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The Reason For Kundalini Transformation, Four Stages Of Human Metamorphosis (Butterfly),  Fourth Awakening — Higher-Self Arises In The New Light Body  

The Reason For Kundalini Transformation, Four Stages Of Human Metamorphosis (Butterfly),  Fourth Awakening — Higher-Self Arises In The New Light Body

Four Stages Of Human Metamorphosis

What Is The Dark Night Of The Soul? Dark night of the soul is a metaphor for a common phase that happens in spiritual awakening. marked by despair. intense fear, crying and wanting to die. I think a better name would be dark night of the personality.. because the strong reactions do not come from the soul. The strong feelings result from identifying with our personality-. The personality is upheld in our mind’s eye by identifying with our thinking.

This happens when we tell a story and believe our story. is truth. Our wory’s undertone causes an emotional charge in the muscles that produces theme’ illusion. Chiefly. we identify with feeling energetically aline because of the story we are creating, When the thinking is dark, it will create a dark vibration in the body and we will feel dark. Once established, the dark vibration w  will continue to trigger similar thoughts. At this point. we are immersed in storytelling and the dark vibration. Our personality. is strongly activated, and our soul is trapped in a circular reaction.

The Four Stages Of Physical Transformation

There are four main stages of physical transformation, each with a dark night and awakening. The number of stages we experience depends on our current state of evolution. We can spend a lifetime in any cycle. The first dark night is before spiritual awakening and the fourth awakening happens when the process is complete with enlightenment. By going through a long transformation.

There are multiple dark nights. With my third dark night, almost identical issues arose as the second dark night. I felt I was repeating and was a failure. The same issues arose with my fourth dark night, but this time I knew I was progressing. I had the same issues in each dark night, but saw healing was occurring in a different energetic layer of each issue. Our personality stays intact due to identification with our mind, emotions and body.

Enlightenment is the process of dissolving the personality, in reverse order, of how it was built. The outermost layer is cognitive. which we built from about three years to adulthood. The middle layer is precognitive or emotional, which we built from about conception to age three.

The innermost layer is the physical body reflecting our DNA. which represents many lifetimes and inherited aspects from ow ancestors. mother and father. The reason there are four stages of personal transformation is based on the fundamentals of how something is created. The personality is an object and goes through the same steps of creation and destruction. Physical transformation is about transmuting our personality into awareness as higher-self in the light body. The transformation is about learning to become a creator and our body is our field of teaming.

How We Create Something

1.We observe an object in the physical world using our sensory apparatus. We think about what we have seen and ask questions about it. The answer conics from inspiration or thinking. and then we decide what to do and form our ‘mental’ goal. This is the thinking level.

2. When we have our goal. we need desire to do it With ow goal and desire, then the direction to use our energy is set. This is our intention. Energy charges move from the brain to the proper body muscles preparing us to move ow energy from thought to feeling to carry out our goal. This is the feeling or emotional level.

3. Once our intention is determined and we are ready to act, our body muscles are charged and prepared for movement This is the vibration level.

4. We move and do the action in the world. We created the thing we desired, by moving our energy from the external world to the inner world and back. This is the manifest object or body level.

Pattern Of Transformation: Awakening And Dark Night Cycles

Each layer of transformation goes through distinct phases. Our starting point is attachment with a layer. Because of our attachment. misery and dissatisfaction eventually result and then we are read) to let that layer go. In the instant. we drop attachment to a laver. higher-self arises and a spiritual awakening happens.

Tremendous energy is released. which fuels the transformation. Transformation is a biological aspect of awakening accompanied by profound healing and spiritual reactions. It is normal to experience many charismatic symptoms such as. tones, flashing lights. rushes of internal wind. numbness. tingling, going out of body. insights. crystal clarity. visions. repressed memories, telepathy, amplified hearing. heightened vision, weight loss, elation. kriyas. laughing. and many more.

Most of these symptoms are due to biological changes to the mind, body and nervous system. It is normal to feel elated for many days following a spiritual awakening. When higher-self arises. we make direct contact with our higher-self and feel spiritual and awake. The awakening has changed us permanently. We have received revelations, insights and wisdom that we will never forget. Our values have changed and we see everything differently. It is normal that we drop attachments to people. places and things associated with the layer we dropped.

