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Kuncialini is now as mighty as a tree-trunk, without the help of any practice, not even the one known as the rod. Perfect vigi-lance alone is enough. The free energy (svdtantrya), having reached the crown of the head, abides in universal Conscious-ness and radiates a boundless bliss through the whole being. This direct rising occurs only in a very advanced yogin, whose Kundalini pierces the thousand-spoked center exempt from all movement, thus enabling him to gain access to what lies beyond the fourth state (tutyatita). Such a yogin then is no other than Divine life, Bliss, and true Love.

As we have seen, she manifests in two successive phases: first as lower Kunclalini (adhalykurszdalini), then as Ordhvakundalini, known as “raised” or ascendant.

The first one is a descent of the energy from the uvula to the root support; she consists in the retraction or interior-ization of the energy, in fire and in absorption-with-closed eyes.’

The second is a rising of the energy through the median channel which she causes to dilate; she corresponds to the unfolding of the energy, to all-pervasiveness, and to absorption-with-open eyes.’ While the first phase finishes at the threshold of the fourth state (turya), the second reaches completion beyond, in turyatita.

These two forms of energy are situated at two different stages of the void: lower Kunclalini in the void of transition be-tween known and knowledge, while raised Kunclalini, who permeates the entire body, springs from the void of transition be-tween knowledge and knower.’

The former is chiefly related to the energy on the level of breathing and of sex, the latter belongs to the cognitive energy, a liberated energy that, no longer bound by thought, is now free to play and, in an open heart, spontaneously ascends to the summit.

World has not progressed beyond Kundalini awakening to a large extent. Non-dualism is must have after Kundalini awakening for enlightenment. Actually, Kundalini gives power to non-dualism.

The reason why the ancient literature refers to the Kundalini as White and Black appears in the answer to why brain matter is white and grey, grey being a shade of black.

Science asserts that the sole food of the brain is oxygen and lactic acid; that this food is assimilated by the white brain matter, and that the grey (dark) brain matter regulates the glycogen and prevents ketones from entering the brain system.

The Kundalini Force is polarized with a negative and positive polarity. In fact, there are two Kundalini forces, each with dif-ferent frequencies. The negative pole of Kundalini is located at the same place as the negative pole of the medulla oblongata. The positive poles of these three forces are located at different poles in or near the head:

(1) the medulla just above the atlas of the spine,
(2) the Black Kundalini at the Pituitary, and
(3) the White Kundalini at or near the Pineal.

There are three different forces in man’s spine, each of a different frequency, two of which (medulla and Black Kundalini) can be registered and traced by instruments, and one which, as it nears the Pineal (White Kundalini) is soon beyond the range of physical instruments. Demonstrations clearly show that man can utilize these forces to increase brain activity.

Under all circumstances he should try to increase the use of his brain cells, at least up to ten percent or more. The White Kundalini Force increases in vibratory rate so rapidly from the atlas of the spine to the region of the Pineal. that no instruments known to science have so far been devised that can register its vibrations.

The vibratory rate beyond the region of the base of the nose has never, to our knowledge, been determined, but it has been estimated to be in the billions of cycles per second.


Man’s body is physical while he who occupies it is inherently spiritual; or we may more correctly say he is a Fourth Dimen-sional Being, occupying the same space with the body at the same time.

Physical instruments disclose that the inner. spiritual, or fourth dimensional man exists on a vibratory plane far beyond that of the body. Most scientists now agree that all visible substance is solidi-fied force. and that all force is an invisible substance The only difference being the state or plane of vibration.

Experiments show that the love cycle changed over from the Pituitary (negative, female), to Pineal control (positive, male), changes the spectrum colors of the same glands.

We recognize chemicals by their respective color bands in the spectrum.

When the Gonads radiate dark red under Pituitary and Black Kundalini control, and are changed over to Pineal and White Kundalini control, the dark red fails to radiate from the Gonads, and a light pink, bordering on orange, shows in place of the dark red.

