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In other words the marriage of pineal and pituitary , the male and female forces, result in the birth of ‘ Christ consciousness

In other words the marriage of pineal and pituitary , the male and female forces , result in the birth of ‘ Christ consciousness ‘

The six water pots symbolize the six ventricles of the brain. The servants represent different faculties within us, which the heart or emotional nature (represented by Jesus’ mother) commands to obey the Christ Within. The governor of the feast symbolizes the mind. The water used is the water of life”, which is transformed from the lower use to the higher use as the “wine of life”.. This change is from the “water” of generation to the “wine” of regeneration. Wine is a mingled product and it is the mingling of the vibrations of the pineal gland and pituitary body which produces this spiritual “wine”. Therefore this wedding feast signifies the “marriage” of the mind and the heart or the alchemical “wedding” within, in which clairvoyance or spiritual sight is produced.

Either you ride the donkey or the donkey will ride you. Most people do not have control over their minds. Their minds control them with conflicting thoughts, doubt, fear, whim, and fancy. The hero learns to discipline and control the mind – to direct it to their vision and purpose in life. The hero shuts the chatter of the mind, listening to the Divinity within. When Jesus chose to ride on a donkey to the holy city of Jerusalem, he did so intentionally as a symbolic act. I believe symbolically he was representing enlightenment through humility and control of the mind.

These higher forms of knowledge correspond with the seven chakras (energy centers of the human body) common in yoga or the seven churches of apocalypse mentioned in the bible in the chapter of Revelation.

The way of the hero`s path is to illuminate these seven churches, chakras, energy centers, or associated endocrine glands within. By doing so, they awaken their superior senses and spiritual connection with God. For many people, these seven energy centers lie idle and their associated endocrine glands are atrophied.

The hero, through regular exercise, plus practicing the disciplines of yoga, martial arts, tai chi, meditation, healthy eating habits, deep breathing from the diaphragm, and the seven virtues, illuminates the seven lamps within. This awakens the hero soul, and gives the hero incredible superpowers to achieve things most people only dream about. These are the same energy centers that the Bible mentions:

“Before the throne, seven lamps were blazing. These are the seven spirits of God.” — Revelation 4:5 (The throne being the heavenly throne, nirvana, or enlightenment.)

Of all the forms of knowledge, divine knowledge is the highest. Divine knowledge is a combination of all the forms of knowledge and can be obtained by activating all seven energy centers in the body. To reach this state of awareness one has to fall in love with knowledge. Inspiration is a direct connection to God. To make this connection one first has to awaken their soul, which is the bridge between the human machine and the Spirit. By raising the level of awareness or consciousness of their thoughts (the head), combined with a high degree of awareness Of their emotions (the heart), the hero awakens his or her soul.

The cause of fear is lack of knowledge. Therefore, ‘knowledge is the antidote to fear’ according to the great American hero philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. That is why heroes are brave souls. They immerse themselves with knowledge, plus knowledge, plus knowledge. Heroes know that they don’t know, but are willing to learn. They are humble and learn from everyone regardless of rank or status. Leaders know their potential. Followers ignore their potential. Courage and self-confidence comes from knowledge and self-knowledge. But where does knowledge come from? This is where most books on leadership fall short. God is the direct source of all knowledge. The stars, the cosmos, our solar system and all the planets, nature, the human soul, all come from the Divine.

The hero gains courage by drawing on a Higher Power. Heroes have a strong, spiritual faith in the Infinite Network. They let go and let God, realizing they are but a conduit, a channel for Divine expression. Emptying their minds, they surrender to the spiritual power which flows through them like a bursting dam. With faith, all things are made possible. Fear melts away in the presence of God and one can move mountains! Studying religion provides insights and lessons to the hero soul about effectively dealing with fear, worry, anxiety, depression, and other afflictions of the mind. Religion provides a door into the unknown. Also, praying in times of worry and trouble helps the hero heal and cope with fear.

