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The Ultimate Goal – The lamb opens the seven seals. These seven seals can be opened only by the Lamb, our inner Christ.

The Ultimate Goal – The lamb opens the seven seals. These seven seals can be opened only by the Lamb, our inner Christ.

These seven seals can be opened only by the Lamb, our inner Christ. The seals of the scroll are the chakras of the spine.

Those are the seven seals that the Kundalini opens to convert us into Gods.

The seals represent blockages of darkness, sin. and separation. They represent the chakras, as nerve ganglia, in a closed toxic state, blocking the flow of Kundalini, the Holy Spirit through the spine and body. Only Christ, the anointed Higher Self, has the power to open these seals, these gateways, and clear out their poison. After Christ opens the seven seals, there are seven angels who sound their trumpets and seven angels who pour out bowls upon the earth.

The man whocauses the Kundalini to rise up tothehead awakens the crown chakra. This chakra is theseventh seal of the Apocalypse.

The process of clearing your karma, unblocking your chakras, and finding positive expression of your energy can take a bit of time. Be diligent and keep your guides in mind throughout the process. Be patient as well. The process does not take as long as it used to and there are more supports appearing for the process every day. Be honest with yourself. You will progress faster if you admit your weaknesses and overcome them.

Once your karma is cleared and your chakras activated the real fun begins. At the point when all your chakras are bright and spinning, and they have all been aligned properly, it becomes possible to complete your connection to the universal creative pool.

Once you are connected, it becomes possible to draw massive amounts of creative energy into this physical dimension. Really, there is nothing in your mundane materialistic 3D world that prepares you for this glorious experience. Well, that is not quite true. You only have to look to the life of Christ or other ascended masters to know what is possible here.

Completing your connection is very much like completing an electrical circuit. It involves taking a cosmic wire that sits at the base of your spine (called the Kundalini) and running that wire through each aligned chakra, pushing the wire through your crown chakra, and grounding the energy that flows down into you into the earth below you.

When connected in this fashion, you can think of your body as one giant electrical circuit with your chakras acting as cosmic light bulbs. When everything is in working order, the juice flows and you light up like a roman candle.

This process has been variously described as the awakening of the Kundalini, the opening of the seven seals, or the descent of the Holy Spirit.

It is an event of major personal and collective significance because each individual that completes this process becomes a very powerful conduit for divine intent on this planet. Graphically, the Kundalini connection process is represented by the medical symbol the caduceus.

Therefore the kingdom of heaven is within. That means the heaven that opened up where he saw the Spirit of God descend like a dove is within coming down from the crown energy center.

In Luke 3:22 the Spirit of God is called the Holy Ghost. It says: And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased. The dove symbolizes purity. Descending down from heaven translates it comes from the Higher Consciousness of Man. They are white = virgin mind or (empty mind) = no thought. The Holy Spirit is the kundalini.

In Sanskrit it means coiled serpent. The kundalini rises through the seven chakras in order to open them up so they flow without obstruction. They can only be opened up by the serpent.

The neurochemicals produced by the pineal gland during meditation activates the kundalini causing it to rise. Evangelists believe the Holy Spirit is an external ghost that must enter you to make any connection to Jesus and that without it there is no connection.

The thing they got right is there is no connection to the seventh psychological center without it. It’s not a literal person one is making contact with due to some Holy Ghost.

It is the kundalini that connects through meditation. It is biochemical and electrical and no way around it. Kundalini is a way you have mastery over yourself instead of the other way around.

One will not find fulfillment until the seven psychological centers are open which can only be open through kundalini. Without it, you won’t find wholeness, instead many will just spend their life reading the Bible and praying. And will not experience that which is the essence of life.

There is energy in the base of the spine that rises up the spine through the psychological centers that activate the pineal gland that produces brain chemicals that causes one to let go of the idea of a separate self.

In verse in revelations 5:I says:

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. This indicates the throne is the brain; the right hand is the right hemisphere of the brain. That throne is that state of mindfulness.

There is a book written within you, it is DNA. DNA is an encrypted message written inside us.

And on the backside is the spine sealed with seven seals which is the seven Metaphysicians talk about “getting into the stillness-or silence.”

The Bible says: “Be still and know.” Science recognizes the fact that vibration frequencies multiply in the direction of density. That fact is the step-up-transformer principle of Nature.

The God-Mind of the One Light could not be active. It is absolutely still, absolutely vibrationless. Matter alone vibrates. The more dense the matter, the greater the vibration. It is not possible to reach this state of mindfulness on the five senses alone.

