud, a divine spark hides within human inhabitants of this dark and ignorant world. Though man ‘ s purpose is to rekindle the divine spark that exists in him. The spark remains in a latent or a potential state—like a glowing ember needing to be fanned into flame.

When the divine spark is released in an individual, he no longer tolerates the condition of slavery, no longer mires himself in trivia and meaningless pursuits to pass the time.

The divine spark having been driven out in the forcefully manipulative and invasive process of genetic engineering.

In all of our discussions thus far, we have defined the human soul as the divine spark, a fragment created by the Cosmic Creator itself. We are gifted with this divine spark referred to by theologians. We have the possibility of developing into wise, moral, and well-balanced individuals. Yet we can be aggressive, selfish, and even cruel. This is our dilemma. Some will ask, are we truly divine? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because we have all the potential to be divine like our Creator. And no, because our reptilian drives and mammalian instincts are at odds with our rational thought process, the result of a complex cerebral cortex. We are indeed complex and very imperfect. One needs only to review the front page of a daily newspaper to come to this conclusion.

All human souls have a destiny to grow, to eventually mirror the source of our genesis as sentient beings who are to enhance life rather than to destroy it. Soul evolution is, therefore, the destiny of all human beings. We were granted this gift called soul as the potential to become as our Creator. To achieve this takes a great deal of work and self-discipline.

The soul seeks its original home in the spiritual dimension. The soul consciousness sees itself transiting through a long tunnel of white light as if it knows where it is going. At the end of the tunnel is the white light described in near-death experiences. When the soul reaches its destination, the death process is complete, and the physical body is like a set of old clothes once worn but no longer needed. The energies of the DNA—physical, astral, emotional, mental, and intuitive bodies—disintegrate, along with the personality and character of the individual. These bodies, as you recall, are merely vehicles for experiencing life’s lessons for the soul. What does exist permanently is the soul or the monad, the divine spark spoken of by theologians. In the case of the last earthly embodiment, the individual may have developed his or her soul onto the level of a Buddha or a Christ. He or she has thereby begun to experience the monad at the conscious level. At this stage of soul evolution, the individual no longer needs to return to the earth but is free to experience heaven or Samadhi, the state of perfection. This stage of soul development is called ascension into mastership.

The chief archon is so afraid that the might actually enter the molded imitation which the archons have fabricated, “and gain mastery over it. Its when humans can enter this artificial imitation (mind-prison-matrix) and re-program it people can be from its clutches.

Humans are generally ignorant of the divine spark resident within them. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false creator and his Archons , who together are intent upon keeping men and women ignorant of their true nature and destiny. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things serves to keep us in enslavement to these lower cosmic rulers. Death  releases the divine spark from its lowly prison, but if there has not been a substantial work of Gnosis undertaken by the soul prior to death, it becomes likely that the divine spark will be hurled back into the pangs and slavery of the physical world.

“The world-spirit in exile must go through the Inferno of matter and the Purgatory of morals to arrive at the spiritual Paradise.” This kind of evolution of consciousness was envisioned by the Gnostics, long before the concept of evolution was known.

Evolutionary forces alone are insufficient, however, to bring about spiritual freedom. Humans are caught in a predicament consisting of physical existence combined with ignorance of their true origins, their essential nature, and their ultimate destiny.

One needs to also remember that knowledge of our true nature—as well as other associated realizations—is withheld from us by our very condition of earthly existence. The True God of transcendence is unknown in this world: in fact He is often called the Unknown Father. It is thus obvious that revelation from on high is needed to bring about salvation. The indwelling spark must be awakened from its terrestrial slumber by the saving knowledge that comes “from without.”

People are generally ignorant of the divine spark residing within them. This ignorance serves the interests of the archons, who act as cosmic slave masters, keeping the light sparks in bondage. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things, including the men-tal concepts we hold, keeps us in enslavement to these lesser cosmic rulers. The majority of men and women are like Adam, who was asleep in Paradise.

The sleeping human spirit is stirred by the call of the ultimate Divine by way of divine men, or messengers of Light. Such beings have come forth from the True God throughout history. They descend from the highest spiritual realms to call souls back; they come to restore the human spirit to its original consciousness and lead it back to the Divine.

Like a diamond in mud, a divine spark hides within human inhabitants of this dark and ignorant world.

Salvation for humans and the cosmos is accomplished when people receive gnosis about their divine origins through a Gnostic Redeemer, and when the divine soul takes its heav-enly journey through the hostile spheres to be reunited in the divine realm. This final phase of restoration also constitutes the Gnostic teaching of last things.

