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Subconscious mind created the Matrix / Time Loop as a predictable , familiar ‘ world ‘ , but it had lost control . Both subconscious and conscious ‘ five – sense ‘ mind were subject to the manipulation of this now self – aware ‘ entity ‘ that the Matrix had become

Subconscious mind created the Matrix / Time Loop as a predictable , familiar ‘ world ‘ , but it had lost control . Both subconscious and conscious ‘ five – sense ‘ mind were subject to the manipulation of this now self – aware ‘ entity ‘ that the Matrix had become

A crucial step in our spiritual journey is being aware that the ego, the master trickster, exists and wields tremendous power. The ego is made up of the five senses. The ego is also the author of fear and fear shapes and controls reality and perception.

In addition to the materialistic-mechanistic, left-brained ways of processing the world that are limited to the five senses.

The more unevolved one is, or to put it another way, the more engrossed and entrapped in the five senses and physical body one is, the more one views everything in one’s life and universe as separate and isolated. This is illusion.

1. Man’s perceptions are not bounded by organs of perception ; he perceives more than sense (though ever so acute) can discover.

2. Reason, or the ratio of all we have already known, is not the same as it shall be when we know more.

3. From a perception of only three senses, or three elements, none could deduce a fourth or a fifth.

4. None could have other than natural or organic thoughts if he had none but organic perceptions.

5. Man’s desires are limited by his perceptions ; none can desire what he has not perceived.

6. The desires and perceptions of man untaught by anything but organs of sense, must be limited to objects of sense.

If you had only three senses, he says, and in consequence could only perceive three kinds of qualities in objects, you could not by any process of reasoning provide yourself with another sense.

What are the true truth and the real truth behind a false perception that you believe to be true? What you superficially see is what creates your perception. A lot of peoples believe are formed by what they physically and superficially perceive to be true or real. This perception is developed by the five senses, which are eyesight, touch (feel), hearing, smell and taste.

Anything belief or perception constructed by a superficial interpretation will never leads you to a deeper connection toward GOD, the realm of Spirituality, and true truth. A superficial perception is created by a physical understanding and acceptance of what is and is only the half of it. Once this surface understanding of what you see is accepted this superficial and physical perception becomes true and becomes the end of what you will know. Most people say I will not believe it until I see it. This acceptance of this belief is the reason why you will not develop sight beyond what you do not know or understand. Also this is why your experiences will be limited to only what you accept and believe to be it.

How do you find the true truth behind your perception of what you believe to be true? The true truth can only be retained through a Spiritual Interpretation. A spiritual interpretation will give you healing knowledge and vision beyond the superficial. You cannot acquire healing knowledge through any physical or superficial perception, because they represent illusions of freedom and truth. A way you find the truth behind your perception of what you believe to be true is by believing beyond what you superficially see.

Belief beyond what you superficially see will form a deeper and truer perspective, which is called a spiritual interpretation. The definition of spiritual interpretation—True truth, healing knowledge, and information formed and collected by believing beyond what you superficially and physically see.


Death … transition, form, time. survival. fear, loss. change

In the illusionary dream world of separation, an eternal life is impossible because we identify who we are with a temporary form . our body. In an illusionary world of duality the mind created everything as separate. impermanent, decaying, constantly changing, and continuously dying.

When we believe we are a physical body ego identity. or soul personality. death is a constant threat. The constant threat of death is what makes the separation so frightening and surviving this inevitable outcome so all pervasive. When we believe that we can die. we put our faith in what will inevitably bring us hopelessness and fear .. we do not live at all. When death is our enemy, we live out all our days protecting ourselves from the threat of the many forms of lots. We are constantly protecting ourselves from the threat of death … we exist in a state of survival and fear. When we spend our days surviving the threat of death we are not fully alive. It is impossible to be fully present and fully alive and simultaneously fearful of death … the fear of death is only possible when the mind enters judgment. the past, and the future. All fear dissolves when we become fully present, absolutely neon!, and aware of the infinite beauty of the now moment.

To believe in death is to believe in a reality that is impermanent. that has a beginning and an end. that is Cloning. limited. that can be destroyed and threatened.

Death is just a made up belief in limitation, impermanence. structure. and form. Death is just a box the mind chooses to believe, yet has nothing to do with Truth or Reality.

The limited box we call death. is a prison that robs the mind of the choice to live a life of unlimited joy, eternal love, and permanent freedom. Death is an illusionary concept and can only appear real in the illusionary dualistic world of separation.

Death is a made up concept within the separation that tells us that something can end, die, be threatened, or lost … that life is limited to what the five senses can perceive. and if we cannot perceive it with the five senses it is not real or it is gone. In Reality you never die … who you truly am is eternally alive, who you are is Life itself. Even within the illusion your awareness continues after physical death and you live. love. experience. grow. and evolve in the illusionary etheric realm just as you did when you dwelled in the physical realm. There is nothing different other than that you have shed your physical clothing for a more oink form both illusionary images of yourself have been projected by the sleeping mind that dwells in the doorway.

The art and science of controlling the mind is quite simple but what it needs is self-discipline . . . and an acute desire to know the Unknown; and the results are as profound as to call it “mind shattering” and can lead one to a dialogue with eternity and an altered state of consciousness.

It starts with the mind, as mind is the so-called thinker of thoughts and feelings. When the mind, instead of turning inwards, starts turning outwards and comes under the influence of senses and intellect, it forgets its higher purpose of life. How true is the old Zen saying:

“Be the master of mind rather than be mastered by mind.” What is needed is the higher faculty of the mind or the super-mind capable of guiding the lower mind or conditioned mind.

You need to master the body before you can master the mind, and yoga helps you to achieve that and to feel healthier, more energized, vibrant, peaceful and serene. Yoga is the pathway towards self-realization.

We can imagine the fate of the human being, who becomes a slave of all the five senses.

Is not easily marketable as long as individuals remain disem powered, confused or unconscious. In other words, as long as one is a slave to three dimensional reality and ego, the fear of moving into a new paradigm, coupled with the fear of the unknown, will supersede all other considerations. Government, being the incubator of fear of attack, greed, ego and paranoia, will most certainly resist when it feels threatened. Government cannot regulate self-awareness. Therefore the established hierarchy cannot control you. The self-actualized being does not give energy to the mind games and egos of the powers that be. There is no model for control when a person has no personal attachment to the outcome. Self-awareness challenges the power of government in ways that they can have no answer to.

Your origin is supernatural – Humans in their original design and fashion were not created to live life ruled by their five senses. When you see what is happening in the world presently, you will find that, it is essentially due to the malfunctioning of humanity. Humans were not meant to live and be dominated by their five senses.

The ego uses ignorance to rule the system he set up in this natural realm) to dominate the world.

“We live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

God designed us to have authority in three realms, the realm of the spirit, and the aspect of the soul (emotion or feelings, mind or intellect and will or decision maker) and the realm of the natural. The five sensory perceptions consists of what you see (sight), what you hear, what you feel, what you smell and what you taste

Rule your physical senses by developing your spirit

All these five senses enable you to relate with this dimension of reality (the natural realm). However, the spirit of man is intended to regulate the realm of the soul and the five senses of the body. In order for the spirit of man to rule as intended by God, it has to be connected with God. The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in this union because it is the Holy Spirit that unites the spirit of man back to the Spirit of God.

Subconscious mind created the Matrix / Time Loop as a predictable , familiar ‘ world ‘ , but it had lost control . Both subconscious and conscious ‘ five – sense ‘ mind were subject to the manipulation of this now self – aware ‘ entity ‘ that the Matrix had become . .

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