The Dark Night Begins

Eventually the elation settles, yet healing is still going on. We may feel tired, have pain in the body or have strong emotions. The thoughts get dark and crying can be nonstop for days on end. We may have dreams and memories of past lives flood in to our consciousness. We no longer feel well, it seems we sacrificed much and what we gained was little. We may feel we have no reason to live. This scenario triggers the dark night of the soul. It is easy to identify with the heavy healing reactions and the personality dominates.

Because we are energetically stronger, we can activate our personality stronger when we identify with our thoughts and feelings. When we feel we have lost something. we cling stronger to what is familiar. By identifying with thoughts and feelings, we are lost in the illusion and entrenched in the dark night of the soul. Even though this stage feels dark, it is still part of the transformation. Our vibration is higher and deeper blocks of the personality are healing. Every main awakening stage releases tremendous energy from fixed form. Crying is a vehicle to release stored energy from the mind and heart. After we cry hard, we will feel much better afterward. When it is the darkest. the light is near, hang in there.

How To Get Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

In the awakening event our body. mind, and nervous system are changing due to the released energy. The brain is reorganizing. and thinking and feelings are erratic. Many of the thoughts and feelings in the dark night are a reaction of the reorganization occurring in the brain. Eventually we will process information and react to events differently. owing to those changes.

We have more energy, but do not know how to direct this energy yet. It is likely we still have the habit to attach to the energetic layer of personality that is healing. The way to get through the dark night most efficiently and with the least pain, is to quiet the mind as much as possible whatever stage we are in. Do not identify with the strong symptoms occurring which include your thoughts and emotions.

As much as we can, we should practice quieting the mind and seeking our center. When we are united with our source, we are still and free of resistance. When we are still, the transformation goes faster and is more efficient because we have no resistance, allowing the energy to change us. The image of a hurricane is helpful. Our physical self is in the twisting vortex of wind and our higher-self is in the eye, still and calm in the center. Seek center, to ride out the storm in the safety of the eye.

Many meditation tools can help us achieve quiet mind. The tools that work are partly preference, part experimentation and part what has worked for us in the past. The awakening event happened because we achieved quiet mind, so use what worked before. While there is a strong transformation occurring in the mind, we cannot rely on our thinking. It is best to do everything we can to divert ourselves from thinking. The more we practice meditation, the more skilled we get and it is easier to pass through stages that rewire the brain. Meditation is a skill we need to master, as each dark night requires a deeper stillness.

Second Awakening — Higher-Self Arises As Muscle Vibration – Emotions The second step can last a lifetime, and is the hardest to complete. It is difficult to go beyond all the myriad tricks we create to keep the pretending game going. It needs intensive inquiry to unravel the cognitive layers and to identify new games we create to keep the identification game going. Concepts of ‘being’ is a new game we learn and it can be so satisfying that we rarely question it.

A concept of ‘being’ refers to performing in a certain way, which is done to get validation for our new spiritual identity. The common denominator is still attachment to our self-image, but now the self-image is spiritual. We get confirmation of our spiritual self-image by joining ‘spiritual’ groups, where we give each other validation for being spiritual. Concepts of ‘being’ are adopted or invented, and then performed to prove we can ‘behave as spirit’.

These concepts run the gauntlet of acting as an authority, giving advice, becoming a spiritual teacher or guru. developing a technique for self and others to follow and many more. We discover a new way to make a living and the activities are so satisfying that we lose motivation to find deeper hidden attachments. We tend to believe we are enlightened and therefore there is no longer a need to do this work. If we do our meditation and continue to question ourselves with the desire for truth, we will discover the games and drop them.

Going beyond the concept of ‘being’ is the hardest. We test out a concept of ‘being’ until it fails. Rather than giving up, we adopt or invent a new way `to be’. It is like having mini awakenings and mini dark nights, one after the other. We receive a new insight and later crash when we understand we still are not enlightened. Even while this happens, our awareness is rising and our personality is reducing in influence.

Eventually our awareness will be high enough to discover the cause of this endless game of adopting new ideas and trying to make them into our self-image or way of being. We will discover that this behavior is driven by our belief that what we tell ourselves is truth. We believe ‘our story’ is truth, because it gives us the feeling we know. When we clearly see how we fool ourselves by believing ‘our story’ is truth, then we will drop ‘our story’ every chance we get.

