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A New Cosmic Being or coming Sixth root race

A New Cosmic Being or coming Sixth root race

The aim is to align the self with the universe through going on the spiritual path, which is a way back to oneness by raising the frequency of the vibration of the energy until it resonates in harmony with the universe in oneness. When this happens, the self will disappear, the illusion of separation will fade. Successfully aligning the self with the frequency of the energy of the universe leads to ascension up through the dimensions toward source.

The universe is composed of multiple dimensions. We live in the third dimension, which is a dense dimension of matter with a relatively low vibration where many of the abilities associated with higher vibrations, such as invisibility, levitation, or instant manifestation, are not possible except to certain high-vibrational beings.

The density of the third dimension is the cause of misery and suffering in this world. It is theodicy, spirituality’s answer to the question of why evil exists. Some beings in this dimension are able to simultaneously inhabit higher dimensions because of their high vibration. These are the spiritual teachers, ascended masters, and starseeds who have achieved awakening and begun their personal ascension.

Within the third dimension, reality takes a specific form as mass. Beings thus have bodies: the fleshy, dense 3D corporeal formation of the self. The self is further subdivided into the higher self and the mind. The higher self is also called the soul. It has a higher vibration than the mind or body, and so exists in a higher dimension?

The higher self has guides that can be angelic, extraterrestrial, or extradimensional beings. These guides are simply personifications of the energy of the universe, providing a way to make it easier to divine the spiritual path. It is the higher self, along with its guides,  intuition and comes from the higher self, whereas “head logic” or reason comes from the mind or ego.

All that we have here considered covers the time till the coming in of the new subrace. This race will summarise and carry to a temporary conclusion the manasic effort of the fifth rootrace of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendous import. During the sixth subrace, the emphasis will not be so much on the development of mind, as it will be on the utilisation of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of abstract thought. Perhaps too much importance has been attached to the statement of some occult writers that the sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awakening, and will be more prominent than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use the abstract mind. Their function will be to perfect (as far as may be in this round) 1457] the group antaskarana, (153) or the link between the mental and the buddhic. This bridge will be of a usable nature during the sixth rootrace in which the intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In this rootrace, units only show signs here and there of real intuition, having built the necessary bridge in their individual selves. In the sixth rootrace small groups will be intuitive.

Now is the time to remove the veils of separation, dissolving the myths that to be human is to belong to a lesser race or that each of us isn’t in a position to know Divine consciousness.

It takes courage and a well-developed and integrated ego to step up to the line for oneself but it’s worth the effort. It’s so easy to remain asleep, hypnotized by those who know how to seduce you into a false sense of security whilst denying you your birthright, which is the opportunity to become a truly spiritualized human being. Interestingly, the very word human can be broken down into symbols that describe our Universal purpose: hu meaning creative energy, and man meaning mind.

HU=Creative energy
MAN= Mind

We are to use the creative energy of the mind, our intention, to become masters of the art of materialization and dematerialization and truly perform spiritual alchemy. This at first may sound complicated. But let me assure you that you’re already well-qualified in the subject, except most of your manifestations and their opposites have previously come from the unconscious mind, which then provides little opportunity to recognize and celebrate the skill. In fact the whole principle of synchronicity relies on this ability, so that when we think of someone and they call we’re impressed with the instant response. Of course, we’re less enthusiastic when we think of someone we prefer not to meet and promptly bump into them as we turn the next corner. Then we call it bad luck! As the Ancient People would say, “It has taken us many thousands of lifetimes to be able to create a physical form through which the soul can live out its journey and now we’re working at dematerialization.”

We are no longer evolving, we are dissolving!

The word Dzyan means the one Real Magical Knowledge or Occult Wisdom which, dealing with eternal truths and primal causes, becomes almost Omnipotence when applied in the right direction. The mighty etheric Currents are the Steed, and Thought is the Rider. It passes like lightning through the Fiery Clouds or Cosmic Mist. Its voice calls the innumerable sparks and joins them together.

Occult Philosophy divulges few of its most important and vital mysteries. It drops them like precious Pearls one by one, far and wide apart – No one book has them – and even this only when forced to do so by the evolutionary tidal wave that carries Humanity on and on slowly, silently but steadily toward the dawn of the great Sixth Race of Mankind. For if they fall into the hands of the selfish Gains of the human Race they are more liable to become a curse than a humanity. Our illusion is so great that we have no right to dogmatize about the possible nature of the perceptive faculties of a Sixth Plane Ego.

The pure Object apart from Consciousness is unknown to us while living on the plane of the three dimensional World. (Know the dimensional world this century) – With no more than five senses, and no power to divorce our Ego from their thralldom, it is impossible for the personal Eqo to break through the carrier which separates it FROM a knowledge of things themselves. The Ego progressing an Arc of ascending subjectivity must exhaust the experience of every plane.

