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In neuro-biological terms human potential is limitless and our subconscious mind knows it. Where does the subconscious mind get its information? From time to time, the kundalini nudges our subconscious. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar.” To put it simply, the hidden manna represents Jesus.  “The ‘second coming’ of Christ is a transformation of human consciousness, a shift from time to PRESENCE, from thinking to pure consciousness, not the arrival of some man or woman 

In neuro-biological terms human potential is limitless and our subconscious mind knows it. Where does the subconscious mind get its information? From time to time, the kundalini nudges our subconscious. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar.” To put it simply, the hidden manna represents Jesus.  “The ‘second coming’ of Christ is a transformation of human consciousness, a shift from time to PRESENCE, from thinking to pure consciousness, not the arrival of some man or woman 

The next great leap forward in human evolution 

The transcendental state of which as yet only a faint though unmistakable picture is available from the descriptions furnished by visionaries is the natural heritage of man, with all his feelings and desires, only refined and restrained to act in consonance with the needs of a higher kind of perception.  

Also, that the happiness and welfare of mankind depend on its adherence to the yet unknown laws of this evolutionary mechanism, known in India as Kundalini, which is carrying all men towards a glorious state of consciousness with all their capacities to act, love, and enjoy intact, enhanced rather than diminished but functioning in subjection to a cultivated will, in obedience to the dictates of a properly developed conscience and in accordance with the decrees of a correctly informed intellect fully aware of the goal in front of it. 

Human organism is evolving in the direction indicated by mystics and prophets and by men of genius, by the action of this wonderful mechanism, located at the base of the spine, depending for its activity mainly on the energy supplied by the reproductive organs.  

Though not in its general application as the evolutionary organ in man, but in the individual sphere as the means to develop spirituality, supernormal faculties and psychic powers, the mechanism has been known and manipulated from very ancient times.  

When manipulated and roused to intense activity by men already advanced on the path of progress and subject to numerous factors, especially favourable heredity, constitution, mode of conduct, occupation and diet, it can lead to most remarkable and extremely useful results, developing the organism by general stages from its native condition to a state of extraordinary mental efficiency, conducting it ultimately to the zenith of cosmic consciousness and genius combined.  

Civilization and leisure, divested of the glaring abuses that have crept into both due to ignorance and a fundamentally wrong conception of the goal of human life, are but means to this important end.  

Crudely planned and wrongly used at present, they will necessarily have to pass through a process of refinement when the goal is clearly established. All great sages and seers of the past and all great founders of religions, whether guided intuitively by evolving life itself or led by observation, have consciously or unconsciously laid emphasis mostly on only such traits of character and modes of conduct as are definitely conducive to progress.  

The highest products of civilization, prophets, mystics, men of genius, clearly indicate the direction and goal of human evolution. Studied in the light of the facts mentioned in this volume they will all be found to have common characteristics. The motive and guiding power behind them in all cases without exception is Kundalini. 

The awakening of Kundalini is the greatest enterprise and the most wonderful achievement in front of man.  

There is absolutely no other way open to his restlessly searching intellect to pass beyond the boundaries of the otherwise meaningless physical universe. It provides the only method available to science to establish empirically the existence of life as an immortal, all-intelligent power behind the organic phenomena on earth, and brings within its scope the possibility of planned cultivation of genius in individuals not gifted with it from birth, thereby unfolding before the mental eye of man avenues and channels for the acceleration of progress and enhancement of prosperity which it is impossible to visualize at present. But the heroic enterprises can only be undertaken by highly intelligent, serene, and sober men of chaste ideals and noble resolves. The experiment is to be made by them on their own precious flesh and at the present moment at the risk of their lives. 

A host of highly important issues, demanding urgent attention, is bound to arise when it is established that an evolutionary mechanism, ceaselessly active in developing the brain towards a pre-determined state of higher consciousness, really does exist in man.  

It is not difficult to form an idea of these issues whereof the most vital, namely the direction of the evolutionary impulse, the biological factors at work and the mode of conduct, necessary for individuals and societies to facilitate the process of transformation, need immediate clarification to prevent all of them, at present entirely in the dark about the goal ahead, from pulling in a direction contrary to that designed by nature.  

Such a conflict cannot but result in a gigantic tussle in which, after prolonged suffering and grief, the party vanquished and injured, as can be readily understood, will be only man.  

It is easy to see that a clearly discernible alteration is occurring in the extremely delicate fabric of the human mind, which we are apt to attribute to change of times, to modernity, to progress, to freedom, to liberal education and to a host of other relevant and irrelevant factors. 

What is the evolutionary impulse? 

How do we wake up to this evolutionary potential? 

Perhaps the simplest and most direct practice (not necessarily the easiest) is that of continuous direct moment-to-moment awareness: being aware and being aware that we are aware. This may be the beginning of the state of awareness Teilhard referred to as hyper-reflection. 

The practice is simple because it can be explained in less than five minutes; but it can take a lifetime to master it! It is perhaps the most direct path to awakening because it involves virtually every activity of the mind and body every moment of the day. 

The aim of this evolutionary impulse 

The aim of this evolutionary impulse is to make man aware of himself, and with this sublime awareness, to make him regulate his life as a rational human being, free from egotism, violence, excessive greed and ambition and immoderate lust and desire, to lead to a state of unbroken peace and happiness on the earth…. 

Enlightenment, therefore, is a natural process ruled by biological laws as strict in their operation as the laws governing the continuance of the race. The central target of this evolution is self- awareness for the soul….« This is the purpose for which you and I are here—to realize ourselves … to bring the soul to a clear realization of its own divine nature. 

