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One can´t reach Christ Consciouness without alchemy and meditation. Meditation activates transformation, and transformation is alchemy, and alchemy removes and purifies, and transmutes lead into gold. Meditation and alchemy enlightens and strenghtens the inner lamp-Christ Consciounsess. The letter is the Philosopher’s Stone which is the elixir to Immortality. It is symbolized as a substance that can turn lead to gold. The lead symbolizes man’s basic dense self. The Philosopher’s Stone is the knowledge to transform the basic self to awaken to Christhood. Gold symbolizes the Christhood of being Awake. Alchemy is the alchemical-spiritual process that activates the light within us

The Philosopher’s Stone is the Divine Name, in contact with which the soul in lead is transmuted into gold which is its true nature. This true nature is revealed unveiled, and realized by the practice of dhikr. The alchemical work thus symbolized spiritual realization. The essential work is a transformation of that which is base into that which is noble.

Finding the “hidden stone” and the soul journey;  1. Meditation is the experience, 2. Alchemy is the tool for transformation, 3. Sel-realization is the consciousness/awareness to choise. Liberation is the goal, 5. Mind programming is the fueling ingredience/the spiritual food

Humans have two consciounsness, so there may therefore also be two alchemist of the human thinking system. One negative ego mind alchemist that programs the mind with fear and negativity, and the other alchemist is the Divine alchemist of Consciounsess. If the inner Divine trying to enlightens and uplift the mind, so does Satan darkening the mind by dumbing down the masses to keep them in the state of ignorance or keep them in ordinary “lead consciouness” and prevent it to be transformed from lead to gold consciouness or Christ Consciouness.

The ego has become the God of this world, and it may be Chemtrails is a result of this ego-outer-external alchemy to gain control over humanity.

Satan and God as two alchemist who can create its own alchemical formula to gain power of mind

By retrieving the sparks of light trapped in our bodies and uniting them with the light of consciousness freed from egotistical control, we create a brilliant beacon to the universe.


When we experience the world in an ordinary state of consciousness, it is radically extemal to us

Then from within, a power works on the outer to make it a conscious instrument so that finally the inner and the outer get fused into one another and become one!

We can learn the art of transmutation, that process philosophers and alchemists dreamed of long ago by means of which we might turn the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization. Transmutation of the human identity into lasting awareness of the Self cannot take place unless it is preceded by a process of individuation.

Hermeticism could have to do with transmuling the “lead” of ordinary experience into the “gold” of consciousness.

The first three levels of consciousness are considered to be ordinary states of consciounsess , and the fourth one is said to be a nonordinary state of consciousness.

The fourth state of consciousness is the nonordinary state of nondualiv or turiya.  Upanishad defines turiya as: The fourth state is not that which is conscious of the subjective, nor that which is conscious of the objective, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is simple consciousness, nor that which is all-sentient mass, nor that which is all darkness. It is unseen, transcendent, the sole essence of the consciousness of self, the completion of the world. Turiya is said both to permeate and to transcend the three states of ordinary consciousness. The subject of the first three states of consciousness is the ego, while the subject of turiya is the higher Self.

From a alchemical understanding the three first levels of consciounsess may also represents the three first physical chakras that needs to be transformed. From a chakra perspective the fourth heart chakra is the Christ Consciousness, so the fourth state of consciousness is the transformed fourth chakra or Christ Consciousness. Then we have turned the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization or Christ Consciousness.

Meditation is a two-way process. It is a lifting of the conciousness upward and then a holding of it there to receive that which comes down from a higher level. The mind and the heart must be absolutely stilled. Only when so stilled can an know his true purpose and destiny. Only when so stilled can his consciousness perceive the higher.

Meditation is not an exercise. It is an experience.

With all the faculties, inner and outer, under control and mastered, the consciousness is made to rise higher and higher, until it experiences.

The guided meditation involves visualizing the progression of dying from the “outer dissolution” of the senses and elements of the body to the “inner dissolution” of consciousness, culminating in the arising of the clear light or ground luminosity of pure awareness. What would ordinarily be considered the moment.

“Bardo,” as noted, means in-between state. So whenever we’re in between two states, no matter what the scale, we’re in a bardo state. These two states could be living and dying or being awake and being asleep, but they could also be the just-past moment of thought and the moment about to come. Thus “bardo” includes the gap between the cessation of one moment of thought and the arising of the next moment.

Every process, transformation, transmutation is in the middle of change, and this includes self-realization.

The purpose with meditation  is the progressive expansion of human consciousness and awareness.

The veil of ignorance and alchemy

Piercing the veil of ignorance is a process of meditation and alchemy

The veil of ignorance represent darkness and negativity and this veil is what creates separation between minds and consciousness, or separation between inner and outer consciousness

Through meditation and alchemy one start an spiritual light transformation process

Alchemy is the alchemical-spiritual process that activates the light within us.

Meditation is a two-way process. It is a lifting of the conciousness upward and then a holding of it there to receive that which comes down from a higher level.

Meditation activates an alchemical and spiritual transformation and changing the lower outer/ego awareness (darknes of mind), into inner higher self light consciousness.

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom. The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra.

When one remove the veil of ignorance from the eyes, one will behold that which many have sought and few found.

The veil of your understanding, who are wrapped in the darkness of ignorance

Alchemy and Christ Consciousness

One can´t reach Christ Consciouness without alchemy and meditation

Meditation activates transformation, and transformation is alchemy, and alchemy removes and purifies, and transmutes lead into gold.

Meditation and alchemy enlightens and strenghtens the inner lamp-Christ Consciounsess.

