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And so the battle continues. The worldly people around us say that the most important aspect is survival, and to assure it one must be streetwise, powerful, and cunning. But if we were to look at it from the heart chakra’s viewpoint, we would see that with greater awareness we would not be influenced by the power of the lower chakras and the survival forces of the mind.  Literally, this is a battle in which we can truly lose ourselves. It’s as if we are being forced to make a choice without being aware of it—do we go with survival and power or do we choose the more subtle feelings and knowings?

And so the battle continues. The worldly people around us say that the most important aspect is survival, and to assure it one must be streetwise, powerful, and cunning. But if we were to look at it from the heart chakra’s viewpoint, we would see that with greater awareness we would not be influenced by the power of the lower chakras and the survival forces of the mind.  Literally, this is a battle in which we can truly lose ourselves. It’s as if we are being forced to make a choice without being aware of it—do we go with survival and power or do we choose the more subtle feelings and knowings?

Awakening the Divine within – Kundalini has charted its course in every member of the human race, but lamentably the path has become twisted and blocked. Our souls keep crying out, “Wake up! You have a job to do”. And really all we have to when the time is right, is to create the Kundalini Philosophy

A study of Eastern metaphysical tradition provides an intriguing possibility. Tantric yogis believe that man’s creative energy lies dormant in a region near the base of his spine. This force is called the kundalini and is symbolized in Hindu philosophy as a coiled serpent. For thousands of years sages in India have taught that it is possible to undam this reservoir of power by means of special breathing techniques. This feat is called “the awakening of kundalini” and is said to provide enormous creative impetus. One breathing exercise that is supposed to arouse kundalini from her slumber is “the Breath of Fire.” (It is popularly taught in this country by Yogi Bhajan, a Sikh master of Kundalini Yoga.) This method consists of intense and forced breathing (usually through the nose) while the aspirant concentrates on the area at the tip of the spine. This is done daily for spans of 15 minutes or less. Yogis believe that after a period of years the practice unleashes the creative power which can then be directed, by will power and visualization, to the brain for constructive use.

“Most of us have done a masterful job of placing these foundation blocks so we could live successfully in the physical world, but we appear not to have had the intelligence or inner wisdom to see that the physical phase was only one step in a long on-going process. The intellect has, however, become very creative materially, and instead of moving upward, it has spread laterally until the foundation is immense.

We can see how our mind has become involved in peripheral situations that are far beyond what was appropriate. It has been a battle between what was a natural progression and the inventiveness of the physical mind. So instead of seeing that shifting to the spiritual journey was the natural progression, we have gotten sidetracked using all this creative energy for purely physical purposes.

It would have been much better if some of that creativity had been used for refining the Kundalini energy and lifting it smoothly up the spine. True, the mind has created some very wonderful things, but at the expense of not staying focused on our true nature, of not staying focused on who and what we are, and the path we are to follow.  We have the feeling that this energy has been so dispersed that, as a lifewave, we are hardly aware that there is a specific direction to be taken, namely, to clear the path that allows the Kundalini to begin to freely move up the spine. But there have been so many other fascinating things in the world that catch our attention! So we continue physically building a better world, but because we’ve been distracted, we forget to include our own inner spiritual development.  

We feel that we were meant to use some of that constructive energy to build a channel for Kundalini. Instead, we have become sidetracked on all these wonderful “things.” So in a sense, we have lost the map and forgotten that we have the responsibility to move forward and use our spiritual energy—Kundalini—as well as our intellectual/physical creativity. This physical playground has been great fun, but we have forgotten that its main purpose was to help us find our way back to the Source, back to God. “Along with the various energies, mankind was given freewill to do whatever it felt needed to be done. However, the hope of the gods was that our spirit’s or soul’s purpose would always parallel what was happening in the world, and that somehow we would listen to the more subtle energies. But instead, we have been attracted to that which was the most fascinating, and which served us in the most practical way.

It would seem that the ‘committee’ underestimated the willfulness of a lifewave with freewill! We appear to have lost our sense of balance and been trapped by our own creativity, not realizing that as we developed the outer we needed to develop the inner.

And that does not appear to be happening. “This lack of balance is reflected in the excessive violence and crime we are experiencing in our “civilized” societies; the spiritual has not kept pace with the material. We have tapped into great power, but the spiritual balance has not been maintained. We misguided ourselves by believing that this material development was the solid, scientific, and logical path to pursue.

