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Becoming who you really are; kundalini our true savior. The Light of our mind is our savior. Internal heat or Kundalini will produce a Light body through our etheric double.

Becoming who you really are; kundalini our true savior. The Light of our mind is our savior. Internal heat or Kundalini will produce a Light body through our etheric double.

The most likely reason people are conditioned to dislike such statements is because it goes against the NWO unity training.

If everyone would pursue their own line of development the world would be a better place to live in. Now most people don’t know who they are because they are in the mold that they aren’t fitted for. This keeps them unaware of who they really are.

It is true that the final core of the ego is incapable of relinquishing its seeming sovereignty as the illusory source of life and existence. The strength is provided by the power of the Self that is at one with the Truth of Divinity. This knowingness is radiated as a consequence of Identity with the Absolute. Divinity is the Source of all Existence, including one’s own.

Fear arises from the ego/self which is dissolved into the Self. Thus, the very source of fear is eliminated and transcended. The fear that is found at the end of the journey is unlike any fear that was faced previously. Its quality is existential and nonlinear rather than limited or discrete. Experientially, the fear was indeed very strong but not really stronger in intensity than prior fears that were overcome.

What gave this fear a unique quality similar to dread was its identification as being equated with the source of existence and life itself. The ego equates survival of life with control. In a final surrender of control, the underlying primordial fear arises. Life is a consequence of the Divinity of its Source, which is the ultimate confrontation to the very core of the ego.

It is only kundalini which, once roused, takes you out of the grip of archons (which was the belief of Gnostics too), and towards who you really are.

When kundalini is not roused, it continues dwelling in the lowest chakra and encourages a person to be sensual and thus waste away and die. But when it rises up, it lifts the person with it higher and higher, and eventually it opens the person up to his Higher Self.

The Holy Spirit/Anima Mundi/Higher Self is the divine impersonal aspect of the individuality. We are all individuals, but once we merge with our divine aspect, we get fully into the universal flow, becoming less personal in the sense that we are guided by the same universal force. Thus, we lose some of the characteristics that we used to have, but only those which weren’t in harmony with the laws of the universe, such as cruelty and selfishness.

The Light of our mind is our savior. Internal heat or Kundalini will produce a Light body through our etheric double.

`When the human being awakens the Kundalini, when the Serpent of Fire begins to live, the molecules of the body are aligned in one direction, because the force of the Kundalini has this effect when awakened. Then the human body begins to vibrate with health, becomes powerful in knowledge, and can see everything.

Gopi Krishna explained in his writings and teachings that Kundalini is the most mysterious force in the universe, hands down. He continues by saying that consciousness is such an enigma that there could not be any objective scientific research that would lead us to the answer for why it exists. According to Krishna, “intellectual study is like the data gathered by a dreamer of the dream world in which he develops for a while. The mystical vision is like the awareness gained by one when awake.”

“Man and woman are not simply a mass of protoplasm, flesh attached to a frame of bones. The human being is, or can be, something more than that. Here on Earth we are simple puppets of our Spirit. That Spirit which resides temporarily in the Astral accumulates experience through its body of flesh, which is the puppet, the instrument of the Astral.

“Physiologists and others have analyzed the body of the human being, and have reduced it to a mass of flesh and bones. They can talk about this or that bone, about different organs, but these are material things. They have not discovered, nor have they tried to discover the most secret things, the intangible things, the things that the Hindus, the Chinese and the Tibetans knew centuries and centuries before Christianity.

“The dorsal spine is indeed a very important structure. It contains the spinal medulla, without which one would be paralyzed, without which one is useless as a human being. Nevertheless, the dorsal spine is even more important than all that. Exactly in the center of the spinal nerve, the spinal medulla, is a passage that extends to other dimensions (fourth, fifth, sixth dimensions, etc.), a passage through which the force known as the Kundalini can travel through when it is awakened. At the base of the dorsal spine is what the Orientals call the serpent of fire. This is the seat of life itself.

“In Western people, this great force is inactive, asleep, almost paralyzed for lack of use. At the present time it is like a serpent coiled upon itself, a serpent of immense power, but for various reasons (that is, because of filthy fornication), it cannot escape from its confines at this time. This mystical representation of the serpent is known as the Kundalini, and in those Orientals in whom it is awake, the serpent force can advance through the passage of the spinal nerve, passing straight to the brain and beyond, far beyond, to the Astral. As this potent active force advances, each of the chakras or centers of power, such as the umbilical, the throat and others, are awakened and the person becomes a vital, powerful, dominant individual.”

Kundalini’s energy is totally about love. Being a piece of this union, it’ sit’s about veneration, giving up some identity parts of me to be in this Cosmos.

Only by a powerful act of willpower can you raise the Kundalini, in the same way as the explosion of a small bomb can ignite an atomic bomb. That is the meaning of “she should be seized by force.

The powerful act of willpower to awaken the Kundalini must reach deep into the micro cosmos, to the “tail” of the snake.

Mercury, sulphur and salt are the three components needed in the ancient alchemy to make gold from lead. The formula needed is called the philosopher’s stone.

The Light of our mind is our savior.  Internal heat or Kundalini will produce a Light body through our etheric double.

Once you have opened your Tube of Light connection to your Higher Self, activating your Higher Self Cosmic Kundalini is as simple as an invocation and breathing. It is your Higher Self who regulates the amount and nature of your Cosmic Kundalini flow.

The first time it is activated, you will be guided to pause and fill up different areas before moving the energy through your Tube of Light to your perineum center, where it is anchored. Your pineal gland will be filled to overflowing before you breathe this kundalini down into your brain stem and to a membranous sheath around your atlas, or top vertebra.

Your Cosmic Kundalini will activate this sheath and overflow around and through your brain before bringing it into your spinal cord, which is next. When the kundalini has moved through the length of your spine, it will stop briefly at another membranous sheath around your tailbone.

There it overflows into your sacral area and aligns with the pumping action of your cranial bones and sacrum, as they expand and relax synchronistically, pumping cerebrospinal fluid through your spinal cord and trace amounts throughout your nervous system.

When this is complete, your Cosmic Kundalini finds its final destination as it activates your perineum center and anchors there. Once your Cosmic Kundalini has reached your perineum center, you will activate your Earth Kundalini. This is done by sending a burst of Cosmic Kundalini with a powerful blowing outbreath to the Earth Star Crystal at the center of Earth.

The Earth Kundalini will automatically begin to flow into your aura and into your foot chakras and root chakra, taking its own root through your body at that time. Running Earth Kundalini has a great balancing effect on your body and Cosmic Kundalini flows.

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