The letter is the Philosopher’s Stone which is the elixir to Immortality. It is symbolized as a substance that can turn lead to gold. The lead symbolizes man’s basic dense self. The Philosopher’s Stone is the knowledge to transform the basic self to awaken to Christhood. Gold symbolizes the Christhood of being Awake.

The guided meditation involves visualizing the progression of dying from the “outer dissolution” of the senses and elements of the body to the “inner dissolution” of consciousness, culminating in the arising of the clear light or ground luminosity of pure awareness. What would ordinarily be considered the moment.

The Philosopher’s Stone is an allegory used as a legendary alchemical substance that is used to transform base metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life. useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. This was a sought out goal in western alchemy. In spiritual alchemy the philosopher’s stone would bring enlightenment. Alchemy was the very early step into understanding chemistry. The main difference between the two is that chemistry is motivated by science whereas alchemy was motivated by the belief in the supernatural. In other words chemists believe that there is a reproducible and rational explanation for why things happen. whereas alchemists tended to believe that there were certain magical or charmed things that would get the job done for them. Alchemist did chemistry; they just had a different view of it.

This also applies with spiritual alchemy which is really biochemistry. We are still learning about the human body. Spiritual alchemy or Inner alchemy such as the practices of meditation and yoga for example were once considered magical practices. Today it is known by science how meditation and yoga benefits us. It is based on biochemistry. The ancients knew in order to become spiritual required proper diet, exercise and meditation. They may have not understood the science behind it. Our body chemistry has to do with how we feel our personality our whole well-being. Biochemistry directly affects our psychological well-being.

Meditation, Alchemy, Self-realization, Liberation – Mind programming -The veil of ignorance

1. Meditation is the experience

2. Alchemy is the tool for transformation

3. Sel-realization is the consciousness/awareness to choise

4. Liberation is the goal

5. Mind programming is the fueling ingredience/the spiritual food

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom. The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra.

The human ego fears the moment of choosing, the moment of reckoning when the soul will rise up, fired by the flaming fountain of the purity of the Divine Mother, to proclaim its liberation from the claptrap of the noisemakers with their perpetual distractions luring the soul from the direct route to the center of being.

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom.

The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra. Let the consciousness of a planet and a people rise! Let them be elevated by the power of the resurrection of the Christed one to the hidden chamber of the heart, where the Christ Self of each one is the true teacher and mentor.

Through the Divine Spark within him, which is really his real Self, man is connected with the Infinite. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbeliefs, this special power is not available.  As soon as man realizes the truth of his relationship to the Infinite, he passes from weakness to power. Union with God is established by neutralizing the restless thought- and desire-waves of the consciousness.

The spirit of God wants to come out of the earth symbol. So Spirit becomes the gems and the stones, and then it becomes the trees and plant life. The roots represent the inner condensed rays projecting out of the universal rays of cosmic energy. The branches represent the condensed outer rays emanating from the inner rays. In the animal and human nervous system the condensed rays of the nervous system become apparently free from cosmic energy. Man’s outer nervous system was created out of the soul’s desire to free itself from the bondage of the cells, and to be released in Omnipresence. The outer nervous system of man keeps the soul busy with the limitations of matter. The superman with-draws all rays from the nervous system and floats them through the spine and lets them out through the medulla oblongata into the infinite sphere of Light.

The body is heavy, a bond, a chain, a prison for the soul; the soul is the true man, which tends to free itself from the body in order to achieve its true nature.

The state of the Soul! Go beyond the subconscious and conscious minds and go to the Super-conscious, where the Electricity of God flows into the Spine through the Medulla Oblongata; and diffuses into the spine, limbs, organs, tissue and brain. Do not in any way be a slave to the senses! Meditation is a practice in the Presence of God!

You become what you contemplate, and by dwelling on the attributes, qualities and potencies of the Infinite within you, you are no longer in the world, or mass mind. You are then in tune with the Infinite, and you are living at higher levels of consciousness, enabling you to find peace in this changing world.

As man realizes his Oneness with Creative Mind, he is released from the bondage of false thinking. Man has to realize his inner nature, that is, his spirituality which reveals oneness with the ultimate.

It is only when man realizes his oneness with the Infinite and believes that Omnipotent Power is at his disposal, that the Spiritual Power within becomes available. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbeliefs, this special power is not available. It is his, but his state of heart and mind prevents him from either realizing the presence of the Power or making use of it. Before the machinery of a workshop can run it must be connected up with the engine room. In the same way, man, before he can live the new life, must become one with the Infinite Life and Power.

Through the Divine Spark within him, which is really his real Self, man is connected with the Infinite. Divine Life and Power are his, if he realizes that they are his. So long as he is ignorant of his oneness with the Divine Source of all life, he is incapable of appropriating the This Power, then, is Divinity’s, yet it is also man’s, but it is not revealed to him until he is fit to be entrusted with it. It is only when man realizes his oneness with his Divine Source that he becomes filled with Its power.

Our higher self s capable of aligning with Source.Man is not separate from his Divine Source and never has been. He is, in reality, one with the Infinite. The separation which he feels and experiences is mental, and is due to his blindness and unbelief. Man can never be separated from Spirit, for he himself is Spirit. He is an integral part of one complete whole. He lives and moves and has his being in Divinity (Universal, Omnipresent Spirit), and Divinity (Spirit) dwells in him.

The majority of people are unaware of this intimate relationship with the Divine, and, because they are unaware, or because they refuse to believe it, they are, in one sense, separated from the inner life of Divinity. Yet this separation is only in their thoughts and beliefs, and not in reality.

