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Ignite your spirit/soul and ignite your inner Life Force

Ignite your spirit/soul and ignite your inner Life Force

In just one day, you encounter countless opportunities to ignite your inner light and apply its potential to transform your life experience. But so often, these opportunities are missed.

The focus of the Spiritual Sun is in the heart. Hence, if we desire to stimulate our spiritual growth we should not concentrate upon the solar plexus, but upon the heart; not, however, upon the physical heart, but upon the development and expression of the heart qualities.

The solar plexus is the great giver of life and energy, the almost limitless power of nuclear fission. It is generosity, a giving spirit, expansiveness, largesse.

In the process of a full awakening, the solar plexus (third) chakra becomes harmonically linked with the heart (fourth) chakra. This link-age allows the information input of the solar plexus chakra to be inter-preted through the Love of the heart chakra.

The awakening leads to the fusion of the balanced emotion and power of the third chakra with the universal Love of the heart, or fourth, chakra.

The fusion of the emo-tions with the Love-harmony of the fourth chakra gives us joy within, and we unite with one another in a moment of mutual sensitivity. It leads to a cooperative service between people. Ann Ree Colton metaphorically describes this fusion occurring when the lion initiate master of the solar plexus chakra lies down with the lamb initiate master of the heart.

This fusion marks a full awakening. It may be what Jeremiah describes in 31:33: “I will put my Torah in their inner parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be My people.” This speaks to an attunement with an inner conscience or morality that is released into consciousness when the third chakra is awakened.

As this awareness merges with the mind, judgment of self and others merges into an aware-ness of the spirit of the universal law. When the third chakra is harmo-nized with the heart, the awareness of the upper chakras manifests more easily as spirituality in everyday life.

Another aspect of this awakening is the transmutation of the primordial desire/will power of the third chakra into attunement with the Will of God. It manifests as the awareness that whatever God does is for the best.

It allows us to change the self-service of the first chakra to selfless service. It is another step in developing a trust in God.

This awakened awareness helps us move from desire and attachment toward more sensitivity and less attachment to our desires. The awakened third chakra allows the life force of the first three chakras to be used as a strong healing power, the same power that shamans and bruhus use in their healing and magical work.

As we develop spiritually, the energies of the solar plexus are gradually transmuted; spiritual living and thinking creates a “pull” that moves the energy of the solar plexus into the heart.

The solar plexus is located near what is called the “spiritual heart ” in the center of your torso, just to the right of your physical heart. It is the point of light where the lower, third chakra has given “birth” to the higher, human elements of the fourth chakra. The mystical states of alignment, nirvana, and nondualistic union are founded and grounded in the liberated body; their sacred overtones are in the vertebrae, the mystical hormones of the master glands, and the intelligence of the cerebral spinal fluid. The sacrum, the sphenoid, the gut, and the crown, all are laid out like resonant octaves, at one with the music of the spheres.

The lower three chakras are the ones we need to master, for they govern our “human animal” nature—where only the strongest survive! Three (sensitivity and expression), the Solar Plexus chakra: energizes a sensitive network of nerves in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach and in front of the aorta.

This main in-feed line from the heart to all the arteries carries oxygenated blood. Oxygen: acid producing a sharp “point,” forming 20% of earth’s atmosphere (#2 balance and cooperation and zero 0 special gifts). Oxygen (20%) is also one-fifth (1/5 confidence-creativity/discipline-freedom) of the atmosphere. Oxygen provides the stimulation to bring life into “motion” through truth/knowledge/data, setting souls free to roam the eternal files of Memory, where Mind experiences/expresses moments observing radiant youth!

The solar plexus is a transitional or switching point between our two natures (spiritual/human). Here, our heart senses the emotional impulses from our lower chakras, balancing and cooperating with our mind, uploading them to our higher spiritual-energy centers for us to perceive our self-image—our thought/feelings we radiate around us mentally and physically as expressions of our truths we believe.

This switching station creates our opposition by converting positive energy into negative energy and vice-versa. Stimulating our “gut feelings” associated with our emotional movements, our thoughts inspire us as we digest our thoughts, feed our body (image) and excrete (project) all we are not…all for show!

This energy vibrates along the yellow wavelengths, where our fears are experienced and our courage of fear moves our heart to raise us above our physical illusion we sense around us, to grasp our courage of Love.

Here, we harmonize with our heart/soul center, remembering our true-identity and climb up through our higher chakras to re-energize our duality into a unity consciousness of ONE BEING there, on the other side of the threshold of Love!

Two (balance and cooperation), the Sacrum/Spleen chakra (a dual center): Our complete skeleton acts as an antenna made of calcium (#20 in the element chart).

The sacrum is a triangular collection of five fused vertebrae at the base of our spine—a dish antenna—that stores our emotional energy similar to a thermometer bulb.

The fluctuations of our energy causes this reservoir to expand and rise within us, growing like a tree reaching for the light, releasing its stored energy to awaken our higher chakras to vibrate in tune with our cosmic song, reverberating up and out through us, to reflect back the source of our creation.

From a spiritual vantage point, the flaws you once identified can be the very gifts that bring you untold joy, insight, and opportunity. Your challenges, your lessons, your dark night could become the ingredients that yield the brightest, most euphoric dawn. Without the night, the coming sunrise wouldn’t look nearly as bright, right? A mindset of possibility founded in your beliefs is an undeniable energetic asset, one that’s sometimes the missing link in a journey to feel lit from within. Creating a spiritual practice of your own enables you to maintain that mindset of possibility along your life’s journey. Spirituality expands both possibility and your sense of self. Developing a spiritual practice diverts your focus from the dark, creates deeper meaning in your life, offers guidance along your path, and sets you on track toward the best version of yourself. Your spiritual beliefs may remind you that each moment is a perfect part of your journey, and support you in viewing your life from a place of trust and abundance rather than fear and lack.

The awakening of the sixth, or brow, chakra brings us into a higher state of vision of the Truth. The mind becomes spiritualized. Intuition and attunement reach a spiritualized and integrated state of development.

In the Christian world, this chakra is sometimes called the entry into the Christ mind. It is the “eye of the needle”; when fully awakened, it opens to the crown chakra. In the awakening of the sixth and seventh chakras, we become fully connected with the Inner Guru, or teacher.

The full awakening of the sixth chakra as it oscillates with the seventh chakra seems to be associated with a state close to Self-realization in which we experience the Truth of the Universal Self within. It is at this stage that we directly begin to know ourselves as this awesome Truth.

It is the stabilization of the I AM consciousness, becoming our primary identity. We are no longer deluded by the multiple material gods of ego, power, sex, or form.

We enter into a state of Beingness rather than doing-ness as our primary identity. We feel at one with the Will of God. All concepts and ego blocks have been sufficiently purified out of the sys-tem, and we are free to follow the Will of God.

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