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Kundalini – The Next Development of Mankind

Kundalini – The Next Development of Mankind

The biological aspect of kundalini transformation is primarily changes to the central nervous system.

The central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure. away from the dual brain and right and left body structure. The nervous system slowly branches out in the mind and body like an infinitely expanding fractal pattern and our body fills with light.

A side effect expansion of the nentus system is increasing body vibration, due to the increased number of neurons in the neural network. It is like a reverse growing, using the old structure to make the new structure.

The physical appearance changes little during the transformation. because it is mostly making changes to the central nervous system. As the central nervous system and brain reorganizes. it is increasing the body vibration.

Thus, if the brain is divided into specialized areas (modules), it is possible that these areas provide ‘superior’ functions only when and if they are connected and functioning in strict coordination.

At the microscopic level the synapses allow for communication among close neurons in order to create the ‘local’ neural networks. At the macroscopic level, neural networks are possible only when myelination enables the anatomic and functional connectivity between different brain regions.’ In humans, little myelin exists in the brain at the time of birth. Myelination continues throughout the adolescent stages of life until adult age.

The practice of Vajroli Mudra is a carefully guarded secret anong yogis, which is revealed only to especially qualified persons or teachers of yoga.

As oil feeds the flame of a lamp, so does lecithin, the phosphorized oil in the myelin sheaths of the nerves, feed the living flame of nerve electricity keeps it burning in the nervous system. This Inner Fire is Kundalini.

At last we come to the end of our journey, climbing to the nectar blossom of our flower the thousand-petaled lotus sitting at the crown of the head. This is the chakra of thought, consciousness, and information, our most abstract and versatile level of all the chakras. Like the Muladhara, which has its roots in matter, the Sahasrara chakra, which means “thousandfold” has its thousand petals of spirit reaching into the infinite cosmos.

To the Hindus, thousand is a way of expressing infinity, and indeed, this chakra has no limits in its scope. The element of Sahasrara is thought, a fundamentally distinct and unmeasurable entity that is the first and barest manifestation of the greater field of consciousness around us. Correspondingly, the function of the chakra is knowing, just as other chakras relate to seeing, doing, or feeling. It is through the crown chakra that we store and retrieve information and run it through our lower chakras to bring things into manifestation.

The crown chakra is most significantly characterized by a quality of “withinness,” contrasting the external manifestation in time and space of the lower chakras. A single human brain contains some thirteen billion interconnected nerve cells, capable of making more connections among themselves than the number of atoms in the universe.

This staggering comparison leaves us with a pretty remarkable instrument. As there are one hundred million sensory receptors in the body, and ten trillion synapses in the nervous system, we find that the mind is one hundred thousand times more sensitive to the organism’s internal environment than the external. It is truly from a place within that we acquire and process our knowledge.

Withinness is a way of accessing a dimension that has no locality in time and space. If we postulate that each chakra represents a dimension of smaller and faster vibration, we theoretically reach a place in the crown chakra where we have a wave of infinite speed and no wavelength, allowing it to be everywhere at once and yet having no perceivable location.

Ultimate states of consciousness are described as omnipresent. By reducing the world to a pattern system occupying no physical dimension, we have infinite storage capacity for its symbols. In other words, we carry the whole world inside our heads.

To the Hindus, order is the one underlying universal reality, and that order is considered synonymous with consciousness. Consciousness, then, is a field of ordered pattern. Chakra 7 is our gateway to “cosmic consciousness” or “higher consciousness.” These terms merely refer to awareness of a deeper, more encompassing order. It is the perception of meta-patterns, deep central truths about our cosmic ordering system.

Manifesting our thought-forms into reality is a matter of following the lines of order we perceive. The crown chakra is the place where we study consciousness itself, even though each chakra reflects a state of consciousness.

It must be remembered in this study that what we are looking for is the very thing that is doing the looking. Intelligence is less a matter of finding the answers than of realizing who and what are asking the questions. Thought is comprised of bits of information that we spend time organizing. Through our experiences, each one of us builds a personal matrix of information within our mind. From the first glimpses of our mother’s face to our doctoral dissertation, we spend our time trying to put information about our world into some semblance of order.

The very act of thinking is the process of following lines of order. Our matrix structures become our personal belief systems and the ordering principles of our lives. Not only do we organize new information into our personal structure, but we also order the events of our lives that bring us that information. Kundalini is the “force” of consciousness.

