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If you are serious about mastering yourself and the many hundreds of Spiritual Chakras that exist above your head, you must first master your own body and energy field. Through activating your Kundalini you can achieve that self-mastery and fulfill your full potential. With Kundalini you can achieve exactly that

If you are serious about mastering yourself and the many hundreds of Spiritual Chakras that exist above your head, you must first master your own body and energy field. Through activating your Kundalini you can achieve that self-mastery and fulfill your full potential. With Kundalini you can achieve exactly that.

What you are saying then is that the baseness of man can be transmuted into the gold of the Divine.

Exactly, that is the essence of the entire operation. By doing that he gains the power to transmute base metal into gold and to alter the chemical and atomic composition of substances. He learns to reform substance and remake it according to his will. But it is all based upon the transmutation of himself. He has to accomplish that transmutation before he can effect transmutation of any-thing else. So it isn’t something you can write down in a book and sell for a few dollars.

What Is The Kundalini  — Sacred Serpent?

The Kundalini is a very powerful energy source that exists within the channel of light that overlays the physical spinal column. As previously defined, the channel of light is the spiritual or etheric spinal column that connects the energy system of the chakras together as well as interfaces with the physical human body. The Kundalini resides at the base of the energy cord in the channel of light and rests within the first chakra center. The Kundalini has been referenced as the seat of power or the sacred serpent in eastern documentation. Typically, the Kundalini energy naturally rises as an individual begins to spiritually awaken. Eastern teachings indicate that when the Kundalini has risen and emerges through the crown chakra that enlightenment occurs. Consequently awakening the Kundalini within has been a goal of many spiritually evolving individuals.

There is no stopping  the Kundalini once it is awakened. This means that hard work never fails. Once it is awoken, if the kundalini keeps rising, it can go all the way to the top of the head to the top chakra. The yogi then has a chance to attain the highest goal of this form of yoga. Once the kundalini is awakened, then, for the full goal to be achieved, the practitioner must continue working at raising the kundalini until it reaches the Sahasrara chakra. Then from the Sahasrara chakra it can leave the body.

The whole purpose of Kundalini yoga is to purify and then awaken the nadis, especially the Shushumna nadi.

If you are serious about mastering yourself and the many hundreds of Spiritual Chakras that exist above your head, you must first master your own body and energy field. Through activating your Kundalini you can achieve that self-mastery and fulfill your full potential. With Kundalini you can achieve exactly that.

Permanent kundalini is like an electrical current that never stops. The individuals who experience it know it never stops. Kundalini Shakti always leads to goodness

Most kundalini experts perceive the kundalini sequence as starting with a ball of energy opening in the first chakra. This enflamed energy is first seen as red. It next slides up the spine and through a network of subtle energy channels called the nadis, which is equate mainly with the neurological system.

Kundalini is a well-known transformative process, although it’s known by many names in different cultures.

There are three types of kundalini, however, which contrasts to most sources of data. In a nutshell, these three kundalinis are red/serpent, gold, and spiritual.

The red kundalini primarily activates on the elemental pathway, the golden kundalini on the power, and the spiritual kundalini on the divine. However, each of these three types allows for access to each of the pathways, even the imaginal. The imaginal requires serious amounts of strength so we can shift between the many worlds.

Recall that upon conception, vital source energy turns on our cells, also enabling access to the different pathways. We hum along, and then at some point, it’s time for us to further awaken—to become our true selves on every level and be much more powerful than we can imagine.

The eventual aim of the serpent energy is to awaken the pineal gland, located in the brain, which serves as the center of the seventh chakra.

The pineal is coded with spiritual destiny.

In turn, the pineal activates the seed of destiny, one of the elemental-based managing energy bodies, and spiritual genetics, a set of light-bearing codes that instruct the physical genes to operate as the Spirit designed. Once ignited with this serpent flame, the body can better embody the spirit, as the body frequencies are now more apt to resonate with the higher-order spiritual frequencies. Good health, physical and emotional, is a byproduct. Since your spirit vibrates at an incredibly high frequency, the prepared body has most likely shed much of its negative and disease-ridden

The rising red kundalini as stretching beyond the top of the head, or the seventh chakra, up into the ninth chakra. From there, this energy enables you to fully access the spiritual points, a set of twenty chakra-like energies that work in the same way as the chakras except with higher energies such as faith, wisdom, and love. After looping through and capturing the essence of these spiritual energies, the now extremely potent kundalini reenters the system through the tenth chakra. There it rests, assisting the man in being grounded and practical in reference to his daily life and spiritual goals.