The opposing forces come together and a third force is created. Another interpretation, although connected to the previous one, implies the Third Force is the transformed couple. No longer are they two individuals, but one.

This sacred marriage was symbolic of the marriage between the pituitary and pineal glands. The third part of this is the thalamus a Greek word meaning chamber.

The CSF flows through the pituitary gland and becomes milky white substance. In the pineal gland it is a yellow (gold) substance, or the land of milk and honey. It became the Holy Claus or the Saint Claus bringing gifts from the North pole, aka the head. The head contains the cerebrum. The cerebrum is defined as cerebrum (n.) “the brain,” 1610s, from Latin cerebrum “the brain” (also “the understanding”), from PIE *keres-, from root *ker.

The centers of regeneration, the pineal and pituitary glands in the head represent the spiritual mystic marriage

They arrive at the top (if the spine, where is the medulla oblongata. The Rainbow Bridge is being built near this junction. Here the union of spirit and matter takes place, as we have already noted. The forces coming up the spinal channel from the spinal centres stimulate the Pituitary body into increased action and vibration; whilst the spiritual forces drawn down through the Rainbow Bridge from the highest centre above the head (known as the Thousand Petalled Lotus) stimulate the Pineal (male spiritual) gland into action. When this takes place, the ‘marriage’ is achieved between spirit and matter, and the ‘Son’ (spiritual conscious-ness—the Christ Child) emerges into being, in the form of the THIRD EYE. Much has been written about the fires which lie dormant in the lower spinal centres, fires and forces known by the ancient name (if the `Kundalini’. In a developing human being these eventually rise up the spine from centre to centre, finally reaching the domain of the Pituitary body and the Pineal gland. The Kundalini expresses real electric fire, although subtle.

The pineal gland is called the Gateway to Spirit. Some Spiritual Initiates who are adept in deep breathing use the kundalini energy to stimulate the pineal gland, making it glow as a triangle of light. Further stimulation will produce an eye in the center of the triangle. Spiritual initiates who can project their consciousness through this triangle can experience out-of-body experiences and cosmic travel.

The pituitary gland is the feminine energy in its spiritual regenerative nature, and the counterpart of the masculine pineal gland. It is from the interaction of these two glands that new spiritual growth occurs within a person.

Thyroid Gland  – Spiritually, the thyroid gland provides the connecting link between Spirit and the personality and is highly influenced by the energies and spirits of the planet Mercury. In advanced Spiritual Initiates the thyroid’s spiritual or etheric secretions aid in the development of the larynx where the spoken word becomes creative.

To open this gland to its full power, John must develop his personality that solely demonstrates Christ Consciousness in every word that issues from his mouth. When he reaches this level of consciousness, every word that he speaks will carry its own creation in the framework of divine love and knowledge. The word “thyroid” is taken from two Greek words “thyra” meaning “door” and “oidos” meaning “likeness”. This clearly means that we must go through the door of the Christ in order to achieve Christ Consciousness, the likeness. It also refers to being created in the image and likeness of God as written by Moses.

If his integrity and his surrender is complete the time will come for the Kundalini fires to rise safely, stimulating the action between Pineal and Pituitary, so that the THIRD EYE successfully opens, and the wonderful access to the spiritual world takes place. This glorious admittance consciously into the ‘presence of God’ becomes a permanent state of being. It gives health, power and initiative, because the recipient has prepared himself to receive and to keep it.

This higher goal corresponds to the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid, and when attained in physical life, it is the result of the concomittant activation of the two strange cerebral glands, the Pineal, which Descartes identified as the point of contact between Brain and Soul, and the Pituitary. When this activation occurred, it was termed the Marriage of the Lamb, as we have explained in The Magic Wand (Rev. 19:7.)

“Under the benign heat and radiance of the electric fire of the Pituitary, the Single Eye of the Masters (Mat. 6:22) thrills, flickers, and finally opens.” The term “open” meaning that the gland goes into action.