As she rises and descends, she changes the internal order of the personal matrix, each time allowing a greater perception of the whole. Each of the chakras represents a level of organization, valid for the work on its particular level. Each time Kundalini rises, we find ourselves needing to reorganize our lives to match the higher order she brings us. While each chakra is a disk, programmed with information relating to its particular function, the seventh chakra can be seen as the overall operating system for the whole biocomputer.

It represents our belief systems, the way we categorize our information, and even our ability to be aware at all. Thoughts are things, and they are the seeds from which all manifestation grows. Like all seeds, they contain the pattern that shapes the flower as it grows.

Together, the seven chakras form a connecting ladder between matter and consciousness, body and mind, Earth and Heaven. Each of us forms this ladder as the steps are found within us. In order for us to be whole, the ladder must be complete.

Therefore, each chakra is of equal importance, and the blocking of one chakra can make an excess or deficiency in another part of the system.

It must be remembered, however, that the chakras form a complete system, and diagnosis or attention to any one area should always be seen in relation to the whole. With our chakras opened and fully functioning, we ourselves form the rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth, ever evolving towards realization and integration.

In Zen, the gateless gate is as an illusionary barrier standing in the way of enlightenment. It’s a barrier that doesn’t really exist. The image of stepping through a gateless gate though, is an almost perfect description of the awakening experience. The moment one awakens to enlightenment, it feels exactly as if one has “stepped through” a barrier. The “gate” felt impenetrable moments before, then the next moment… it was gone. One moment you felt separate from all that was out there, then the next, you felt one with it. In an instant, you realized that the thing you thought had been separating you from the rest of the world never existed in the first place. The gateless gate.

“Any creative act occupies the whole consciousness of a man. . . . The truly great discoveries of science and real works of art are made by the whole consciousness of man working together in unison and oneness: instinct, intuition, mind, intellect all fused into one complete consciousness; and grasping what we may call a complete truth.”

Paul MacLean’s “Triune Brain” theory is useful in explaining the interaction between the neo-cortex or new brain, the limbic or animal brain, and the old or reptile brain. MacLean explains that the human brain “amounts to three interconnected biological computers,” each with “its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space, its own memory, motor, and other functions.” These three brains are different in structure and millions of years apart in evolutionary time. In effect, we experience the world through three different mentalities, “two of which lack the power of speech.”

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”?

Kundalini is not an actual serpent, of course – she is a metaphor for the potent energy within each and every one of us. She is female because she represents Shakti, half of the whole, and the allegory of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is that we must awaken her so she can move up the energy centres (chakras) in the spine to be reunited with Shiva, the male principle, at the head. When male and female are united, we can experience that which is greater than the sum of its parts. Through yoga, we move beyond the relative world to a state of undifferentiated bliss.

In short: Kundalini ends the duality of the Ego-Brain (Left/Male Brain and Right/Female Brain) and Creates a new Single Brain and with it follows Oneness.

The Rulers of Global Wealth trying to prevent this from happening and therefore working hard for creating their own One World Government and their version of this by the One Global Computer Brain.

The aim of unitary thought is not only to aid the discovery of new truth but also to reorganize existing knowledge so as to in-crease understanding. The unitary view of nature leads at once to a unitary conception of man. From the fact that man is an organic species unitary thought can draw conclusions which go beyond the uncertainties of contemporary thought. Moreover, the fact that man is distinguished from all other species in certain ways permits further conclusions which throw light on the place of man in nature.

The individual soul is compared to a green bird that enters a green tree or Supreme Soul of Great Creator. The individual soul only appears to have merged but still retains its unique identity. Many spiritual practices and rites of passage are aimed at liberation and consider moksha the goal of life. Liberation as understood by and achieved through meditation leads to freedom within the Oneness of All-That-is.

This Universal dance called spiritual liberation culminates as ascension through the cosmic eye to reclaim full consciousness. Many of the other-worldly meditation experiences are an impetus requiring the maintenance of open pathways from the brain frequencies connecting Beta to Alpha and beyond.

Once the door to higher realms has been opened, the three-dimensional experience of life on earth retains the knowledge that so much more exists all around. Know or unknown, seen or unseen, once that personal awareness has expanded, the magnetic attraction to move further into the light will not be denied.

