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Kundalini Beyond the brain – Kundalini’s job is to lead us beyond the brain/mind, in its physically oriented adolescent form, but Kundalini must use the brain/mind as developed in order to get beyond it

Kundalini Beyond the brain – Kundalini’s job is to lead us beyond the brain/mind, in its physically oriented adolescent form, but Kundalini must use the brain/mind as developed in order to get beyond it.

Kundalini is the Self in its dynamic phase or dimension. When the Kundalini is utterly free (or unconstricted), so is the Self. The great Hindu sage, said Kundalini is just another name for the Self Just as the flames of a fire cannot be separated from the fire, the Kundalini action of the Self cannot be separated from the Self, one’s Divine Beingness.

The aim of this evolutionary impulse is to make man aware of himself, and with this sublime awareness, to make him regulate his life as a rational human being, free from egotism, violence, excessive greed and ambition and immoderate lust and desire, to lead to a state of unbroken peace and happiness on the earth….

Enlightenment, therefore, is a natural process ruled by biological laws as strict in their operation as the laws governing the continuance of the race. The central target of this evolution is self-awareness for the soul….This is the purpose for which you and I are here—to realize ourselves … to bring the soul to a clear realization of its own divine nature.

Kundalini’s job is to lead us beyond the brain/mind, in its physically oriented adolescent form, but Kundalini must use the brain/mind as developed in order to get beyond it.

Kundalini is a sacred power that we must approach with humility and respect, not like electricity, a power that is inanimate and can be controlled from the outside. Kundalini is the power and the grace of the Divine Mother and carries the higher evolutionary potential of Mother Nature.

Kundalini is a manifestation of Shiva’s Shakti and requires the consciousness of Shiva in order to control its great power that extends to the universe as a whole. Kundalini contains within herself all potentials for the higher evolution of consciousness.

This means outwardly promoting a higher development of the brain and nervous system, particularly the neocortex of the brain. Inwardly it means going beyond the physical and personal state altogether. Once awakened, Kundalini takes the soul from its individualized or Jiva state to its transcendent or Shiva state. Kundalini is our potential to become Shiva at the core of our being.

Kundalini is the life that exists even in death, and which allows us to cross over death into a new birth into eternity.

Beyond these six Chakras at the upper termination of the spinal cord, is the thousand petalled lotus; the abode of Lord Shiva (supreme being). When the Kundalini Shakti unites itself with the supreme Being, the aspirant gets engrossed in deep meditation during which he perceives infinite bliss. This is a subtle centre in the brain. On activation of Sahastraar a very fine, elixir-like secretion is produced from it which permeates the whole body thus making the human forever free of all ailments.

The true identification with the Self is only possible when the Kundalini is settled in the seventh chakra.

When finally the Kundalini reaches the highest centre in the brain, the aspirant attains Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In that state, the mind becomes dead to the body and external world. The ego is wiped off and the individual spirit recognizes its eternal union with the Supreme Spirit.

“The seventh centre in the brain is not actually designated as a ‘chakra’ but as ‘sahasrara’ in the Tantric books and ‘Usha-Nisha-Kamala’ in the Budd-hist texts. It is often shown surrounding the head in the statues of Buddha, more or less like a cap. In this sense ‘Sahasrara’ refers to the cerebral cortex and, in fact, the whole of the brain.

This is obvious from the fact that once Kundalini enters into the Braluna-rendre . . . the whole of the cranium is illuminated and a new pattern of consciousness is born.” From its repository in the reproduct-ive organs, a fine stream of living energy filters into the brain as fuel for the evolutionary process. As the energy moves upward, it passes through various chakras along the central channel of the spinal cord into the topmost chakra in the brain.

This does not happen in every case, in fact, it is quite rare for the kundalini process to be carried to completion, but the genetically-ripe person to whom it happens experiences a golden-white light within his cranium. Apparently this is the same light which is visibly seen by people as the aura or halo around saints and highly-evolved sages.

The flow of kundalini into the brain has been described by mystics as “ambrosia” and “nectar,” giving rise to exquisite sensations similar to those of orgasm but surpassing them by many orders of magnitude.

The sensations are felt most intensely above the palate in the midbrain, and in the hindbrain in a descending arc parallel to the curve of the palate. This is known in yoga physiology as the Sankini, the curved duct through which the bioplasma passes into the brain. ‘ “

During the kundalini process, the entire nervous system under-goes a microbiological change and is transformed, especially the brain. The result of a fully awakened and developed kundalini is both perceptible changes in the organism and a new state of consciousness, the cosmic consciousness of mystics and enlightened seers. This vital awareness of unity with God,

Gopi Krishna says, is the core experience behind all the world’s major religions, and is the goal of all true spiritual and occult practices. Man has an innate hunger for this slate of paranormal perception. Moreover, bountiful nature has provided the means for achieving it : kundalini, the biological basis of religion and genius.

This is the “secret” behind yoga and all other spiritual disciplines, esoteric psychologies and genuine occult mysteries. It is also the key to genius, psychic powers, artistic talents, scientific and intellectual creativity, and extreme longevity with good health.

kundalini awakenings; breaking ego boundaries; mystical  experience; connecting and empowering experiences (love, letting go, etc.);

The root chakra shows the kundalini serpent encircling a stone lingam, comparable to the rise of serpent power within the popular Hindu deity Shiva. Working with the transcendental aspect of the spiral symbol is a means to break free of ego trappings and the symbolic chains that bind us.

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