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The method the Illuminati use to control people is to put one side against the other, a theory devised by Hegel which says, “Thesis verses antithesis equals synthesis.” They create forces, knowing that EVERY FORCE HAS AN OPPOSITE COUNTERFORCE, and with unconscious humans, conflict between the two creates the synthesis, which is the new situation.  The illuminati make themselves the synthesis. They create problems to be used for their own purposes. Everything is designed so they can apply a divide and rule process, which is why they play groups off against each other. They inserted immigrant groups into countries to divide and rule the people.

The method the Illuminati use to control people is to put one side against the other, a theory devised by Hegel which says, “Thesis verses antithesis equals synthesis.” They create forces, knowing that EVERY FORCE HAS AN OPPOSITE COUNTERFORCE, and with unconscious humans, conflict between the two creates the synthesis, which is the new situation.  The illuminati make themselves the synthesis. They create problems to be used for their own purposes. Everything is designed so they can apply a divide and rule process, which is why they play groups off against each other. They inserted immigrant groups into countries to divide and rule the people.

The religious background of the Illuminati varies according to their world views and how history is seen, from which perspective is compiled, and although we may tend to simplify complexities within our mind, by placing collected information in the same box, it isn’t the easiest way to reach conclusions, and much less the truth. Today, the ones claiming to be part of a specific group self-entitled Illuminati can be traced back in history to the Knights Templar, the Pythagorean Brotherhood, the Gnostics, the Luciferian and Pagan traditions, and many, many more.

The body of knowledge encompasses a huge amount of scientific truths kept hidden for thousands of years, and found in its entire body in the Vedic scriptures, the Egyptian schools of mysteries and even in the ancient Atlantic beliefs, which for many remain very alive today. Now, although for those in the darkness, the non-illuminated ones, the ignorant masses, it would be easier to divide the world in two parts, and place the illuminated ones in one category alone,  

We have to remember that, even though the nazis were, to a great extent, members of a secret society, the Thule Society, which most beliefs were incorporated in what we know today as Nazism, they did persecute many other societies that we still place in the same lineage of concepts known as being related to the Illuminati, namely, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism and more. And they did this with full support of the Vatican, which, supposedly, should be following an opposite religious direction.

We’re still very far from realizing that we’re not truly fighting a real battle, but merely opposing one another, fearing our own shadows and delaying our progress as human beings. The truth is that many of the founders and most well-known figures of these societies have tried to create a parallelism between all, and instead of placing themselves at the top of a hierarchy.

It is the deceptive few inside these groups that confuse the fundaments and shift the paradigms towards a war scenario between good and evil. In reality, the real illuminated ones, live and always lived beyond this duality, with their eyes in a future that unites us under the same God, the same rules and the same order, not to favor a few but everyone.

The New World Order is not, and was never supposed to be, an order of men, but an order of truth, in which humanity is guided towards its own enlightenment. This New Order is supposed to be a Golden Era as the Renascence once was. And, most interestingly, we’re heading there, with or without these groups, as God is supreme to the freewill of men. In this sense, it is wiser to be just an observer. Such is the attitude that this book promotes, by teaching how to observe current events at the light of a higher truth, and by inspiring critical thinking regarding a variety of issues related to the secret government controlling them.

As human beings, we tend to assume that the enemy is outside, but he often hides inside, our own heart, our own fears, and our own preconceptions of society. The ones you love the most, in their fear for your transformations, stop you the most from moving forward in life, and in their fears, stop themselves too from learning something useful in books written thousands of years ago.

We’ve been duped into a system that is designed to consoli-date wealth and power rather than provide a real opportunity for all people to thrive. By exposing this agenda, strategically challenging deceptive systems such as central banks and fiat currency and coming up with new ways to organize and cooperate, we can render obsolete this destructive agenda and liberate our planet, plus unleash our true human potential.

Everything of importance has been covered up under the model of the big lie.

For example, we are not learning the truth about pharmaceutical products, both the toxicity of vaccinations and the long-term harmful effects of various medications. The pharmaceutical industrialists (better named the Military Medical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Cartel) have almost total control over the mass media, and thus control over the mass mind.

As a result of the power they wield, people are not given factual information to make informed decisions; they are given propaganda. Consequently, the health choices people make are mired in ignorance, make them weaker, and toxify them to the point that they tend to die earlier. This is a fundamental reason for countering the big lie. You can live longer and be much healthier.

There is now what is identified as a global domination agenda, which is a plan by a powerful private banker elite to take over our primary systems. These are the biggest systems in the world, including money, energy, food, medicine, education, media, and influence over government officials who regulate these industries.