Traveling through the specific resistance at each chakra, the electrical energy carries the chrism or Holy Christ oil energy from the solar plexus up the spine. Upon reaching the apex of the pineal gland itself, the alchemical ‘wedding ring of fire’, (electromagnetism acting upon the optic thalamus) activating gnosis or the inner sight.

The energy continues building with the oil, until it passes through the anterior pillars, Jachin and Boaz, where it then culminates in the third ventricle of the brain, or the Holy of Holies. Otherwise known as the fornix of the brain, or the vault or cave of Brahma or Christ.

Arriving in the cave like structure of the brain, the electrical energy ignites the oil. This is the passage of kundalini, the journey of the prodigal son, Samadhi, Nirvana, enlightenment or the death of HiRam. The stone is said to be rolled away to receive Christ consciousness.

Seeds of insight will become imbedded where relevant analytical data germinates during the various meditative journeys. Blossoming as compassion which is sharable with all DNA, sacred space is thus catalyzed. Seeking balance between the two cerebral hemispheres or two natures is necessary to receive the higher knowledge which exists as frequency. The uptake of that information, requires receptors resonating at the complimentary frequency achieved by entering the fornix. Emotion and logic convey awareness to this frequency specific ‘feeling’. Feeling is a sacred interface of kinesthetic gnosis merging with the ‘All-That-Is and knowing it. Emotion is simply a carrier energy transporting your awareness to the furnace or Fornix where you may choose to remove the dross by entering sacred alchemical transformation of the Refiner’s fire and Crucible.

NEW MIND: Achievement of Christ consciousness, or Krishna, or compassion of Buddha consciousness through meditation. The principles of the journey lay intellectual traction and maintain holistic cognition throughout the process.

Another perspective and view….

The first libation is to Solomon, King of Israel, or the ego. The second libation is to Hiram, King of Tyre, the spiritual body. The third libation is to Hiram Abiff, the Widow’s Son, the divine soul. The candidate is in front of a triangular table around which are ranged twelve burning candles and twelve cups, symbolizing life and love, the positive and negative aspects of the twelve zodiacal signs. In the center of the

table is a black coffin, symbolizing the tomb.

Above this is the Bible, representing the Law that progress is made through death, the latter represented by a skull and crossbones resting on the Bible. The Prelate then reads concerning the betrayal of the Christos by one of the twelve, and orders the candidate to extinguish one of the tapers to signify the apostasy of Judas Iscariot, the zodiacal sign of death, Scorpio.

The skull, which symbolizes the soul mate of Hiram, and Pluto, ruler of the sign of death, is called Old Simon in memory of Simon of Cyrene who bore the cross of Christ and shared his misfortunes. The history of the trial and crucifixion being read, the candidate is called upon to drink the fourth libation to Simon of Cyrene. His term of warfare is reduced from seven to three years on account of good behavior and he must now pass a year in penance.

He takes the skull in one hand and a lighted taper in the other, symbols of life and death, and travels to the sepulchre of the sun. He gains entrance to the sepulchre by means of five cuts, a symbol of intelligent dominion of the four zodiacal quarters, and by means of the password Golgotha, which means a skull, and symbolizes the end of life.

At this point is read the portion of the Bible relating how the angel of heaven rolled the stone away from the tomb of the sun. That is, the sun descending from the cross of Libra into the Tomb of Capricorn reascends to summer because the angle of heaven of equinoctial Aries rolls away the stone of winter.

The candidate is now given a black cross, symbolizing the autumnal cross of death. It signifies the stage of the adept’s journey representing the second death, the transition of the spiritualized man of the higher astral realms into the realm of pure spirit above the astral.

The candidate is shortly admitted to the asylum, or fourth room and requested to drink from the skull the fifth libation of pure wine. This fifth libation symbolizes the spiritual body that survives the second death.

It also symbolizes the reunion of soul mates, the first libation representing the ego, the second the spiritual body of Hiram, the third the divine soul of Hiram, the fourth the soul mate who shares all spiritual vicissitudes, and the fifth the spiritual body of the soul mate which blends with Hiram’s after the second death.

In case the candidate refuses to take the fifth libation as ordered he is charged by six knights with drawn swords. He is the seventh, thus indicating that the septenary of existence compels this spiritual reunion if immortality is to be attained.