After the activation of the red serpent kundalini, another type turns on: the golden kundalini.

The golden kundalini enlivens all the power pathway bodies, and, in turn, provides the spiritual understandings required to allow full acceptance of one’s powers, as well as generic human and divine qualities. Golden kundalini begins with a downpouring of energies from over the head through the ninth chakra. At this point, the golden beam, which looks like honey butter, streams through all the chakras, exits through the feet, moves through the tenth chakra, and then rises back to the ninth chakra to add more heavenly energy and, thus renewed, circulate again.

The red and golden kundalini processes can occur simultaneously, and you can even have the golden ignite before the red. Everyone is an individual, as are their kundalini awakenings.

Joining red and gold kundalini energies isn’t the end of the kundalini process. There is a third type of kundalini, which I call the spiritual kundalini. Most often I perceive it as white. Once we are far enough along with the red and gold kundalini, the internal wheels of our chakras activate. Yes, you’ll learn that there are internal and external wheels related to each chakra. The internal chakras hold your spirit’s highest knowledge—your dharma—and also relate best to the divine pathway and heavenly universe. As the insides of the chakras awaken with truth and light, your highest self can come into being within the here and now. Plus, your imaginal self is now super-powered to dance among the many worlds.

Most cultures work with four to five elements. Of these, fire, air, water, and earth almost always appear. Through spiritual studies and interactions around the world, there are subtle elements in other systems that need to be represented. Therefore, below you find a an expanded list, including the following, which will describe with a couple of qualities. Besides the explanation of these elements immediately following this list, you can refer to the section called “Subtle Element Applications in the Physical World” for more ideas about employing the subtle elements.

On the elemental pathway, the twelve elements are very physical. Look around! The world does seem to be composed of fire, air, water, and the other elements. So does the body, as well as the other aspects of self, matter, and spirit on the elemental pathway level.

The divine pathway is composed of all the subtle elements and then some. The subtle elements swirl in expectation on the divine pathway, all in the basin of stillness. Through the divine pathway, you can access spiritual qualities and subtle elements that don’t even exist in our universe. In fact, you can create new forces, forms, and energies at will, if these will further the cause of the Spirit.

Subtle Fire: Eliminates, purges, and burns away. Adds excitement, new life, and vital source energy as needed. Is the basis of the red serpent kundalini processes and is therefore a vital maturation and cleansing tool. Fire is useful for eliminating toxins, both physical and psychic. Subtle Air: Transmits ideas and mental thoughts. Allows the spread of energies from place to place or person to person. The ideas held in subtle air are active when this subtle element is moving or directed. When the subtle element is still, it is ripe with possibilities. Can be a potent force for destruction or redirection when it comes through nature, such as during a tornado or gale. Can set or change the spins of energies to wipe your mind free of imposing or inaccurate beliefs and let loose the feelings that have been repressed.

Subtle Earth: Builds, solidifies, and protects. Subtle earth is the basis for holding malleable yet safe structures, such as cellular walls and thoughtforms.  Grounds, centers, and brings about practical and tangible applications when used. For instance, subtle earth can help repair tissue that has been cut, such as by a wound or during surgery. It “fills in gaps” so the tissue can rebuild.

Subtle Water: Transmits psychic and feeling energies, and also encourages creativity. Subtle water will soothe and heal, as well as wash and cleanse. Can be a strong force to effect big change, such as if delivered in a hurricane. Used for divination, or to psychically obtain information, and for other intuitive activities. Can be imagined as a waterfall to cleanse your body of toxins or leftover feelings.

Subtle Wood: Adds buoyance, adaptability, and a positive lift. A porous structure, subtle wood decays over time but is ideal to use as a temporary measure to add good cheer and optimism to alleviate a depressed state. It can also be applied to aid in adapting to a new life change; for instance, you could add subtle wood to a transplanted heart to enable the body to integrate the new tissue. Is also an ideal subtle element to use when planning, such as when designing a life strategy, as it will also keep you moving forward during the initial stages of change.