The Kundalini growing that is in progress becomes evident at the second awakening. At the first awakening, our vibration filled our mind. now it is stronger and has expanded to fill our body s muscles. We clearly see the game of personality and know storytelling fuels it; we are done with that old habit. The only thing left to do is quiet our mind as much as possible. We know if we do that, we will grow. There is nothing more to learn about how to be spiritual, we need no more concepts or techniques, and do not adopt a new self-image and have nothing to enlarge. We are finished with seeking and games. Our life becomes a meditation, and we work on dropping the remaining attachments.

First Awakening —Higher-Self Arises As Vibration In The Mind

Eventually the material acquisition game wears out when we no longer feel any joy from whatever we receive. In this moment, we admit we are miserable and material things no longer make us happy. This is a huge turning point, where we dived our attention from the material world and toward our spirit or The Creator. We actively search for something to fill the empty hole inside. The material game did not make us happy. so we are open to explore alternatives. This is the seeking and healing stage. We explore spirituality, read self-help books, do therapy. join support groups and seek a connection with our Creator. This stage can last long. with many intermediate steps within it. It is about unraveling the layers of programming that make up the personality. When we divert energy from material acquisition and focus on our source. we gain self-knowledge about ourselves. Self-knowledge reveals insights that slowly reduce attachment to our self-image. As attachment to our self-image reduces, moments of clarity happen and our thinking and emotions become visible. Increased clarity allows us to distance from our firm attachment we had with our self-image, and we sec ourselves better. By using our energy to look at ourselves, we see how we arc! Then we may ask, “Who is looking?’ Each self-revelation is a mini-awakening that slowly raises our vibration. As we continue with self-discovery, an awakening event will happen when our vibration level is high enough in a moment when we stop the mind-chatter. Silence can happen after an accident or trauma. a sudden insight. seeing something beautiful, or while doing our meditation. What is significant is our mind was quiet long enough to release energy imprisoned by our nonstop mind-chatter. During that space of total quiet, our higher-self arises into our mind, we see our true nature. and now we know we are not the thinker. We experience ourselves as the source behind the thinking, we have seen beyond the veil, beyond that which blinded us. It is the first glimpse of our higher-self and we realize we are godlike creatures; we have awakened to our true nature.

Third Dark Night — I Am Vibration — Identified With Emoting

After the second awakening, our awareness rises with consistent meditation. Insights continue and we are strong enough to drop our attachment to emoting. This is a transitory period where we feel between the two worlds of physicality and spirituality, belonging in neither. We know we are not aware and are not sure how to know without the use of our storytelling. We are confused and disoriented.

We do not yet have reliable access to intuition and we do not trust our story and less the story of others. This is a phase of becoming independent of authorities where we learn to rely on getting answers direct from our source. It happens during this phase that strong emotions are provoked from most outside events. This is part of the healing after the second awakening event. Our emotions rage and we may feel crazy. We seriously question our sanity and wonder if we have made any progress when we see how crazy and emotional we are.

We may think we are repeating and have not learned anything. That is a hard pill to swallow when we have been working so hard. Again, we feel like we have lost everything and enter the dark night of the soul. Another big cleansing is occurring with much crying, stronger than the prior episode. In this phase, the emotional energy of the inner child releases and a ton of energy is stored in this layer. The dark gets very dark, but simultaneously, the light expands rapidly. Eventually we will sec the deep emotional layer. and understand why we have been acting this way all our lift. After releasing this emotional layer. there is extraordinary freedom and independence from any person. place Of thing. We stop walking in circles, which we have been doing all our life. The real world is now open before us.

Third Awakening — Higher-Self Arises As Body Vibration

After emotional cleansing, our vibration is high and meditation gets deep with increased ability to sustain the quiet mind state. Pre-kundalini awakening symptoms sporadically happen in the body. With our free time, we meditate to accelerate the transformation. Higher-self is driving more than lower-self. During this phase. our energetic vibration is growing rapidly and we become sensitive to energy inside and outside ourselves. Soon we will feel springy and light inside our body and higher-self will arise the third time. This time we feel it all over our body and in our mind as strong vibration and this time it does not fade. rather it gets notably stronger each day. Eventually the full-blown kundalini transformation is triggered and we enter the fourth dark night of the soul.