Having partaken of life from the cup of Aries, the skull, he is appointed to fill the vacancy caused by Judas Iscariot, and so relights the extinguished taper; for Aries, the sign of life, is presided over by the same planet as the co-ruler of Scorpio, the sign of death. The dieugard is given by placing the end of the thumb under the chin, the fingers clenched. It denotes the Will to conquer death by passing into the new cycle represented by the chin which is the particular portion of the head where Aries exerts its most pronounced rulership.

The cross is given by drawing the hand horizontally across the throat and then darting it up before the face. This is the vernal cross of life. The grand hailing sign of distress is given by placing the right foot over the left, representing the solstitial cross, and extending both arms to signify the autumnal cross, the head inclining to the right in dejection to indicate lack of power.

The grip is given by interlacing the fingers of the right and left hands with the opposite brother, and as each crosses his arms pronouncing the word Emmanuel. It refers to the reascension through union after transition.

Knights of Malta

This degree is usually given with the Order of Knights Templar. The sign is made by holding out the hands as if warming them, representing the heat of summer. The lower edge of the left hand is then seized near the middle with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, representing the painful influence of the sun as it crosses the vernal equinox after being attacked by the claws of the Scorpion, and then the hands are raised in this position to a level with the chin, or Aries, and finally disengaged with a quick motion that extends them down at an angle of forty-five degrees, as if the evil influence of death, or Scorpio, has been thrown off. It is said to refer to Paul when shipwrecked on the Island of Melita being bitten by a serpent as he warmed himself at a fire.

The grand word of a Knight of Malta is INRI, said to be the initials of the words, Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeonun, meaning Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

But all well informed occultists know these initials are of the words, Igne Natura Renovature Integra, meaning All Nature is Renewed by Fire.

Knights of Christian Mark

The ritual of this degree is based upon resurrection and punishment or reward for deeds done upon earth. After prayer each knight, one after another, takes the Bible and waves it four times over his head saying, “Rex Regnantium et Dominus Dominantium,” (King of Kings and Lord of Lords), then kisses the book and passes it to the next and so on around the circle. It symbolizes the sun’s passage through the four quarters of the zodiac, signifies that all is under law, and that the sun is the source of all physical and spiritual life.

The sign is given by each knight interlacing the fingers of his left hand with those of his brother, and pointing a sword towards his heart, at the same time saying, Tammuz Toulimeth, meaning that life is uncertain and transitory.

The sign symbolizes the fall of the sun from Leo, or the soul from spiritual realms, across the equinox where summer and winter, or spirit and matter, join. The candidate is dubbed a knight of the Christian Mark by interlacing his fingers with those of the Invincible Knight and placing his other hand over his heart. The Invincible Knight and the Senior Knight then cross their swords on the back of the candidate’s neck, to symbolize the equinoctial cross of spring, and give him these words, “Tammuz Toulimeth,” an assurance of the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life.

Next, the Senior Knight reads a long passage the purport of which Is, “For he that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment, and his name shall be written in the book of life.” Six Grand Ministers, representing the six summer signs of the zodiac, come forward with swords and shields and one with an inkhorn. They are told to execute the judgment of the Lord, whereupon the candidate bewails his fate that his lips are unclean.

The first Minister takes a live coal from the altar and touches it to the candidate’s lips, representing the purification after the resurrection, and the sun’s passage through Aries after its rebirth. The candidate is then marked on the forehead with a signet leaving the words, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and is told that the number of the sealed is one-hundred-forty-four-thousand.

This refers to an ancient tradition that each volute of every round of humanity produces its harvest of immortal souls. A volute is one precessional cycle. The twelve signs through which the sun annually passes while the equinox is in each sign, multiplied by the twelve signs that the equinox passes through in the precessional cycle, make up the one-hundred-forty-four varieties of souls born during one evolutionary volute of time.

Those of all the one-hundred-forty-four zodiacal possibilities who find the Law, or Lord, and abide by it become spiritual kings. The insignia which is worn over the heart is a triangular plate of gold, representing body, soul, and ego. On one side is the letter G In a five-point star. It symbolizes that intelligent man is the climax of evolution through generation. On the other side are seven eyes, symbolizing the seven states of consciousness attained by the adept.

This refers to the rejuvenating effect of the creative principle when properly applied and transmuted on the rosy cross of spring.

