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This would create the hierarchy. And structure of the New World Order.  And especially the Illuminati. Who are the grandmasters. Of the Empire.  The European Union, That has a maxim, Of ‘we create, The biggest conspiracies’. The united currency. Would make the people. Easier to control. And money can be easily. Gathered by the elites. Without competing. With each other. Through foreign wars.

This would create the hierarchy. And structure of the New World Order.  And especially the Illuminati. Who are the grandmasters. Of the Empire.  The European Union, That has a maxim, Of ‘we create, The biggest conspiracies’. The united currency. Would make the people. Easier to control. And money can be easily. Gathered by the elites. Without competing. With each other. Through foreign wars.

The Global Elite, also known as the Illuminati, or nowadays as the Bilderberg’s, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated everyone else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals. Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.

Their bread and butter is FEAR.

Their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation both by families as well as infiltrated groups, such as the Freemasons.

They, in turn, am controlled by Darkness. Darkness came into this universe several thousand years ago from another universe which is Dark configured. The difference between a Dark universe and a Light universe (which this one is), is basically that the main “emotional/creative” energy in a Dark universe is FEAR and the basic “emotional/creative” energy in a Light universe is LOVE.

There is plenty of documented and experiential evidence to support the above paragraph. To begin with, most cultures in the world will have an “origin” story where the Earth was a paradise devoid of suffering, fear and death, and then “fell” due to something that humans did. With regard to experiential evidence, ask anyone who has experienced Enlightenment or Oneness and he or she will tell you that it felt like BLISS, LOVE, ECSTASY. These higher states of consciousness are a merging with the Essence of this Universe… and guess what… no FEAR or SUFFERING in sight!

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

It became one of the most vicious circles ever created or witnessed. Now with all that in place it was time for the global elites next move, to make absolutely everyone in fear for their job, in fear for being thrown out into the street, in fear for losing everything, and just in fear. And still, people kept asking, what had happened?

The answer was already in front of them. Economic servitude and slavery is what had happened. No one could or effectually would ask for more, the people no longer had any choice but to except what they were given. Whatever the price was, no choice was given, they either paid or went without. Nor would anyone ever complain openly again, lest there be someone knocking at their door to instill yet more fear.

The elites may not have wanted, Teachers to rule the World, But they wanted themselves, To rule the teachers, Their travels, their potentials, Their lives and their educations.

They wanted to instill fear, In the spirit of the teachers, To control the education, Establishment in the World, For their New World Order, To grow in the elite’s spirit, Not the people’s spirit.

The elites did not want, The Challenger space shuttle, The elites may not have wanted, Teachers to rule the World, But they wanted themselves, To rule the teachers, Their travels, their potentials, Their lives and their educations.

They wanted to instill fear, In the spirit of the teachers, To control the education, Establishment in the World, For their New World Order, To grow in the elite’s spirit, Not the people’s spirit.

The elites did not want, The Challenger space shuttle, With teachers at the helm, To be a capstone of the World, And its plans especially, In their New World Order.

The Kleptocracy would emerge. From this act of influencing. Collectivism through the united, European currency, The Euro that would be planned, In the future years, Of the New World Order.

This would create, The European Union, That has a maxim, Of ‘we create, The biggest conspiracies’.

The European Union, Was officialized, By the Maastricht Treaty, Or ‘mass trick’ or ‘magic trick’, Treaty that shows, The sleights of hands, Behind the scenes, That handles the power, And the money, Of the state.

Maastricht is a city, In the Netherlands, That is the same country, The Bilderberg group, Is based for the elites, To meet up and plan. These plans create a vision, For collectivizing the people, To make it easier for the elites,

To control them but these plans. Create divide and conquer strategies. That create fear from chaos. So that the Kleptocracy. Is implemented for the order. Of the Plutocracy. Through the Regimentocracy. Of the military and police.

Because Netherlands. And particularly The Hague. Is known as the legal arena. And because the Netherlands. Is known as a unitary state. Then there is a close relationship. Between the elites. And the legal powers. Of the New World Order.

This creates the Legalism. Of power throughout. The New World Order. And its Empire. Allowing only the rich. To benefit or even challenge. The elites of the New World Order.

This creates the higher echelons. Of the corridors of power. Where the elites can be defended. At all costs, literally. Through legal protection. And defense by crony attornies. All paid for and surrendered. To the New World Order. And the Empire.

