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The very hidden purpose with Kundalini is; The central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure. away from the dual brain and right and left body structure

The very hidden purpose with Kundalini is; The central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure. away from the dual brain and right and left body structure.

The butterfly is one of the symbols of the state of samadhi, but few people will tell you what might occur as you journey toward the free flight of enlightenment.

Kundalini fires the codes, activating the light-encoded filaments and bringing them into light. These tiny fibers are filled with information, and kundalini moving through your body gives you the opportunity to own your memories.

Powers come from accomplishments in previous lifetimes, “by birth.” People born with metanormal abilities presumably have practiced yoga in a former life and mane (translife samskara) are continuous from death to birth.

They come “from herbs,” as is taught in Ayurveda, traditional medical science. They come from “mantras,” the practice of japa, which is the repetition of sacred syllables such as om. And they come from yogic austerities such as fasting (asceticism, tapas), and from Samadhi. if powers flow from samadhi, then samadhi cannot involve an entire separation of consciousness from its embodiments.

And, as pointed out, Samadhi is said to form part of samyama, the general power of conscious identification and control. Sutra 4.2: “Transformation into a different type of being (or, into another birth) comes about from a superabundance of natural potentiality.” The classical commentators emphasize that especially at death one has the opportunity to change into another type of being, not only through the loss of a particular persona but also by a core individuality becoming manifest in ways that were hitherto hidden. Vyasa insinuates that humans sometimes become gods.

More abstractly, the sutra itself suggests that practicing yoga does not change one’s core nature but rather triggers wonders latent and intrinsic to consciousness. This reading is borne out by sutra 2.43 as well as the next sutra, 4.3. Sutra 1.43: “Powers of the organs of action (speech, hands, feet, evacuation, and sex) result from asceticism (tapas), which destroys imperfections.” And sutra 4.3: “Practicing yoga does not impel transformations of nature. Rather, like a farmer (irrigating, weeding, etc., to help plants grow), yogic practices break up coverings or obstacles (so that one’s true nature can become manifest).”

One’s nature is not transformed from the outside, like a potter shaping a vessel of clay, but rather from the inside, like a caterpillar into a butterfly. Yoga practice removes obstacles to a self-manifestation that, once set off, unfolds on its own. That is, once obstacles are destroyed, the wonders of samadhi, etc., occur naturally?

The tantric ideal of perfect balance of body, life, mind, and self—psychic transformation—is thus pre-cursed, and the Upanishadic idea of yoga as self-purification, which is reaffirmed in the Gita (e.g., in 6.11), is echoed. Self-perfection may have to be protected and tweaked, but in its essentials it is not created; it is rather the natural state or the natural state in expansion as the soul integrates its instruments into itself.

Emotions are the sum total of your wealth as a human being. Emotions trigger the inner pharmacopoeia, your body’s personal drugstore. In the drugstore of your body, you are the pharmacist. You write the prescription according to your emotional response or reaction to events. Your emotions create a corresponding chemical release inside your physical form. The endocrine system, which is responsible for the chemical responses to your emotional choices, will evolve. New chemicals will be produced inside your body that will help you change. Choosing a different way of receiving or translating reality will trigger inner doorways to open and produce substances that will take you into the higher realms.

In same way the controller of the world can trigger what kind substances your brain will produce. Fear and negativity for example in daily news media or Hollywood movies can affect the human brain and prevent all spiritual progress.

You are being reorganized on a subatomic level. Within your body, the light-encoded filaments—fine, threadlike fibers—are subtle forms of energy that connect everything together. These gossamer threads are reorganized in your body through stimulation by rays and photons that come to the planet bringing cosmic energy.

They are reorganized to rejuvenate your body when you drink pure. dean water. They are particularly activated through the process of oxygenation and deep breathing. There are also ways of oxygenating yourself by ingesting herbs known as blood purifiers. When you purify your blood, it is able to carry a greater amount of oxygen.