Subtle Stone: Strengthens, holds, and toughens. A foundational energy. Can be used to wall off and hold other subtle elements in place, such as when you need to barricade a cancer tumor or blood infection. You could use it to hold the serpent kundalini in the spine so it keeps rising or focus your first chakra’s vital source energy to give you get-up-and-go. It can also be sculpted in order to be integrated into a system. For instance, subtle stone represents minerals, so it can be deposited in the bone marrow to increase immunity. Subtle stone also holds individual and ancestral histories. Because of this capability, you can pick up a rock in a pasture and the subtle stone energy will inform you about the history of that pasture. The subtle stone energy in our bones can be unlocked so we can intuitively read our personal and ancestral legacies.

Subtle Metal: Protects, deflects, and transmits. Subtle metal is the basis for deflecting evil and lies and whatever might be causing woes. The silver sheathing also allows transmission of divine data and truths, as well as input from other sources, such as beings from other planets and spiritual guides.

Subtle Light: Can be directed, spun, fashioned, owned, or released to bring about a loving outcome. Light is always about love. The different colors of love each represent a different loving concept, which can be determined based on the chakra interpretation of that color. For instance, red is the chakra color of physicality; therefore, red light supports physical love. Darker hues of subtle light are mainly made of electrons and carry intelligence about the past and emotions. Lighter hues of subtle light are chiefly composed of protons and transport intelligence about spirituality and the future. If you’re depressed, you could add the lighter hues of subtle light and gain insight and hope. If you’re anxious, you could use the darker shades of subtle light and ground yourself in common sense.

Subtle Sound: Can be summoned, applied, brought in, or let go to formulate the correct use of power or applied energy. Sound is a determiner and delivery vehicle for power. Deep subtle sounds carry dense powers, which can be used for manifesting concrete needs as well as clearing out tangible healing challenges, such as tumors or infections. Higher subtle sounds increase spiritual powers, which bring about a shift in spiritual purpose, perspective, and consciousness. The midrange sounds link with psychological powers, the use of energy to bring about emotive and mental alterations, which can include learning a new trade or subject.

Subtle Ether: Holds spiritual truths and can be used to infuse any system, energy body, mind, or soul with such spiritual truths. Quantitatively, ether is liquid gas. It’s frequently been called the “fifth element” in energetic systems that feature four basic elements; thus, it represents the spiritual energy that scientists and metaphysicians have been attempting to define for centuries.

Subtle ether always stores higher truths unless this subtle energy has been overcome by a lie, in which case it must be cleansed and restored to its highest state.

Subtle Star: Blends the subtle elements of fire and ether. This means that subtle combines passion with truth. On a psychological level, subtle star can support you in working for a cause. Subtle star can also employ spiritual truths and convert them to physical matter. For instance, you can apply subtle star energy to burn away mistruths in any of your chakras or organs, thus restoring yourself to full functioning. I’ve also found that subtle star energy is applicable for—and needed by—people (or beings) who have lived in (and still relate to) a different planet. For instance, I once worked with a client who had been his happiest when living in the Pleiades. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own body, nor could he mentally function on Earth because he kept thinking about that long-ago lifetime. Once I helped him bring the subtle star element from the friendly Pleiades into his elemental pathway self, he bloomed. He found himself happy and well nearly all the time.

Subtle Presence: This is the “I Am” energy. Ultimately, the Spirit is the “I Am That I Am.” You too are your own “I Am.” When we call upon the subtle element of Presence, we are invoking our own eternal spirit along with the Spirit. These spiritual “I Ams” merge and fill us with the knowledge and assurance of grace, which is love empowered.

There is a kind of higher knowledge, a gnosis, that cannot be acquired from either organized religion or the current sciences. It is transmitted purely through the activation of the heart chakra, leading to an expansion of consciousness that illumines and transforms the faculty of perception that resides there, and opens up the possibility of acquiring a science that is, in brief, the knowledge of Reality itself. This higher knowledge, which flows from a realm of light that interpenetrates the phenomenal world and yet lies beyond it, reveals a hyperphysical Light beyond light in which we all live and move and have our being, and from which each individual vajra body or light-body is built, the template of the physical frame. By virtue of this ineffable Light beyond light each of us is connected through his or her energy centers to the web of inner life of the universe; to the light-body of Nature and its multitude of forms, to the light-body of the earth, the light-bodies of other suns and planets, and ultimately to the light-body of the universe.

When the alchemist claimed to be able to change base metals into gold, he had first to change his own nature so that he could develop that kundalini shakti, and, through that shakti, he was able to affect the prematter behind any element he liked—be it gold, silver, or whatever. That same power is innate within everyone.

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