We say that the chemicals’ radiant force is lactic acid and niton gas, the brain food. When we transfer the Love Cycle from the Pituitary (neg-ative, female) to the Pineal (positive, male), we change the vibration plane of that cycle. This is the transmutation of Sex Force to Brain Force.


The Ancient Masters, by making constant use of the transfer of the Love Cycle as just stated, presented well-balanced physical and spiritual bodies. They made the higher use of these forces, hence their remarkable power to perform many so-called miracles. All men have these same miraculous powers, but in a dormant state. They begin to awaken these unused powers when they begin to live above the plane of propagation, and conserve their Solar Force for the development of their brain cells.


When did man ever invent anything that is not already in the human body? Not the radio, telephone, wheel, fulcrum, ball and socket joint, the universal joint, building material stress, torque. arch, hinge, etc., television, motion pictures, camera, etc. Every known science is represented in the body, and every department of the Universe Is represented in the body. Man, know thyself and there is naught in all the microcosm or macro-cosm to learn. The Ancient Masters learned all by studying Man. Knowing that there exists forces on a higher plane of vibra-tion than our present concept of three dimensional life, we should study these forces. We may find the “Fountain of Youth.” Cells themselves are deathless and eternal, and will live on forever under proper care in culture, where a balance can be maintained. Remember that the best of us are ninety percent ignorant.


Man can, with diligent practice, rapidly put into operation many millions of brain cella heretofore dormant.

  1. One must learn to concentrate and to turn the mind within. The Kingdom of God is within. We should learn to fix our mind on only one object, to the exclusion of all other surroundings, for about one minute. With practice this can be accomplished. Most people are in-capable of holding their thoughts on one object for even fifteen seconds without their mind wandering MT to something else.
  2. Press finger on the lower end of spine, at the end of coccyx, tall bone, then hold the sensation of pressure left there by the finger in the mind as long as possible, usually about one minute after you have repeated this several times. Repeat the pressure, but move the pressure sensation of the finger up the spine with the power of mind, until its reaches the positive pole of the medulla just above the atlas of the spine. Should it stop along the route repeat the process until you feel it hit the positive pole of the medulla.


We avoid much confusion by remembering that bibItcaltasch-ings refer always to man in symbol and allegory, and to nothing else.

The Book symbolizes the body. The Seven Seals symbolize the Seven Gates (chakras, nerve centers) through which the Golden Oil must pass to raise man’s Mind from the physical to the psy-chical plane. The rauals and ceremonies of the Masters were a scientific course of training by which man gained a higher state of con-sciousness.

In the Egyptian Mysteries the rituals and symbols pictured what modern science is just discovering concerning the Endocrine Glands, and stated in correct but mystic terms the facts now recognized by psychology Man’s body is sealed with seven seals.

The Upanishads speak of Seven Chakras Chakra means wheel The seven chakras are seven nerve ganglia bridging the two chains of the vagus nerve system.

This special system consists of two trunks, one on each side of the spinal column.

The ganglia, seals or chakras, are nerve plexi suggesting a huh with spokes They are composed of groups of living cells, for which reason they are symbolized as societies (Rev 1.20)

They are also referred to as lamps; for when acti-vated they illuminate man’s outer consciousness with the inner or higher wisdom (Rev 4:5). Life functions on the balance (Libra) between that which is consumed and that which is eliminated. That is the crux of the law.

Man is the only creature with sufficient intelligence to be conscious of law as such, and who attempts to violate it. He is constantly misled by those who would use and exploit him. He should learn the law and let it guide him through the Wilderness of Temptation when he leaves the Egypt of Desire for the Promised Land of Attainment.


In the body there are seven major chakras and many minor ones The former are those to he considered here. Material scientists search for the chakras in the physical body by dissecting the dead body As they cannot find them there. they have no faith in ancient teachings on the subject.

The chakras cannot be found with the surgeon’s knife, be-cause they are of astral substance and located in the astral body et en after the disintegration of the physical body at death The astral body is one with the physical, but of a more subtle sub-stance with at higher octave of vibration The (-Wires exist in a subtle state Cross matter Is the result of subtle matter with a lower octave of vibration. This means that we can feel and understand the chakras as we feel and understand the Mind during concentration and meditation. No surgeon can find the Mind in the physical body.