Though man ‘ s purpose is to rekindle the divine spark that exists in him , the archons and the (wicked spirits) make a relentless effort to prevent him from attaining this goal . In fact the final goal is attained only by the pneumatics . They reach this objective by means of an esoteric knowledge and not through the instrumentality of the Sacraments nor through grace .

The Archons and their shells are what separate humans from their God and prevent souls from ascending after death to return to God.

After this divine substance fell to Earth, the Archons deliberately created human beings in order to imprison the spirit.

Cosmology: The universe, having been created by an inferior and ignorant power, is a dark prison in which human souls are held captive.

Anthropology: A transcendent human divine being is a divine spark that originated in the world and, by means of gnosis, can be released from the cosmic prison and return to its heavenly origin. The body, on the other hand, is part of the cosmic prison from which the spirit (the “real” person) must be redeemed.

Human beings, according to these views, are composed of a body and a soul, both of which belong to the material world, and a divine spark, or pneuma, which is the godly element within. As long as humans are kept in ignorance of their true position, by the Archons (or Reptilian Bloodlines), they continue to be prisoners. But, sometimes, messages from beyond the spheres are received by certain individuals who then become aware of their imprisonment and are able to pass the knowledge on to others. This knowledge, or gnosis, is the most important weapon in freeing the spirit from its bondage. It is not enough, however, for Gnostics merely to know that they are imprisoned. They also need to know the workings of the world that surrounds them so that they can be better equipped to overcome it, or so that they can use it in a positive way.

The recurring image of Archons is that of jailers imprisoning the divine spark in human souls held captive in material creation.

A “divine spark,” older than the creation, resided within each human. It ultimately originated in Sophia or Divine Wisdom. Many humans are unaware that they possess the divine spark. To gain awareness and “insight” into this residual fragment of divinity, one must overcome a number of formidable obstacles. These obstacles, built in at the time of creation.

At death, the its earthly incarceration. Unless those possessing the tion while still on earth, this release may be temporary.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who is knowledge and wisdom, is still trapped in this material world, separated from the divine heavenly realm. She is imprisoned in the material bodies of humans, thus providing the basis for the divine spark that resides within some humans. Those who have the divine spark seem to know or feel this spark and thus yearn to find its source.

As we release the depth of mystery and meaning our conceptual mind has been keeping at bay, our ordinary perception floods with portent.

People can’t receive a spark unless their spiritual hand is raised and ready to receive it.

Spiritual teaching learns us that man’s role is not one of passive appreciation. Rather. a major element of man’s existence is spiritual searching, uncovering the divine energy concealed in the physical world. The divine sparks in this world lie dormant. and with each constructive action we perform. sparks are released from the physical entities that contained them. Although God’s infinite light is mostly hidden in this world, when sparks are released, the divine light permeating our universe takes on a greater intensity.

The foundation of gnostic self-deification is the presence of a dynamic divine element in the self, what is often called “the divine spark.”” In modem terms, the spark is the true or ideal self. It is different from a person’s physical frame, and in most cases it is different from one’s (lower) soul as well (the part of the soul that focuses on the management of the physical body).

The divine spark is pure gift, like existence itself. It corresponds to the theological idea of election, and in fact makes election more concrete. Humans, whether it be all of them or a portion of them, have an infinite natural value due to the divine element woven into them at creation. The divine spark and not anything external (whether righteous deeds or pretty looks) is what makes the gnostic already divine, at least potentially.

Inward divinity does not lie as a static lump within the self. It is progressively intensified through the transformation of consciousness. Initially, the spark remains in a latent or a potential state—like a glowing ember needing to be fanned into flame.’ Through cognitive, ethical, and ritual practices of self-cultivation, it is increasingly illuminated, enflamed, until finally released—as sparks fly upward (Job 5:7).

It is said that divine energy poured into the void, creating a seamless vessel of supernal light. But this God-energy was so intense that it shattered the vessel it was shaping, causing it to explode into a multitude of sparks. These sparks of holy light dispersed. Because they were disconnected from each other and in a state of alienation, each became obscured by a shell of darkness and unholiness. You can find a darkened spark of holiness in exile at the root of every soul, in each and every thing and act, and in every relationship.

A Soul Is a Divine Spark

The divine sparks are in all things, including humans. From the mystical viewpoint, a divine spark is what you might otherwise call the “soul,” but it lies dormant within a person, encased by the body surrounding it. This soul, or transcendent self, has a burning desire to attach itself to God, but in order to even begin this voyage, a person’s soul must become receptive and allow the surrounding light to enter it.

According to this belief , the soul of man was imprisoned in the body , and the goal of the soul was to find release.

The error is in that he fails to make like effort to awaken the Divine Spark of Fire latent within himself and bring it into conscious manifestation.