Fourth Dark Night — Death Of Body — Kundalini Transformation

The fourth stage is long and lasts many years. The rest of the personality is transmuted, that is stored in the bones, muscles and DNA and simultaneously the new light body is built. When enough energy has been withdrawn from the structure of personality, and our vibration is high enough then latent DNA instructions are activated to start the growth of the light body. This activation point is what I call full-blown kundalini transformation. After a few months of preparatory nervous system changes to the body. eventually changes move through the chest and neck to make changes to the physical structure of the skull and brain. The fourth dark night at its most intense is experienced as a form of physical death. To be reborn in the flesh, we truly have to die in the flesh. When dying we gasp as we take our last breath of air and make gurgling and choking sounds as the air is compressed out of our body. moves through our chest and into our brain. We shortly stop breathing when this happens. The challenge is to allow this feeling and go to deep center knowing we are in a transformational death.

We can only get through the fourth dark night with a total physical surrender of our body. However, do not worry, when we reach this step we are strong enough to do it, all we have done before has prepared us for this step. In this step, we are acutely present and of course, we live through it. After we have passed through the physical death, we will never go back to having a personality again, not now or in a future lifetime. We are now erecting a new structure that will serve us for the next part of our journey. There is no going back and there is no desire to do so.

Fourth Awakening — Higher-Self Arises In The New Light Body

It takes some time for the new light body to grow, but when it is done, the transformation will be complete. The end of the fourth dark night and the fourth awakening will happen in the same moment in the blink of an eye, as they are occurring simultaneously each day as the old is dissolved to create the new. When complete we will be enlightened, physically alive and present in our new light body. Hallelujah!

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini, from Indian yoga, is a source of energy in the body, envisaged as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the intelligent conscious life-force energy of YOU distributed in your body’s cells that keeps you alive and functioning.

Kundalini energy is responsible for evolutionary development and for heightened states of consciousness and awareness, and is present in all living life forms. All life forms are evolving toward heightened awareness. Kundalini energy does not have any specific character, as pure energy it has no form or condition.

When kundalini energy releases from fixed form, the base of the spine activates, felt as a fluttering sensation in the tailbone. After this, kundalini energy coils up the spine, like a serpent rising. Before awakening, kundalini energy is in a fixed shape in the body and is at a low vibration level. Kundalini energy is dormant while used to animate the personality. Kundalini energy releases from fixed form, when elements of the personality dissolve which happen when we let go of our attachment to that element.

A large quantity of kundalini energy releases in major awakening events. With each release of kundalini energy from fixed form, the body vibration rises. After birth, the growing force is strong in our body; our body vibration is high, which is obvious from our rapid growing. Our growth rate and body vibration gradually decline as we grow into adulthood. This decline is due to energy converting into a structure, which is the personality of the developing individual. When growing stops, our kundalini energy is contained in the structure. The personality is partially created from growth and organization of the brain. This brain organization is reflected in the body as animated personality.

Our unique vibration is held in shape by our physical structure, reinforced by our skeletal alignment, brain organization and epigenome. After growing stops, the personality expands as we gain attributes for our self-image. Personality expansion happens due to our current brain organization and evolutionary state and is beneficial.

As kundalini energy amasses in the expanding personality, it is collecting as an easily tapped supply of fuel. The energy building in the personality is kept in place through our conditioned use of the mind. In the moment we stop using our mind, some of this energy

What Is Kundalini Awakening & Transformation?

A kundalini awakening happens when energy is released from the personality, when quiet mind is sustained and our vibration is strong enough to release it. After the energy release, the brain and nervous system reorganize and kundalini symptoms occur. All along our spiritual journey kundalini energy releases, over time the releases are closer together until they are continuous. Kundalini releases become detectable in the pre-awakening stage when we are near our first spiritual awakening. Large amounts of kundalini energy release three times in our spiritual enlightenment as described in the previous chapter.

These awakening events change us. When a large release happens, there is a barrage of symptoms such as, energy rushes, tingling, light explosions, tones, altered sensory perception, not needing to sleep, weight loss, and insights.