Man is not separated and never can be, yet so long as he believes that he is separate and alone, he will be as weak and helpless as though he actually were. As soon as man realizes the truth of his relationship to the Infinite, he passes from weakness to power, from death unto life. One moment he is in the desert, afar off, weak, separate, and alone; the next, he realizes that he is nothing less than a son of Divinity, with all a son’s privileges and powers. He realizes, in a flash, that he is one with his Divine Source, and that he can never be separated. He awakens also to the fact that all the Power of the Infinite is his to draw upon; that he can never really fail, that he is marching on to victory.

It will thus be seen how great is the power of man’s thought. While thought is not the power of the Spirit, it is the power by which man either connects himself up with the Infinite Power, opening himself to the Divine Inflow, or cuts himself off and separates himself from his Spiritual Source. Thus, in a sense, man is what he thinks he is. If he thinks he is separate from Divinity and cut off from His Power, then it is as though this were really the case, and he is just actually existed apart from Divinity.

If he believes and thinks that he is a mere material being, then he lives the limited life of a material being, and is never able to rise above it. But if, on the contrary, he thinks and believes that he is a spiritual being, then he finds that he possesses all the powers of a spiritual being. The powers within you are infinite and by having faith in themselves humans can be connected with the Infinite Source .It depends each individual to harmonize body, mind and spirit to reach the state of higher consciousness the body, mind and spirit connects him to the Sacred Flame, thus making him potentially a Divinity in the making.

We’ve been programmed by current culture and media to believe that we can’t thrive without constant distraction of cell phones, computer games, social media, and the latest music. These build up the illusion that there isn’t anything significant going on within us if all this barrage of input ceased—which is very far from the truth. The glories of Divine potentials exist at a subtle level of consciousness. These are as powerful as the roaring ocean when we develop our skills of opening to them. They will most likely remain hidden to those who tune their consciousness mainly to the mass mind and the latest popular fads. The sacred treasures of higher potentials reveal themselves freely to those who approach with quiet respect, clarity, purity, and patience. There is a conduit of powerful energy that opens up from one’s crown center at the top of the head and gradually accesses up toward the higher Spiritual levels of consciousness which come down to meet it. This is one’s connection to higher realities. It is one’s lifeline to expressing brilliance and profound capacities. This pathway to God Consciousness is a superhighway that cuts right through the chatter of the mass mind and limited thinking and self-doubt. It is a direct access route to the powers of one’s Higher Self and God.

As you ascend spiritually, you will automatically avoid the negative experiences of the mass mind.

The Almighty has implanted genius within the soul of everyone and what we need to do is to unearth that inner genius and cause it to shine forth. We will never do this while we look to others for guidance. “To thine own self repair, wait thou within the silence dim, and thou shalt find Him there.”

All the power and intelligence of the Universe is already within, waiting to be utilized. The Divine Spark must be fanned into a blaze of the living Fire of your own divinity.

Self-reliance is the word to dwell on. Listen to your own voice; it will speak in terms that are unmistakable. Trust in your own self more than in all else. All great men have learned to do this. Every person, within his own soul, is in direct communication with the Infinite Understanding. When we depend on other peo-ple we are simply taking their light and trying to light our path with it. When we depend on ourselves we are depending on that inner voice that is God, speaking in and through man.

We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the In-finite.

Limitation is an experience of the race, but it is not the fault of God, it is the fault of man’s perception. And to prove that this is so, let any man break the bonds of this false sense of life and he at once begins to express less and less limitation. It is a matter of the growth of the inner idea.

Arjuna is to become aware of himself as existing only in God and as acting only by the power within him, his workings only an instrumentality of the divine action, his egoistic consciousness only a veil and to his ignorance a misrepresentation of the real being within him which is an immortal spark and portion of the supreme Godhead.

In Gnosticism, again, man contains the divine spark, the inner seed of heavenly light imprisoned in the darkness of the material world and the physical body, a spark which can escape from its prison to be reunited with its source in the godhead.

Union with God is established by neutralizing the restless thought- and desire-waves of the consciousness. Then realization that we are an eternal, indestructible soul will give us strength to solve the problems of life.

The devotee must know how to calm the senses, i.e., take consciousness away from them, and how to withdraw the life force from the sensory-motor nerves, which are the conductors of disturbing sensations. Thus he will know how to enter the eternal life, the ever conscious, ever existing, ever new bliss cf the soul. The life force in the nerves keeps the soul entangled with messages of sensations from the eyes, ears, hands, and so forth; but when the life force is plucked from the eyes and cut off from the hands, and from all conscious-ness of the body, the soul’s attention becomes freed from the distracting messages of the senses. Then the soul becomes cognizant of its divine nature. Only then is a state of complete concentration reached.


The first state of consciousness is marked by complete identification of the self and its well-being with the struggle for and acquirement of material and physical satisfactions. Such a person does not try to understand the pow-er behind his brain, without which no gainful or pleasurable activity can be carried on.

The second state is reached when a person, by occasional concentration on higher things, tries once in a while to get away from his preoccupation with the sensory world.

The third state is reached by deeper concentration; the yogi arrives at a middle point wherein he enjoys glimpses of inner Bliss; his spiritual and mater-ial tendencies are now evenly matched, as a result of steady effort at concen-tration and of proper schooling in the habits of silent concentration.

The fourth state comes when the consciousness becomes completely identi-fied with the only good or God, and the yogi goes beyond the oppositional states of good and evil. Awakening in God, the yogi finds that the dual states of good and evil have vanished, just as sorrowful or joyous dream experiences of dis-ease and health, bereavement and fulfillment vanish upon one’s awakening from sleep.

According to ancient Hindu scripts, consciousness evolves in each individual from physical plane to vital plane to mental plane. If one could rise above the mental plane they can reach the plane of creative intelligence (budhi) and then that of bliss (ananda).

