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The Key to the Great Secret – The sword in the stone is a direct reference to the secret spiritual process, you must pull the sword from your own stone to start the process.

The Key to the Great Secret – The sword in the stone is a direct reference to the secret spiritual process, you must pull the sword from your own stone to start the process.

King Arthur was a hero the same as Jesus. Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table were just different facets of his own personality, the same as the Apostles were for Jesus. Lancelot was Arthur’s soul, Guinevere his spirit. Arthur, the purified ego, realised he had to die so they could live, united together as one.

Your soul loves your ego unconditionally, warts and all, but your ego does not even know of your soul’s existence, “there is no other god but me”. You will have to introduce them because this is the basis of the greatest eternal love story ever told, Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Arthur and Guinevere. Unfortunately, your ego, in its ignorance, keeps your soul imprisoned at a basic level and will not allow it to develop into the person that you potentially are because it is afraid of the unknown.

The ego has to be taken to task and its eyes opened to its own behaviour and attitude, an egocentric attitude on the individual scale and an ethnocentric attitude on a national scale. If we could persuade our ego to be less egocentric, to become more self-aware of its own attitudes then we could avoid projecting uncomfortable feelings onto others, and face up to the unpleasant truths that exist within ourselves.

Projection, ultimately, is a denial of truth within ourselves, leading to a reversal of reality which makes us blind to the suffering of others, blind to the real cause of suffering and injustice in the world, blind to the real meaning of Jests, blind to any other possibilities and blind to itself and its own behaviour. We have to stop blaming everyone else, and face up to these uncomfortable truths, we have to stop hiding from them and courageously emerge from our shells, from Plato’s cave.

You have to convince your ego there is nothing to be afraid of and a whole new world out here waiting for you to “come forth, Lazarus”. Gnostics gained access to God by a secret method of prayer that bypassed the ego’s constant vigilance. They did this through a highly evolved spiritual system, which remains ‘dormant’ in most people within the bodymind, the Chakra system.

The Chakra system is where our soul resides and is the means of achieving direct contact with God. The soul should naturally develop through the Chakras as it matures, evolves and grows towards the Light of God, like a flower grows towards the light of the sun, each Chakra opening like a flower blooms, as our soul reaches that level, or like a vine, each Chakra developing like grapes on the vine.

Jesus is the ‘sun’ of God that our soul aspires to, not the ‘son’ of God. The ‘son of God’ is a literal misunderstanding based on a Gnostic play on words. The Chakras are our soul’s stairway to heaven; the soul exists within our Chakra system and wants to grow, but your ego is scared of letting that happen. Your ego is only doing what it thinks it has to do to help you survive in the world in which it finds itself Your soul has to gently persuade your ego that it needs help, that it has to let go and make way for something better to come.

Every individual must decide whether the effort of applying EQ is worth it; whatever the decision, there will be consequences, either negative or positive. EQ brings great power but we must choose to use it, and to use it for good.

When it comes to leading with EQ, follow-through is critical to success. By thinking of EQ as a muscle you need to exercise regularly to keep it strong—as opposed to thinking of it as a tool you acquire through a one-time investment you can keep an attitude of commitment and focus that will hold you in good stead even with the occasional challenges that will come your way and tempt ego slipups.

To avoid slipping back into high-ego behavior whether by losing touch with the front line, surrounding yourself with more of you, being blind to your downstream impact, or any of the other ego traps—you can draw on your trusty EQ tools of recognizing, reading, and responding. Self-awareness—or recognizing what’s happening with you will go a long way to help you avoid a full relapse into your old ways. The trick is to catch yourself before you slide too far back into old and comfortable ego territory.

Let go of ego; make way for God

A plain paper indicates an egoless body. God can express Himself best through such bodies. He can actually work full-time through them instead of on a pad-time basis. This is because the mind has surrendered and so He can operate 24×7 through that body and not just for a short period as in other bodies where the ego reappears after a short time.

