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When kundalini shakti passes beyond Agya chakra, both duality and ego cease to exist. When Consciousness and Energy separate, the duality, which is the inherent nature of this universe, starts to manifest. This state of duality is called ‘Maya’. Maya means illusion. It is distinct from the unified state it arose from. It has a beginning and an end, like birth and death, it is the veil obscuring the Truth, the Source of all creation. Maya is the limiting power which binds us to our ego; it blinds us to our true self, which possesses unlimited powers

When kundalini shakti passes beyond Agya chakra, both duality and ego cease to exist. When Consciousness and Energy separate, the duality, which is the inherent nature of this universe, starts to manifest. This state of duality is called ‘Maya’. Maya means illusion. It is distinct from the unified state it arose from. It has a beginning and an end, like birth and death, it is the veil obscuring the Truth, the Source of all creation. Maya is the limiting power which binds us to our ego; it blinds us to our true self, which possesses unlimited powers.

If ego is transcended , desires are eliminated

Kundalini practice is the effort to arouse Kundalini from its latent state at the base of the spine and make it travel up the spinal cord, arousing the six Chakras along the way, to finally unify with Shiva, the super consciousness at the top of the head.

Thus, the cycle of unity to diversity and back to unity can be seen as the purpose of creation of mankind. Until this is achieved, the cycle of birth and death continues. The individual continues to exist in the world of duality of pain and pleasure, light and darkness, birth and death and so on.

When Consciousness and Energy separate, the duality, which is the inherent nature of this universe, starts to manifest. This state of duality is called ‘Maya’. Maya means illusion. It is distinct from the unified state it arose from. It has a beginning and an end, like birth and death, it is the veil obscuring the Truth, the Source of all creation.

Maya is the limiting power which binds us to our ego; it blinds us to our true self, which possesses unlimited powers. The practise of all yoga and other spiritual systems is to break through the veil of Maya so that an individual, a jiva, can know and experience that which exists on the other plane beyond this dimension.

With the breaking of this ego barrier , in spite of trying to get across to the reader ? … It is also quite easy to see that their wisdom There no longer exists any duality .

When we experience higher consciousness due to activation of energetic structures above the head, what we first encounter is typically emptiness. This results in ego death and reorientation, and the initial recognition that we are more than our physical form. This is the Void, still an aspect of our binary existence.

As the kundalini rises through the sushumna canal and touches the centres , these buds turn upward as fully opened … the jiva sheds its ego and burns the seed of duality , and its higher self rises from the ashes of its lower self .

Once the person comes back from the trance state of samadhi, he will be able to live a normal life, but he or she will have a permanent, ready access to a higher consciousness.

Through repeated experience of this higher samadhi state, the Kundalini will begin to ascend and transform the individual. After experiencing the non-dual state of Absolute Reality in samadhi in the spiritual plane of existence, this divine consciousness and the sublime energy associated with it descends, permeates and rules the grosser intellectual, mental, vital and ultimately the physical bodies.

Divine qualities and genius are manifested and the ego consciousness gradually dissolves. The person becomes progressively a saint, sage, siddha and Mah or supreme Siddha as the Divinity manifests itself in the spiritual, intellectual, mental and vital, and finally the physical bodies respectively.

Ultimately, even the physical cells become charged with divine incorruptibility and subject to this new divine consciousness. The physical body becomes a virtual temple of God radiating a characteristic golden hue.

By gaining control over this Kundalini with the will, one can subjugate not only the Pancha Pranas, but the whole autonomic nerve system, and thus control and suspend the katabolic function of the body which disturbs the Mind.

This current of Kundalini Is brought under control by practicing certain catches (Bandha), and by attitudes of the body (Mudra) during the process of Pranayama. And Jesus bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha; where they crucified him and two others with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst. (Lu. 23:32; Jn. 19:17, 18).

Here is a symbol of the Sushumna, the Ida and the Pintale Nadis. In occult anatomy, Golgotha is the base of the human skull, where the spinal cord enters the brain. At this point occurs a double nerve crossing made by Ida, Pingala, and Pneumogastric nerves. In the fable they are the St. George and St. Andrew Crosses, with the form of a man displayed thereon.

