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Seventh seal. This seal is associated with the crown of the head, the pituitary gland, and the attainment of enlightenment.

The sixth chakra, which lets humans experience unity with the energy of divinity, and the seventh chakra, which lets the completed soul be born anew, correspond to divine nature.

Seventh Seal – This seal is associated with the crown of the head , the pituitary gland , ultraconsciousness , Infinite Unknown frequency , and the attainment of enlightenment .

The platinum body is available through the seventh seal and chakra, the location of the pineal gland. The platinum body is best activated from the divine pathway, but it can be awakened after the seals are set on the power pathway.

The pituitary is the master gland , the seventh seal . When this seal opens it activates the entirety of the brain into alignment with the highest and subtlest vibrations of Thought . The sixth and seventh chakras together are actually working together in unison.

This means that the first six chakras are within the physical body, and the seventh—the plus one—is outside the body. .

As the electrical energy ejects from your Pineal Gland (single/third eye or seventh seal) it travels straight to the Fornix lighting the furnace within as a portal to the higher worlds of Oneness.

BINARY MIND – It is the mind produced by a person living in duality and separated from their God, the Observer. In this state of mind only the first three seals of sexuality, survival, pain and suffering, victimization and tyranny, are activated. These are the seals commonly at play in all of the complexities of the human drama. The bands spin in the same direction in this state of mind, repeating the same thoughts of the past.

ANALOGICAL MIND – Analogical mind means one mind. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals of the body are opened in this state of mind, and the image of duality is dissolved. The bands spin in opposite directions, like a wheel within a wheel, creating a powerful vortex that allows the thoughts held in the frontal lobe to coagulate and manifest.

The sixth Chakra of Light and the seventh Chakra of Space belong to the higher planes of existence; beyond matter, time and space boundaries. Metaphysically, Chakras are vortexes of energy, spinning in wheel-like motion. All Chakras are also symbolized by its particular color through which we are able to visualize the force of Healing Energy emanating from them. Chakras are vortexes of moving atoms producing vibrations. These vibrations are actually created by movements of atoms. Vibrating atoms produce certain sounds.

When the sixth and seventh chakra vibrates in unizon a new gate or portal to higher existence opens.

Only after the servants of God are sealed is the seventh seal opened. Then after the seventh seal is opened, the trumpets are blown. The sealing of the saints for protection indicates that the saints will still be on earth when the trumpets of the seventh seal are blown. If all the seals are the wrath of God, then why aren’t the saints sealed for protection before any of the seals are opened? But the saints are not sealed until after the sixth seal is opened. There is no reason to doubt the book of Revelation’s commentary on itself when it says that the wrath of God begins with the opening of seal six. Only the seven bowls poured out after the seventh seal is opened are specifically called the wrath of God. And the seven bowls are administered by angels. The fifth seal is opened prior to the start of the wrath of God, which is announced by sixth seal. Most Bible scholars believe that the fifth seal represents the extreme persecution of the saints during the great tribulation.

In fact, the Bible says that Christians will be persecuted by the Antichrist during the great tribulation.

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