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THE GREAT PLAN for World Domination by the Illuminati, Freemasons and the Global Elite

THE GREAT PLAN for World Domination by the Illuminati, Freemasons and the Global Elite

I have learned that there are many perceptions about how the power elite rule, but the following is my perception of how the power elite began, how it evolved, and how it proceeds to function to formulate and to manage a one-world economy.

Who were and are power elite? In all societies, from the beginning, most historians conclude that there is always an ‘inner circle’ that guides the formation of the culture of a society and how it evolves. The following describes the evolution of a power elite.

First there was the head of the family, then the tribal chiefs, then warlords and monarchies that ruled kingdoms at their pleasure. This has evolved into what is described as a ‘pinnacle of power.’ That pinnacle of power, I find to be the consortium of the World’s Money Trust, who retains sovereign power over the gigantic drug and energy cartels.

For example, we have the powerful ‘Rockefeller Syndicate: This very elusive and invisible ‘inner circle’ of the ‘pinnacle of power’ directs the economic and social changes commanded by the ‘outer circle’ of wealthy members, who manage the activities of the interlockings of organizations, using the ideological dedication of their agents, who act for their own gain. Dr. John Coleman calls this nucleus of power, the ‘Committee of 300.’

This is similar to what I have been calling the World’s Money Trust. Coleman’s research suggests that specifically three hundred elite rule America and about one hundred elite rule England.

These “families are intertwined through marriage, companies, banks, not to mention ties to the Black Nobility [of Europe), Free Masonry, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and so on” (Coleman, 1992).

The power to direct geopolitical activities emanates from this Committee of 300. Historian J. A. Hobson indicates that the ‘House of Rothschild’ and its agent ‘Samuel Bleichroeder’ dominated European international finance that reached its peak around 1885. “United by the strongest bonds of organization, always in closest and quickest touch with one another, situated in the very heart of the business capital of every State, controlled, so far as Europe is concerned, chiefly by men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them many centuries of financial experience, they are in a unique position to manipulate the policy of nations” and “Finance manipulates the patriotic forces which the politicians, soldiers, philanthropists, and traders generate…” (Stem, 1979, p. 395).

And in another sense, “…the statesmen of the Great Powers, especially in Germany and France, sought to use their bankers as subsidiary agents of their foreign policy” (Stem, 1979, p. 429). The House of Rothschild remains one of the most historically recognized international banking firms based in London, Paris, Frankfurt, and other European cities.

The best-informed men of Europe; they collected intelligence faster than did their governments. To do so required minute attention to the collecting and dispatching of the news” (Stern, 1979, p. 7). They also “…generally became heavy buyers of American securities” (Stern, 1979, p. 100) at the end of the Confederacy’s War for Independence from the Union (Civil War).

To do this, Rothschild’s agents formed ‘syndicates’ with other banks in order to form other investment companies.

One driving force among many Jewish bankers was the need for ‘social acceptance; that is, to become prominent, with distinction. The Rothschilds and the Jews were generally despised, hated, and envied across Europe, England, and the United States.

The Rothschild Dynasty was seen as the ‘pinnacle of plutocracy; but their power has diminished as the machinations that have been created by wealth over the last two hundred years have sapped some of their power. Their financial empire continues to operate. It encompasses and influences world finance being guided by the Mayer Amschel Rothschild philosophy, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” (Griffin, 1995, p. 218).

The Rothschild’s Bank of England was founded in 1694, was nationalized in 1946, after a two hundred year reign of financing wars around the world, many of the earlier ones were the following:

They “…were The activities of the international financiers is quite visible today because of the rapidity and extensive news coverage and the availability of anti-globalist investigations that alert people to the activities of the power elite, their agents and organizations. International financiers’ activities are represented by the actions of the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of Settlements, and the World Bank who,

(a) make loans to nations who have a high probability of defaulting, and (b) the monies they loan are gained through the exploitation of the nations of the world, from the international drug trade, and from international corporate profits, used to finance investment strategies for purchasing, merging and destroying competing forces.