This then legally controls. Information, truth and education. That can oppose the people. Through Legalism and media.

This may be where the media. Commands come from. To order reporters to commit. To the New World Order agenda. Like Agenda 21.

Yet this is not a World legal organization. But just an elite legal organization. As they are not promoted. As a World organization. But a unitary state of government. That is only controlled. By their own ministers, Or elite cronies.

This creates a collective fear. For the people who are opposed. By commands from the legal center. Of the New World Order.

This creates a collective fear. From the people who do not. Have a World legal system. To protect them from these elite. Legal systems of a unitary state

A unitary state means. Nothing is higher or greater. Than the government. In authority and thus. No-one can override. The commands and orders. Of the legal authorities. Giving rise to Legalism. That may control the media. Military and education system.

The collectivization through fear. Of using education and troth. Against the elites. And the New World Order. Would generate a need. For a united currency in Europe. So that the main countries, Of the World could be governed. By the capstones of the global. Organizations of the Empire.

The united currency. Would make the people. Easier to control. And money can be easily. Gathered by the elites. Without competing. With each other. Through foreign wars.

The capstones of the World. Based on the unitary states. Of the New World Order. And their global organizations. Create a legal bather. Above and around the people. Creating the legal institution. That creates a one way. Power channel from the governments. To the people creating. The totalitarianism state. That may turn into an authoritarian. State or even a tyranny. With a dictator that would. Still be legal since a unitary state. Allows this to happen.

The elites become above the law. By controlling the law. Beyond any other regulator. Presently in the World.

This isolates the institution. Of the World through Legalism. And its tendency towards totalitarianism. Even tyranny and this will. Collectivize and oppress. The people through military might. That is legalized by the unitary state.

This would create a World spirit. Of tyranny and control. Beyond the spiritual realms. Of Godly commands.

It would be a DARK-BEAST state. That tries to protect itself. From the Godly state. That is outside of the World.

There may even be mass sacrifices. Even in events of public missions. Such as the Challenger space shuttle mission. That may have been a very dark sacrifice. For the power of the elites. Over and against the people.

As even shown in the Bohemian. Grove events the elites, Have a sacrificial worship, Of the ‘Cremation of Care’, That takes away any conscience, Of those evil deeds so that the pain, By others inflicted from the plans, And actions and influences, Of the elites are not taken seriously, And are brushed off as political, Sacrifices and plans for a greater good.

From the elites of evil. It creates a bubble of illusion. And a bubble of evil. Within the World. That the collective consciousness. Thinks and believes. Is good and normal. When it is extreme evil.

The apex of the unitary mate. Is the Legal command center. And this would be in Netherlands. In some respects. But may have connections. Of nodes throughout the World.

This would create the hierarchy. And structure of the New World Order.

And especially the Illuminati. Who are the grandmasters. Of the Empire.

It would be an Imperial hierarchy. That would spread to the East. And West through Europe. And its centralized and unified. Territorial base.

Yet the evil plans. Would create a spiritual abyss. That would isolate. All goodness. And good souls. Trying to make life. More peaceful. just. Truthful and righteous.

This would isolate the World. From the outside spirituality. Of space and time. Especially as the ideology. And image of the Challenger. Space shuttle disaster. Had collapsed with the image. Of education. information. Truth, teachings and hopes. From an outside spirituality. Away from the spirit of the World.

Had been stopped and prevented. Creating an isolation. Of the World spirit. Of the New World Order. And its monetary superiority. Away from educational superiority. From other Wordly. Spiritual or Divine realms.

  • The banks would rule the schools.
  • And money would rule the truth.
  • Materialism would rule spirituality.
  • And disaster would rule hope.

This would be manifested. Chaos in action in mind. Body and spirit. Leaving emotions. Aghast in need. Of structure and power. From the World’s organization. And the elites. Of the New World Order.

Education would be enhanced. Under the New World Order. As students failed morality. And agreed to learn. The teachings of the evil elites.

This would create credit and debt, As the teachings of the elite. Created the acceptance. Of loans and ownership. That obeyed philosophies. Of old feudalism, And new Capitalism.

Capitalism was the front. For the Kleptocracy. That allowed the rich. To steal from the poor. In the modern day. Kleptocracy that used. The new technology. For embezzlement. Through the Technocracy. Protected by the Regimentocracy.