So it would seem that the original intent of our creativity has been over-shot, and we have lost our way. It’s as if we had two paths to choose from, and we have chosen the most glamorous way to build a ‘better world.’

This energy that is Kundalini has been pushed aside, and to make its presence felt it has had to do some pretty dramatic things in the hope that we would become aware of its potency. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use our creativity to build a more pleasant, comfortable place to live;

it only means that there is a parallel path, that if included, will, at the same time, maintain our connection with God. It was intended that in spite of free will we would have the wisdom to recognize the other path and continue to build the inner strength by raising this other energy up the spine to the top of the head.

Then eventually, we would not only have a better physical world, but we would have developed the most precious energy in our mind/body/ spirit complex—this energy that is truly our ‘gateway to freedom: For it is only through the spiritual use of Kundalini that we can finish our work on the earth plane and eventually return to the Godhead.

“The image I am aware of is a fearsome energy mass, almost like a thought-form, representing our mental/intellectual state, completely out of proportion to the energy that has been allocated to the lifting of Kundalini. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It is important to enjoy this physical life, but we shouldn’t forget that the basic purpose for being here is to achieve some degree of illumination, not forgetting the Source that we came from, or our responsibility to our Divine Self.

It was not intended that we would get so involved in this fascinating physical world that we would forget our true heritage.

“We are just not using this energy in the proper way. We sense this power within, but we have lost sight of its liberating force. So we believe we will experience much more physical, mental, and psychological pain until we recognize that there are other ways to advance than through the intellect.

Most of us are just lost, wandering around, using our creativity and energy to build wonderful new “things,” but leaving behind our most precious possession—the map of the route the Kundalini energy will follow in the spine. However, when the intellect that we have exhibited in the physical world merges with the creativity of Kundalini, we will have an unbeatable combination.

It is as if the energies inside us have become confined. Creativity is alive and well in the lifewave, but for thousands of years we have equated creativity with developing more and more ‘things’ in the world of form, because that is where the recognition has been. In the meantime, Kundalini has been ignored. “We have forgotten that there was a dual path we were to take—to glorify the earth and to find our way back to the Godhead. We have put so much energy into the physical that we have completely ignored the Kundalini energy that was also to have been incorporated into our sojourn upon the earth.

Kundalini is the epitome of creativity. And since nearly all of us have ignored Kundalini’s energy, she has devised an endless number of ingenious ways for getting our attention—all sorts of common and exotic illnesses, many for which our medical establishment can find no cause or cure. No, she isn’t being sadistic—just trying to get our attention. It appears that the soul is willing to use any means to awaken the personality to its parallel path of creativity. ‘Unfortunately, pain is the most effective means of communication yet devised to get a human being’s attention.. 

The majority of people have never heard of Kundalini; and if they have, they have no idea how they are blocking its flow.

Our constant attention to creation in the physical realm has effectively shielded us from the energy that is ultimately ‘our gateway to freedom: Until we recognize and honor the presence of Kundalini as a component of our physical and energetic bodies, it will continue to push its way up the spine in a desperate attempt to raise our level of consciousness.

Unfortunately, Kundalini uses up much of its energy confronting our psychological and emotional situations and in attempting to get our attention so we will wake up. One of the results is a great deal of confusion and a feeling of having lost the meaning of life. “It is being made very dear that if it is deemed necessary to eliminate disturbing elements in our environment that can no longer be tolerated by consciousness, it can and will do that also. So this refining process can become difficult and harsh if we don’t learn to lift that energy up the spine to its rightful place in the head.

“I am now aware of “seeing” this energy pouring like rain from the transpersonal realms, but since we do have free will we can use it any way we choose. It can be used as sexual potency and personal power (as many of our leaders have done, and are still doing) or for varying degrees of illumination, with hints of sexual and personal power (as has been the modus operandi of a wide range of current gurus), or for full illumination and transcendence.

 “With the current increased flow from the transpersonal realms, the opportunities to misuse this powerful energy are greater than ever. This energy has always been confused with personal power because Kundalini energy at the root chakra level is a powerful sexual and survival force. The same energy can be used to create unbelievable havoc or the illumination of a Buddha or a Christ. It is up to us individually to use this potent energy wisely, for en masse, humanity has created spiritual chaos with its misuse. In spite of this, Kundalini, like God, will never abandon us. It is there to serve us, and to guide us back to the Godhead. But to use this energy fully we must become aware of its presence, its unlimited creativity, and the basic purpose for its presence in our spine.