The fourth state – non-dual or thoughtless state. The fourth state is described as a state in which thoughts cease and mind is still. There will be a feeling of great happiness or bliss (Ananda) and there will be no external or internal impulses reaching from peripheral sensory systems. In yoga sutra describes the  fourth state as the one in which “the individual is firmly established in his original state. In all other states, the individual identifies himself with his mind and thoughts”. That is, in fourth state, an individual eliminates the limitations by his body, senses, mind, thought and reaches a thoughtless and infinite state of pure awareness. 

The ego is the outer wrapping and includes our body and how we present in the world. It includes our mind and how we are conditioned to think. The ego holds our will to survive. From its experience, it has preferences of likes and dislikes. The ego is conscious of our personality and how we identify ourselves in relationship to others on the Earth. The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. One becomes available to the concept: if I am not my body and I am not my personality, then who am I? One’s spark of light merges into higher states of expanded consciousness. One opens doors. We exist in this world, but can also take refuge in higher frequencies during meditation where the body and the mind cannot go. In these higher expressions of our consciousness, we can restore, balance and renew.

Consciousness is not prana, although consciousness moves within pranic (energy) flow. It is awareness and can move across multi-dimensions. It is without body, shape or form. Consciousness uses thought and intention to navigate.

The Yoga of Knowledge usually does not deal with chakras at all. It goes directly to the pure Self which resides in the heart; not the heart center of the astral body but the spiritual heart on the right side of the body, which is behind the causal body and our point of contact with the universal consciousness transcending all the bodies.

The fourth chakra is affectionately known as the heart chakra and it is considered to be one of the most important energy. This chakra is associated with intuition and the ability to access the ageless wisdom or bank of knowledge in the depths of universal consciousness. During the waking state one cultivates the ability to dissolve the energies into the central channel and bring them to the heart chakra . This gives rise to the four emptiness experiences , the fourth of which is the clear light consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is located at the fourth chakra.

God does not always appear before us just because we have meditated deeply for several years, or for whatever we consider a proper length of time. If there is some flaw in their love, even saints who have meditated for incarnations may be chastened by God’s failure to appear. But to those who make no demand, who just keep on striving, saying, “Lord, I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes,” He will come. The greatest factor for success with God is to have that resolute desire.  “Out of one thousand, one seeks Me; and out of one thousand that seek Me, one knows Me”

If you sincerely follow this path of the Masters, Self-Realization Fellow-ship will take you to your highest Goal, the Cosmic Beloved–God!

Anyone who receives this message with an open heart shall not go away unfulfilled. His heart shall become a wonderful cup of realization that will gradually expand to receive the ocean of Infinity, the power of the eternal Spirit.

A wish implies a helpless desire of the mind. A desire is a stronger wish; it is often followed by fitful efforts to manifest itself into action. An intention or a determination, is a definite, strong desire expressed very forcefully once or twice through action for the accomplishment of a certain purpose. Such a determination, however strong, is often discouraged after one or perhaps sever-al unsuccessful efforts. But a volition consists of a series of continuous, undiscourageable, unceasing determinations and acts revolving around a desire, until it becomes dynamic enough to produce the much-craved result. “Will and act until victory” is the slogan of all volitive activity. No matter how impossible of accomplishment his goal may seem, the man of volition never stops repeating conscious acts of determination to achieve it, as long as he lives.


Does not will power govern evolution? Coercion or compusion never brings about growth. It is freedom that accelerates evolution. Too much dependence upon what is external or objective throttles the possibility of progress and nips in the bud the potent factors of evolution. Progress presupposes the existence of the power of growth from within; and that a subject will evolve by adjusting itself to its environment, or by adapting its environment to itself. Unless he trains his will by application of scientific techniques such as Self-Realization Fellowship offers, man’s power of volition atrophies.


A strong will, by its own dynamic force, creates a way for fulfillment of its intention. By its very strength, the will sets into motion certain vibrations in the atmosphere; and nature, with its laws of order, system, and efficiency, thereupon responds by creating favorable circumstances. Will derives its greatest strength from an honest purpose, lofty motives, and a noble solicitude for doing good to the world at large. A strong will is never stifled; it always finds a way.


God did not make us inert automatons, but instruments of His will, endowed with free choice to use that power as we please. God’s will is not guided by whim or temptation. His will is guided by wisdom.


The only savior of man is a constantly progressive dynamic will. Human will, however powerful, is still limited by the circumference of the body and the boundaries of the physical universe. Man’s will can initiate successful activities in the body, or on earth, or in finding out the mysteries of distant stars. But divine will has no boundaries; it works in all bodies, in all things. God said: “Let there be light,” and there was light. God’s will is working in everything. When by deep meditation and by wisdom-guided, unflinching, never discouraged determination we can successfully keep our volition revolving around all our noble desires, then our will becomes one with divine will.

Man’s will ordinarily works within the boundaries of his own little circle of family, environment, world conditions, destiny, and prenatal and postnatal cause-and-effect governed actions. But divine dynamic volition can change destiny, wake the dead, move mountains into the sea, and divert the course of planets.

Many seekers fail to find Truth because they lose themselves in the forest of theology, moving from one thicket of theory to another until they feel utterly bewildered. Prove that you are a true seeker by determining now, from the very beginning, that you will give careful, practical attention to the techniques and principles you have judiciously selected; and that with the help of your chosen teacher, or guru, you will keep on learning and practicing until you are able to see the results in yourself.

The guru’s help is important, for while you may find true religious principles expressed in good books, you can never realize their full meaning until you see them manifested in the life of an enlightened teacher. Such a guru can help you when you are attuned to him, even though you are not in his presence. Now you are just starting on your journey toward the goal of Self-realization. Persevere; and when you feel a growing satisfaction, an ever increasing peace, wisdom, and assurance from within, you will begin to realize that the best religion consists in your continuously progressing perception of your constantly growing inner happiness, felt in meditation.