Of the military and police.

Without a fair judicial system. No-one was monitored. And the economic system. Was not regulated. And few elite criminals. Were caught and punished. In economic scandals, And recessions.

The student loans in the modern life. Would show this eventuality. From their principles of spirit. Information and maxims. And the student debts. Would show how the establishment. Would own and control. The education system, the students. The teachers and the universities. And this would lock the education. System in the capstone. Of the New World Order.

Capstones allow silence. In the collectivization. Of the people as they create. The only outlet for relief. Through the imprisonment. Of the people in the institution. That traps the truth. Through the lies and propaganda. Of the Kleptocracy.

A capstone of silence. Allows many conspiracies. And magical operations, To occur to steal. From the people.

A maxim of capstone, Is ‘we will commit. So many conspiracies. It will be unbelievable.

Conspiracies create a prevention. From education overtaking. And overruling the monetary system. And especially the military.

Conspiracies maintain, The power of the Plutocracy. Through the Regimentocracy. Of militarism rather. Than the justice, Of the judicial system. And the educational system.

It is only the Technocracy. Of the education system. And the universities. That have to be protected. For the Regimentocracy. And the militarization. Of the armies. And not the education. Of true history. And moral philosophy. And fair and truthful politics.

The Challenger space shuttle, Disaster may have prevented. The power and freedom. Of the people to be lifted. From the spirit of the World. To a more Divine path, And towards a more Earthly need for scientific success. That would be controlled. By the elites and their organizations. That all worked towards.

More collective power. For their Plutocracy. Taking away the power. From the people.

To create the Military. Industrial Complex. That was controlled. And owned by the elites. Who paid for space missions. And also national security. But through the agreed taxes. Of the people.

Yet the Military Industrial. Complex gained power. From the Challenger. Space shuttle disaster.

As money was shifted. Away from the people. Towards the power. Of the elites.

This allows the Gulf Wars. To occur a few years later. Creating new technology. New monies and new powers. From the plans. Of the New World Order. That gained investments. Away from the people. And towards the power. Of the elites. And their Military. Industrial Complex.

These ‘magical operations% Deviate from the democracy. That the people wanted. In their elections. And tend towards a secret. And coven totalitarianism. Of the economy. With authoritarianism. Of conspiracies. And a tyranny of commands. Against and over the people.

This is an inverted. Chaos theory. Where the chaos created. Is coven and hidden. And the order created. Is oven and displayed. All in the deceit. And propaganda. By the elites. Claiming human error. Rather than kleptocratic. Conspiracy and sabotage.

The chaos is hidden, Within the education industry. And the teachers. And the order is displayed. By the military. And the elite grandmasters.

Of the Illuminati. Of the New World Order.

By creating chaos. In the targeted industry. Even in large, public. Important and expensive. Events like the Challenger. Space shuttle mission, Then order can be shifted. Towards national security. And the military. For the power of the elites. In their Regimentocracy. Of militarism. In their Military Industrial. Complex and the bankers. Involved in their profiteering.

There was the largest shift. In money when the European. Union and its Euro currency. Was being emplaced. With large military. And police operations. To secure its organization.

This gave power. To the International. Monetary Fund. And this has a maxim. Of ‘we will give. All the bonds. To the rich’.

The difference between. The International Monetary. Fund and the World Bank. Can be seen as the IMF. Being in authority of transactions, That controls inputs of monies. And the World Bank. Being in authority of loans. That controls the outputs. Of monies.

This division of input. And output allows. A division. channeling.

Funneling and laundering. Of monies into accounts. As inputs and outputs. Arc divided and thus separated. Thus embezzlement, fraud, corruptions and crimes. Can occur on international scales. Especially by the elites. For every country in the World.

This was a secret plan. Of the New World Order. By the elites to control. The World% money supply. For their own wealth.

This division of input. And output of monks. Would allow these things. To occur.

I) Divide bank accounts and their inputs and outputs of transactions hiding names and transactions so the trail of money could not be connected so embezzlement and money laundering could occur.

2) Divide and conquer nations and their wealths through controls of the World money supply and its incomes and expenditures. credits and debts. investments and loans.

3) Divide policy and politics to create thefts in the Kleptocracy and maintain monetary control of united interest rates and taxations with specific instructions to regulate input and output of fluctuations to coincide with employment shifts to maintain the control and directions of monies.