The grip and word of a Knight of Malta are given by interlacing the fingers of the right hand, placing the forefinger in the other’s palm, reaching across with the left hand and pressing the fingers into the other’s side at the waist line, or Libra.

With the arms thus crossed one pronounces the words, “My Lord,” and the other rejoins, “And My God.” Their union in this fashion forms a maltese cross and an equinoctial cross, over both of which the sun passes annually.

The fingers in the palm refer to Jupiter ruling the sign Sagittarius from which the sun crosses the winter solstice into Capricorn. Jupiter is the greater fortune, the planet of generosity, and this emphasizes the necessity of unselfishness in united effort to gain immortality. The exclamation, “My Lord,” means all is under Law; and “My God,” refers to the ego overshadowing counterpart souls the final reunion of which results in immortality. This sign is said to refer to Doubting Thomas who must feel the nail prints and the spear wound in the Master’s side.

A Secret Master Lodge is said to represent the Sanctuary of Solomon’s Temple, the astral plane, which adjoins the Sanctum Sanctorum, or world of spirit. It is hung with black sprinkled with white tears to symbolize the realm of purification entered into after the resurrection from the wintry tomb of Aries. It is lighted by nine candelabra of nine lights each. The nine candelabra represent the nine decanates the sun passes through in its regeneration from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice. The eighty-one lights symbolize the eighty-one days it takes the moon to thrice circle the zodiac, each time being born to new life, to represent the life of the soul and its transition on all three planes. The Master is dressed as King Solomon, and sits before a triangular table to signify his actions on these three planes of life. He is dressed in royal robes to symbolize his authority, and holds in his hand a scepter, symbol of his virile power. A large ribbon of blue indicates knowledge gained through experiences with matter, winter, or Saturn. It extends from the right shoulder to the left hip, indicating knowledge of sex energy; and at the hip is suspended a golden triangle, signifying that this energy may be used on all three planes to gain illumination.

The second officer is Adoniram, representing Pluto and the soul mate of Hiram Abiff. He is clothed in black robe and cap to indicate mourning, and decorated with a white ribbon bordered with black, to indicate the dawning light of hope for immortality. The ribbon has a black rosette on it, representing the autumnal equinox and the triumph of material forces.

Also suspended from it is an ivory key, a spiritual key, with the letter Z engraved upon it. Z is a double 7, a union of a positive 7, or physically perfect man, with a negative 7, or physically perfect woman. It is the union of two open trines, an open trine meaning energy expended. But in this union there is compensation, and the energies are directed along the highest lines possible to embodied man, regenerate forces being used for a definite purpose.

It is necessary to distinguish between the duality which is inherent in the arrangement of things, and the dualism of behavior and thought which so easily results from it. In unitary thought the term “duality” is used for all dual aspects of nature, and “dualism” for a duality whose two aspects are incompatible.

Nature everywhere has the same general form, but dual aspects arise as soon as dis-tinctions are made. The primary duality from which all others spring is the separation of this system here and the rest of nature, of this particular process and its whole environment. There is nothing in-compatible about this duality, which is inherent in any world which can be conceived. But from it arise all the harsh intellectual dual-isms which separate what is not separated in nature.

The most important of these are the separation of absolute time and space, of the preservation of forms through time and the extension of forms in space, of organic process forms and static material forms, and of mental and material processes. None of these categories are absolute; each refers merely to an aspect of a unitary process.

One example is of special importance. The cardinal duality ex-presses itself in a dual development of the central nervous system which, in intellectual man, has broken out as damaging dualism. We have seen that the formative process has the property of forming structures which facilitate the development of the process. Such structures tend to fall into two classes, corresponding to the preservation of forms through time and the extension of forms in space. In the development of the central nervous system the organic structures in question are the retentive nerve masses of the brain and the conducting fibres of the sensorimotor system.

The brain retains records of form, while the nerves transmit the forms of stimuli through space. This differentiation of contrasted structures, each facilitating one aspect of development, has far-going consequences. As the nervous system developed in the higher mammals, the nerves conducted more quickly and the brain became more retentive, the organism being thus better linked both to environment and to its own past.

This specialization of function was controlled by the formative tendencies of the dominant organizing processes (in the brain and elsewhere) so that the two types of structure co-operated. the interaction of past records and present stimuli producing new responses.

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