Meditation is the science of reuniting the soul with Spirit. The soul, descending from God into flesh, manifests its consciousness and life force through seven chakras, or centers of light, in man’s cerebrospinal axis. (These are the “seven stars” and “seven churches” spoken of by St. John in the little-understood book of Revelation in the Bible.) Encased in the bodily prison, the soul consciousness and life force become identified with the physical vehicle and its mortal limitations. Scientific med-itation awakens the soul consciousness in the seven cerebrospinal centers. In a state of divine recollectedness, the soul intuitively realizes its immortal nature and origin. -The various- progressive states of soul awakening are accompanied by an ever increasing accession of inner peace and joy. In the most exalted states, soul and Spirit become reunited in ecstatic, blissful communion, or samadhi.

By meditation, then, we connect the little joy of the soul with the vast joy of the Spirit. Meditation should not be confused with ordinary concentration. Concentration consists in freeing the attention from distractions and in focus-ing it on any thought in which one may be interested. Meditation is that special form of concentration in which the attention has been liberated from rest-lessness and is focused on God. Meditation is concentration used to know God.

Whether you see the light of the spiritual eye or not, however, you should continue to concentrate at the Christ Consciousness center between the eye-brows, praying deeply to God and His great saints. In the language of your heart invoke their presence and their blessings.

Divine consciousness is omnipresent. In order to attune one’s consciousness to it, it is necessary first to expand the mind by meditation on some aspect of God’s infinite nature. Visualization is not realization; but visualization is an effective aid in deepening one’s concentration, which is essential for the deep meditation that yields realization.

Through daily practice of the foregoing instructions, you can prepare yourself for the practice of the basic techniques of concentration and meditation that are given in later Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. These scientific techniques will enable you to dive ever more deeply in the great ocean of God’s presence. We all exist at this very moment in that ocean of Spirit; but only by steadfast, devoted, scientific meditation may we conscious ly perceive that we are individualized soul waves on the vast ocean of God’s bliss.

The meditation period should last at least thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night. The longer you sit, enjoying the state of meditative calm, the faster you will progress spiritually. Carry into your daily activities the calmness you feel in meditation; that calmness will help you to bring harmony and happiness into every department of your life.


The medulla oblongata is the original point of intake of the life force as it comes from God. The medulla oblongata is called the “mouth of God” because that is where God ”breathes” life force into man. Do not confuse this with the Bible passage that reads:

“God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and mu became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).

An explanation of the foregoing verse is given in the Lessons on Genesis. a all the body parts only the medulla oblongata cannot be operated upon by the surgeon. Why? Because it is the center of all the centers of life in the brain and spine. It is the one center through which the life force enters the body. The heart, brain, and cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral. and coceygcal centers of the spine are minor centers. acting merely as distributors of that life force they receive through the medulla oblongata.


Science has proved that everything is being constantly recharged by cosmic energy. The human body is surrounded by a halo of conscious cosmic energy. medulla oblongata is the antenna of the bodily receiving station that receives the radiographed cosmic energy from Cosmic Consciousness through the bodily radio operator — will. Just as nut can use the invisible vibratory waves of radio to control fur distant ships on the sea, so God, through vibrations of Ills intelligent cosmic energy, supplies our bodies with life force without any visible connection.

God created the original cosmic vibration or energy which, once started, became perpetual: and by wireless will power ve can draw upon It and bring It into the body through the medulla oblongata. This cosmic energy, the same energy out of which we and everything else In the universe were created, surrounds and permeates all creation, all the time. It enters the body through the *mouth of God” (medulla oblongata) and Is the Invisible “word” that sustains all life.

We can learn to live more and more by that eternal supply of cosmic  energy which is always all about us, and thus ever available to us for  recharging the body with vitality. One may use the knowledge gained  from these instructions to make the body fit in every way. A body that is free from disease and weakness presents less resistance to the meditation methods and practices by which Self-realization is attained, and  by which the human consciousness, as well as the body, is raised to the fatigueless state.

Self-realization may be and sometimes is attained even by people  who are struggling with sick and otherwise imperfect bodies; but it  cannot be attained unless one can concentrate and meditate uninter- ruptedly upon God. Since it is difficult to concentrate and meditate while the aches and pains of the body continually have the attention of the mind, the path to Self-realization is made moth easier if the imperfections of the body are eliminated and if the operation of its functions are so harmoniously arranged that the mind need not at any time be interrupted in meditation because of the demands of the physical body.

By constantly holding the peaceful aftereffects of meditation in mind; by believing in eternal life instead of the illusory changes ve behold in this life; and by feeling the ocean of immortal Bliss (God) underlying the changeable waves of experiences of past lives, and the waves of perceptions of childhood, youth, and age in this life, we can bring about not only the perpetually youthful consciousness of the soul, but also maintain youthfulness of body, if so desired. When the body is found to be, not isolated from Spirit, but a number of rising and falling waves of vibrating currents in the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness, we may implant in the body the perpetually rejuvenating power of Spirit.


Self-realization is the knowing in body, mind, and soul –that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. All vwe have to do is improve our knowing.

Self-realization means knowledge of one’s own soul and of its oneness with the Father.

So long as it dwells on the material plane, human consciousness cannot encompass the universal Christ Consciousness no matter how desirous it may be of doing so. By practice of the scientific concentration and meditation techniques taught in the Self- Realization.

The sincere student can increase and refine the receptivity of his consciousness so that he may ultimately perceive the Christ Consciousness universally present in every atom of creation. St. John referred to this expansion of the human consciousness to receive the divine when he declared of Christ:

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” (St. John 1:12).