As long as kundalini doesn’t rise, one cannot experience the oneness with the universe. The carnal mind is necessary to function in this world, though the five senses alone deceive us. It deceives us into thinking that everything we see is separate from one another.

Therefore it deceives us into thinking we have a separate self that needs to be clung to. This perception causes us to view the world as us versus them, us verses the world which puts us in survival mode.

When people try to understand the unknown through the five senses alone then we get religion. Religion is based on the reward system, like any other obsession. What makes one feel good may not make another feel good.

When people push their view of their reward experiences on others to follow, that is when you get dogma, the foundation of religion. Quantum physics tell us a different than what our five senses perceive. Quantum physics shows that all that exist is photon which is light and everything we perceive is just different vibrations of the same substance.

This restoration is the Passover; it is not an event that happened. No God killed the first born, the Egyptians kept records better than anyone and not one text mentions anything that happened in exodus.

The Egyptians tried to erase Akhenaten from history and there is still evidence that he existed. We can find fossils of dinosaurs, though no one can find any of the tombs of Jesus disciples.

Passover requires to remain in your house, which is symbolic of meditation and to consume the lamb. This isn’t talking about eating actual lamb meat, it’s symbolic of raising your consciousness where the energy rises to the pineal is lit on fire.

This activating of the pineal gland is symbolic of consuming the lamb, the baby Aries, the ram. The other requirement is unleavened bread. Leaven is the emotionalism. Leaven bread is truth tainted by emotions which is no longer truth.

Emotionalism also causes ego clinging. Therefore have no unleavened bread in the house is that when we meditate the emotions are quiet where the angel which is the impulse of death passes over you and will not occur.

The Passover is celebrated on the spring equinox because that is when the sun rises into the northern hemisphere which is beginning of spring. Spring is when new life begins. Since this is the zodiac sign Aries, this is why Jesus is considered the Lamb.

The Lamb is a baby ram, the zodiac symbol for Aries. When we meditate the passion from the solar plexus rises into the pineal which symbolizes the Lamb.

When it is activated it is symbolic of the sacrifice. This is the altar. The altar is the mind sacrificing those automatic thoughts that keep us trapped in the carnal. It’s good to acknowledge the carnal, just don’t get trapped in it. An Egyptian proverb states: “emotions make good servants, but poor masters.”

Even in the New Testament story Jesus asked the people who literally performed animal sacrifice, who told you to do this? Due to the misinterpretation people thought since he was against animal sacrifice he demanded a human sacrifice as himself.

They misinterpreted the mythology of Jesus in the same way that the ancients misinterpreted the mythology of animal sacrifice. The pineal gland symbolizes the Lamb.

The activation of it which dispels the automatic thoughts that comes from the carnal mind. Our automatic thoughts are fueled by our reptilian brain. This part of the brain wants to be rewarded with pleasure and due to our own prejudices it feeds our automatic thoughts.

This is what taunts the drug addict to use. This is what taunts us to make us feel insecure so we act impulsively. This is what causes us to be a slave to our own emotions. When we meditate it shuts down those automatic thoughts that come from the carnal mind.

This is the sacrifice. In the story when Jesus is sacrificed, he is taking to Golgotha. Golgotha means the Place of the Skull. Golgotha is Aramaic word for cranium. Cranium comes from the Greek word kranion. In Latin it’s called Calvaria, where the word Calvary comes from.

The medical term calvarium is used to describe the upper part of the neurocranium and covers the cranial cavity containing the brain. Whenever you put the light of truth to death inside your head it will always be accompanied by two thieves, which is Regret for the past and Fear of the future. Jesus had two thieves with him on the cross at Golgotha. When you let go of the idea of the separate self, this is symbolic of sacrificing the Lamb.

Mary Magdalene was the first one at the tomb. In the human brain, the pineal gland connects to an organ called Fornix. Meditation lights the pineal gland, which follows the line to the fornix, and lights the fornix. The word fornix is a vault or archway.

In Roman times, brothels were called “fornices,” seemingly because prostitutes could be hired near the “arches” of certain buildings. Thus, it is said that the word Fornication appeared (ca. the year 1303) to describe a sexual act with a prostitute. Yet, this word “fornices” is also related to the word “furnace,” Traditionally Mary was perceived as a prostitute who had seven devils inside her.

A vault is also a burial chamber. The tomb that Jesus was buried was the fornix where she visited; the seven devils are the seven psychological centers when they are closed. When they are closed they will causes us mental or physical or both health problems.