The elite seek to establish a sole authority over all these global issues, with themselves in charge. They use the media, central banks, multinational corporations, governments, major foundations, and international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to implement their strategies.

The financial elite are at the top. They use international and national central banks to control corporations, which they loan to at special rates, manipulate national economies and hence their governments, and get everyone in debt to the bankers.

Indeed all of the leaders of the so-called “free world” are totally controlled by a secret and wealthy oligarchy. Most of the elite controllers are not even in government, but dictate what the government will do.

An example of this is: Nathan Rothschild say: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

This agreement would tremendously benefit this shadow alliance of elitists, most of whom were zionists, and who owned and still own the pharmaceutical, food and military top industries of the world, further enriching themselves and their families even more.

If you do know there are ETs contacting Earth, then you will know there are alternative free energy solutions available and other technology beyond our wildest dreams.

Nikola Tesla said; “No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market”. They owns and controls everything that comes out on the market. Every new health device that threatens these pharmaceutical owners/controllers will be dumbed-down; as The Orgone Accumulator by Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Science and Healing Tools for the 21st Century.

Nikola Tesla was a master of resonance – the vibrational properties of the solid, liquid and gaseous substance of matter. He understood how physical vibrations of the body could be used as a medicine to treat the human condition. For entertainment, Tesla once convinced his good friend, Mark Twain to test out a vibrating platform. Tesla also believed that crystals were living entities and once wrote:
“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” An important fact to consider is when you resonate a quartz crystal, it creates a piezoelectric field and that field emanates into the surrounding ether.

Tesla said; If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“  and he said;  If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe. Numbers 3, 6, 9 is connected to a divine higher state of consciousness. This world prevent anyone outside these inner circles and secret societies have knowledge about how they can heal themselves by raising their inner vibrations/frequencies. They will continue create systems of more control and enslavement of the masses. A One World Government will give a few people control of the world, and a global world brain will artificially control and feed the mind of the masses. Every tech device that enters the market will slowly create more control.

If hidden knowledge of control prematurely accessed, would upset their monopolies based on oil-coal-nuclear energy, transportation, communications, gas fuel, and pharmaceuticals. After all, who would continue to pay all these ever-increasing prices for gasoline—the unnecessary burning of fossil fuel that is polluting the air, poisoning people, choking us all—if we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are non-polluting energy sources out there?

This is what the big lie is all about. It all comes back to the old journalistic adage, which is, if you cannot make sense of a story, then simply “follow the money:’ It is hard to absorb the enormity of the big lie until you know it personally. It is the greatest story never told. The extent to which humanity is being massively manipulated can be overwhelming. How can anyone conclude the objective truth about anything in life anymore?

We know corporations lie to us. We know governments lie to us. We know the media lies to us. Who can we trust? Yet, we can liberate ourselves once we start breaking through the fog, once we begin to penetrate the maze and start to “get it:’ But this requires undertaking a real re-education. The other option is to passively allow the programming of our minds to accept a pre-determined version of reality that the elite would like us to have.

“Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” cried the Wizard of Oz out of desperation, when he knew his cover was blown. There is a similar deception called the “big lie” in the world today. The lie is so vast, so all-encompassing, that everything we thought we knew about the world is an illusion—and there really is a “man behind the curtain:’ However, the illusion is effective only on the unwary, the unaware, and the uninformed. Just like the magician trying to trick us, once we know that the man behind the curtain is a fraud, the jig is up. The lie is exposed, the spell is broken, and the illusion loses its power over people.

“Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. … And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super-capitalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control….”

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order: —David Rockefeller, 1994

“The cruelest lies are told in silence: —Robert Louis Stevenson

“It’s not hard to find the truth. What is hard is not to run away from it once you have found it.”-Prometheus “We are a nation of sheep, and sheep are always led to slaughter There is tremendous power in knowledge, and in secrecy. Take away that secrecy, you make sure you are informed and you can change things.”-William Cooper “If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way: —Emile Zola, 19′ century French novelist

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” —Voltaire

`All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”-Frank Herbert, Dune “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” —Noam Chomsky

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep re-peating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State:’

A grand conspiracy must be identified in the esoteric narrative as two-fold: both as the effort to suppress the truth, and keeping that suppression shrouded in secrecy maintained by the “State.” The key to maintaining a massive secret agenda is a classic pyramid structure, a “need to know” system, where people only understand as much as they need to in order to accomplish their tasks, but no more. That way only the individuals at the top of each pyramid can ever access the full plan. Secret societies and the aerospace-military complex work this way, including the CIA, the banks, the major corporations, the military, mainstream media, and religious hierarchies.