The first time energy releases, it rises into the mind and we awaken and understand we are not our mind. I call this spiritual awakening and the crown opening. where we discover our higher-self. The second time energy releases, it is stronger and fills the muscles and we realize we are not our vibration. The third time energy releases, it fills the entire body and then we realize we are not our body. The third event is the onset of the full-blown kundalini transformation. After this, kundalini energy releases continuously in smaller amounts with frequent kundalini symptoms.

Kundalini transformation is a gradual, biological growing process moving human beings toward enlightenment that also heals our body. Our higher-self orchestrates the transformation by releasing energy from our personality and using it to reorganize our mind and body. The changes result in a refined nervous system, higher vibration, increased awareness and less influence of personality, called the light body. Kundalini transformation is a metamorphosis into a new species of human, using the energy of the old body to create a new body. Kundalini transformation is synonymous with human evolution and metamorphosis.

It is only recently known that human beings can metamorphosis into a new life form, as more people report about kundalini awakening experiences. I believe instructions for a new species of human being exist in our DNA. and when conditions are right they are activated. Kundalini transformation is continuous over our long human history and everyone is at some stage of it. As human beings evolve. kundalini transformation accelerates and self-realization levels increase in the human population. Rising self-realization is due to kundalini transformation. Kundalini transformation is a biological process and therefore self-realization is too. I see no distinction between healing and kundalini transformation.

How Does Kundalini Transformation Happen?

Each time we divert energy from using our mind and are in the meditative state. energy is released from the personality. Kundalini transformation converts this energy into a new structure in the mind and body, giving rise to a spontaneous and aware life form. As we continue to do meditation, the structure of personality slowly dissolves and has less influence on our life over time. To convert the entire structure of personality into the new structure is gradual and takes many years to complete.

We can only reorganize our mind if we are not using our mind. The distribution of kundalini energy in our body depends on what we focus on. If we focus on animation of the personality. then personality expands and accumulates energy. If we focus on not animating our personality by meditating. then personality reduces by releasing energy from programmed forms. To change our structure, the brain must change. Brain organization is similar to the epigenome. which is similar to software instructions that influence our DNA.

The epigenome determines which genes are activated in our DNA. and later dictates our body and mind characteristics. To effect our DNA and activate the latent growing. we need to change our software instructions. Released energy is the fuel necessary to change the brain.

Energy cannot be released from the brain, nor can released energy be used to change the brain, if we are using the brain. If you read that carefully, you will notice there arc two reasons quiet mind states are important. Releasing energy from the brain is one and allowing the change in the brain is the other.

Our higher-self is intelligent and knows exactly how to make these changes to the mind and nervous system and complete the metamorphosis. The transformation happens spontaneously, every time we are quiet. In the space when we are quiet, the brain organization changes. the epigenome changes and the DNA are affected. After the new programming is done, as cells arc replaced in the body they physically reflect the new structure in the body.

The biological aspect of kundalini transformation is primarily changes to the central nervous system. I believe the central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure. away from the dual brain and right and left body structure. The nervous system slowly branches out in the mind and body like an infinitely expanding fractal pattern and our body fills with light. A side effect expansion of the nentus system is increasing body vibration, due to the increased number of neurons in the neural network. It is like a reverse growing, using the old structure to make the new structure. The physical appearance changes little during the transformation. because it is mostly making changes to the central nervous system. As the central nervous system and brain reorganizes. it is increasing the body vibration.

When this is complete, the body vibration will be high enough to trigger the final change to create the light body. The physical appearance will change after the rewiring is complete, resulting in a new species of human that is enlightened.

What Is Full-Blown Kundalini Transformation?

The full-blown kundalini transfonnation happens when the self-realization level or vibration level is high enough to activate latent growing instructions in the DNA. It typically happens after the third awakening that releases the emotional energy layer of the personality that surrounds the core of the self. After releasing this layer, the personality does not activate strongly. which further conserves energy and the meditative state deepens.

