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Kundalini is the Guardian of human evolution and the Key to the Mystery of Existence. Once Kundalini enters into the Sahasrara or Crown chakra . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated, and a new pattern of consciousness is born. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar or manna from Heaven

Kundalini is the Guardian of human evolution and the Key to the Mystery of Existence. Once Kundalini enters into the Sahasrara or Crown chakra . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated, and a new pattern of consciousness is born. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar or manna from Heaven

When kundalini awakens from its long slumber, it uncoils from the sacrum and shoots up the susumna column, evaporating the twisting ida and pingala channels with its tremendous force. Blasting a path through the Tree of Life’s central trunk, kundalini pierces “the thousand-petaled lotus” of the crown chakra, uniting the initiate with the oceanic waves of universal consciousness.

Awakening of Kundalini is an evolutionary process and should come in a natural way. He preferred easy methods, moderate living and natural awakening of Kundalinion one’s spiritual maturity. Modern anatomy, however, does not confirm the existence of Ida, Pingala, Shushumna or seven Chakras (plexuses) in human body, as claimed by Kundalini Yoga. Chakras are not in gross body (annamaya kosh). They are subtle force centres in the ethereal duplicate or astral body. Acharya Amritavagbhava says, Muladhara Chakra is like an electric meter in the body. It supplies energy to the body and mind according to their requirements. Sahasrara Chakra has connection with Universal Kundalini (Maha Kundalini) and when a yogi reaches that Chakra, he attains immense powers and Siddhis.

Once Kundalini enters into the Brahmarandra . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated and a new pattern of consciousness is born.” From its repository in the reproductive organs, a fine stream of living energy filters into the brain as fuel for the evolutionary process. As the energy moves upward, it passes through various chakras along the central channel of the spinal cord into the topmost chakra in the brain.

This does not happen in every case, in fact, it is quite rare for the kundalini process to be carried to completion, but the genetically-ripe person to whom it happens experiences a golden-white light within his cranium. Apparently this is the same light which is visibly seen by people as the aura or halo around saints and highly-evolved sages.

The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar,” giving rise to exquisite sensations.

The sensations are felt most intensely above the palate in the midbrain, and in the hindbrain in a descending arc parallel to the curve of the palate. This is known in yoga physiology as the Sankini, the curved duct through which the bioplasma passes into the brain.

We have in the body a highly complex biological essence which the ancients called prana. The individual prana is psychic energy still in its gross biological form. It is extremely subtle, the first garment of immaterial life on the organic plane. It resides in every cell and fibre of our body. We know that our brain uses a considerable amount of energy for thinking and reflecting, for sending and receiving messages, for interpreting sensory impressions and the like. Where does this energy come from?

This energy comes from the biological tissues, the calls and the blood of the body in the form of a very fine biochemical essence that has not yet been localised. This fine biological essence is also present in the reproductive secretions of man and woman in a very concentrated form. When the Kundalini awakens, a very fine stream of this biological essence pours into the brain and even into the vital organs.

The chakras, which are said to be located at each vital organ, are actu-ally the concentrated nerve connections through which this stream of energy reaches the organs. When the Kundalini rises, this fine stream of subtle biochemical essence extracted from the reproductive fluids pours into the brain along with a stream of emanating psychic energy.

The former nourishes the brain cells, while the latter takes the form of a luminous halo in the head, lifting consciousness to higher levels of cognition. Now what would we need for the transformation of an organ first of all: food – biological – nourishment – for we cannot increase the activity of the brain unless we supply it with more nourishment, more fuel. Now this fuel is supplied by the Kundalini.

To whom this fuel is supplied in sufficient quantity to the brain and the nervous system, then certain changes take place, and slowly these changes ma-ture into a state in which a perpetual state of higher consciousness becomes possible.

Looking at the philosophy of Kundalini as a biological mechanism for accelerating the evolution of humanity during the twentieth century chain, three main aspects seem to stand out: For a man who has the urge to lead a good life, it would be of utmost importance to achieve the integration of his personality, his individuality with his environment and his environment with the whole of humanity. He must therefore have three keys, the key to himself, the key to his immediate environment and the key to all nations.

And above all, it seems to be of the greatest im-portance for every human being to realise that the cultivation of a brotherhood of humanity has become an urgent necessity. Can Kundalini Yoga now contribute to the achievement of these three goals?

Instead of Kundalini Yoga being helpful in achieving these three goals, it would perhaps be more correct to say that these three objects are necessary for a healthy awakening of Kundalini.

The real natural aim of human life is to evolve into a supreme state of being in which the world of spirit opens before the inner eye of all men and raises them to a God-like stature, in full command of all their faculties, with control over their passions and desires, with a highly developed intellect, a highly developed in-situation and with a deeper insight into the mysteries of creation. If this is the goal of Nature, and if we are already evolving towards this goal, you can very easily understand that if we deviate from this allotted path and digress to this side or that, Nature or, more precisely, our racial consciousness would use every means, severe or mild, to bring us back to the right path. This has always happened in history.

During the enlightenment process, a strong light energy, called Kundalini energy in Sanskrit, moves through the spinal cord into the brain. The beam of light is so great that the person can physically perceive the energy. When the person is enlightened, he receives a supernatural gift that is like the greatest joy one can achieve. The person is completely renewed, that is, he is reborn, and his whole feeling and thinking goes beyond the worldly.

The power that flows through the body can also cause great damage through the concentrated energy in the spinal cord, brain stem and brain. There are often reports of incurable damage directly related to the development of Kundalini energy. However, clear evidence that this energy has been set in motion is the immediate feeling of bliss and extreme emotion associated with extraordinary supernatural abilities. Sudden gifts such as the ability to communicate in a completely foreign language, poetic abilities or the power of clairvoyance are only a small spectrum of the great change of mind that comes with the awakening of Kundalini energy.

When Kundalini is taken to the Sahasrara, when She is united with Lord Siva, perfect Samadhi (super-conscious blissful state) ensues. The Yogi drinks the nectar of immortality.

Kundalini power, generated by the physico-psycho-spiritual process of Kundalini Yoga, is thus a stream of consciousness being refined and expanded as it moves from Cakra to Cakra, reaching a cosmic dimension upon entering the pineal gland, the Sahasrara Cakra.

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