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Learn more about the Alta Major chakra back in the neck. It holds for us the the power to co-create as divinely conscious beings. This requires great courage, and the willingness to take the greatest risks, to go beyond the norm and into the deepest unknown. (Part 1 of 3)

Learn more about the Alta Major chakra back in the neck. It holds for us the the power to co-create as divinely conscious beings. This requires great courage, and the willingness to take the greatest risks, to go beyond the norm and into the deepest unknown. (Part 1 of 3)

The Alta Major, the Mouth of the Goddess, has been a very secret chakra, as it holds for us the power to co-create as divinely conscious beings. This requires great courage, and the willingness to take the greatest risks, to go beyond the norm and into the deepest unknown. It also means we have to die to what we have known in many ways.

The Alta Major is located at the back of the neck, on the base of the skull. It is one of our `oldest’ chakras because it holds distant memories and links to the rudimentary part of the brain.

In addition to the seven major chakras there is an “eighth,” the alta major chakra, located at the nape of the neck. Also called the Pan chakra, it is associated with universal consciousness, hence its name. It acts as a control chakra, and integrates the powers and qualities of all the other chakras. It is the primary gateway for divine inspiration to enter the heart, breathed in, as it were, via the gateway of the alta major from the heart of our higher self. The physical breath is an echo of this spiritual breath.

The alta major chakra is a center that we should care for: it is perhaps the most sensitive area of the whole body. Wearing a silk scarf, or a high collar, or even just placing a hand over the back of the neck when necessary, can be a good protection. Washing the back of the neck under a cool shower of water does wonders.

PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF the eighteen pathways, along with the womb and heart, is the Alta Major chakra, referred to as the Mouth of the Goddess in the Asian Tantric traditions. Located on the back of the head at the base of the skull, Alta Major is the chakra where

Shakti ignites and travels down the spine, sending waves of vibration like a tuning rod throughout your brain, neck, and body. It is the major chakra where the higher aspects of your body of light activate and enter into your physical body. In ancient Egypt, initiations were given to people through the Alta Major. In many paintings from that culture, the High Priest stands behind the initiate, aiming a copper rod at the Alta Major.

This rod transmits sound and also what is known as the “negative green” carrier wave, which sends pulses of pure consciousness into the initiate, turning the whole bodymind into a tuning rod. In these initiations the Alta Major was properly aligned with the rest of the spine, and could therefore conduct vibration easily throughout the whole nervous system and brain in ascending and descending currents of light and Shakti energy. Indeed, the Alta Major was seen as a galactic doorway to these higher forces, a portal to the concentrated, high frequency beams of light that unite the Alta Major and the pineal gland.

Together, the Alta Major and the pineal gland are the seat of your intuition. When you consciously connect into these chakras, you accelerate the embodiment and enlightenment process.

The Alta Major is the lunar, feminine entrance to the third eye, as the pineal is the solar, masculine entrance. In most of us, these two entrances to the third eye are disconnected. When both solar and feminine entrances connect via their infinity loops, all the codes that have been waiting in the DNA for thousands of years activate, and express themselves through the throat chakra, literally manifesting our goals, visions, and perceptions.

When the Alta Major is aligned physically and energetically, your physical body and your lightbodies also connect on a deeper level, accelerating the awakening, ignition, and “descent” of your lightbodies into your physical one. The Alta Major, pineal, and the energy flow of the eighteen pathways can now anchor, and flow freely and unimpaired, allowing you to integrate and unite bodymind and spirit here on Earth, and to embody light into matter itself.

Yet in order to manifest this, the Alta Major dissolves the old, worn-out parts of you, in order to create a new you. As Shakti says, “Wild, sweetly singing, I am joyous in my destruction. I am pure vital life force. I am beyond duality. I will bum through your illusions, bum through your mind. I am your liberation. Feel me now; I do not come softly. My breath is fire. I will melt all resistance in my path.”

Truth has no convention to it. Sometimes it is not nice, or is politically or spiritually “incorrect.” But it is truth nonetheless, and it is this that burns and transforms. It is this that brings us to our self. And it is this enflaming energy that the Mouth of the Goddess ignites.