The procedures of medieval alchemy were often religious in character. They represented a kind of religious ritual intended to symbolize the belief that man was eternally and immutably integrated in a hierarchically organized cosmic order; the transmutation of the lesser metals served as a tangible illustration of a profound inner experience. This was considered not merely as a chemical process, but also as a mystical process, of which the alchemist himself, in his role of mediator, was a part, and in which he strove to release his own divine “spark of light,” imprisoned in his material body. In the view of the alchemists, this result could be achieved only deo concedente—that is to say, only with the help of Cod’s grace. The pursuits of the alchemists can be classified as follows:

(1) The art of the transmutation of metals—chrysopoeia.

(2) The manufacture of arcana (secret remedies), particularly of elixir vitae (elixir of life) and aurum potabile (potable gold )—pharmacopoeia. For Paracelsus alchemy was largely the art of preparing therapeutically effective medicines.

(3) The magical production of the homunculus or “son of wisdom” or the lapis philosophorum (philosophers’ stone) —philosophical alchemy.

 the Divine Spark , ‘ the precious jewel ‘ hidden within oneself and all forms of .

The essential human being is constituted by his/her inner self, a divine spark that originated in the transcendent divine world and, by means of gnosis, can be released from the cosmic prison and can return to its heavenly origin.”

The soul of man may easily be quickened into activity. It first manifests itself in his nature as simply an inclination, or a mere directive tendency, toward the Divine Ideal that it potentially embodies. Its innate inclination is toward obedience to the Divine Law written on the tablets of its own heart. It gives, in a gentle manner, an instinctive guidance toward the light. It is “the still, small voice” inherent in man’s being, directing him, if he will but listen, always in harmony with the divine standard of life. Accordingly, if the promptings of the Intuitive urges are heeded, the soul becomes gradually more fully aroused to a state of activity. In turn, the mind and the mental faculties become, to a degree, awakened and enlightened by the glimmerings of light and warmth from the evolving soul nature.

This is an inspiration to the mind, through its thoughts and desires, to direct creative energy into channels of usefulness and avenues of service to men. The mind becoming thoroughly settled in its purpose to obey the Divine Law, and receiving guidance and illumination from the awakened soul nature, reaches a state termed “Awaken-ed,” or “Illuminated,” as opposed to its previous condition of inexperience and inefficiency.

Finally, after sufficient training, it becomes a creator, or builder, of the soul. It not only consciously utilizes its powers in this direction, but, even with intelligent application of mental and spiritual laws, it deliberately and intentionally directs invisible forces in the execution of lofty ideals, and delights in its own creative skill.

Desires and ideals are communicated to the soul for its verdict of refusal or acceptance. In case of approval, in that the earnest wish is in her-messy with the Divine Standard of Love and Justice, the Awakened Mind, illuminated by the light of Wisdom and the warmth of Love which radiates from the soul, is at liberty to set into operation forces calculated to bring about the realization of its conception ‘Thus, the mind consciously applies its creative faculties in executing a noble ideal; and consciously accepts its place on the throne of the Cause World. It issues its commands in favor of the Divine Ideal, and is certain that its decrees are obeyed throughout its own Thought Kingdom. Admittedly, this picture is an ideal. Although possessing divine faculties and possibilities, man as ordinarily known, is a creature that has lost all recollection of his first estate. He is of animal tendencies, or, to express it more accurately, he is a carnal, sensual being.

To be sure, he possesses a soul, or rather, a divine spark that may in time become a soul; but, in its inert state, it is little more than a mere germ of possibilities. In this undeveloped stage, the soul has little or no influence on his life and character. He is unconscious of any promptings from the Divine Law of his being.

Soul is the divine spark of life created out of the Holy Spirit, the essence of God, placed in a human form to become you. Soul incarnates with a blueprint of its new life—destiny. However, because of free will, destiny can be altered if you inclined to move spiritually forward in the journey of life. One of the blessings God granted Soul is free will, the inborn right of each Soul.

Soul is the creative center of its own world, given free rein to make choices to follow the negative or positive way of life. We have the opportunity as residents of this earth to have countless possibilities of making the right choice as well as numerous possibilities of making the wrong choice. You know that a changed consciousness comes about by making either of these choices.

So why not opt to choose to raise your consciousness to improve your spiritual awareness by using this free will factor to make positive choices? A lower level of awareness has one viewing life as a pessimist. whereas an expanded level of awareness enables us to view life with optimism.

As William James’s opening quote points out. “Pessimism leads to weakness and optimism leads to power.”