The meaning of ego is the one that says, ‘I am separate from all other people. I am special. I am great.’ This feeling of being separate is the origin of ego. When this separation dissolves, ego cannot survive and the mind becomes quiet. Thereafter, man considers himself to be only a medium and not the doer. He understands that the doer is God alone, who functions through all the bodies.

When we let go and stop clinging to outcomes, we free ourselves from the torment of guilt. Our egoic thought patterns insist that we need to be attached to the outcome, or things will not turn out well. It is useful to recognize this ego-based message for what it is: a mental fiction. On closer examination, we find our need to make things consistent with our idea of how things should be is fear based. Letting ego attachment dictate how things should work out will not improve outcomes but will go a long way toward making you miserable. It is a never-ending struggle with no peace.

Understand how this world has been designed to keep mankind enslaved within the EGO world.

  1. Daily updated (news-media) information about negativity and fear feeds a negative magnetic field and strengthens the lower ego-mind.
  2. To stay in control the EGO is need to hi-jacked every bodies past as a guilt-trap
  3. The ego will exclude people who is going against the mass-mind programming of society. This can be done through ostracizing them.
  4. The ego will teach/say you’re a sinner and not worthy go to higher levels of consciousness
  5. It will try to keep the mind fragmentized, so people can´t see the bigger picture what is going in this world.
  6. In the end they will try to create a Global World Brain everyone can be programmed through and create a One World Government were a very few people controls the entire world and planet Earth.
  7. They will feed people´s minds with information they want choose and keep them disconnected from their inner source of information.

The alta major gives the ability to see the bigger picture. All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life fit in place. This chakra holds valuable information about the ancestral past and the ingrained patterns that govern human life and awareness. It, in conjunction with the causal vortex and past life chakras, contains your past life karma and the contractual agreements you made with your Higher Self and others before incarnating in this current lifetime. Activating it enables you to read your soul’s plan.

The alta major chakra governs the behavioural, autonomic, and endocrine functions that keep the body in harmony with external forces. It creates a direct pathway between your conscious, subconscious and intuitive minds and the higher universal mind. When this chakra is blown memories flood in too fast to process and overwhelm the psyche.

Paradoxically, such memories of the past are clung to and govern behaviour. You may feel disorientated, open to paranoid delusions — which feel like reality — and are acutely attuned to subtle disturbances in the environment around you. You may feel like you’ve been taken over by something outside yourself.

When this chakra is blocked, inner sight cannot open and new information cannot be processed. Transgenerational contracts and soul intention will be cut off from your conscious mind but may nevertheless affect your behaviour.

Before the Third Eye is reawakened, mankind has to negotiate a great period during which the intellect is unfolded and this stage can never be by-passed, for it is not conceivable to reach beyond the intellect without having first experienced it. And after the Day of Judgement in the middle of the next round, more than two-fifths of humanity will have failed to take the third initiation … i.e., to achieve the reopening of the Third Eye,

The Third Eye

It is easier to start off by saying what the Third Eye is not! it is NOT an etheric chakra though it is related to the three mentioned previously, namely:


The Third Eye is NOT an endocrine gland though it is associated with both the PINEAL Gland and the PITUITARY Gland. It is, in fact, and organ that emerges with the spiritual growth of the integrated personality. It results from the interplay, radiations and overlapping of the three centres just mentioned.

This new vortex of energy (see illustration further on) attracts into its whirlpool, as it were, the planes of Atma-Buddhi-and-Manas to form what virtually becomes a great lens capable of psychic function. Each chakra is a battery; all must be present and charged. Then, the Third Eye, the bulb, may be `switched on:

Whence comes the electrical energy for the batteries? The energy is threefold and spiritual in nature. It flows from the causal body which is that vehicle of consciousness housing the human soul. We know something of the qualities of these three energies as they flow into the aura of man and his lower triad. They have no form, only quality, for the true nature of the soul is QUALITY.