The Ma Major holds the seed of manifestation. Manifestation is the ability to transmit the spark of love, wisdom, or power through your thought or Presence Manifestation is not just about manifesting things outside of yourself: it is about manifesting the Divine within.

This inner, deeper manifestation will not wilt with time or age: it will always be with you, as you will be living it through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You will become the Divine in every moment, and through your presence will transmit it wherever you go. In order for us to manifest the Divine, we have to stand in perfect harmony with the life frequency. This means that any negative, depressed thought, any doubt, any fear, will negate the power to give life. Thus, the promise of being able to manifest with our thoughts cannot happen until the Alta Major is healed.

Manifestation is power, and power will only come if there is balance to create harmony. so that what is created Is for the greatest good. The potential to be all you can be is the promise of the Alta Major, the Mouth of the Goddess. There is nothing outside of yourself: all aspects are within you. The more you are connected and aligned, the more of yourself can come into your present experience of life. It is through Presence, not through objects, that we experience the Divine. This is manifestation.

To reflect the Divine, we have to become aware of, embrace, and include the animal aspect of ourselves. Successfully cultivating the Witness Consciousness allows the full power of manifestation to bloom when aligned with the rest of the Shakti Circuit. Light and sound adjustments to the brain and the Shakti Circuit can help you rapidly open the Alta Major.

However, this can be traumatic, as it can propel you into the universal subconscious mind at a rapid rate. This is not recommended unless you have ongoing support with an experienced guide of these realms. If this guidance is available, then rapid evolutionary steps can lead you to galactic consciousness.

This involves a direct recognition that we are the galaxy. We take this on through our own beings: we become a conscious part of our galaxy. The temptation of the Alta Major is to get lost in the galactic unconscious: this can manifest in sometimes quite bizarre encounters, dreams, unusual coincidences, as well as strange lethargies, weight gains to protect yourself and your womb, and a general lack of energy, because it is draining from you.

Alta Major chakra. Located at the back of the head just above the point where the skull joins the neck—the Alta Major chakra is linked to the occipital area of the brain, which is, in turn, linked to the optic nerve. It is very much connected with vision, spiritually and physically.

When balanced, it gives us the ability to see the spiritual big-picture is all the little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life, visibly forming the bigger picture; it enhances intuitive ideas and somehow makes them more solid, tangible and achievable. This is also the working point for those who are telepathically gifted.

The Causal chakra. The Causal chakra is the very first of what is known as the higher chakra points. This chakra spins strongly in an anti-clockwise direction and opens the right side of the brain which is concerned with thought processing. It is one of the returning chakras which are very important at the moment, as there is much to understand if we are to save the planet as we know it. It is the chakra that downloads spiritual information and brings spiritual understanding.

Brings knowledge of karma, karmic patterns and the evolution of the soul. It translates the spiritual so that it can be understood on the physical plane. This could be termed the seat of existence.

The atlas and alta major chakras were seen as evolutionary door-ways to allow in these frequencies and to actually allow the expansion of the neurological centers. The depictions of the large-headed and highly evolved Egyptian race, also mirrored in some modern-day Tibetan lamas, were predicated on these centers being open to allow in higher frequencies of light.

These higher frequencies emanating from the Galactic Center are returning to earth once more, as seen in the Mayan prophecies and in new healing modalities like Reconnective Healing and Ilhanoor, all of which tap into super light waves, as physi-cist Paul Violette describes. These super light waves account for the recent increases in solar flare activity and the changing of magnetic grid lines on the earth.

Gregg Braden points out that these super light waves can actually change DNA structures because of the increased resonance in the amino acid com-plexes in our physical bodies, which higher frequencies of light acti-vate. All of this is helped by the atlas being realigned so the alta major can open to receive these incoming light sources comfortably.

