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The Power of The Gift of Universal Consciousness

The Power of The Gift of Universal Consciousness

There is more to our beings than the obvious. I believe it is your duty to yourself, God, and humanity to discover who you really are and why you are here.

External World Conscious mind—Subconscious mind Universal mind the very seat of power

External world (things going on around you)
Conscious mind (your present moment awareness)
Subconscious mind (your key to moving spirit)
Universal mind (The source of all power)

Make no mistake; The Universal mind is akin to the spirit of God, thus it is all knowing, all present, and all powerful.

Since psychic ability is demonstrated whenever someone picks up information from nontraditional, normally inaccessible sources, one must work to enhance the quality and substance of that information. And since the reception of that information is coming from sources other than a person’s intellect or understanding—information beyond his or her own knowledge base, reality, or experience—it is important to learn about those sources and become familiar with the universal mind. Psychic sensitivities are like receiving a coded message meant specifically for you and understood only by you.

It’s a kind of awareness that lies outside the realm of the here and now. It is where the presence of otherworldly existences align themselves with your inner being. They do so in order to inform and enlighten you on matters significant to you or others. Psychic awareness deepens the impact of coincidences, hunches, or urges.

The universal matrix transmits information across a telepathic thoroughfare that delivers additional information, deeper understandings, and clarification of situations and events. Psychic awareness turns a veiled nudge into a disclosure and an indiscriminate urge into a valuable discovery. A psychic has access to extensive recorded information held by the universal mind.

The psychic’s ability to tap into these intense psychic insights is the direct result of establishing a link with the universal mind and its unlimited stores of universal energy. This energy can be tapped by anyone who chooses to make an effort to tune into its subtle vibrations.

You don’t have to be the “chosen one” to receive information or inspiration from God and the Universe.

Before you decided to come to earth in physical form to experience life, your soul existed without your physical body. You were able to move freely, kind of like the way you did when you just observed yourself. You were able to move about the Universe by thought and desire, without the factors of time, space, and negative influences which are only associated with the physical. You existed in a different dimension, which some refer to as heaven or the other side, in pure spirit form. When you take away time, space, and negativity, you have the formula to discover and unleash your beautiful soul.

Like a bio-chemical radio transceiver, some individuals, for better or for worse, seem to have the ability to “tune-in” to and “surf” the “universal consciousness; the “flowline,” or the “Akasha” memory matrix which links all thinking entities together on the deepest levels of the unconscious, allowing them to travel to specific places in space and time. Others can go through extensive remote viewer training to enable these abilities.

This type of conscious awareness is composed of neural “short waves” which are localized with the in-dividual, however unconscious awareness is composed of neural “long-waves” that reach beyond the individual. For instance, these neural states are active during dreaming, thus explaining why many have reported experiencing “shared dreams” with other people. The nature of consciousness can be described as a quantum hologram, where all are tied into one awake and aware being shining through every individual.

In discussing the problem concerned with synchronicity and precognition, Carl Jung turns to the concept of teleology. The teleological principle holds that the end is implied in the beginning. All goal-directed behavior involves this principle. Implied in the acorn is the future oak tree, which to some extent directs the growth of the acorn.

We can see that all of biological life is teleologically determined. The phenomena of growth, adaptation, evolution, and reproduction are all witness to this fact. The point concerning human events is to consider where “cosmic” predetermination and our own willpower leave off and randomness, chance, and uncertainty enter in.

The future is to be looked at as a series of probable futures.. Ouspensky would argue that the future is determined by the fifth and sixth dimensions of time, that is, when the “could have beens” and “the all possibilities existing in eternity” manifest themselves on the physical plane. This deeper dimension of time certainly exists in our minds. Our plans for the future exist as imagination. Yet these cognitive structures should also, in fact, exist in some physical sense, in a realm we are now calling hyperspace.

Evidence for telepathy, synchronicity, and precognition strongly suggests the presence of the universal mind, one that all humans have access to. According to this theory, at the periphery we are each individuals, but at deeper levels, all psyches transcend individuality and blend into the collective mind. In this model, telepathy would simply be the ability to tap into what is already present at deeper layers. What one person thinks occurs as a faint vibration in the collective psyche of all people.