Thus the mystic journey to the Moon was equated with the consummation of man’s psycho-mental development, and the consequent psychic actuation of the Pituitary gland; and the allegoric journey thence to the Sun with the activation of the Pineal, involving noumenal illumination; and the “sparking” process between the Pituitary (female) and Pineal (male) glands with the Hermetic Marriage of the Sun and Moon, of Hermes and Aphrodite, or of Osiris and Isis, — all names meaning the same thing.

The trine, as you know, is a trinity. It is a tremendous force the equilateral triangle. The greatest power you have of God-victory in the trines is the balancing of the threefold flame under each of those signs. As you study the meaning of the chakras in this case you find the seat of the soul, the heart chakra and the throat chakra when you understand the combination of those chakras and how they must be harmonized and brought to the apex of the victory of the power of the three-times-three (three on each side of the threefold flame), you will then realize that out of each trine, there may be drawn lines of force that meet in the very center of your cosmic clock. As you come to the center, then, you are bringing the offering of your victory.

Truly, the threefold flame is the divine right of every son of God. It is the seat of his conscious divinity. Through this tiny spark the identity of God can be known and contemplated. It is the sacred fire of creation, the preserver of Life, and the all-consuming Presence of Love. Also called the holy Christ-flame and the three-fold flame of liberty, this flame flower of the heart increases the divinity of the soul while blessing its humanity. It traces the inner blueprint on the parchment of Life. It shapes the soul’s destiny in earth and fire, endows it with air and water, aerating the mind, washing the desire. It generates life and warmth, friendship and peace, kindling the noblest aspirations toward heaven, enlivening the earth with happiness and love of Home.

As it is said in the Golden Dawn o=o ritual: “There are Two contending Forces and One always uniting them, and these Three have their Image in the Threefold flame of our Being and in the Threefold wave of the sensual world. Two contending Forces and One which unites them forever. Two basal angles of the triangle and One which forms the apex. Such is the origin of Creation. It is the Triad of Life.”

It is through balance that the water bearer becomes able to pierce the veil between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm and bring about the harmony of heaven and earth.

The ThreeFold Flame is the energy of Divine power, Divine wisdom, and Divine love. Its three plumes are blue, gold, and pink and it resides in your heart.

THE HIDDEN CHAMBER OF THE HEART. Your threefold flame of life is sealed in the eight-petaled chakra called the hidden, or secret, chamber of your heart. The threefold flame, or “divine spark,” makes your heart a replica of the heart of God. It is literally a spark of sacred fire from God’s own heart. The threefold flame is your soul’s point of contact with the Supreme Source of all life. It is your potential to become the fullness of all that your Real Self is. The threefold flame has three “plumes” that embody the three primary attributes of God. The blue plume (on your left) embodies God’s power. The yellow plume (in the center) embodies God’s wisdom, and the pink plume (on your right) embodies God’s love. By accessing the power, wisdom, and love of the Godhead anchored in your threefold flame, you can fulfill your reason for being.

“Within the bean there is a central chamber surrounded by a forcefield of such light and protection that we call it a `cosmic interval.’ It is a chamber separated from matter, and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies simultaneously not only the third and fourth dimensions but also other dimensions unknown to man. “Each acknowledgment paid daily to the flame within your heart will amplify the power and illumination of love within your being. It is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your point of contact with the Divine; a spark of fire from the Creator’s own heart. It is your opportunity to become the Christ; it is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity. “The balance of the threefold flame creates a pattern of the ascension for all. Imbalance—where gigantism occurs in one aspect of the threefold flame, causing it to be out of pro-portion to the others—prevents the achievement of daily goals as well as the goal of individual Christ-mastery. With each increase of wisdom, the power and love plumes must also rise by the fiat of your devotion to goodwill, else wisdom’s gain will not be retained. Likewise, with each getting of power, there must come the attainment of wisdom and love in perfect complement; so, too, love is actualized only through an equivalency of power and wisdom.”

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