There are two states of Pranic Force. Sthoola Prana flows in the nerve system of the physical body, and Sukshma Prana flows in the nerve system of the astral body. The two are directly and intimately connected: Wherever there is an interlacing of several nerves, arteries or veins in the body, that center is called a plexus.

As to nerves, that center is also called a ganglion. The plural is ganglia. Such are the chakras. The chakras are foci of force within the body, and each has control of function over a particular part of the gross body. They are receptors of Vital Force, and act as transformers whereby the. force is transmitted and transmuted.

While variously located in the body, tne chasm are all co-ordinated with the cerebrospinal system, and may be regarded as so many flowers attached to the parent stem, which is the spinal cord. Consciousness, physical and psychical, has its chief seat in the brain, but is also located in the chakras.

So it is in the development of the chakras that man rises to a higher state of consciousness.

The body proper contains six of the major chakras. The seventh and highest is apt properly in the body, but outside of it. In the lower centers we saw that the epithumetic nature pre-dominates, while in the higher the spiritual nature rules. What man must do is to conquer the lower and exalt the higher.


What the Masters allegorically referred to as “the marriage of the Lamb,” was the exaltation of the spiiitual nature. It is the activation of the Pineal (ma)e) by the Pituitary (female) as a result of a peculiar stimulation by the Golden Oil that is raised up from the sacral plexus (Rev. 19:7-9).

This produces a harmonizatitm of the negative and positive powers in the body, by means of which equilibrium is attained. This produces reciprocal action between the lower and the higher that promotes development on every plane of being—the transmutation of the gross into the subtle, which effect:; the transit of the sensuous to the supersensuous.

The latter, located between the other two, forms a tube, at the lower end of which is the seat of the Serpentine Fire, the Kundalini Power, or the potential Divine Force.

The Divine Marriage of the Lamb occurs when this Force is raised up through the Sushumna and passes through the top of the head. This produces spiritual illumination and the ac-quisition of paranatural powers.

The creative impetus, flowing from the Cosmic Source, is transmitted to the chakras and their connections as the Kunda-lini Power. When this power is aroused from its dormancy, it resurrects the sleeping God-Man, and he perceives the para-natural truths The Mind becomes illuminated and brilliant, and there appear wonderful visions of extraordinary mental powers, which cause man to realize that he is Spiritual and united with the Absolute


The awakening of Kumlalini depends upon purity of Mind and Body. “Because strait is the gate, and narrow the way, which leadeth unto (the higher) life, and few there be that find it” (Mat. 7:14). Not many in their artificial state called civilization can even realize what this actually means The Master who wrote the Apocalypse said:

“And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the hook, neither to look thereon” (Rev. 5:3).

When that was originally written, thousands of years ago, man was a saint compared to the degenerate creature he is today.

Modern science makes man purely a physical being. Man is spiritual, not physical, and must rise above the bondage of the physical and the elements that compose it. lie must rule, trans-mute and use these elements, and not let them rule him.

When man thinks he is only matter, his Mind is bound by that thought. He cannot correct his impressions or desires. He misses the Source of Light.

Under all phenomena then, stands the Soul, for man is geometrized by the Logos, or written word of the Cosmos. The material world with its changing forms is bound to a spiritual world through Divine Power. That Power is the Verbum, Logos, Word. It is the directing power of God, seen and unseen, create and uncreate, male and female.

Man is in contact with all life, all ideals, all wisdom. He is divinity in its fullest expression. The Universe is divinity in a multitude of expressions, all sustained by the same ideal Logos or Word.

The ideal Logos, becoming incarnate, is physical life. It vitalizes the mental and the physical body of man.

Every living form is the external index of the incarnate ideal. God makes no mistakes. We see no cosmic failures, or the Divine Mind would be a failure, and the facts of creation would be in discord with one another.

Every living form is the external index of the incarnate ideal. God makes no mistakes. We see no cosmic failures, or the Divine Mind would be a failure, and the facts of creation would be in discord with one another.

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