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Extraordinary Powers in Humans – In some ancient texts, the nervous system is compared to a high power station generating electricity in a factory and the network of wires carrying the current to various machines.

Extraordinary Powers in Humans – In some ancient texts, the nervous system is compared to a high power station generating electricity in a factory and the network of wires carrying the current to various machines.

In some ancient texts, the nervous system is compared to a high power station generating electricity in a factory and the network of wires carrying the current to various machines. The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nerves constitute the power station while the nerves leading away from the brain and spinal column represent the electric wires running through the factory i.e. human body. In case you want to awaken your inherent dormant power – Kundalini – which may hash out uncontrollable strength in the body.

In order to understand the power of coherence and synchrony, we shall turn to an old metaphor. If a regiment of soldiers walks at random across a bridge. nothing will usually happen to the bridge. However, if they march in step, there is a risk that the bridge will crash. Such is the power of coherence. Similarly, a laser light, where all the photons are completely aligned and the light is coherent, has such power that it can burn through thick iron plates.

Imagine the enormous brain power that would emerge if billions of brain cells were synchronized and totally coherent in the frontal cortex – the brain would behave like a Bose-Einstein condensate, becoming into a ‘superconductor’ with a focus like a laser beam.

The Kundalini arises and lifts the mind to the higher planes, say theYogins. And so the “stirring up” of the Kundalini in the basic plexus tends to cause it to mount, and thus open up the Shusumna a little each time, gradually and slowly.

As the Kundalini mounts it arouses the activities in the several lotuses along the spinal column, connected with the Shusumnu.

The lowest of these lotuses—the one situated at the base of the column—is called the Muladhara; the one next above is called the Svadhisthana; the next is called the Anahata; the next is called the visuddha; the next is called the A jna; the last, which is in the brain, being called the Sahasrara, or “the thousand-petalled lotus.”

In the lowest, or Muladhara, the Kundalini is stored up; and the highest, or the Sahasrara, is used to distribute it to the brain, in the production of certain forms of mental phenomena.

The kundalini is the embodiment of all powers and forms and is the seat of all physical and mental manifestations. It is the fountainhead of energy and knowledge and is not an object of visualization, but a subtle entity in the form of light .

Kundalini Jagaran (awakening of Kundalini) is the final achievement of Yoga. It is ac-complished by piercing (breaking) all the Shat-Chakras (six psychic centers along the spine).

Physiologically, when this Kundalini energy becomes active, it climbs up through the spinal cord directly to one’s head with the main purpose to cause certain changes in the brain activity. It is amazing what Kundalini does to the human body. It has been proven that when it reaches the brain it brings the bioelectrical power supply to the brain cells, which are usually out of function. It actually hits the whole area of the brain but influences mostly the cells that are connected to the psychic abilities of the mind. Still, this is only a part of what Kundalini does, because its main purpose is to bring the spiritual evolution to people by showing them their true nature.

Thus, the Kundalini will be canalized directly to its last destination with no side effects only if one’s spirit is ready, purified and focused in the right direction. It is well known that at first one is better not to experiment with this powerful force on his/her own, except if forced to, as for example when the Kundalini awakes unintentionally and without one’s will. In that case, an immediate search for a guru or at least an advanced and experienced student in this subject is recommended. It would be very foolish for anyone inexperienced to start playing with this dangerous force. The energy system is certainly not prepared to take the heat of the rising and the Kundalini can easily strike some chakra with all its strength.

When the Kundalini has been awaken and is in full power, you become a fire of a living knowledge, a user of incredible mental powers and driver of your own destiny.

Kundalini is a highly creative intelligence that dwarfs our meager three to five percent of actualized “brain power.” If, instead of surrendering to it, we approach it as an energy to be manipulated by the ego, we are courting disaster. Taking such an approach would be like trying to run a million volts of current through the wiring of a house. All the circuits would explode, and the resulting fire would undoubtedly level the entire structure.

In meditation, when the yogi attains the transcendental state, the free-flowing vital energy in the body gets accumulated at the base of the pelvis nterior to the sacrum bone. This vital energy is called’kundalini.’ With repeated practice, this accumulated vital energy starts flowing upward through the vertebral column toward the brain, piercing all the seven plexuses (chakras). This is called movement of ,the serpent power (kundalini).

To get into the transcendental state in meditation, this serpent power has to reach the brain, piercing all the plexuses (sacrum, lumbar, thoracic and cervical). Then it enters the ventricles of the brain (sahasrara chakra) and settles down there. When the serpent power becomes concentrated in the ventricles of a person’s brain, the velocity of the electrons present in the cerebrospinal fluid and around the brain accelerates, giving a pleasurable sensation to the sadhak. This produces a state of thoughtless mind where a sadhak experiences bliss and he wants to continue in this state of mind for a prolonged period.

This is called samadhi – the transcendental state.

“The earth is now the laboratory in which the ideas we are expressing are being subjected to a rigid test,” he says. “The very same cosmic forces that will be at the back of the coming world events will also pro-vide confirmation for these views in conformity to the needs of the time.” And what are these needs? First, he says, is the disclosure that the brain is still in a state of organic evolution and that this evolution is occurring through a psychosomatic power-reservoir in the body, known as kundalini. Second, this evolution to a higher dimension of consciousness is ruled by a spiritual law, still unknown to man-kind, and it is the violation of this law that is at the back of the present explosive situation of the world.

The engineers are taught to use their brain and think, but the medical doctors are taught not to use their brain, as all of their thinking has been done for them by the medical hierarchy.- and beyond: that line of thinking they are cautioned to go only at their own risk,, the penalty for’ so doing being the revocation of their silense to practice their art.

The Ancient Masters, not bound by any standard of professionalism or commercialism, and whom modern science terms superstitious heathens, had reached that stage where the better training of the intellect enabled them to bring into action niany of those unused brain cells,- so long dormant in the average men, by mind of the activation Of a Strange power that iS traceable; all ; thru ancient religious teachings as the Kundalini, tithe Mother of the Universe.”

This was the top secret of the Ancient -Masters which the church fathers were determined to conceal at all cost; So they destroyed the ancient scriptures, which dealt with the subject, after using therri to make their Bible to support the power of the church and to enslave the masses.

The wanton;and deliberate destruction of libraries, manuscripts, scrolls and other ancient records is a fags. modern history; but the reason for this .destruction has always been well concealed..

It is a little known fact that the Vatican has the most complete library of ancient literature than any other institution on earth. The church fathers took the ancient records they considered too valuable to destroy, and hid them from the masses.

In our work, titled “Cosmic Creation” we have shown that all cosmic pro-cesses are creative/ processes, making death if creative process no less, than birth.

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