 Many Byzantine coins and frescoes show this esoteric symbol. The Ida and Pingala Nadis extend down the right and left side of the spinal cord to its base, and there converge into the body through the semiluna ganglion, symbolically termed the “Sea of Galilee.” So, there it was that Jesus did most of his work. To crucify means to raise in power. When electric wires are crossed, their power is increased and their sparks set on fire all inflammable material near them.

When man conserves his Vital Essence, accumulates and flows up to its throne in the brain, making the crucial crossing at the base of the skull (Golgotha), and returns to the Optic Thalamus (Father).

At this point it undergoes the final balancing and is transmuted into the substance that is deposited in the Crystal Lamp (Optic Thalamus). As this fluid supplies the nerves that dip into this bowl from the Cerebrum, it produces that shock of sudden light which arouses millions of dormant brain cells and produces the phenomenon of Illumination.

In the fable it is said that when the raised up seed crossed (crucifixion) the nerves in the skull (Golgatha) and its power was augmented by the ascension the veil of the temple was rent, the earth (body) did quake, the graves were opened, and the dead (dormant brain cells) came forth. (Mat. 27:51, 52).

In cosmic phenomena the ancient scribe recorded the shock the brain cells receive as they are suddenly activated by the raised up Serpentine Fire. “Father, the hour has-come; glorify thy Son (Seed), that thy Son (Seed) may also glorify thee.” (Jn. 17:1). Glorify means to illuminate. The flowing of the Serpentine Fire into the Optic Thalamus of the brain does literally cause glorification—that flash of spiritual light within which illuminates the Mind.

Even in the New Testament story Jesus asked the people who literally performed animal sacrifice, who told you to do this? Due to the misinterpretation people thought since he was against animal sacrifice he demanded a human sacrifice as himself. They misinterpreted the mythology of Jesus in the same way that the ancients misinterpreted the mythology of animal sacrifice.

The pineal gland symbolizes the Lamb. The activation of it which dispels the automatic thoughts that comes from the carnal mind. Our automatic thoughts are fueled by our reptilian brain. This part of the brain wants to be rewarded with pleasure and due to our own prejudices it feeds our automatic thoughts. This is what taunts the drug addict to use. This is what taunts us to make us feel insecure so we act impulsively. This is what causes us to be a slave to our own emotions.

When we meditate it shuts down those automatic thoughts that come from the carnal mind. This is the sacrifice. In the story when Jesus is sacrificed, he is taking to Golgotha. Golgotha means the Place of the Skull. Golgotha is Aramaic word for cranium. Cranium comes from the Greek word kranion. In Latin it’s called Calvaria, where the word Calvary comes from. The medical term calvarium is used to describe the upper part of the neurocranium and covers the cranial cavity containing the brain.

Whenever you put the light of truth to death inside your head it will always be accompanied by two thieves, which is Regret for the past and Fear of the future. Jesus had two thieves with him on the cross at Golgotha. When you let go of the idea of the separate self, this is symbolic of sacrificing the Lamb.

Meditation helps one separate from that idea of separate self.

Through meditation John received prophetic visions on how to be a Christ. We all have the potential to become Christ. Christ comes from the Greek word “Christos: which means Anointed One which is a title that we earn when we are anointed to awakening. In Sanskrit Buddha means to Awaken. It is this state of Awareness that we earn the title Christ or Buddha.

When Yeshua ben Joseph walked the earth he taught man the lessons of life. It was not attended to become a religion as it has been made today. The teachings were lessons in life and self-empowering through self-responsibility in order to be happy. That includes having love and compassion to yourself and others. Through John’s visions he was instructed by his higher Self to write down all he receives as a letter to be sent to the Seven Churches of Asia.

Philosopher’s Stone is the knowledge to transform the basic self to awaken to Christhood. Gold symbolizes the Christhood of being Awake. Asia means sunrise or ascend. The Seven Churches of Asia is about ascension.

The Philosopher’s Stone is an allegory used as a legendary alchemical substance that is used to transform base metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. This was a sought out goal in western alchemy. In spiritual alchemy the philosopher’s stone would bring enlightenment. Alchemy was the very early step into understanding chemistry.

The main difference between the two is that chemistry is motivated by science whereas alchemy was motivated by the belief in the supernatural. In other words chemists believe that there is a reproducible and rational explanation for why things happen, whereas alchemists tended to believe that there were certain magical or charmed things that would get the job done for them. Alchemist did chemistry; they just had a different view of it.