The next stage after accumulating money is to seize power. The people who have established the Federal Reserve are beginning to create exclusive societies for themselves simply to retain and create yet more control.

The World Bank decides the fate of countries, and all building societies, insurance companies, and banks are under their influence. The Illuminati dynasties control the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank. The names of these and other banks imply that they are run for public benefit, but that’s another deception. The reason John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were killed by the ruling Elite of the world is because they both wanted to change this system. The crushing power of the Illuminati control all the media through business fasion. The puppets of the wealthy Elite conduct board meetings, sales meetings, training sessions, and management seminars to those who think they are successful in the world because they are educated, own a home, and have a good job. The ruling establishment teaches all of them how to present manipulated facts in a certain way. Anyone who presents manipulated facts differently will be fired, and this goes for all businesses.

The Illuminati are irresistable because they have paralyzing economic power and many methods of control and subjugation, which are indispensable to this power elite who run the world behind the scenes. They have complete control over all borrowing and lending, financial systems, banks, insurance companies, and building supplies.

The control system of the Illuminati controls ALL the universities and the whole educational system. ‘Ihey created the degenerate liberal systems of education, and the schools of sociology, education, economics, and politics. The degenerate educational system is corrupted, because through the power of funding by big business, men working with the Illuminati were inserted into the universities. Once in, their men spread their influence downward through primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Tie human powers ruling the system of the world have enormous influence through the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England and Ihe Council of Foreign Relations are two similar organizations.

The method the Illuminati use to control people is to put one side against the other, a theory devised by Hegel which says, “Thesis verses antithesis equals synthesis.” They create forces, knowing that EVERY FORCE HAS AN OPPOSITE COUNTERFORCE, and with unconscious humans, conflict between the two creates the synthesis, which is the new situation.

The illuminati make themselves the synthesis. They create problems to be used for their own purposes. Everything is designed so they can apply a divide and rule process, which is why they play groups off against each other. They inserted immigrant groups into countries to divide and rule the people.

The Illuminati practice is to say one thing and do another, because they know the public will accept the lies through laziness. The powers that be say to each other in secret meetings, “Keep them busy, busy, busy, back on the farm with other animals.” The system of the world keeps you too busy to see what’s really going on in the world. In the article ‘Who Are The Illuminati?’ by Richard Stone, published by The Truth Seeker, it says, We are kept so busy with business (or busyness) that we do not understand or participate in the decisions and events that will crucially affect our future.

When a real power move is made it usually is done secretly and suddenly often with the pretense that nothing has happened. There is preparation for opposition, but conflict is often not necessary as most people have been trained to be so passive that they will probably not create an effective opposition.”

The media covers the lines of suspicion by false accusation and deception, and the Elite will cover their tracks with multiple assassinations if necessary. The favoured methods of assassination used by the ruling Elite are fake motor accidents, artificially induced heart attacks, and apparent suicides which weren’t real suicides, but created to appear as such.

Social engineering is used by the rulers behind the scenes to control the population. Social engineering requires and involves easily manipulated rabble, which you hear on the news, in music, movies, and print media.

Almost everything is a form of conditioning, and everything in the mainstream is a tool used for social engineering. Being lost in the world is a result of social engineering, along with almost all the ideas, beliefs, opinions, and perspectives of those who follow an Organized Religion, watch the mainstream media, or have spent many years being educated by the educational system of questions and answers.

Those with special gifts, talents, and aptitudes are taken out of the mainstream structures, trained to serve the illuminati as part of their propaganda apparatus, and used for security and technical purposes. Societies which show any resistance will have their morals and manners mocked, and be beaten into submission.

Everyone else will be controlled by the essential components of the strategy of the Illuminati, which is total control of the media, the educational systems, and fashion industries. The reason there isn’t an open battle with the unseen rulers of the world is because the ruling Elite use various means for the subversion of societies and nations to conquer them from within by creating conflicts between and within groups.

The Illuminati create economic warfare with the goal of controlling the enemy’s economy after the conflict. They have economic power and express economic dominance, controlling almost all of the world’s economy. The unseen behind the scenes rulers of the earth are creating and developing a world government that we call the ‘new world order’ for various purposes, regardless of the consequences.

They despise the middle class, and as circumstances spiral downward, a world leader with a cynical contempt for most of humanity will be announced. A partial list of the consequences of the Illuminati’s plans are: jobs and neighbourhoods that don’t last, increased violence and crime, the demise and decline of public services which will be replaced by private enterprise, more profits for the big businesses while poverty increases for the middle class, good service for the few who have money to afford it, good health for only the well informed and rich who can afford it.

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