Weakness leads to vulnerability: we are at susceptible to the negative influence that clouds our judgment and causes us to make more wrong choices. With the power of optimism, the positive mode of thinking, we’re not easily swayed. Instead the spiritual power of the awakened

Soul’s influence guides us to make the right choices, the affirmative approach to decision making.

Each Soul is on a mission, an assignment. We were born to learn how to become our spiritual best, to develop self-discipline needed to acquire the awareness to distinguish the proper guidance directives from the Holy Spirit, ignoring the prompts of Satan and ultimately turning our backs on the negative force most of the time.

Did you ever wonder, if you lived and learned spiritual lesson in a prior life, why this valuable information, this spiritual wisdom, is not accessible in this life, why the memory at birth is wiped clean? Why we have to start all over again to learn what each of us probably already knows?

It is understandable that if all of the accumulate lessons were remembered, it would be too much to accept and deal with. There is hope, because all of this previously obtained wisdom is accessible.

To break through the cloak of amnesia, to reveal the hidden truth—the spiritual reality of life—is to be open to the divine connection. Only what we need to know for our spiritual survival in this lifetime is revealed at the proper time; it’s up to us to be open and receptive to this helpful truth. The Holy Spirit, the voice of God, speaks to us in numerous ways.

Each of us has a unique way in which we recognize the contact of the Holy Spirit, our personal lifeline to the inaccessible truth—our spiritual reality. Become cognizant that life is a spiritual journey, the journey of Soul. Understand how Soul, the higher self, tries to convey insight to the human consciousness. Be ever mindful that life becomes more manageable and enjoyable when you observe life from the viewpoint of Soul.

One can learn the spiritual strategies to rise above the situation by raising our state of awareness to the viewpoint of Soul.


The most significant journey to the Fifth dimension concerns the mutation and adjustment of the heart disc. This etheric disc includes the luminous essence of the soul, the divine spark, knowledge and positive attributes that the soul had acquired during its various incarnations. In it the assignment each individual is appointed, is concealed, however, it is surrounded by the poisonous vapours associated with toxic emotions, which darken and neutralise the brightness of the soul. These vapours tend to carve into the surface of the heart’s disc imprinting the personality we develop into and which we acquire in each incarnation. The voice of the soul-for some considered to be the voice of conscience- looses its efficacy and efficiency because it is suffocated by that deceptive cloud. The plan we bear in us since the day we were born is greatly influenced and affected by it. As such the plan is either never completed or it remains partly fulfilled. Man always strives to understand what his mission on Earth is and what he came here to learn. The answers are well hidden and can be found in the core of his soul.


Through these mutations the astral body is rendered weak and cannot be nourished any longer by the astral levels. Additionally, the unifying cords between the energy body and those levels are permanently severed and the focus of the energy centres shifts towards the realms of the Fifth dimension.

In order for the new DNA plan, which has been recorded on the discs, to operate with no complications, the entities serving as teachers place two key-discs in each of our centres. Whenever we evoke these keys their frequency is immediately activated.

In that Fashion, a certain amount of condensed knowledge is released to assist us in completing the shift of our centres. The new neurocells, which carry out the condensation of the material on the discs, also function in a therapeutic, syntonising, equilibratory, transferential manner and as cell-shapers. They are cell morphs that process and materialise new types of thoughtforms. They are permutation cells that classify the conventional structure of cells into groups. The invariable frequency of the key-disc codes mutates — through the frequency they emit- the consciousnesses of other people placing them in the position to go through the various stages of reformation. Within all the key-discs are inserted the attributes of the Fifth dimension in the form of small globules. These small spheres are providers in the sense that they reinforce willingness, faith and militancy in man.

They also tend to coordinate the descending energies, channelling them from the discs right into the nervous system. They are archives of knowledge, condensed plaques that are unlocked at appropriate moments. They constitute ideas, openings, and everyday relationships. They are regulators, transmitters, which attract people of the same vibration, to reinforce alterations. They are also guardians that protect the organism against external attacks.

During the initiation the geneticists of the Fifth dimension awaken and activate the two higher cerebral lobes in which the entire primeval knowledge concerning our origin is stored. The two lobes, considered to be an intrinsic part of our human brain, carry within them the information that man’s “reptilian” brain required before it underwent the primary mutations carried out by the “god”-geneticists that had descended on Earth during the first stages of his evolution. Consequently, our older lobes are linked to our lower personality, whereas the two superior ones are linked to the hypernoesis of the Higher Self. With their activation man begins to approach the superior intellect, which in turn impels him to lead his life in accordance with his own free will.

After the removal of the karmic cords from the astral levels is completed, the energy centres are liberated and free to change their frequencies and focus on the attributes of the Fifth dimension.

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