Thus, according to the Bible, all men may discover their actual oneness with Christ Consciousness. By intuitive Self-realization, or knowledge of his own soul, man becomes aware of his oneness with the Christ Consciousness. Those who attain the highest Self-realization know without any doubt that they are “the sons of God.”


The physical body is a bundle of motions, a combination of cells composed of moving molecules. which in turn are made up of whirling atoms. composed of protons. electrons. neutrons, positrons. and mesons. whirling in the relative-ly immense space within each atom. These minute, semi-intelligent forms are manifestations of sparks of thought from the Infinite Intelligence. God.

Underlying the chemical motion in cells are dancing waves of molecular motion. beneath which surge waves of atomic motion. Below the atomic layer are waves of electronic and protonic motion, hiding in turn bright waves cf danc-ing sparks, the vital forces. Underlying these expressions 4 life energy are waves of sensation. and deeper still are waves of thought. feeling. and will force. Hidden at the very bottom of all these waves of varied motions of life is the ego.

Ego is soul in the delusive state of being identified with the physical body. 

Although the body appears to be a solid mass of limited proportions, occupy-ing but a small area of space, the cells that compose the body are manifestations of a vast ocean of molecular waves. The molecular waves of the body arc mani-festations 4 the still greater ocean of atomic waves. Atomic waves are mani-festations of the immense ocean of electrons, protons and other atomic particles. The waves of protons, electrons. etc.. are manifestations of vaster oceans of vital force. The vital force (or life energy) is a manifestation of the measure-less powers of all forms of subconsciousness, superconsciousness. Christ Con-sciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.

As a manifestation of chemical motion the body appears small, but since these chemical motions of the bodily cells are actually condensed waves of Cos-mic Consciousness. the body is potentially vast and omnipresent. Tissue is the general name for all the different cellular groupings of which body organs are composed. The same invisible force that makes tissues of some cells so arranges other cells as to form hard bones.wonderfully worked into a skeletal frame around which flesh can cling:and others form the bloodstream.

It is strange that the body has to be kept alive by external forces of food, chemicals, and sunshine, instead of simply being flooded with vitality from the inner source of Cosmic Consciousness. But the body, being a mass of cellular motion, cannot live without motion; its cells have to be kept stirred with life by external food forces, and kept dancing with vitality derived from the internal Source.


Concentration on the muscles, as in the practice of mechanical physical exercises, tends to make one think of himself as a physical being only. Self-Realization Fellowship instructions teach the science of concentrating on the inner life energy and will power and thus awakening one’s consciousness of his subtle spiritual nature. Strength comes from within: not from the musciles. Life is sustained from the powers within: it does not depend solely upon food or exercise.

Self-Realization Fellowship instructions teach one to spiritualize the body–to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to think of oneself as the divine life energy that sustains the body, rather than as a mere physical vehicle consisting of bones and muscles of a certain-volurrre-and weight. Yuu wilt-bre own how energy can be made to permeate the body by tension, and how it can be withdrawn from the body by relaxation.

Life energy is expended in all processes of thought, feeling, and physical activity. Self-Realization Fellowship techniques, when practiced correctly, replenish the energy by tapping its source, the medulla oblongata; life energy can be continually supplied to the body from this source by stimulating the medul-la oblongata center with conscious will. The power of will bridges the gulf between the life energy in the body and the Cosmic Energy surrounding it. By keeping in touch with the Cosmic Source of life energy it is possible to work with-out fatigue.

All our limbs and muscles are moved by the exercise of will and life energy. The flow of life energy into the sensory nerves is caused by divine will and our own will together; the flow of life energy into the motor nerves is caused by our own will.

The greater the exertion of the will, the greater the flow of life energy into a particular body part.

All true scriptures have a threefold meaning, because they are intended to benefit mankind on the three planes of human existence: the material, the mental, and the spiritual. The scriptures are indeed divine wells whose wisdom-waters man may draw to quench his threefold thirst for material, mental, and spiritual fulfillment.

Physical well-being is not necessarily a prerequisite for spiritual perfection. It is desirable, however, because it is more difficult to make the effort to achieve spiritual perfection when physical inharmonies are present. The aspiring devotee who is not well physically may become discouraged, because it is not easy to concentrate or to meditate uninterruptedly upon God when bodily aches and pains are clamoring for attention.

A body that is relaxed and calm conduces to mental peace, which is neces-sary for meditation, the spiritual art of communing with God. Therefore one of the first steps in a balanced program of spiritual development is relaxation of the mind and body–that is, the calming of the activities of the heart, lungs, cir-culatory system; and of the restless movements of the muscles stimulated by nerve impulses from the brain. By reducing the amount of energy expended in restless (and often unproductive) muscular and mental activity, relaxation frees energy to be used for the highest and most constructive purpose: concentration on the Divine Indweller.

God is infinite omnipresence. He is present equally in wisdom-sparkling diamond souls and in charcoal mentalities dark with ignorance. It is because God has given men independence to choose between error and truth that some people keep their minds transparent with the purity of knowledge and love, while others keep their mental houses dark with dogma and inharmony. God has endowed man with His own power of liberty: we may shut God out, or through meditation, logic, and right actions in the struggle of life, receive Him.

That some people know less about God than others is not due to God’s limiting the flow of His power through man, but to man´s not allowing the Lord’s light to pass through him. People who are stricken with the disease of ignorance–the cosmic delusion of separateness from God–may be healed by contacting the Christ Consciousness (the Son or Intelligence of the Father present in every atom of creation) by scientific meditation, devotion, and faith.