(b) When did the current power elite come into existence? A colony on the American continent was founded because British elite investors had already imperialized their way to creating a vast worldwide colonial empire. The British employed agents worldwide to carry out orders and do the dirty work, as did agents of other expanding empires of the past. It was done in either the name of the monarchy or in the name of a religion. In the case of the British, it was done in the name of both. Even before modern secret societies existed, primitive religions used drugs, drum beating, and dancing to incite their members to murder or to fight to conquer nations. In 1090, the ‘Order of Assassins’ was founded by Hassan Sabah, whose members used ‘hashish’ which dulls the conscience, and allows people to murder without guilt.

Secret societies gradually came to be composed primarily of the rich, and gained power and dominance from behind-the-scenes through political manipulations. British exploration began in America in 1585, when Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to colonize Roanoke Island, off of what is now the coast of North Carolina.

The American continent became a dream for many adventurers who were motivated by leaders that were members of secret societies. During the early 1600’s,

Sir Francis Bacon, a lawyer, philosopher, an elite who helped man-age the British Empire, and who was involved in secret societies, became the Grand Master of the Rosicrucians.

His preoccupation with philosophy and ideas about ordering society led him to envision what kind of society America might become. This inspired him to write a novel entitled The New Atlantis, which out-lined his idea of a utopian society based on the principles he believed to be those of the lost continent of Atlantis.

This was the birth of an idea, the planting of a concept the British could use in colonizing America. The New Atlantis was published after his death in 1627.

Why was it not published while he was living is speculation. Manly Hall, a researcher on secret societies said The New Atlantis written as a novel, certainly “revealed the entire pattern of the secret societies which had been working for thousands of years to achieve the ideal common-wealth in the political world” (Still, 1990, p. 49).

This ‘concept’ became known as the ‘Great Plan’ and was espoused by many secret societies of the past who considered exploring and settling the Americas but it had to be materialized very gradually in the hands of a very few initiated leaders. Over three hundred years ago, this Great Plan focused on establishing the first ‘universal democracy’ or ‘world commonwealth of nations.’

Secret societies often took on the nature of the occult, and other evil or satanic practices that profess to serve mankind, but in reality, their evil objective was to fulfill the Great Plan leading to world domination. So it remained, only the ‘inner group of initiates’ who were destined to truly understand the ‘Great Plan.’ It became the ‘inner circle’ who organized, Inspired and knew the mechanisms of secret societies who would continue to function, as directed by their founding charter, using the Great Plan to gradually mold the world to their liking.

The initiates came from those who were involved in Free Masonry, which most likely began with the trade guilds of the Middle Ages, by workers like the stone ‘masons’ who formed a fraternal brotherhood. It is believed the Free Mason society, as we understand it today, was founded in 1717, as the Grand Lodge

In London, England. Then Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), a diamond multi-millionaire and British agent, became committed to the Idea that the British Empire should rule the world (his Grand Plan). He became a student of Plato, as did Marx, and Engels, who all came to accept the philosophy that there should be a ruling class to main-thin control, using a powerful army over a complacent society. Plato’s society would be composed of the ruling class, the military class, and the workers.

There would be no private property, no marriages, children would be raised by the state anonymously, and the ruling class would dictate lifestyle. In 1891, Rhodes took steps to implement his Great Plan.

When in South Africa, he formed a secret society with several collaborators, which consisted of an ‘Inner circle; (the ‘Circle of Initiates’), which Included Lord Rothschild of the Bank of England, and an ‘outer circle,’ (the ‘Round Table’) of agents, a concept similar to King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. Between 1909 and 1913, his secret society spread to other countries where it promoted the doctrine of world domination by the British Empire.

Rhodes created a trust to house his wealth, called the Rhodes scholarship fund at Oxford University, England.

This has become a machination, which used millions of dollars to spread Rhodes’ philosophy of world domination by the British. In 1919, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and their Interlockings’ with the British Round Table formed its United States subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). We also know, affiliation with secret societies is part of the higher learning experience for children of the American wealthy (the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale and the Free Masons otherwise) and that they are interlocked with the British ‘inner circle.’ These affiliations prepare them to play the game of geo-politics. In England, established under the British inner circle leadership are the RIIA, and the CFR and their Interlockings, as the ‘outer circle’ of power.