  • All bankers became. Profiteers for the elites.
  • A profiteer is a conspirator. Who steals monies. Through covert operations.
  • A maxim of profiteer. Is ‘we make money. From our conspiracies.

Socialism from the media. Allows people to forget. These troubles and directs. Them to entertainment. To make their lives happy. Through delusions of safety. And security from the establishment. That corrupts them. And steals from them.

The socialism from the media. Divers the truth. From these conspiracies. To the comedy of the truth. From these conspiracies. And eventually making. Truth revert to drama. And even fables. Until stooties become. The only sane. And abstract way. The truth can come out. For the people to understand. For they cannot believe. They have been manipulated. And exploited without. Having some bad consequence. To occur from their naivety. Or belief in the teachings. Of the ancient evil. That governs the World. Through secret societies. Headed by the Illuminati. And held in place through. Plans of their New World Order.

Even secret societies. Like the *Skull and Bones. Have a maxim. Of ‘no teaching. From the people’.

Another secret society. Or event is calla’. The Bohemian Grove. And its maxim. Is ‘we will not teach. Them anything good’.

A maxim of the Bilderberg Group is ‘why do you want. Good education?’

Even the name. Buckingham Palace. Has a maxim. Of ‘good education. Is rubbish’.

And the maxim. To the Whitehouse. Is ‘we control. The education of evil’.

These names inscribe. Their philosophies of evil. And the prevention. Of teaching the people. Anything good. And thus promoting. Evil philosophies. Throughout history. In the World.

This is to in order. Full control of education. Information and facts. To control the propaganda. For the elites and their Kleptocracy. To maintain their Plutocracy.

This creates evil education. In the World that leads. To evil business. In the World.

The business accounts. Show their success. In doing wrongs. And their ledgers. Show their rules. Work for evil and sin.

The maxim of ledger. Is ‘we will not teach them. The right thing’.

This creates the Imperial. Rule of educational wrongs. That allows horror laws. To exist in their education. System and philosophies. Politics and economics.

This creates chaos. And this creates opportunities. For theft in their Kleptocracy.

Of lies. deceits and propaganda.

It creates an Empire. Where only the top evil, Can rule in their Plutocracy. And where darkness. Reigns in their Empire. And where conspiracies. Run covertly in their, New World Order.

Yet they accept this. Through their beauty. Of socialism. And their hilarity. Of entertainment. Of political mastery. Of dark nihilism. And satirical liberalism. Of freedom of speech. Actions and morality.

The enforcement in psychology. Of preventing teachings. Coming from the people. Is shown in the life. Of Socrates who was the first. Philosopher to be mentioned. As teaching the people. To let the people think. And teach for themselves, And he was condemned. By the establishment. And executed. And his relationship. With Plato started. The Imperial philosophy. For the future of mankind.

These events create examples. For the people who then turn away. From good sages and philosophers. And believe in the elites. Who then create falsities. And character assassinations. Against the truth tellers. Who are humiliated. And accused of slanderous. And embarrassing events.

These framings arc conspiracies. Both in the mental verbal realms. And the spiritual information realms. In the Imperial bubble of propaganda. Of information for the control. Of the elites over the people.

The truth tellers are laughed at. As the people laugh and hate. Their accusatory statements. That blame the people. For their own ignorance. And the people are defended. By the elites who laugh. At the truth tellers. Who cannot explain. Their conspiracies. Or even know their conspiracies. And even if they do. It is usually too late. For the kleptocracy. Has already succeeded. In its tasks and the elites. Control the segmented. Judicial system. To always let them. Off the hook.

They always escape free. From their own system. Of crimes and corruptions. Murders and framings. In their Kleptocracy. Of their Empire.

Yet really the people. And the elites laugh. At the comedy. And drama that they. Have created in their truths. Hidden and deceiving. Themselves of the truth. Through lies. deceits. And illusions. Of their own magic. That they have accepted. As the Empire of evil.

They laugh at the truth tellers. Who they see as trapped. From the lies of the institution. That maintains wealth. Power and security. Only for the liars who accept. The conspiracies, fraud. Corruption and crimes. Of the institution. Against any outside force. Of truth and justice.

The institution is a castle, Against the outside forces. Belonging to the Mitt And justice of real life.