The reorganization of fibers on a cellular level builds and grows, and the fibers invigorate your body in a variety of ways. All this involves activating your brain. You have the keys and the codes to open up the rest of that dormant area. The plan of intention is for human beings, based on the increase of light. to evolve into multitalented beings. Some people are operating on 6 to 8 percent of their brain capacity. Someone who is using more of their brain, an Einstein for example, is using at best 15 to 20 percent. Ask yourself these questions: What is the other 80 percent of my brain doing? Why is it dormant? What is not hooked up?

The endocrine system will evolve as DNA evolves, producing chemical substances that are combinations of Intelligent geometric shapes. These shapes will exist all over the body and will not be localized simply in the brain. Everything will happen simultaneously. The endocrine system can secrete psychedelic-like chemical substances that catapult you into new forms of intelligence. You have a conflict in your society about how you view drugs. Anything having to do with mind expansion has been promoted as very bad and fearful.

Yet. at the same time, a good portion of the world is addicted to prescription drugs that keep people sedated. In your society, prescribed drugs that suppress the natural chemical process are fine. while drugs that activate the mind and open other realities are bad. Major control is in effect concerning your ideas about what you can and cannot take into your body.

Take a look at this. Your endocrine system is going to go through a massive upheaval. It is in the early stages of this at this time. Think of a small grocery store, one that is old and decrepit and has had the same brands of food on the shelves for twenty years; the store is outdated and is not suiting modern habits, tastes, and desires. Someone comes in and says, This supermarket’s too old. I am going to soup it up to meet the needs of society. I am going to change the products that this supermarket carries.” Supermarkets serve certain needs, and as the needs and tastes of human beings change, the food on the shelves of the supermarket must meet the new taste qualities and requirements.

Your hypothalamus is going to move you to a new shoreline of your being, a new domain that will be chemically induced. This is what the endocrine system does. It introduces various chemicals into your body without you taking anything—without you ingesting any substances at all. The chemicals will simply begin to secrete themselves and influence the very way that you perceive and interpret reality.

Your restored hypothalamus will take you on a journey, and you will change everything so that you will be happy to dwell there. You will not want to dwell in the old place. It will be as if you move to a new land, or as if you move to a new planet without leaving Earth. It will be a splitting of your world. Earth and Earth’s reality in the Living Library will change before your eyes because the chemicals that will be secreted from the hypothalamus will give you a new interpretation of reality.

This you are not prepared for yet, not anywhere near it. First, you must convince yourself that you are loved and that you are the source of your love. You must maintain a consistent feeling of this before you can begin the subtle changes in your endocrine system that will prepare you for the awakening of your hypothalamus.

Fear is the killer. We remind you that your power ends where your fear begins. If you fear something, it is as if you put a sign up over your head and say, “Welcome. I am waiting for you.” The purpose of fear is to save your life, to catapult you into the now in order to take action. Often it serves to direct you away from that which is dangerous and toward the very essence of your vital being. However, when you hold onto fear as a lifestyle, and when you broadcast fear of life, you shut down your body and kill your vital life force. This creates stress, ill health, and aging. Your thoughts create your reality. Part of the initiation of consciousness is to move through toxicity, and your physical body needs to go through more preparation and purification of what would be called intent and courage. When you dwell in fear, you dispel all. You dispel your own power. So, in order to meet something that is very unfamiliar to your logical mind, you must maintain clarity of intent and a tremendous sense of courage, safety, and nonchalance. Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea. Over the next twenty years—the period everyone is buying the big tickets for, front row seats here in Earth’s amphitheater—many changes will take place.

FEAR and NEGATIVITY control the World and ALL Mankind because it stimulates a lower frequency and these feeding a negative magnetic field and this this is the ego-mind-prison. FEAR media news keeping mankind trapped within this control-matrix and LOVE raising the inner frequencies towards liberation.

Fear is the killer. It is an idea that takes hold. When fear runs through your body, it reminds the chemicals that go with it to come out and fill your body. They activate a downward spiral and an idea of death. It is basically that simple.