Without the atlas being realigned, this process can be uncomfortable and less effective as the increased frequency has nowhere to conduct safely through into our bodies. Both of these areas at the back of the brain are connected to the sub-conscious and the feminine lunar entrance or ‘back door” to the third eye pineal. When they are consciously connected into, these chakras accelerate the embodiment and enlightenment process. When the alta major is aligned, both physically and energetically, your physical body and light bodies also connect on a deeper level, accelerating the awakening, ignition, or “descent” of your light bodies into the physical. Embodying light into matter is part of our evolutionary imperative as a species, and it is precisely why the separation of body and spirit has occurred in the major religions of the earth, for within this union lies our ultimate freedom and creation of a new type of human being.

This union is feminine-centered as it is a natural part of the feminine consciousness to work with both matter and light as opposed to the more transcendent and detached masculine consciousness.

The Djed Pillar of the Spine: Gold and Green When the spinal column becomes dear of its karmic knots and stresses, it becomes a “column of gold swimming in a sea of green.”

This is one of the stages in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or the Book of Coming Forth by the Light of Day, where the soul’s journey through death is mapped. These stages can also be seen as stages of transformation, of the embodiment of light into form, or enlightenment.

This transformation, when the spine becomes a “column of gold, eternal and in harmony,”7 is when all your chakras fully align to the spine and all its energies flow and circulate in balance throughout your whole system. It is at this point that your physical body allies with your consciousness to become anchored and situated in the “for-giving,” that is living without being enslaved to need, desire, and attachment, which is your natural way of being.

You no longer live to get from others but to give. You have mastered all need, desire, and attachment and are refined enough to discern the subtlest threads of these energies within you.

Monatomic Gold

Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gases, liquids, and solids. Recently, humanity has become aware of plasmas, condensates, and liquid crystals. Mother “new” yet ancient discovery is another phase of matter called “monatomic.” These are also known as Ormus and m-state elements, and many civilizations across the world and throughout history have used monatomic elements in many forms for natural healing and awakening.

Monatomic elements work on creating superhealth within you, which begins at the level of your cells. Not only do your cells communicate via chemicals and electricity in your nervous system but also through the exchange of photons or light particles through the bio-photonic network, known in Egypt as the Ka body of light. Light is innately intelligent and carries higher quantities of “purer” information as well as being superconductive.

The more of it you can bring into your system, the more you can transform your body at the cellular level, from your organs, muscles, and tissues to your brain and nervous system. Monatomic elements are superconductive, and when they are ingested into our bodies they change our cellular structure into a super-conductive matrix because they are the cause of energy at the cellular level. This means that the cells become superconductors for an increased flow of photons that increase your electrical and electromagnetic field.

“Put another way, you could say that monatomics trans-form the body’s ‘wiring’ from being simple copper cable to being wired with fiber-optics, where the same ‘width’ of wiring is able to carry a thousand times as much ‘process’ information.”‘ This then allows all the bodies of light to flow in harmony with the physical body, accelerat-ing the alchemical and transformative process of embodying soul pres-ence or Ba. The energy produced by monatomic gold flows through the body with little resistance. They are extreme concentrations of superfood that release a flow of light to heal body-mind and soul by creating a trinity of balance.

David Hudson says that these powders behave as superconductors at room temperature, and tend to “ride” on the magnetic field of the earth.’° As the Ka is attuned to the magnetic fields of the earth through its geometric structures, which are also part of the biophotonic network, monatomic elements can be said to enhance the connectivity of the Ka, the closest form of the light body to physical awareness, to the physical body or Khat.

According to Hudson, monatomic elements connect with nonphysical realities, or the bodies of light, through the zero-point field or the void, which holds endless potential for new and unlimited energy.

The basic idea of alchemy is that you cannot create something out of nothing. Instead, one transmutes consciousness into whatever it is that you wish to create.

If you wish to transmute something that already has a solid form, for example your body-mind and soul, then that object has to undergo a process of disintegration and transformation to move toward the zero point. From the zero point it can begin moving toward materializing its new, transformed being.

The “nearer” one is to the zero point, the higher the vibration. So, in order to prepare your physical body to receive all the other bodies of light, you must raise the frequency, clarity, and spaciousness of your physical body, bringing the physical closer to the vibrational levels of the more formless bodies of light.

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