The institution is an artificial. Framework basal on monetary. Powers of the elites. Who finance a Regimentocracy. And Technocracy. To maintain their Plutocracy. Through a Kleptocracy. Based in lies and deceit. Entertainment and drama. That keeps them laughing, Through their evils and sins. Framing their evils. On the truth tellers, Saying they arc just. Conspiracy theorists. Or else liars to themselves. When this is really a hypocrisy. And delusion of the people. And the elites in the institution.

The sheeple delusion. Can be seen in the maxim. Of the eye. That is ‘we must obey. Their education’. And this is the transfixion. Of leadership that the sheeple. Need for their stability. So whoever controls. And directs the education. Will lad the people.

A maxim of transfixion, Is that is the worst peace. There is’. And this is often. How leaders teach. The sharpie and even. Lead the sheeple. In their politics.

This is also seen. In everyday news. On the media. In television. Radio. interact. Papers. magazines. And bat.

It is a maxim of humans. And their focus. Of entatainment In nihilistic socialism. Or even socialist nihilism.

It leads to nihilistic politics. Defended and accepted. By nihilistic socialism. Of happiness and deliriousness.

It is the deliriousness. Of socialist nihilism.

It is the deliriousness. Of socialist entertainment

The Illuminati eye. Is supported by a Pyramid. Structure of stability. That supports the deliriousness, (H the socialist nihilism. Of the political plans. Of the Illuminati. In their New World Order.

It is a Divine Comedy. Of socialist nihilism. Created by the psychopathic. Illuminati and their plans. Of the New World Order.

It is protected by evil education. And the power of ownership. Of housing through the network. Of the civilian Freemasons, Who have been taken over, In control by the Illuminati.

This is why the Illuminati. Have an ‘All Seeing Eye. For they know all evil education. And they will lead the steeple. Through their education. For they understand the people. And their need to be led. Through the education. Of the loudest. clearest. And most prominent. Philosophies that they can. Relate to with honor. Towards their own status.

They are status driven. And rank driven. And this is a major. Downfall of their characteristics. And their temperament. Behavior and morality.

This is why they have. Accepted and become. Civilians in the Empire. Of evil.

They have become. Ambassadors of Horror.

These are some honor laws, And honor plans. Of the Illuminati, And their New World Order.

They are honor events. Through honor laws. Of psychology and spirit, To maintain the power, Of the elites. In their Empire.

Surely, they don’t want us to know. They do it, because the more they’re feeding that information into the subconscious mind the more that is becoming the future reality of the subconscious mind which then becomes the manifested reality of the conscious mind. It’s like putting information into a computer and then pressing enter and it comes up on the screen.

What we are dealing with is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we interact with it, and how we create it. It is a set up in society through its control of science — not least through funding and peer pressure and all the other stuff that goes on. Through the media and what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality.

Thus, if you know how “reality” works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want is what is played behind the scenes. All the stuff they put in movies and television programs is far ahead of what they’re seeking to create. You know the reality that we’re experiencing here every day. You stand and look into the night sky and you see all those lights, all those planets and stars – billions of light years away. What you are seeing exists in that form only or in a few cubic centimeters at the back of your brain where the brain decodes information in electrical form through an illusory physical reality which is actually holographic.

So, if you want to bring down this whole conspiracy, to its real bottom line, it is about what controls those few centimeters at the back of your brain. That’s because if they do it by programming your sense of reality, you will perceive and thus manifest your individual and collective experience of what they have programmed you to decode and manifest. They’ve proven that humans are builders, designers, creators, so they simply program us to manufacture what they want for private gains and control — it’s all happening below our radar.

There’s kind of a race on. They had been aware that this awakening was coming and therefore they’ve been preparing for it. What we’re seeing now is a race between them locking everything down to the point where there’s no margin.

You see this is why they want microchips. In the end, these few centimeters at the back of the brain are key. That’s because the micro-chipping is about the external, but the external manipulation of the sense of reality becomes created reality and that’s manifested by the brain.

The goal is to keep humankind tuned, trapped within the five-senses reality because the five senses mind can´t comprehend the action and methods they using to mind control the masses, and this keeps humankind trapped within a world of constant programming.

This is a central key to understand those hidden powers and they who is in control of programming the human mind or consciousness. They own everything you hear, sees, read about. listen to and this creates a closed reality to keep the human mind trapped and imprisoned within a three-dimensional reality.

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