In neuro-biological terms human potential is limitless and our subconscious mind knows it. Where does the subconscious mind get its information? From time to time, the kundalini nudges our subconscious. Some of these contents come to us in the form of dreams and inspirations of various sorts. In men of genius, it endows them with extraordinary creative powers. These contents are not mere figments, but the signs of a deeper reality, one constantly beckoning to us to push the boundaries of consciousness, what Gopi Krishna called the Evolutionary Impulse. 

The human being is a human becoming, and for a long time we have lived with the ever-present possibility of transcending our present state of consciousness by means of evolutionary processes still at work within the human race.  

Our religions have often been a symbolic expression of this evolutionary impulse, and in their essence, they have sought to stimulate its active functioning. At other times, the institutional side of religious power has strived to suppress the knowledge of this inherent potential and to avoid all possible conditions favorable to its activation.  

Yet our future state exists as a potentiality, naturally present within each human body. Should a mass activation of humankind’s vital energies occur—or mainstream acceptance of its presence be acknowledged—then this would open up new directions for the focus of human energy and resources.  

It could serve to shift our attention from shallow materialism toward goals more attuned to the dignity of humanity. The recognition of this evolutionary impulse as a biological inheritance and process would no doubt drive our societies and cultures to facilitate the process of transformation.  

Our own inherent evolutionary force is carrying us collectively toward an already known state of development, of which most of us have little or no knowledge. Gopi Krishna, a person who claims to have personal experiential understanding of this developmental process, has created a revised theory of evolution in which he states:  

  1. Evolution is directed by a super-intelligent force which operates through a biological mechanism in the human body known to yoga theory as “kundalini,” and by many other names in a wide variety of ancient and esoteric texts.  
  2. Evolution, including human evolution, is therefore not “random,” but a deliberate act on the part of an invisible cosmic intelligence or organizing power and has a “target.”  
  3. The target of evolution is to produce a virtual superman or woman who will live in a permanent state of bliss, possess a genius level of intelligence, and various other attributes seldom seen in the population at large such as psychic powers.  

Such powers and attributes of the new human may signify a leap similar to that which occurred when our Homo sapiens ancestors replaced the Neanderthals, as we undergo another transitional shift in species development. 

According to cultural historian Thomas Berry:  

“The evolutionary vision provides the most profound mystique of the universe. Our main source of psychic energy in the future will depend on our ability to understand this symbol of evolution in an acceptable context of interpretation. Only in the context of an emergent universe will the human project come to an integral understanding of itself. We must, however, come to experience the universe in its psychic as well as in its physical aspect. . . . As physical resources become less available, psychic energy must support the human project in a special manner. This situation brings us to a new reliance on powers within the universe and also to experience of the deeper self.” 

This “new reliance, as Berry suggests, is one that connects the human being within a living and intelligent universe.  

Our mythological story is of an evolving species within an evolving universe, each as a part of the other. For too long, we have had the evolutionary process guided through us as we were ignorant to its presence; now, the time has arrived for humanity to help collectively energize the process. Evolution is grand and epic.  

It can be a great adventure that is both irreversible and creatively new. Our process is one of communion in which we ourselves are in a magical relationship with Earth. We are entities in growth together, and as such, we need to be in compassionate cooperation and not in aggressive competition.  

As intermediaries, we can integrate the material with the spiritual, the physical with the psychic, so that real work can be done that benefits all rather than creating unworkable disparities.  

Modern science has confirmed the unity of humans and our natural psychic and energetic bonds. It is important that we allow this to form a new basis on which to work toward a new and revitalized global Earth community. In truth, many of us will already be feeling these similar stirrings deep within our hearts. We sense that change is coming and that the inevitable approaches. Something new is happening: a new vision and a new energy are coming into being. In the end, we win. 

Now Kundalini awakening is happening in mass numbers. 

The essence of his claims is three-fold: first, he has discovered that the reproductive system is also the mechanism by which evolution proceeds; second, the religious impulse is based on inherent evolutionary impulses in the psyche; and third, there is a predetermined target for human evolution, toward which the entire race is being irresistably drawn. Whether humanity will arrive there or extinguish itself is another matter—one which Gopi Krishna says is the fundamental motive behind his efforts to demonstrate our “divine destiny.”  

A NEW SPECIES OF HUMANITY Kundalini is the key term in Gopi Krishna’s theory of evolution. Coming from ancient Sanskrit, it means “coiled up” like a snake or spring, and implies latent energy or potential to expand. Gopi Krishna often translates it as “latent power-reservoir of energy” or “psychosomatic power center.” Kundalini, he claims, is the fundamental bioenergy of life, stored primarily in the sex organs but present throughout the entire body.  

A higher state of consciousness. Its potency is our potential. Such a state, if widely attained, would mean a new species of humanity, a higher race. Thus kundalini, the bridge between mind and matter, can be the evolutionary cause of creation as well as procreation. 

In a personal correspondence he wrote: “The seventh centre in the brain is not actually designated as a ‘chakra’ but as ‘sahasrara’ in the Tantric books and ‘Usha-Nisha-Kamala’ in the Buddhist texts. It is often shown surrounding the head in the statues of Buddha, more or less like a cap. In this sense ‘Sahasrara’ refers to the cerebral cortex and, in fact, the whole of the brain. This is obvious from the fact that once Kundalini enters into the Brahma-randra . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated and a new pattern of consciousness is born.” 

Apparently this is the same light which is visibly seen by people as the aura or halo around saints and highly-evolved sages. The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar.” 

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