Once the kundalini rises opening the energy centers, then Mary is no longer the whore, she now becomes the virgin. The virgin is our mind state that isn’t tainted by automatic thoughts. This is how Mary Magdalene is both the whore and the virgin in myth. The virgin is our mind state that isn’t tainted by automatic thoughts. This is how Mary Magdalene is both the whore and the virgin in myth.

In allegory as whore, she causes imbalance, as virgin she balance. She is the coiled serpent, the kundalini that rises. The twin serpents on the caduceus symbolize her.

When the psychological centers are open, she then is the first to visit the fomix. The kundalini rises to the fomix in our brain is expressed in the allegory when Mary show up at the tomb.

When she gets to the fomix at the tomb, then she realizes the Amen has left the tomb.

In the brain there is two main interlocking parts: the hippocampus proper (also called Ammon’s horn) and the dentate gyrus. The god Ammon was depicted with ram horns.

The hippocampus associated with memory is the ram. Our brain is a computer with ram that holds memories like other computers; this ram has a lot to do with us remembering who we really are.

When Mary arrived she saw the angel sitting on the rolled stone and Amen was no longer inside. The angel in verse Matthew 26:32 where he went. Matthew 26:32 But after I am risen again. I will go before you into Galilee. Galilee comes from the word (gelila), meaning circuit, boundary or territory.

The feminine noun (gulgoleth), meaning skull or head. The reason why the tomb was empty when Mary got there is symbolic that once the kundalini arrives, the Amen (Christ) that was in the tomb has now flooded the well-being of the individual.

The energy in the fornix of the brain is called foramen. The impulse within has symbolically rolled away the stone allowing the crown psychological center to open as the chemicals are released from the pineal flooding the brain circuitry. Amen has risen is symbolic of the opening of the Crown chakra.

The central stars on the staff of stars represent the spheres or sephirot on the central column of Jacob’s ladder.

The Greek word for seal, sphragis, shared the same root (S-PH-R) with the Hebrew word SePHiRa and the English SPHeRe. When placed on the central column of Jacob’s ladder, the lower seven spheres also represent seven seals that cover the levels of consciousness of the two lower worlds, body and soul.’

The seven seals that seal the book in the hand of the one sitting on the throne in heaven are symbols of the mysterious events just before the second coming of Christ, the final judgment and the final waking up.

As the seals are broken open, these events are revealed in sequence. These events can be understood as occurring horizontally in linear time and also vertically as an ascent of the column of consciousness.

The first four seals are the four horsemen of the apocalypse—the false messiah, war, famine, and death—and represent the lowest four sephirot. The first three horsemen represent experiences we have in the physical world—false guides, conflict, and deprivation.

The fourth horseman, death, appears at the place of the abyss or Daat of the physical world, the place where we experience either physical death or physical transformation.

The fifth seal is at the center of the soul world where the three lower worlds meet. When it opens, it reveals that we are not alone. Here are the souls of others who are martyrs or faithful witnesses to the Logos, to truth, beauty, and goodness.

The sixth seal is at Daat of the soul world, the place of the dark night of the soul, of terror, of judgment and psychological transformation. Here, “the sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. Then the kings of the Earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”‘ Who, indeed, can stand and ascend? The pure in heart can.

When the final seventh seal is opened, there is silence in heaven, for we are at the place where the three upper worlds meet in the awe-filled presence of the ineffable holy one.

We have been using Western, Bible-based metaphors to talk about a universal reality. That reality is also recognized in Eastern traditions that refer to it using the imagery of spheres called chakras.

Chakra comes from a Sanskrit word for wheels. Chakras show the spheres of consciousness as seven wheels of energy located above one another within the human body. Like the stars on the starry staff, the seven chakras rise up between two side columns.”

‘The imagery of the chakra system envisions a serpent called Kundalini sleeping in the lowest of the seven chakras, waiting to be awakened and to rise up through the chakras above. Like the Western tradition’s serpent in the desert or the serpent on the ground that frightened Moses, the Kundalini serpent must rise up or be lifted up to reach the source of light or enlightenment.

We saw above how we can grasp the head of the serpent in the wilderness of physicality and lift it up to make the crooked straight. This process is a metaphor of the raising our consciousness up to the place of the seventh seal or seventh chakra.

On Jacob’s ladder, this is the place of the kingdom of God. the place where we meet the holy one. In both Eastern and Western traditions, this is the place of enlightenment.

In ascending to this level of consciousness, we transform a crooked truth into a straight way, the way of the righteous, the central column of consciousness on Jacob’s ladder. In both Eastern and Western traditions, the coiled serpent is to be lifted up—the crooked truth to be made straight, consciousness to be raised toward the light above, the stars, enlightenment, the Holy One.

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