“Simply stated, Kundalini’s purpose seems to be: to glorify the earth, to glorify God, and ultimately to return humanity to its “Source”. Unfortunately, it seems that it is only through pain that many of us, in time, become aware of the blessings of Kundalini. Hopefully, in time, the masses can be taught the truth of Kundalini and spiritual development, thus sparing humanity untold suffering.

The question still remains: Do we have the intelligence to wake up? “Kundalini has charted its course in every member of the human race, but lamentably the path has become twisted and blocked. Our souls keep crying out, “Wake up! You have a job to do”. And really all we have to when the time is right, is to create the Kundalini Philosophy.

“Information from these other levels of consciousness is similar to spotlights that illuminate certain areas of our lives making them available for use at the physical level. However, we must maintain a balance, neither too involved in the physical or the spiritual. In most of us there is a whole other part of the self that needs to be brought down and incorporated into the physical level. Only in this way does the physical body become capable of greater things. And I want to say it again—potentially, all these other so-called spiritual levels are within us, but it seems that we must have an awareness that they are there before we can incorporate them into our physical/mental/emotional structure.

“There are these two opposing forces, the mind with the power of the physical realm behind it, and the Kundalini energy that is subtle and fragile—the logical directive energy of the mind in opposition to the feeling, more knowing energy of Kundalini. At about this point in the struggle for control of the body/personality, the intuitive aspect of the mind says, ‘Don’t forget that I am available and that I am an ally of the Kundalini energy. I am the part of the mind that encourages humans to open to the subtle spiritual realms of non-ordinary consciousness, the role I will continue to play during this physical existence. “The intuitive aspect of the mind wants to join forces with the Kundalini energy. Again we are dealing with a subtle force, one that is not as aggressive as Kundalini, yet is capable of taking a stand. So depending upon our awareness, our body can become a battleground for these opposing forces.

“Not too many years ago this internal conflict would have been looked upon as a left brain/right brain battle, but life and our physiology are just not that simplistic. Instead it seems to be a conflict between the highly polarized aspects of the mind:

The purely physical, logical, linear aspects at one end of the spectrum concerned primarily with survival of the species, and the other extreme that “knows” it is an aspect of Creation; therefore, is eternal, all powerful and all knowing, truly an attribute of God.

Naturally, what we are dealing with in this lifetime is a watered down version of these two extremes. “It appears that the linear, logical aspect of the mind and the energy in the lower three chakras are basically interested in the survival of the physical vehicle and the development of the material aspects of life while the intuitive aspect of the mind and the energy of the upper chakras, the heart chakra and above, are interested in the development of the spiritual nature of man.

And so the battle continues. The worldly people around us say that the most important aspect is survival, and to assure it one must be streetwise, powerful, and cunning. But if we were to look at it from the heart chakra’s viewpoint, we would see that with greater awareness we would not be influenced by the power of the lower chakras and the survival forces of the mind.

Literally, this is a battle in which we can truly lose ourselves. It’s as if we are being forced to make a choice without being aware of it—do we go with survival and power or do we choose the more subtle feelings and knowings?

At this point in our evolution, we may not be aware that to be truly balanced we must operate at both levels at the same time. It is not an either/or choice, but realizing that they are both equally important. “In this discussion on survival and power there is one factor that we did not consider—love. Love also contains a huge amount of power. It is through love that we discover that we can be very powerful and not be destructive. We don’t deny that survival is important, that maintaining a healthy body and a sharp mind—so we can become more aware, gain knowledge, and logic—are proper goals.

All these are necessary so that we can take care of ourselves in the world, but we also need to awaken to the spiritual level of our being and fully realize what it represents. In early adulthood the survival and the spiritual components of consciousness should begin to blend, for only in this way can humanity make the best possible choices. But it appears that the survival instinct in mankind continues to grow larger and larger—like a gigantic, seductive thought form, while the spiritual aspect shrinks, unable to compete.

 “It is at this stage of development that the individual needs a mentor, someone to explain the existence of these two levels and how they can be brought together. The heart can be that mentor! The awareness and power that lies within the heart, which is closer to our Source, doser to who and what we are, can be the illuminating energy that will help us move through the physical world with facility.

