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The journey of the kundalini energy to the crown of the head is called the journey of enlightenment. This journey takes place when this serpent wakes up and starts to split and dance around the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and changing its molecular structure. This action causes the opening of the midbrain and the door to the subconscious mind

The journey of the kundalini energy to the crown of the head is called the journey of enlightenment. This journey takes place when this serpent wakes up and starts to split and dance around the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and changing its molecular structure. This action causes the opening of the midbrain and the door to the subconscious mind.

The Pineal gland is located in above the midbrain which stimulates third eye perception.

Once Kundalini enters into the Brahmananda . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated and a new pattern of consciousness is born.”

From its repository in the reproductive organs, a fine stream of living energy filters into the brain as fuel for the evolutionary process. As the energy moves upward, it passes through various chakras along the central channel of the spinal cord into the topmost chakra in the brain.

This does not happen in every case, in fact, it is quite rare for the kundalini process to be carried to completion, but the genetically-ripe person to whom it happens experiences a golden-white light within his cranium.

Apparently this is the same light which is visibly seen by people as the aura or halo around saints and highly-evolved sages. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar,” giving rise to exquisite sensations similar to those of orgasm but surpassing them by many orders of magnitude. The sensations are felt most intensely above the palate in the midbrain, and in the hindbrain in a descending arc parallel to the curve of the palate. This is known in yoga physiology as the Sankini, the curved duct through which the bioplasma passes into the brain.

THE ‘SECRET’ BEHIND YOGA Prana, the fine biological essence, is not in itself consciousness. It is only the means of nourishing our conscious; ness receiving equipment, the nervous system—our link with universal con-sciousness. During the kundalini pro-cess, the entire nervous system under-goes a microbiological change and is transformed, especially the brain. The result of a fully awakened and devel-oped kundalini is both perceptible changes in the organism and a new state of consciousness, the cosmic consciousness of mystics and enlightened seers.

The instinctual and irrational urges are referred to as “the beast” and are believed to exist in the midbrain region.

Now listen to me very carefully. The seat of the subconscious is not in the midbrain; it is in the reptilian brain. The subconscious is located here [lower cerebellum]. Moreover, this reticular formation, as you have seen on your drawing, is actually a trunk line of switches that allows certain information to go and to flow onto the neocortex up here.

This is a computer. Whatever is programmed into it becomes reality, especially affecting the body.

So when the serpent energy or the dragon energy of the kundalini rises up the spinal column, it is ionizing with polarized energy this entire fluid that flows up and down the spinal column. When it hits the reticular formation, it opens up all of the switches.

Now what does that mean?

All of the doors to the subconscious are flung open. Further, the energy, like a dynamic conqueror marching, destroying, setting on fire everything in its path, is the march of the kundalini. When it comes to what is called the midbrain section, this entity here called the thalamus in ancient terms was called the guardian at the door.

And in myth and lore everyone thinks that the guardian at the door is Saint Peter, but it is not so. It is Saint Thalamus. The kundalini energy activates this door to be open. Now the thalamus is critical in the midbrain section because it also is the protector of the pineal gland, and you are going to learn a little bit more about that later. But the thalamus is where all the trunk lines from that which is termed the nerve endings meet and all of the fibers from the reticular formation meet, and it is a switching point.

When the kundalini opens this energy, what it means in effect is that everything that has been hidden from you in the form of the subconscious, now that energy flows free will to a specific point in the brain, this area right here, the frontal lobe.

Why is that so dramatic?

Because the kundalini opening up the switches and doorways, allowing ancient knowledge to come to the surface, it really is allowing the subconscious total access to your conscious mind. We call the kundalini a tribute to total enlightenment, because total enlightenment means when you get to peer beyond the veil you get to know what has never been known.

You get to experience in a moment all that there is and in a moment you know all that there is. In a flash of blinding light you can immediately see all the lives that you have lived and all the ones you are going to live, and immediately it is all known. How is that possible? The kundalini energy, or the dragon force of the Near East, sits here [base of the spine], has been encoded. It was set there to be, as we would call it, rocket fuel to enlightenment.

Kundalini is the force that makes total spiritual awakening possible. During a kundalini awakening, the kundalini energy surges up the spine, and it finally penetrates the lower cerebellum and the midbrain, the subconscious mind is opened and the individual experiences a blinding flash of light.

