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Prince of Darkness – Somewhere in Europe, a brilliant man is working behind the scenes to gain a position of absolute power over the emerging New World Order

Prince of Darkness – Somewhere in Europe, a brilliant man is working behind the scenes to gain a position of absolute power over the emerging New World Order

Somewhere in Europe, a brilliant man is working behind the scenes to gain a position of absolute power over the emerging New World Order. Someday this man will sell his soul to Satan to “receive the kingdoms of this world.” The ancient prophecies of the Bible call the coming world dictator the “Antichrist.” He is destined to lead the world during the terrible period of time the prophets call the Great Tribulation.

Initially the Antichrist will succeed in establishing a totalitarian one-world government to dominate the earth. However, his evil career will be shattered at the Battle of Armageddon. There he will meet his ultimate destruction when Jesus Christ, the King of kings, returns in glory to establish His kingdom on earth.

We need to consider the words of Jesus Christ: “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life: and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36). Jesus asked His disciples a vital question, “Who do you say that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:15,16). Each of us must answer that question about Christ for ourselves. What does Christ mean to you? If the Bible is truly the Word of God, as the prophetic evidence proves, our answer to that question will determine our eternal destiny.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists in history, was fascinated by prophecy. In his brilliant study Observations on Daniel and the Revelation he wrote about the fundamental importance of prophecy for Christians. “The giving ear to the Prophets is a fundamental character of the true Church. For God has so ordered the Prophecies, that in the latter days the wise may understand, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand… The authority of the Prophets is divine, and comprehends the sum of religion… Their writings contain the covenant between God and His people, with instructions for keeping this covenant, instances of God’s judgments upon them that break it: and predictions of things to come.”

For a thousand years the ancient Roman empire strode across the world as an iron colossus crushing all opposition beneath its iron legs. Its emperors ruled their conquered lands with absolute dictatorial power. The Bible foretold a miraculous revival of the Roman Empire in the last days that will be led by the final world dictator.

The man known as the Antichrist will dominate the political, military and religious events of the last days. It is vital that we understand the Bible’s revelations about the Antichrist. The people who live under his rule will face a terrible choice when he claims to be “god on earth.” He will demand that everyone worship him and receive the Mark of the Beast. The Scriptures declare that anyone who receives his Mark will be damned forever to hell. The martyrs who reject the Antichrist’s claims and worship Jesus Christ will receive the gift of eternal life in heaven. If we are to have a clear understanding of the amazing times we live in, we need to examine the prophecies about the revival of the Roman Empire and its coming dictator — the Antichrist.

We are rapidly approaching the greatest crisis in human history. The choices facing mankind are truly awesome in their magnitude and terrible consequences. The world is drifting toward a whirlpool of unimaginable destruction. This apocalyptic disaster could mean the end of human life; perhaps the end of history itself. Rampant nationalism and ethnic hatreds, combined with the devastating power of nuclear and biological weapons, could easily lead to horrors that would eclipse the worst excesses of World War II. On the other hand, the New World Order could easily become a vehicle for a totalitarian government that would extinguish all hope of human freedom forever. Lord Acton said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A strong case can be made for the argument that human freedom can only exist for a long period of time in a political system that divides power among different groups to create natural checks and balances between competing interests. However, current trends are leading us inexorably toward a New World Order in which all power on the planet will be possessed in one supranational institution led by one supreme leader.

Where would the suffering citizens of such a worldwide dictatorial government turn for relief from the long dark night of slavery? The world would descend into a black abyss of totalitarian power beyond our darkest nightmares. The awesome weapons and the overwhelming surveillance powers of such a “Big Brother” government would leave people without hope or the possibility of escape. This desperate nightmare will become real if the proponents of this “Brave New World” succeed in achieving their goal of a one-world government.

The Scriptures indicate that man is approaching a profound crisis beyond anything ever experienced by humans. Only God can save the planet from the approaching disaster. The prophets promise that this crisis will be resolved by the miraculous intervention of the Messiah who will save mankind from destruction and establish the Kingdom of God on earth. The Great Tribulation will end in a cataclysmic battle between the worldwide dictatorship of the Antichrist and the coming Messiah. Christ’s victory over Satan’s Prince of Darkness will bring about the realization of all our hopes and dreams of “a paradise regained” under the rule of the Messiah-King.

From Genesis to Revelation the Word of God unfolds a prophetic program revealing the past, present and future. From the first prediction of the Messiah’s virgin birth in Genesis 3:15 to the closing prophecies of the book of Revelation the central role of Jesus Christ is revealed through the unfailingly accurate predictions of the ancient prophets. The prophet Isaiah declared that God done knows the future: “Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them” (Isaiah 42:9). No other religious book contains detailed predictions of future events, because no one but God can predict the future accurately. Satan, himself, cannot prophesy accurately. If the devil could predict the future with precision he would inspire his New Age followers to do so to impress mankind.

Illuminati who controls and created Hollywood using two methods to create fake predictions. How do they do?

  1. They using predictive programming. Predictive Programming is theory that the government or other higher-ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events. They plant a seed of a future happening in movies to program the human brain or the masses to later accept a needed change in their direction.

“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” – Alan Watt

  1. They could create a crisis and use it to achieve their goals. In other words, in the world of ruthless power politics, one can apply the Hegelian Dialectic in a perverse manner. Simply offer a draconian solution to a problem you have engineered, which, after compromises, still advances the secret agenda of those who created the problem in the first place.

The promoters of the New World Order in the United States have used the Hegelian Dialectic as a tool to promote their globalization ideals in the United States.”… again and again … using the theory of the Hegelian Dialectic to bring it about. They are manipulating events, creating conflicts, creating wars, and destroying the lives of untold millions …The New World Order is the desired synthesis of the controlling forces operant in the world today.”

The conflict is drawn to the world stage by the controlled media outlets with a barrage of media release to create a cry that “Something has to be done!” or “We must unite to save the planet”! And That is the desired Reaction. The NWO puppeteers then provide the Solution. They create the mess, then provide the solution – a one world government.

Who will run this One World Government? The answer is Antichrist.

Who will run this One World Government? The answer is Antichrist.

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