This also applies with spiritual alchemy which is really biochemistry. We are still learning about the human body. Spiritual alchemy or Inner alchemy such as the practices of meditation and yoga for example were once considered magical practices.

Today it is known by science how meditation and yoga benefits us. It is based on biochemistry. The ancients knew in order to become spiritual required proper diet, exercise and meditation. They may have not understood the science behind it. Our body chemistry has to do with how we feel our personality our whole well-being. Biochemistry directly affects our psychological well-being.

One is the goal of transmuting lead or other common metals into gold or silver. The other is to discover a substance that would remedy all disease and give eternal life.

The transmuting agent that the alchemists sought to achieve these goals is called the lapis or Philosopher’s Stone. However, there is a spiritual side of alchemy that understands the ability of the Philosopher’s Stone to catalyze enlightenment and spiritual transformation.

At the foundation of spiritual alchemy is the union of the archetypal opposites. Traditionally in alchemy, the sun represents the archetypal male, Sol (the sun king), and the moon represents the archetypal female, Luna (the moon queen).

A key term used in spiritual alchemy is Hieros Gamos, meaning “holy wedding.” It is the alchemical wedding of the opposites that produces the transforming agent, the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Apocalypse Woman from the Book of Revelation, who is arrayed with the sun with the moon under her feet and wears a crown of stars, represents the alchemically wedded presence of the transcendent male and female principles and the man child that she births is the living Philosopher’s stone.

The Rosarium Philosophorum is a classic alchemical text that dates back to the Middle Ages. It illustrates in step-by-step detail the process of the alchemical union of Sol (the sun king) and Luna (the moon queen). As a result of their union, Sol and Luna are reborn and become an alchemical hermaphrodite or Rebis. This archetypal union produces the living Philosopher’s Stone.

The Alchemists, who were simply Hermetic philosophers, writing in a language wholly unintelligible to those who had not the key to it, made the trine nature of man and all things to consist of salt, mercury, and sulphur. Salt was the universal menstruum, the prima materia, from which all concrete things spring, and to which they are reducible, and is the body of man as to its primal substance.

Mercury was the symbol of the rational soul, the true anima mundi, the Logos, or creative Word in man. Sulphur was the secret fire or spirit in the system of the Alchemists.

The three united into a unity, which is the true spiritual or illuminated state, was the philosopher’s stone, and the white stone of the Apocalypse. (Rev. ii: 17.)

It was the true magic mirror or translucent ” spirit-seeing crystal.” The term for crystal in Greek is, when divided into twin or half-words as follows : chryst-allos, and means that the philosopher’s stone is the Christ within, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Christ within is the great mystery of the Gospel. (Col. i : 27.) ” Know,” says Synesius, ” that the quintessence and hidden thing of our’ stone ‘ is nothing less than our celestial and glorious soul, drawn by our magistery (instruction) out of its mine, which engenders itself, and brings itself forth.”

Therefore the allegory of Jesus being sacrificed at Golgotha is the story of what takes place in the skull. The fourth stage of consciousness is Fire. It is also called the baptism of fire and this is where we reach the altar of fire where the personality of the earth is consumed, and becomes a sweet odor to the God. This is symbolic of your consciousness has risen to the state where the pineal gland is lit on fire. This is also Ishtar returning Tammuz back to the land of the living and restored to his full glory.

The Buddhic Body The Buddhic Body is the Diamond Soul of the Innermost.

The Buddhic Body is the superlative and ennobling consciousness of our Being. material

The Buddhic Body is the Spiritual Soul of the Being. Thus, when the Innermost is fused with his Spiritual Soul, the Heavenly Man, the master, is born. The Buddhic Body or Spiritual Soul has his diocese within the heart. Thus, the Heart Temple is the diocese of what is most dignified and decent within our Being. The fires of the heart control the Kundalini. The Kundalini (the fire of the Holy Spirit) rises under the control of the fires of the heart. The ascent of the Kundalini depends upon the merits of the heart. The path of the heart is the path of the Innermost. Therefore, the path of the heart opens up for us only with sanctity. We receive the cross of the Initiation within the Heart Temple. We live the Golgotha within the Heart Temple. The infinite universe is a system of hearts. Therefore, the path of sanctity is the path of the heart. The Diamond Soul or Buddhic Body must receive the five stigmata and be totally christified in order to fuse itself with the Innermost. The Gnostic medic must follow the path of sanctity in order to Self-realize himself in depth.

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