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The evolutionary impulse that drives the ever-unfolding nature of existence is calling us to awaken to the pristine perfection of our inner light, and then to fully embody and express this light amid the imperfection and darkness of the world.

A new awakening is occurring. Right here, right now, the healing of duality the dissolution of the perception of separation and the recognition, and acceptance of our Oneness is quickly gathering momentum. More and more people are recognizing separation, or the split within, as destructive and are willingly and desperately seeking to restore love and harmony in their lives. They are responding to a deeper call to Truth.

The Natural Intelligence that animates the Universe is the some Intelligence that animates me. Since the dawn of humanity the world has been full of mysterious and unexplainable events, And there have always been people who have tried to figure out how they happen.

Many, so-called, “miraculous occurrences” have been de-mystified by science over time Through the acquisition of greater scientific knowledge. For example, the properties of a specific kind of stone referred to as lodestone, Once held a bizarre-like quality in which the stones magically attracted pieces of iron Until scientists explained this attraction as an invisible force called magnetism.

Another invisible energy that we all know from basic physics is when an apple falls from a tree.

There is an unseen force of gravity pulling the apple towards the ground. And furthermore, when a Geiger counter is placed near a piece of radioactive material.

We can physically observe the result of the hidden force of radioactivity Imperceptibly impacting the sensors of the Geiger counter. In a similar manner to the three natural and invisible forces listed above.

There is also a ubiquitous unseen impulse acting within the entire Universe Which animates, shapes, and directs the Cosmos as it constantly evolves. For fourteen billion years, this invisible and infinitely intelligent impulse of evolution Has been infusing all of known reality So as to fashion its unique and profoundly diverse patterns of creativity.

The Evolutionary Impulse can be described as life’s Natural Intelligence.

That animates every material form along a path of perpetual creative unfoldment. It can be thought of as the Infinite Creativity within all of existence.

That intelligently shapes and organizes higher expressions of manifested form, Such as galaxies, stars, oceans, myriad life forms, and every human being.

The Evolutionary Impulse is (from a religious perspective) the Universal Force of God That guides development and manifestation within all forms of the natural world.

It is the Force that “attracts together” sub-atomic particles, the planets in their solar orbits, All Interdependent ecosystems, as well as two lovers who experience romantic passion.

The Evolutionary Impulse can also be described metaphysically as the Fidel of Love That intentionally shapes Universal Light into the many forms of creation (Power) Producing atoms, molecules, weather patterns, and complex organisms, etc. You and I are like grains of sand resting upon “the tightly stretched fabric of the Cosmos”

And listening to the hallowed frequencies of the Universe’s celestial music As this intelligent impulse of life vibrates through us And invisibly sculpts us into our next novel pattern of creative expression.


I align with the Source of Limitless Power so that Life Force energy easily flows through me.

When a building contractor erects a new modem home
Its construction includes a vast network of electrical wires
Which are laid within the interior framework of the walls
So as to create a system of available wire
Designed to allow electric power to flow throughout the building.

The individual electric wires have no intrinsic power of their own Since they are simply “the hollow conduits” intended to channel streams of energy. But obviously, must be directly connected to a power source In order for “the magic of electricity” to pass through them. When a contractor decides it’s time (or the system to be connected to the source of power, Then the free flow of electricity can circulate everywhere throughout the home. And electric power can be available via its intricate labyrinth of wires.

Our physical human form has come into being based on millions of years of evolution Directed by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe And, over time, has developed intricate energy circuits, or meridian channels, Which allow Life Force energy to circulate throughout our body In a similar manner that electricity Moves through the individual wires of a house.

This Life recce energy can be thought of as the natural Vital Force within the Universe That circulates throughout every unique form of life.

All living creatures on Earth experience this vital Force of rejuvenation, healing, and renewal. And for thousands of years. the Chinese have referred to this force by the word “Chi”, Which also means Living Spirit – or Universal Energy.

The entire Cosmos is filled and animated by the force of Chi That perpetually moves through all phenomena and every expression of life. Like the unseen power of an electric current which circulates through the wires of a home, Chi is the invisible Living Spirit that permeates within all beings And within all of creation.

Animals and plants appear to circulate this energy naturally and effortlessly, But only we humans seem to have the ability to unnaturally impede its flow With our habitual mental constrictions of fear and loveless thinking.

Therefore, It’s up to each of us to maintain a flow of Chi throughout our body By staying consciously aligned to the Source of Limitless Power.

Chi is like the invisible breath (Life Force) offered by a Master Musician (one’s Eternal Self), Which circulates through the hollow chamber of a flute (one’s physical body) Giving vitality to the instrument and empowering the music for “the dance of life”.

Chi is like the invisible breath (Life Force) offered by a Master Musician (one’s Eternal Self), Which circulates through the hollow chamber of a flute (one’s physical body) Giving vitality to the instrument and empowering the music for “the dance of life”.

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