We will miss nothing; instead, we will handle each and every opportunity more deftly, and our survival skills will continue to strengthen. We will come to know that there is a wealth of information at our disposal—spiritual aspects that can be incorporated into all areas of life, meeting every new situation with equal clarity and power.

This is the way it was intended to be. “The preachers, priests and rabbis of all faiths and denominations are forever taking to their pulpits trying to awaken humanity. Their message may not be too clearly presented, but at a deep level the motive behind it is sincere. However, they seem to be unaware that there are two factors in the equation the spiritual component and the survival aspect.

For, running through the foundations of humanity is the Kundalini energy, an energy that not only contains the very necessary survival energy but also a beautiful light energy that is working its way up the spine to the head centers to eventually bring about an awareness of who and what we really are.

The priesthood in general would have us believe that spirituality is the ‘best, seemingly not realizing that a balance of the two is far healthier. Our job on the earth plane is to bring the physical and spiritual into balance. Truly, we are infinitely more than a physical container, so we need to balance it with the spiritual component.

“The balance between the spiritual and the physical can be represented by the caduceus, the winged staff, carried by Mercury. Instead of snakes, however, I prefer to see it as two intertwined ribbons of light, with a flame at the top. There are six places where the snakes (ribbons of light) cross, representing the six chakras in the body and the wings (flame) at the top representing the Thousand-Petaled Lotus (seventh chakra) above the head.

 This is a true representation of the balance we are all seeking, consciously or unconsciously. At this juncture of balance in our development, the Kundalini energy fills and eventually overflows the heart chakra. “When that happens, we truly begin to awaken, often brought to a crescendo by falling in love. At that point the energy is often misused, and the final heart opening is completed when the romance fails and the “heart is broken.” (Sometimes it takes a failure of the romance to complete the opening of the heart chakra.)

If the process is recognized as an opportunity to move further toward a physical/spiritual balance, the overall experience can be very positive. Unfortunately, it takes a certain degree of spiritual sophistication to profit from this unpleasant experience, and hopefully, to begin to reconnect with the God within. Falling in love can awaken these energies, and it is then that the two energies begin to entwine with each other. If we handle it in a positive way, it’s a win; but if we don’t, the survival instinct becomes stronger and we become warriors. If we are wise enough, and have enough teaching, we begin to awaken to the spiritual realms and find that there is a whole different kind of power and wisdom available.

Then literally, the gate opens so these two energies can move up the spine toward the head. So it isn’t denial of one or the other of these energies, but rather, a union of the two forces that is the beginning of true wisdom. “Unfortunately, the survival aspect of the mind believes that in joining forces with the spiritual energy it will lose part of its power.

It is true that by this time in our personal development, the mind has become very powerful; for the stronger we become in the world the stronger that aspect of the mind becomes. The mind has begun to develop its own set of rules by which it wants to live, applying the principles that have brought about success in the physical realm. “But what about the intuitive/spiritual aspects of the mind? During the survival phase of our development it has very little power to assert itself—it is just not up to conducting a successful campaign against the survival aspects of the mind.

So at some point the soul, who has been watching this battle says, ‘Lees call it a draw and collaborate with one another: However, this doesn’t always work because the soul is asking for the use of logic that may have been lost at this point in the development of the individual.

“These is great confusion in the individual when the Kundalini energy begins to activate the heart chakra, for we literally don’t know which path to take—continue in the survival mode or start incorporating more and more of the spiritual teachings. The survival/physical aspect of the mind knows that its rules have led to success in the physical realm so it can see no reason to change. It effectively says, ‘I can win by continuing to work the way that has proven successful. Why should I change?’

The professionals—priests, doctors, psychologists, and scientists—have little or no real knowledge about the enlightenment process in general and Kundalini in particular. When, therefore, a person begins to sense a reality different from the familiar physical realms; ‘know’ things that there is no logical way for them to know; ‘see’ things or beings that ‘normal’ people don’t; or experience any number of conditions that the professionals have labeled psychotic, schizophrenic or just plain weird behavior—they become a menace and a threat to society and are given drugs and shock treatment so they will conform to ‘normal’ behavioral standards. ‘’

In other cases, when some of these signs of heart chakra activity begin to occur and the person seeks ways to stop the process, Kundalini may use other more unpleasant ways of convincing them that it is time to begin to balance out the physical/survival syndrome with some awareness of the transpersonal realms.

