The concept of the ‘ deep state ‘ is used frequently to refer to a kind of security structure able to operate outside the law. Washington D.C., the City of London and Vatican City being the three City States of the world, which all operate outside of the laws of the countries in which they reside.

The concept of the ‘ deep state ‘ is used frequently to refer to a kind of security structure able to operate outside the law.

Washington D.C., the City of London and Vatican City being the three City States of the world, which all operate outside of the laws of the countries in which they reside.

⦁ They control the world through Military Power (D.C.),
⦁ Financial Control (London) and
⦁ Spiritual Control (Vatican City).

The Vatican Obelisk presents the spiritual authority of the pirates in this godless world, the second Obelisk, located in London, symbolizes the financial authority, and one in Washington personifies the military power. The grounds are the following: Vatican organizes religious power, London – financial, Washington – military power for the empire pirates. All revolutionsin the world, crucial events, discoveries, and also absence of discoveries were performed under the consent of empire pirates.

This chart identified the British Royal Control structure of the world. It spoke about the origins of the British Monarchy, and briefly covered their global control structure. This structure basically puts the British Royal Family at the top of the food chain of the world, second only to something symbolized with an eye. The chart showed them having various means of control over the so-called debt slaves (You and I).

The structure of this control system is global, and runs deep in the form of a multi-layer pyramid. This is the hierarchy of the Illuminati, or as some may call them, the New World Order. Their agenda is to establish a One World Government, One World Monetary System through monetary hyperinfla-tion, economic implosion, resource consolidation, eradica-tion of civil liberties and privacy, socialism and totalitarianism, national disarmament, unifying economies and centralizing control for their own benefit. The hierarchy is as follows:

• The Crown: The governing body of the City of London (Corporation), a committee of 12 banks headed by the House of Rothschild. This committee is the mas-termind pulling the strings in the world economy.

• British Monarchy: The Britain Royal Family (House of Windsor). This is the ceremonial crown of Great Britain. This is the one royal family the entire world knows and is considered at the top of the food chain.

• Crown Council of 13: These are the World’s Richest, Most Powerful Families, or what some would re-fer to as the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines (Illuminati), or the enlightened ones. This crown council, or cartel, is comprised of The Astor, The Bundy, The Collins, The DuPont, The Freeman, The Kennedy, The Li, The Onassis, The Reynolds, The Rockefeller, The Rothschild, The Russell and the Van Duyn families. (Do your own research).

• Committee of 300: World’s Richest, Most Powerful Sub-families.

• Powerful Sub-families (Think Tanks): This includes The Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations and The Builderburg Group; col-lectively known as The Round Table. These are the groups who determine the direction of world governments and political events.

• World Financial Control: The International Monetary fund, World Bank, Central Banks and the Bank of International Settlements. These are the controlling groups of world financial and monetary direction. They use Tax Revenue and Interest Revenue to enslave nations and their people.

• World Resource Control: Corporations. These are the entities that gain control over resources and gain wealth through exploitation of human needs, wants and desires.

• World Population Control: This is the mechanism by which the population is kept under strict control. This is achieved through Religions – Teaches heavenly re-ward for obeying rules, Governments – Secret Service, Military, Police, Courts and Prisons, Education -Programming the intellectual with status quo academia, and Media — Controls the Elite’s message to the masses.

• Population Resources = Labor Units: These are the Debts Slaves, or economic slaves who go through the cycle of Birth, School, Labor, Taxes, Debt and Retirement. This is where the 99% are in on the pyramid.

This is the actual Pyramid Structure of the World. Think about it, where do you fall?

Simply by knowing this design, and the intended effects of it, you know the forces that are working against you. What this means is that The Crown, the Royal Family of Britain, The Committee of 300, those Think Tank Sub-Families, World Financial Institutions, Big Corporations, Religion, Government, Education and The Mainstream Media are all control mechanism forces working against you in a design to keep you an indebted, dependent and subservient subject existing as a resource whose only purpose is to serve the hier-archy of the design.

Note Some of these groups have some of the same owners and top ranking members operating within them.