People say, “Why do bad, negative, lower vibrational plans have to be in motion?” Because people wait for them. People don’t sit around waiting for something exciting and good to happen to them. They sit around rocking in their chairs, smoking cigarettes, wondering when a car is going to come through the living room. Why? Because they watch television. Your main imprinting comes through this mind-control machine, which imprints you basically with fear. Chronic fear is going to be the killer. It will draw to you those things that you dread and that you are certain are going to happen to you. Of all the possibilities in the world, why do you choose what you do? The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change. We are asking all of you to play this heart game much more often than just when you have spare time. Make a commitment to have your heart open, and see that it stays open and that you use the heart energy of the Mother Goddess. This will make all the difference, because it is not just your heart that is involved—it is the heart of the Goddess. However, the Goddess needs your heart open to have her energy move through you. Today, there are very few geographical locations on your planet that broadcast the love frequency. That is about to change, of course. Earth, as you well know, is going through some challenges—to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. You are in for a grand ride. In a very short period of time, there will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what will look like the

We remind you that you create your own reality and that the collective anger you feel has to do with the discrediting of your imagination. Feel that for a few moments. Imagination is the key to brilliance, to unifying conceptualizations, and to bringing ideas into manifestation. When was the last time you were encouraged on a regular basis to invest in your own imagination? You rob yourselves of the inherent qualities through which you can save yourselves, change yourselves, and redefine freedom. Imagination is, indeed, a ticket to ride on the mercurial carnival of Earth. Earth is inhabited by a multitude of intelligent forces, not by humans alone at this time. There are dimensional locks that keep various life forms separated and segregated. With the collapse of time, humans are being impulsed to activate Earth’s grid. When you are infused with cosmic light energy, it alters your nervous system, which is like a highway for energy impulses to travel to your brain. Like road construction, your nervous system is being rebuilt, widened, and strengthened to accommodate an increase of data, like traffic moving through your body.

When you face an experience that is out of the norm, that does not fit into the category of the

known, your nervous system tends to shut down. Your body goes into shock, unable to process the out-of-ordinary reality.

As energy increases on the planet, blocks in your physical, mental. emotional, and spiritual bodies are magnified. Unexpressed feelings and ideas create obstacles to the flow of energy, whose purpose it is to connect you. You must help the process by being responsible for who you are.

Wherever you have a prejudice or difficulty-1 don’t want to know that. I hate this about myself. I don’t like that.”—you can trust that the magnifying glass will be put over it. You will squeal and squirm until you get it right.

And if you don’t, you will manifest the block in the form of a difficult challenge. Everything is intensifying in order to teach people about responsibility and maintaining a clarity of purpose and intent.

Utilizing different modalities of bodywork in this day and age is key to your survival. Pursuing avenues of discovery through bodywork facilitates and quickens the recognition of your identity. As more of who you are unfolds, the dramas that have trapped you can be more deeply understood. The dramas are released from cellular holding patterns that faithfully steer you into the very situations that are left unresolved and unforgiven.

Actually, you invite all the players in your life, and you, as director, cast the parts and run the show. If you are now finally tired of your script, remember, you write it! Blame and victimhood are the ultimate traps to insure a state of disempowerment. Remember, you have dramas that are ancient god dramas that influence you now. All of reality is connected and is seeking a healing of union.

You, as human beings, are the library cards, the keys to the Living Library. All the information stored in Earth’s library is accessible through you. You were designed to be merged with, influenced, and emerged through. You have come here to master the human version of the spiritual evolutionary process—to live with it, to merge with many different realities, and to allow realities to emerge through you. Eventually, you will become tuned into the consciousness of the creator gods from whom you have sprung. It will be like turning a radio dial to pick up a variety of frequencies. Allow yourselves to understand that the particular physical bodies you now occupy are sending and receiving centers, broadcast units that exist in many realities. All creation is designed to be influenced—to be puzzle pieces that lock and fit with other pieces of the puzzle. As humans, you have been kept ignorant of how many appendages you have that lock you into other realities. You have no idea of the intelligent sources in other realities that tune into you and affect you.

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