This may take the form of ‘weird illnesses that the medical profession can neither diagnose nor cure, or it could be one of the many known ‘incurable diseases: Kundalini and our souls have quite a list to choose from, depending upon the resistance of the subject. But from the apparent increase in the number of people experiencing some form of Kundalini activity in their lives, it appears that she is gathering the strength to accomplish the task in spite of the lack of awareness and general resistance.

So you decide—do you wish to welcome Miss Kundalini with intelligence, awareness, and understanding, or do you wish to choose one of the more unpleasant routes before allowing the balancing to begin?”

There is a radiance about it. A long our path to enlightenment. Kundalini is very much of a taskmaster. She knows the job that should be done and she does it, because ultimately she truly cares what happens to us. She is our guide on the spiritual plane (I want to call it the Divine Plane), and as such, she has to devise a lot of ways to catch our attention, hoping that somehow we will see every situation in the most useful way. That itself is a very difficult task, based upon the conditions of the world; underlying that task is a much greater force—the Divine Energy in our spine known as Kundalini.

Awakening the Divine Within that is incredible. It is the radiance shown in paintings around the saints and the man Jesus, Buddha and other great spiritual teachers. For the rest of us, I’m sure we are talking about hundreds of lifetimes to reach that state. I think that this is a very fine model of an ultimate goal, something to be working toward, but what can we do in this lifetime to speed up the process? Simply honor both sides. It’s just that we are so confined. We believe that if we honor one side we have to deny the other, instead of recognizing that we have both sides in our spine, and we need to honor both sides. Let us look at power, the quality of power. There is warlike power, and there is the power to honor the God within. The latter is the use of power in a way that can eventually make all things right. And it is all the same power. Don’t get hung up on using only `spiritual power,’ or power from the left side of the spine. Power is power! It is only the intention behind power that makes it useful or not useful. The goal is for the left and right-hand powers to meet in the head to activate the pineal and pituitary glands, to actually create a partnership that becomes the third energy in the spine.

Again we are aware of a body in front of me with glowing energy radiating in all directions. This is the treasure that we have within us. But if we don’t know it’s there, we can’t assist in its development. This is the energy Moses demonstrated when he threw his cane to the ground and it turned into a serpent. Symbolically, that is the way he was made aware of his Kundalini, because at the moment he threw the cane down, there was a transmission to him from a much higher level so he would be aware of the strength he possessed.


The physical body and the three lower chakras are the domain of Mother Earth, and the Thousand-Petaled Lotus is the domain of the higher states of consciousness, the domain of God; and then there are all the levels in between that must be illuminated

The root chakra is like a huge ballast and—considering the job it has to do—it must be massive. I’m so aware of the earth plane at one extreme and the God plane at the other, and I know that somehow these must come into alignment to bring about the inner awakening of Kundalini.

There is much evidence that this transformative energy is beginning to touch many people. I know that compared to the mass ignorance that exists, the current openings seem like a drop in the ocean, but what we must remember is that this energy is so powerful that a small amount can counteract a tremendous amount of ignorance and negativity. We also need to understand that the importance of Kundalini’s mission is such that

if it has to bring about pain, suffering, and destruction for its accomplishment—well, then so be it. Ask the people who have resisted it. Consciousness is the ultimate reality; all else is expendable. There is a tremendous attraction between the higher states of consciousness and the Kundalini energy that is deeply rooted in the earth plane.

These two energies are being drawn together like huge magnets, and something must give. There is no doubt that Kundalini is beginning to manifest itself in many ways in millions of people. What is needed right now is for people to be empowered rather than frightened by the energy that they have within their own being. This is not something they have to acquire, rather it is something that by simply recognizing and encouraging it, it will begin to move up through the several chakras and bring about a transformation in their lives. But more than that, it’s suddenly realizing that they have the key to unlock this fabulous power, this treasure within. The churches speak about goodness and transformation, but they don’t give us the keys to unlock the treasure chest.

They always speak of it as something “out there very much removed from ourselves, something we have to work toward, not something that we already have within us. True, we have to put forth effort, but it would help empower us to start out with the knowledge that this energy is already within our spine, and that merely by shifting our attention we could begin to bring about the magic that releases this energy. Some part of us knows that we have this information and power within us. Do you realize how empowering it is just to know that you contain this transforming energy?

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