Just like with gravity holding you down to Earth, all of these forces are holding you down. It’s hard to rise above the oppressive, inequality being implemented. Their purpose is to consolidate all resources, establishing a one-world government and global monetary union. But, knowledge is the first key to being able to send a sharp, poisonous spear right up the ass, and through the heart of the so called Monarchy, the richest families, the sub families and all the controlling forces of this pyramid that stand between you and your complete freedom.

The way they destroy your freedom is to destroy pur-chasing power via inflation, create economic slaves through debt and interest, and destroy civil liberties through socialism.

The forces of nature are all around us. But, the forces that wish to control our lives and prosperity are also all around us, watching and manipulating. We must make a conscious effort to understand factors that affect our economy, our debt based monetary system, our corrupt financial system and our conflicted, revolving door government.

By understanding the dynamics of these forces and the systems that control various aspects of our lives, we can then use them to our advantage, and beat them; or we can simply dismantle them and create a new, fairer system.

The Catholic Church is the strongest financial power and the largest property owner in history. It’s had possession of more property than any bank, trust or corporation on Earth has ever had. And they doesn´t need pay any taxes. Its more likely the Vatican is a Corparation. “The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.”

Rothchilds owns Bank of England in City of London, and controls every central bank in the world, except four. Rothchilds also controls the Vatican, and owns Pentagon which ZIP code is Washington. Rothchild controls all these power cities.

Some people in United Kingdom started a company named Virginia in 1606 – this Company is todays America, and this land was donated to the Vatican. These three lands/cities are same who controls the world:

⦁ They control the world through Military Power (D.C.),
⦁ Financial Control (London) and
⦁ Spiritual Control (Vatican City).

Crown is a private corporation having a counsel of twelve members and a mayor called the lord mayor. Each out of these thirteen people represented the world’s wealthiest families who owned some financial institutions (banks, financial centers etc.). Among the common people, who were aware of that, these thirteen were called the “Ring of Power” and this circle included such families as Rotshield’s, Varburg’s, Oppenheimer’s and Shift’s and their descendents.

The Crown Corporation was a proprietor of royal colonial lands around the whole world: in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The British Parliament and the prime minister were the glass case of this “butcher’s”.

Thirteen families’ corporation glass case. As London and the Vatican the third city-state was founded in 1982. It was called the District of Columbia and was located on ten square miles in the centre of Washington. It also had its own flag and the constitution of its own.

The latter claimed the city’s independence but in fact all three city-states represented One Empire, called the “City Empire” as well.

The flag of the District of Columbia has three stars, one per each district of the empire. It is worth mentioning that this three-city Empire controlled the world economically through the London’s City, by means of the military it acted through the District of Columbia and influenced the religion through the Vatican.

The Constitution of the District of Columbia was based on the tyrannical Roman law and had nothing in common with the American Constitution. The Congress adopted an act in 1871 establishing separate corporate government for the District of Columbia. This law allowed D.C. to function beyond the legal limits set by the US Constitution and beyond the interests of American citizens.

The very instant their rule is challenged by wider sections of a rebellious population or by sections of the bourgeoisie itself, their “absolute power” gets the first cracks, and if the rebellions get out of hand, the bourgeoisie will look in good time for a better and more suitable ruler, for a better puppet or for a better system of class rule even, sometimes allowing wider sections of the population to have a say in politics in order to rescue their class rule.

The notion of unlimited power put forward by bourgeois ideologues is based on fantasy.

They are unable to discern the social forces behind dictators or dictatorships. It is an unwritten law in bourgeois societies, but also in other class societies, to carefully hide these forces and to make them dis-appear for regular people. For this purpose a “democratic” facade is needed, bourgeois parliamentarianism is needed to create new illusions in the general public, the illusion of the “democratic” character of parliamentary political systems, the illusion also that one could change the system by taking part in elections, by simply making a cross at a person’s name, by voting for a certain political party or the head of such a party.

The people then elected, are, of course, never called “dictators”, but full-blooded “democrats”, even if they betray the voters soon after the elections have taken place.

The people then elected, are, of course, never called “dictators”, but full-blooded “democrats”, even if they betray the voters soon after the elections have taken place.

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