Seven means all the mighty hammer of creation called the Swastika, the Alpha and Omega of Universal Creative Force evolving from pure Spirit and end-ing in gross matter. It is also the key to the cycle of Science, Divine and Human, and he who comprehends its full meaning, is forever liberated from the toils of the great Illusion and Deceiver.

The Light that shines from under the Divine Hammer, now degraded into the mallet or gavel of the Grand Masters of Masonic Ladges, is sufficient to dis-sipate the darkness of all human schemes or fiction. The songs of the three Norse Goddesses to whom the ravens of Odin whispher of the past and future, are all written down on the scrolls of Wisdom, and they repeat in poetic allegory the teachings of the Archaic Ages.

In the summary of Wagner from Asgard and the Gods concerning the renewal of the World, we find a prophecy about the Seventh Race of our Round. It reads as follows – “On the fields of Ida, the field of resurrection, the Sons of the highest Gods assembled and in them their Fathers rose again” – (the Egos of all their past incarnations) – They talked of the Past and the Present, and re-membered the Wisdom and prophecies of their Ancestors which had all been fulfilled. Near them but invisible was the Mighty One who ordains the Eternal Laws that govern the world; they all felt his presence and power. At his command the new Earth rose out of the waters of space. To the South above the field of Ida, were arranged three Heavens.

The Dweller on the Threshold is a self-created entity within us representing the sum total of our conscious and unconscious miscreations from past embodiments that we must face to reclaim the creative energy we have locked up within it. With this energy liberated, our Christ Self is able to build its Buddhic or Christ Body, which is necessary to complete the perfection of our fifth Root Race body and to begin building the new sixth Root Race body.

It is said that there are seven major Root Races, or stages of human development. The first two-and-a-half of these are not physical. Following the concept that evolution proceeds from what is inside to what is outside, the human race does the same. It begins at the most ethereal levels and finally becomes physically incarnate. Each Root Race develops one sense. We have five physical senses, so we are in the fifth Root Race. Along with the physical senses, we develop subjectively. In the fourth Root Race, sometimes called the Atlantean, we developed the emotional nature. The personal ego was formed, giving us a strong sense of “me.” We are now developing our mental potential and will probably continue to do so for thousands of years to come. The next sense to be developed is intuition.

The powerful civilization of the future, the Golden Age, the Age of Light and Splendor, will only emerge after the great impending doom. Presently, a Golden Age is impossible, simply because the ego cannot create divine cultures; the ego is incapable of bringing the ancient, esoteric, spiritual civilizations to resurrection.

Authentic wisdom does not pertain to the mind but to the Being; it is a functionalism of the consciousness, a glorious synthesis of that which is called love, because love is the summum of all science, all true and real knowledge. Beloved brethren, the mind does not know the truth; it is bottled up within the ego. It does not know anything about reality.

Let us destroy the ego. Let us liberate ourselves from the mind so that the truth, that which is the Being, reality, can remain within us. In The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, I taught how to handle that extraordinary weapon, which is the lance; I now repeat this statement with the sincere intention that you learn how to handle it in a precise manner and in this way destroy each one of the psychological aggregates that constitute the pluralized “I,” the ego, the myself, the self-willed.

Precisely, it is in the forge of the Cyclops where we must invoke Devi Kundalini, our divine, particular, cosmic Mother, so she can eliminate this or that physiological defect with the lance; in other words, with Her weapon She can eliminate this or that psychological aggregate, this or that error, this or that 1.” Obviously, She will do it with her weapon; this is how we will die from instant to instant, from moment to moment It is not enough to comprehend a defect: it is necessary to eliminate it. Comprehension is not enough; elimination is necessary.

We can label a defect with a different name, pass it from one to another department of the mind, etc, yet we can never fundamentally alter it. For this, we need a power superior to the mind, a power capable of eliminating this or that error. Fortunately, such a power is found in a latent state within each one of us; obviously, I am referring to Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Thus, only by beseeching Her can She eliminate the defect that we have integrally comprehended. Thus, by dying from moment to moment as we already indicated, the delectable moment will arrive within which only the Divine, the perfection, the Being, that which is the reality, abides within us. Those who want to fill the ranks of the future civilization, those who presently do not want to descend into the submerged devolution within the entrails of the earth, must dissolve their ego now. We are therefore facing a dilemma: whether we dissolve the ego by means of our own whim, by our own will, or have hell dissolve it for us.

If we resolve to not dissolve it, if we do not want to disintegrate it, then nature will take care of it in the infernal worlds, within the infradimensions of the cosmos, within the living entrails of this planet on which we live. Alas, in what conditions? It will be through infinite bitterness, through unending sufferings, and frightful agonies, which are impossible to describe with words. Therefore, reflect.

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