It’s believed that one has access to all knowledge, known and unknown. Through the Universal Mind, people have access to an infinite power; one then is able to tap into the limitless creativity of the One. All these attributes are present within one at all times in their potential form.

The potential to recognize and/or create new vibrations is an inherent capacity of our mind-brain. When you are able to harness this capacity, you will be empowered to influence and perceive vibrations and thereby alter your future.

When you achieve enlightenment, you will be able to perceive a deeper level of reality and experience existence at the fifth level of consciousness.

Only Universal intelligence. the Universal mind cognizices all. They key is to tap that all knowing,

As Lucia Capacchione explains in her book Recovery of Your Inner Child, when you reach your inner being you will have awakened your inner child. Your inner child is latent within you; it is your original id. Once you are able to peel away its myriad protective outer shells you will sense that your core being has its own vibration. When you recognize its unique existence, you will begin to no longer view your-self as having defects or insurmountable problems. Those emotions, you will come to understand, are merely the external, superficial, left-brained, third-person perspectives. Your inner self is neither directed nor judged by the standards and expectations of society. It is imbued within you from birth, and it uniquely contains the ability to resonate with the wisdom contained within the Universal Consciousness, or as I prefer, Mind of God. However, its powers are bridled by the many layers of outward persona our complex societies create.

When you attain enlightenment and add this affirmation to your core being, you will have evolved your essence to another level. At this new level you will be your true self, and you will be devoid of the Ego and Superego masks you have con-structed to meet the needs of your id. In addition, every time you meditate on who you are via your affirmation of “I am”, you will be in touch with the inner belief that you can change the course of your fixture.

In this augmented state of inner self, you will be empowered from within to bring about positive change. Once you have enhanced your innermost vibration to unequivocally believe that you possess the inherent power to change the future (which assuredly you do), you are properly positioned to make the second change to your core being by internally focusing on what you desire. Just as you developed into who you are because your Id innately craved love and warmth and feared loud noises and the sensation of falling when you came into this world, you can shape the course of your future by creating an internal desire consistent with your new life’s goals.

The Zen phrase “it breathes you” tidily embraces this notion. The “it’ in this expression is the future version of what you have willed to be-come. When you transform your Id to fully exist as your projected it, your willed imagery will breathe life into your future image. Just as you have been unconsciously satisfying the needs of your Id your entire life, by internally maintaining the mental image of your desired future, you will unconsciously become it. You will now be in a light state of auto-suggestive meditation. From this state, you can internalize affirmation statements such as: “I will always maintain a stale of positive feelings because I know that the very thoughts and feelings harbor now will help to manifest the future I desire. I draw upon and am open to receive the Universal vibration; which are the source of health, intuition, success and happiness for me, my loved ones, and those who are aiding in my good fortune”.

Keep always in min’ d that even after you first uncover your id, you will need to re-attain your state of introspective enlightenment on a regular basis because input from your physical senses will constantly interfere with your sense of true reality. Along with the relentless onslaught of sensual input, you will be continually subjected to the systematic acculturation vibrations of society which programs its constituency to both interpret and respond to events in a prescribed manner. This is why societies have certain traits among their members.

While under the influence of this cultural network, it is difficult to maintain self-awareness and subjectively view reality with a beginner’s mind. Fortunately, from a state of enlightenment you can shelter your core from these influences by raising your vibrations above them. You will then be empowered to view things as they truly are, rather than being vibrationally influenced by outside forces. Because we live day-to-day in an environment that entrains us to interpret and react to stimuli in a collective manner, most people live and die without ever knowing their true potential.

In The Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel takes the readers through the evolution of consciousness. In the work, the mind experiences different stages of consciousness. It begins with the lower levels of consciousness and moves through to the higher levels of consciousness. The Phenomenology is where Hegel develops his concepts of dialectic, including the Master-slave dialectic, absolute idealism, ethical life, and Authebung. The book had a profound effect in Western philosophy, and “has been praised and blamed for the development of existentialism, communism, fascism, death of God theology, and historicist nihilism.”

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