Mental relaxation should signify complete mental rest. One may achieve this by practicing going to sleep at will. Relax the body and think of the drowsiness you usually feel just before you fall asleep. Then try actually to reproduce that state. Use imagination, not will, to do this. Most people do not relax even while they sleep. Their minds are restless; hence they dream. Therefore conscious mental relaxation is better than relaxation that is the byproduct of passive physical relaxation, or sleep. In conscious mental relaxation one can either dream or keep dreams off his mental moving picture screen, as he chooses.

No matter how busy we are, we should not forget now and then to free our minds c ompletely from worries and all duties. They should simply be dismissed from the mind. We were not made for them; they were made by us. We should not allow them to torture us. When beset by overwhelming mental trials or worries one should try to fall asleep. If he can do that, he will find upon awakening that the mental tension has been relieved, and that the worry has loosened its grip. We need to remind ourselves at such times that even if we died, the earth would continue to follow its orbit, and business would be carried on as usual; so why worry? When we take ourselves too seriously, death comes along to mock us and remind us of the brevity of material life and its duties.

Mental relaxation consists in the ability to free the attention at will from nagging worries over past and present difficulties; from constant consciousness of duty, dread of accidents, and other haunting fears; from greed, passion, evil or disturbing thoughts and attachments. Mastery in mental relaxation comes with faithful practice in freeing the mind of all thoughts at will and then keeping the attention fixed on the peace and contentment within. One can then divert the attention from worry to peace through meditation.

Hence, the devotee who aspires to develop uniformly and steadily in spirituality should always calm the mind with the practice of concentration, keep the breath quiet by proper breathing exercises, preserve the vital essence by self- control, avoid templation by mixing only with good company, and keep the body quiet and not in perpetual motion and restlessness.

Everyone needs to let go of his worries and enter into absolute silence every morning and night. At such times one should first try to remain for one minute at a time without thinking negatively, fixing the mind on the peace within, especially if worried. Then try to remain for several minutes with a quiet mind. Following that, think of some happy incident; dwell on it and visualize it; mentally go through some pleasant experience over and over again until you have forgotten your worries entirely.

Just as there are degrees of physical relaxation, so there are degrees of mental and metaphysical relaxation. The term “metaphysical” is used here to indicate those states which go beyond the physical and mental realms.

Metaphysical or super-relaxation consists in freeing the human consciousness entirely from its identification with the physical body, money, possessions, name, fame, family, country, the world, and the human race and its habits. Metaphysical relaxation means disengaging your attention by degrees from con-sciousness, subconsciousness, the semisuperconscious state felt after meditation, and Christ Consciousness; and in identifying yourself completely with Cos-mic Consciousness.

Metaphysical relaxation therefore consists in releasing consciousness from the delusion of duality and truly resting the mind by keeping it identified with one’s own real nature: unity with Spirit. Man has hypnotized himself into thinking that he-is a human being, -whereas-in reality he is one-with God.

Resurrect your soul from dreams of frailties. Resurrect your soul in eter-nal wisdom. What is the method? It includes many things: relaxation, self-control, right diet, fortitude, an undaunted attitude of mind, regular meditation with practice of scientific concentration and meditation principles. You may fail at first, but do not acknowledge defeat. To acknowledge defeat is greater defeat. You have unlimited power; you must cultivate that great power.

Meditation is the greatest way of resurrecting your soul from the bondage of the body and from all your trials. Meditate at the feet of the Infinite. Learn to saturate yourself with Him. Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself. You are immortal; your trials are mor-tal. They are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash infinite power: and shatter your finite trials. Resurrect yourself from weakness, ignorance, consciousness of disease, and above all, from the clutches of undesirable habits that beset your life.


The soul’s nature is Bliss, a lasting inner state of ever new, ever changing joy that eternally bestows Bliss that does not fade. One who has been made blissful by this joy of the soul, finds that the Bliss endures, even when he is passing through trials of physical suffering or death. Desirelessness is not a negation of joy, but the finding of fulfillment of all desires in the all-satisfying joy of God.

You must attain self-control in order to regain the eternal heritage of all-fulfillment lying within your soul. First, by meditation, give your soul the opportunity to manifest Bliss, and then, constantly living in this state, do your duty to your body and mind and the world. You need not give up your ambitions and become negative; on the contrary, let the everlasting joy, which is your real nature, help yoll to realize all your noble ambitions. Enjoy noble experiences with the joy of God. Perform real duties with divine joy.

You are immortal and are endowed with eternal joy. Never forget this durimg your play with changeable mortal life; This world is but a-stage on which you play your parts under the direction of the Divine Stage Manager. Play them well, whether they are tragic or comic, always remembering that your real nature is eternal Bliss, and nothing else. The one thing that will never leave you, once you transcend all unstable mental states, is the joy of your soul.

God is that Supreme Intelligence which governs everything!

Some people do not realize that there is a difference between force and intelligence. Electricity is a force, but unless we put it into a lamp, it cannot give a light that can be used. Intelligence puts it into the lamp. All the forces of nature cannot satisfactorily work by themselves without the guidance of intelligence. The Cosmic Factory of Intelligence works in a coordinated way. Steam has power to make things move and fire converts water into steam. These are only two of nature’s forces, but they, of themselves, in their unharnessed natural state, do not accomplish anything importantly use-ful; but when harnessed by intelligence, and directed rightly, they can be made of great service to mankind. The earth and the whole universe seem-ingly have been placed on a routine so that human life is made possible. This cosmic schedule, “The rhythm of the spheres,” is the product of Divine Intelligence.