When we have crystal clarity between quiet mind and non-quiet mind states, our ability to sustain quiet mind increases and meditation goes deep. Triggering the full-blown kundalini transformation is near when it is easy to sustain forty-five minutes of quiet mind each time we meditate. These long periods of sustained quiet mind, profoundly change the brain and increase our vibration. This event is part of human evolution and is triggered by our growing consciousness. Full-blown kundalini transformation starts with connections between energy circuits all over the body in a cascade of reactions and energy rushes in the spine.

Nervous system reorganization follows that lasts about a week. This is characterized by sections of the body going numb with stinging prickles in the skin for several hours. After each section completes. the body part expands in size. This starts at the feet and slowly moves up to include each area of the lower body. The brain is rewiring also, but numbness is not felt in the skull. The reaction is continuous and while the nervous system is reorganizing, it is difficult to perform normally. What differs compared with prior awakening events is the reactions are stronger and continuous day and night. for the entire interval. When the brain reorganizes, it causes confusion and is like being in a strange dream that lasts a long time. It is hard to do anything else, so we succumb. We are in ‘good hands’. as the higher-self has taken over and is orchestrating the changes. It is common to receive insights and instructions from the higher-self that will help with the transformation going forward. It is wise to take notes so we can remember the information. Full-blown kundalini transformation will not trigger until we can sustain the quiet mind state and our vibration is high enough to activate the DNA. Premature full•blown kundalini transformation makes no evolutionary sense, as we could never handle it. The higher-self would never start a process that would threaten our survival.

The Reason For Kundalini Transformation

Kundalini transformation is about reorganizing the brain and nervous system into a body of light. The structure of personality is removed in favor of a new structure. I think I am experiencing increased vibration in the body. due to an expanding and improved nervous system.  We experiencing body and mind that uses self-reflection to process data is changing to a body and mind with a single brain that dots not need the self-reflection apparatus. It is a strange thought to understand the human brain in its current organization is primitive.

Still, the old organization is beautiful, because the self-reflection apparatus allows us to recognize the higher-self that is behind the body and mind. As my body transforms, new circuits arc made in the nervous system each day and is like a fractal expanding infinitely into finer branches. It is like a maze of nervous system paths expanding in billions of directions.

When the outer layer of my skin changes. I feel numbness, tingling, itches and insect crawling sensations. When deeper layers of fascia change, I feel body elongations and the body feels elastic. When the organs change they cleanse. when the heart changes it jumps and when the brain changes I have an altered state of consciousness and hear tones and see flashing lights. When an energy circuit is strengthened or created along a main nerve pathway, all kinds of nerve symptoms arc felt. As kundalini transformation continued, my senses became more acute and my intuitive ability rose. I often received images in my 3’d eye, heard messages, had visions and vivid dreams. This information helped guide me in the transformation.

Rebuilding The Spine And Elasticizing The Body As I see it, the structure of personality, reflected as the two•brained programmed mind in the body blocks energy flow all over. The cord of personality is similar to a huge amount of energy. contained in a program that is fixed and nonflexible. The cord of personality reflects our programmed use of energy as a whole, and the body itself becomes nonflexible and fixed from using that program. I think much of the energy contained in the cord of personality is held in place due to the skeletal alignment, which formed during our growing into adulthood. Bone is the deepest and densest tissue and holds the most energetic vibration in the body.

The skeletal alignment reflects our animated use of our body due to identification with our personality. Unbalanced cranial, sacral and spinal alignments are common: no person has perfect skeletal alignment. To release energy that is locked in joints, spine and between sutures, the area must be stretched open. When stretched, the neuromuscular junctions are enhanced and nervous energy can more easily flow between the brain and bodies muscles.

Stretching of muscles is the way the body does work. In kundalini transformation, stretching has the purpose to release energy held by skeletal alignment. Certain joints, vertebrae, skull sutures and sacrum sutures can be difficult to open. As I understand kundalini transformation, all bones and tissues will be stretched open, because all the energy of the personality must be recovered.

When kundalini transformation starts, these blocked areas slowly open and energy releases from them. The released energy is used to reorganize the brain and remove the program that created that energy block. Energy blocks in the body held from skeletal alignment. are released with spontaneous stretches. Kriyas gradually get stronger to move bones more firmly positioned.

As transformation continues, the spine is rebuilding and loosening from the body. The body feels increasingly elastic, due to the enhanced nervous system.

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