This is the beginning of spiritual unfoldment, which later results in total enlightenment. Enlightenment gives the person wisdom, powers, psychic and miracle abilities that the spiritually undeveloped person only dreams about. When one has fully realized him or herself as a spiritual being, and therefore as a child of God, and has mastered his rightful abilities, then enlightenment becomes possible.

Enlightenment is not just the realization of you being a part of God, it is the process of realizing yourself as a complete human being. A multi-dimensional being, with one foot in the physical and the other foot in the spiritual world. As wonderful as this sounds, kundalini can be an overwhelming experience. When the purification process is complete, you will realize and enjoy the true benefits of a kundalini release.

The pain and strain along the way will be worth it.

The journey kundalini puts you through is the journey of unification. When the webs that separate chakra from chakra are dissipated, the realization of yourself as a spirit is accomplished. The dissipated webs ensure that you have continuity of consciousness, making it possible for your brain to register spiritual happenings within you on a twenty-four-hour basis. It puts the lower self (the chakras below the diaphragm) in touch with the higher self (the chakras above the diaphragm). Just like physical birth’s painful process, the birth of your spirit is likewise also painful.

The death of the image you hold of yourself (as a physical being) is painful, and out of this pain the knowledge of you as a multi-dimensional being is born. Your deep-rooted “flesh identity” gradually disappears and makes room for a more meaningful “spiritual identity”. Why would you want to build your self-image on the sand if you can build it on the rocks? Awakening the kundalini force within you is not just about attaining wisdom, powers, psychic and miracle abilities.

The great awakening’s major purpose is to produce an efficient  server of the race. This point is very important and cannot be overemphasized.

After the purification process you can enjoy the following benefits:

•A fully active chakra system with full awareness of your spirit body
•Seeing auras around people, animals and plants.
•Seeing into other dimensions and seeing different beings.
•Feeling deep positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, etc.
•Genius abilities and deep wisdom begin to surface.
•Deep love for people, and a real sense of connectedness to God. •Supernatural abilities begin to submerge from deep within you.
•Having radiant health and energy

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him; that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action”


Who or what was Baphomet and how did it connect the Templars to the Johannites? The contemporary Johannites, who became separated from mainstream Templarism in the mid 19th century, claim to know. Supposedly their church, the Apostolic Johannite Church, is in possession of secret wisdom descended directly from the chiefs of the Knights Templar. According to James Foster, former Primate of the Johannite Church, Baphomet of the Templars was the decapitated head of John the Baptist, the “Messiah” of the Johannite tradition. This would explain the extreme sanctity the Templars ascribed to the head and why it was in the sole possession of the Order’s second in command. According to the Templars at their trial the head possessed special power and could make “trees blossom and the land to produce.” Legend has it that when John’s head was found by the Templars in the Boukoleon Palace in Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade, the head had been used to keep an 11th century emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire vibrant and alive through daily passes near his body. This power, known as the Holy Spirit in the West and Kundalini in the East, is the same power John was saturated with during his lifetime in the Holy Land. It is this power that can awaken itself as a normally dormant evolutionary energy at the base of the spine and culminate in gnostic awareness.


The Ankh is the Crux Ansata, a simple T-cross, surmount-ed by an oval called the RU, which is, simply put, the gateway to enlightenment.


An Egyptian musical instrument closely associated with female gods—especially Hathor, the serpent/cow god-dess, and Isis, the consort of Osiris. In form it is similar to the Ankh, with a loop at the top—also representing the egg—and three serpents striking through the loop with small square pieces of metal that rattle. It’s possi-ble that these three serpents represent the pingala, ida, and sushumna nerve channels, which are said to converge and fuse together within the center of the brain (the thalamus)—which in the individual was also thought to represent the cosmic egg.

The pillars for Faith Hope Love and Charity; attributes of a Christ becoming. The dome crowned the brain and archetypes of illuminated mind the hieroglyphs the mysteries of life. The final pillar carved in to an old-growth cedar tree said from apex to It’s base: ‘Eternal Vital Life’ with the beautiful red rose painted on the cross in full bloom represent the human as resurrected Christ.

reverse Kundalini yoga ‘ technique known as the Exercise of the Middle Pillar , is divided into … At the centre of this cross visualize a rose , either natural or in the stylized form of the rosecross …

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