Spiritual teaching is a comprehensive system –a method to bring the individual into complete and balanced harmony with the great plan of the universe. There are many forces at work seeking to destroy this balance, to produce disease, fear, poverty, failure, and unhappi ness. These forces attack the individual to upset his physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The great secret of mastering these forces was known for ages by the great Hindu saints, and it enabled them to live far beyond the usual term of life in perfect youthfulness of body and mind, and in perfect spiritual harmony.


Secret fear creates tension and anxiety, and brings ultimate collapse. We must have faith in our ability, and hope in the triumph of a righteous cause. If we do not possess these qualities, we must create them in our own minds through concentration. This can be accomplished by determined and long -continued practice. Fortunately, we can start practicing any time and any place, concentrating upon developing those good qualities in which we are defective. HF we are lacking in will power, let us concentrate upon that, and through conscious effort we shall be able to create strong will power in ourselves. HF we want to relieve ourselves of fear, we should meditate upon courage, and in due time we shall be freed from the bondage of fear. Through concentration and meditation we make ourselves powerful.


Man’s attachment to matter keeps the soul confined to the body prison and prevents it from finding freedom in God–in the realm of eternal Bliss. The ego attempts to satisfy through mate-rial channels the soul’s constant, insatiable longing for God. Far from accomplishing its objective, ego-driven sense gratification only increases man’s misery. The soul’s hunger can never be appeased by indulging the senses. When man realizes this and masters his ego–that is, when he achieves self-control–life becomes glorified by God-Bliss while he is still in the flesh. Then instead of being enslaved by material desires and apptites, his attention is transferred to the heart of Omnipresence.

The fall of consciousness and our regression in awareness took place, a veil of darkness was constructed within our collective consciousness that acted to conceal the knowledge and power of the Universe from us for a time. This veil, known as the Abyss or bottomless pit (names given to it at a time when there was obviously much fear as to what was happening, is an amazing construction that reflects completely our needs to evolve and learn responsibility. The Abyss is an illusionary barrier of darkness between our Earthly consciousness of physical mortality, personality and ego, and our spiritual consciousness of the Universe and its infinite energy resources. It acts to separate the two so that our Earthly consciousness can pass through the real experience it needs to learn responsibility.

We are kept within its boundaries to experience, expose and eventually exorcise the potentially destructive elements of our nature, while the Universe outside is left relatively undisturbed by these destabilising experiences. Individually and thus collectively we each must Face and pass through the Abyss to reunite our complete nature, and to gain the awareness of our eternal spiritual nature and the Universe this may come to serve. The darkness of the Abyss reflects back to each of us the weaknesses and fears of our own egos. It is an illusory barrier that we compose by the fears we project, and on the other side lies our spiritual awareness that works to compel us forward and through (`cailing’ us forward).

In the lowest pit of reality, where seekers cannot see the light, it is possible for them to think they will be stuck there forever. They can lose all hope and feel helpless. There may be times when there does not seem to be any possible solutions to their psychic and spiritual setbacks. Since the seekers cannot see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, they search for it in the darkness because they are not in the right place to begin with. In the end, they do not find the hope and confidence they have lost. When this happens, immediately defy the feeling of despair so it does not grow. Replace it with confidence, knowing that you will get out of the darkness. Know that you will succeed against all things. Trust and love. This confidence and positive energy will raise your and raise you out of the pit you fell into.

When you are ready to receive wisdom and break free from the ignorance of the ego, you have to let go of your ego for it stops you (the ego is veil). It hindering you because it is part of you so you are hindering yourself. Once you let go of this ego and think of yourself as equal with all other human beings here upon this Earth-plane, then you will rise into the Light. Then the wisdom will flood through you on whatever you need this wisdom on for you are more than this physical being. Ego and mass consciousness is not equal to divine higher self. It doesn´t mean the higher self is better than ego or mass consciousness, fear and faith aren´t same, darkness and light is not equal powers, pride and grace are not equal ideals.

When inner vibrations raises fear can no longer live in the body.

Fear (the voice of your self-preserving animal nature and rational mind) imagines all the horrors that may lie in that darkness and begs you to turn back to the places and way of life that you know, using any means to justify fear. The evolutionary and soul’s need to know truth and purpose, and to discover our real identity and nature, that compels us on and will not allow us to rest (the calling of your spiritual nature and awareness), tells you that the darkness is just an illusion and that there is a way through in front of you. If you choose to trust this voice, as opposed to that of fear, you will be able to walk forward and cross to the other side, to reach the answers that await and realise your true potential. This is the real step of faith that acts to transform our primary instincts, and I can share from experience, that once you take those wholehearted steps into the unknown, to lay your life on the line, then the darkness dissolves completely and the truth is revealed.

What is the single thing mostly preventing us from discovering the truth and how can we overcome it? Not as close as you would like to be and not as far off as you might imagine. Collective fear is the only thing preventing the veils from being lifted completely. Humans do not fear darkness; they fear a light too bright for their unaccustomed eyes. They shield themselves and avert their eyes to prevent the truth from being told. Humans have become overly comfortable, complacent and agreeable to a reality they have outgrown. It is time to listen to the words heard within so that humans can create a reality based on that rather than responding to the endless external stimuli that greet them daily.  The distance between human to God is not outside, it’s the layers of belief systems, social programming, all fear orientated issues, that envelope us hiding our light within.

As they give up their social programs, not only they set examples that its totally safe to shed these boundaries for better future but they as collective trigger humans to see for themselves that these do not serve them any purpose. A slow awakening is taking place, in all humans, when their consciousness is getting clear in the collective burning, of these Twin Flames who are spread over the whole world. When these Twin flames tranmutate, their pain to love they create Love and Light and as they become in sync with balancing of their masculine feminine energies in them their power becomes more potent. So they serve as a big prism of light scattered in different parts of world.

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