The first outer circle of control is the gigantic ‘Rank Organization,’ which is controlled by the family of the Queen of England and who own Corning Glass Group and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (multinationals), the conglomerates (the heavyweights) of international investment bankers, business front organizations, real estate, insurance, high technology and electronics, and many of the big banks.

The second outer circle is composed of the multiple interlocking corporations, intelligence services, banking systems involved in money laundering, pension fund investors, governments, public servants and syndicates of crime, which form a web of networking that makes up daily business Interaction.

The Incorporated Global System is an international structure where all aspects of society’s institutions or otherwise, are under its jurisdiction and influence. This is similar to the concept Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists believed should be used to manage the new Republic. The Federalists also sup-ported the concept of a central bank (but not under the control of the Bank of England).

So a second Bank of the United States was finally established in 1791. Hamilton said this bank did what he wanted, that is to “…unite the interest and credit of rich individuals with those of the state” (Griffin, 1995, p. 335).

After World War II, the American elite on Wall Street (a secret society of sorts, who held membership in collegiate secret societies), decided it was time for the United States to take over the reigns from the British, and to lead the conspiracy to fulfill aspirations of building an American Empire that would have world domination. In 1947 this was the Intention expressed by Dean Acheson, Secretary of State under President Truman. The British army put down a left-wing rebellion in Greece and installed a right-wing dictatorship. When the left-winged opponents were jailed, a left-winged guerrilla movement erupted, and as we learned, it was instigated and financed by the Greek power elite.

The British said it could not handle the rebellion, and asked the United States to come in.

As a State Department officer said later ‘Great Britain had within the hour, handed the Job of world leader…to the United States'” (Zinn, 1980, p. 417).

World domination could be achieved when international capitalists and multinational corporations would be able to operate without government interference, without competition, and when they controlled the law of supply and demand in a one-world economy.

This objective has gained momentum in the early part of the 21st Century, through the activities of socialists and the poorer nations of the world, together with the members of the United Nations’ intensified efforts.

The ‘inner circle of power’ is restricted to a small number of elite who use their Influence and wealth or other people’s money, to support those Individuals and organizations that ‘work for the cause.’ This ‘inner circle’ must monitor the victories of the Committee of 300, even though the financial trusts or foundations set into motion by their ancestors during the last one hundred fifty years are self-perpetuating.

These interlocicings in America makeup what I call the United States Incorporated, and the conglomerate of international foundations and multiple organizations, the Incorporated Global System, of which the United States is the most powerful entity.

The Inner circle, the real ‘pinnacle of power; resides in secret, almost invisible to the public (part of it still resides with the British monarchy), interlocked with all international financiers (the International Monetary Fund, etc.), the drug and energy cartels (the Rockefeller syndicate), the multinational corporations (ADM), certain politicians (Clinton, Bush, Jr.), corrupt government officials (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Pearle, Haig, Kissinger, Scowfield, etc.), and the underworld enterprises (the Mafia, etc.) who operate within the structure of a ‘shadow world government.’

This includes visible monarchies such as the Queen of the Netherlands and Prince Bernhard (Dutch Shell 011). During the early 1930’s, Bernhard served as an Nazi SS officer, was on the board of the IG Farben subsidiary, Farben Slider, and the founder of the secretive Bilderbergers. Included also are the Queen of Spain, the Prince of Orange, Prince H. R. H. Philippe of Great Britain (British Petroleum), the globalists Baron Edmund de Rothschild (the House of Rothschild), David Rockefeller (CFR, TC, banking, oil, drugs, and chemicals), C. Douglas Dillon (Dillon Read & Company), Sir Eric Roll (S.G. Warburg & Company), Pierce Paul Schweitzer (International Monetary Fund), George Ball (Lehman Brothers, CFR), Maurice Strong of Canada (socialist-environmentalist-U.N. official), and any number of over five hundred billionaires and some among the millionaires of the world of business and finance.

Where might you find such elite?

