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The Shining Ones: The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed

The Shining Ones: The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed

The notion of an inner spiritual self and the ability to awaken latent powers and energies within the individual is of great antiquity in Indic thought.

In the bindu, according to a commentary, there is “an infinite space, shining with the splendor of countless suns.

This region is the dwelling place of the “Lord who is beyond peacefulness” (this alludes to a state higher than the mere “ether of consciousness”), whose body is made of lightning. This is the threshold of the pure tattvas.

The Sri Chakra yantra is the ultimate embodiment of the primal goddess.  It is probably one of the most complex yantras and is one of the most ancient devotional aids to worshipping her. In fact, this design is considered equivalent to the goddess herself and is connected to hidden mystical powers. While constructing it, the worshipper is saying mantras (sacred chants).

This design is also thought to contain extraordinary magical healing powers for ex-ample, to cure blindness, mental illness, and so on. At the center of the Sri Chakra design, deep within its geometric (and figurative) layers, lies the bindu, a dot.

The dot represents the infinite, expanding power of the universe.

The greatest force in the world is mental suggestion.

The first thing that you should do is to fix your mind on the central nervous systems by taking command of the body that is divided into eight zones, and they are controlled by a cakra (neurohormonal mechanism].

The first cakra is the muladhara, which withdraw the energy from the reproduction organs.

The second cakra is the svadhisthana, and it controlled the legs.

The third cakra is called the manpura, and it controls the seat of power and all the organs in the abdomen.

The fourth cakra is called the anahata, and the power point is the heart, which is the center of the central nervous system.

The fifth cakra is visudha, and it is in the neck, where all the things below the neck are in your control.

The sixth cakra is called ajna, the third eye.

The seventh cakra is called sahasrara; this is our connec-tion with the infinite.

The eighth cakra is called bindu, the secret cakra, the moon chakra, and it is the place where the soul leaves and enters the body.

Through the mental powers of suggestions to the mind you will in time become the master of your mind and the mental waves that surround you. Your mind waves can influence the planets and the stars that are a million miles away.

Now to reach your goal to take control of the mind, and the body, one should diligently follow the direction of (samyamah—total concentration], which is fixa-tion, suggestion, and sensation.

Cosmic-consciousness or Self-realization

The arrival of Kundalini at the sahasrara is the union of Shakti with Lord Shiva, and it is the beginning of Cosmic-consciousness or Self-realization. The ego is fragmented into pieces and the death of mundane or individual awareness takes place.

The aspirant actually experiences death in a way and a new person is born within. One forgets the idea of “I” and “you” and experiences oneness with the whole universe. The expe-rience, the experiencer, and the experienced, or the seeing, the seer, and the seen, become one.

This moment of single awareness, in which one passes from the stage of seeking to the stage of having arrived, which is full of unprecedented bliss, is Cosmic-consciousness. It is the moment in which Shakti and Shiva cannot be identified separately and become one. All questions are answered and one lives in a perpetual state of peace, happiness, and contentment from then onwards. Attachment to worldly things and relations ceases, yet, one feels greater and fuller affection towards everyone.

This is called “affectionate detachment.” To understand that this is Self-realization, we begin with the important quote from the Kathopanishad:

“The living soul is the master (rider), his physical body is his chariot, his intellect (buddhi) is the charioteer, the mind is the rein with which the sense-horses are controlled, the sense attributes (such as, perception, hearing, touch, taste and smell) are the pathways, and the Soul is thus the experiencer and the enjoyer,” so the wise people say.

Thus the Soul is the experience and the physical body, intellect, mind, and senses are only the mediums through which the Soul experiences life. This realization that I (Soul, Self, or Atman) am different from body, intellect, mind, and senses, and that I am one with the Universal-Self, is Self-Realization.

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