The Antakarana

In average man, these energies hardly gain access to his personality but in spiritual man they gain access to the aura  through a thread of energy, an umbilicus called the Antakarana . Only in highly developed personalities, integrated and tested by initiation, can there be established a stable antakarana which can channel, with ever-increasing force. the energy of the soul into the ‘batteries’ or chakras. Having already considered the three batteries and their charges in some detail, a brief discourse must conclude on how the

Third Eye actually can be made to operate. From previous exposition, It will be recalled that the pineal, carotid and pituitary ‘batteries charged by the head, brow and alta major centres together form an esoteric triangle of amazing potency, whose opening and enlivening results in a powerful blending of the main energies of the three major rays of Will and Power, Love-Wisdom and Active Intelligence.

And it is this opening and enlivening of the three centres (i.e. the triangle), which Is done only through techniques and rigorous disciplines known to Yogis and advanced occultists. that causes the latent power of all three to manifest and be registered as blazing light. In her Demise on Cosmic Fire:

As these three types of energy or the vibration of these three centres begin to contact each other, a definite interplay is set up. This triple interplay forms in time a vortex or centre of force, which finds its place In the centre of the forehead and takes eventually the semblance of an eye looking out between the other two. It Is the eye of inner vision, and he who has opened it can direct and control the energy of matter, see all things in the Eternal Now and therefore be in touch with causes more than with effects, read the akashic records. and see clairvoyantly.

Therefore. its possessor can control the builders of low degree … It is through the medium of this ‘all seeing eye’ that the Adept can at any moment put Himself in touch with His disciples anywhere, that He can communicate with His compeers on the planet, on the polar opposite of our planet, and on the third planet which, with ours, forms a triangle; that He can, through the energy directed from it, control and direct the builders, and hold any thoughtform He may have created within His sphere of influence, and upon its Intended path of service; and that through His eyes by means of directed energy currents He can stimulate His disciples or groups of men in any place at any time.

Taurus rules the throat region and, in the West, vast numbers of disciples in the Fifth Root Race are in the process of transferring energies from the throat chakra into the alta major chakra, one of the three major centres in the head. The alta major chakra adds many important qualities to the disciple once it begins to function.

As the disciple struggles free of his attachments, transmutes his desires, and substitutes spiritual values for material ones, there appears ahead of him a light (at the end of the tunnel) which eventually becomes a blaze of illumination. He is like the prisoner in Plato’s Cave who breaks his shackles and walks out into the daylight. For the first time he sees things as they really are, whereas before he could only dimly make out their shadows reflected on the wall. The (eye of the bull’, the `eye of light’, or the ‘third eye’ is opened and he intuitively perceives the spiritual essence within the material form.

The disciple in Taurus is no longer fooled by maya; he understands the illusory nature and impermanence of matter, and he now holds as truly valuable, permanent and real, that which is housed within the outer form: the Higher Self and all that is associated with it, that which is true, good and beautiful. Through whatever artistic or creative channel he works with, he is able to quicken the spiritual presence within any form, and intensify the light that helps others to break their own shackles: freeing, healing and transforming them. His task is to anchor spirit in matter—to irradiate, enlighten and uplift the physical world with the Light of the Divine Will so that it be made a ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Ancient drawings of the chakras show many more than the traditional seven that we tend to know today. In additional to those traditional seven chakras, several more chakras are opening in response to universal energy changes (see illustration p.92) and these ‘higher’ chakras facilitate psychic connection to high—vibrational realms and the beings who inhabit them.

However these chakras should only be opened when you have the basic chakras under control, functioning fully and without blockages and when you have begun to take control of your psychic abilities. These ‘higher’ chakras vibrate at a different, faster rate and are more able to channel refined spiritual energies down through your body and up from the earth. By changing the core vibration of your bodies, ‘lower’ frequency energies simply cannot reach you.

The alta major chakra is becoming increasingly important in metaphysical work. Forming a merkeba—like shape within the skull, this chakra links all the important endocrine glands and chakras in the head with the throat chakra so that you can communicate metaphysical information with ease. The alta major includes the pineal gland, the ‘inner eye’ long believed to be the site of clairvoyance and ‘second sight’.

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