When seeking information on the existence of a ‘ruling elite; there is much disinformation that exists for the sole purpose of distracting the investigator and often disguises the information.

This proves that ‘real powers’ exist who operate in the shadows of the corridors of power, and who are among any number of the five hundred some odd billionaires and millionaires of today’s world of business and finance.

More visible are the agents who serve the ‘ruling elite’ and the organs of power that make things happen. This includes lawyers who create an extremely complex trail of the interlockings of corporations, financial institutions, governments, religious organizations, and the shadowy International underworld syndicates.

When diagramming the interlockings, it appears to take the shape of an enormous ‘spider web; where at the center of the web is the ‘inner circle’ of a minuscule number of almost invisible, but arrogant power elite. Forbes Magazine (March 18, 2002) presents a list of the wealthiest people in the world, that is, those who want to be recognized as being extremely rich.

The article is The World’s Richest People, and lists over five hundred people worth a billion dollars or more. This list ranges from William H. Gates III (Microsoft) at the top, worth 52.8 billion dollars to Dean White on the lower end, who is worth one billion dollars.

Not mentioned for example is Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, who is perhaps the wealthiest woman in the world. Not listed Is Lord J. Rothschild, who with Queen Juliana is a main stockholder in Dutch Shell Oil. Lord Carrington is not listed.

He is the comptroller of the Hambros Bank of England, which is one of the wealthiest banks in the world. Their wealth, as measured in dollars, really consists of tangible properties that appreciate over time because they know that instigated inflation eats away at wealth valued in fiat paper money. I believe the World’s Money Trust is supreme.

It Is driven by the thesis that originated with the Illuminati and the Freemasonry movement of the 1700’s.

The business cartels or syndicates are subservient, which includes the Rockefeller Syndicate. The illusive World’s Money Trust is an almost invisible conglomerate of aggregated wealth and power.

According to Eustace Muffins in his 1988 book, Murder by Injection, the banking structure is composed of the major Swiss Banks; the survivors of the old Venetian-Genoese banking axis; the Big Five of the world grain trade, the British financial combine centered in the Bank of England and its chartered merchant banks which function through the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers, who have absolute control over the Canadian colony through the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal.

How does the ruling elite think?

The elite view mankind as ‘dumb’ and ‘docile’ animals, equal only to the other forms of life living on earth, who are like beasts of burden, born to serve them as slaves while they pursue global ambitions.

The elite inner circle maintains power by their wealth, their connections, their interlockings, by the loyalties of their borrowers, and by the way they think. They are able to create money out of thin air and use the fractional reserve banking scheme to manage their accounts, where profit is created through interest on monies loaned out.

In business, they seek monopoly control, the elimination of all competition and are able to persuade governments to protect their interests in America by passing anti-trust laws designed by them. But “Our present economic system is not a natural system. It is a system that was created to serve those that created it” (Kutyn, 1999).

Through interlockings of central banks, international financiers create money ‘out of nothing,’ which allows them to continue to transfer more and more of the world’s wealth into their own account.

They are able to manipulate the money supply of nations to create economies that expand and contract, and bubble economies to encourage massive credit debt expansion through increasing the number of loans, and is often followed by increased spending and leads to increased incomes, profits, and government revenues, which are measured by increases in the value of the GDP.

Such a consumer driven ‘economic bubble,’ with its increased consumer demand, leads to increases in imports, then to a decrease in the exchange rate, which eventually leads to higher rates of inflation.

This kind of economy causes growing trade imbalances that must be counter-balanced by using monetary paper transactions.

They manipulate the world’s economies by creating more money ‘out of nothing,’ even to the point where money created in one country is used to control the economy of another country. In the case of the United States versus Japan, they use what is called the ‘Yen Carry Trade; where the American dollar is balanced on the open world trading market against the Japanese Yen. The questions are, when will the American economic bubble burst? And when will the World’s Money Trust trigger a sudden economic contraction?

Text source: Freedom, a Fading Illusion By Charles Merlin Umpenhour

By creating a Global World Brain they can control and program the minds of everyone, and by creating a one world government they eliminate all competition and prevent mass-awakening as a threat to their control of mankind.

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