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Crown chakra – The literal meaning of the word apocalypse, derived from the Greek word apokalypsis, is “unveiling” or “revealing.” The true battle between good and evil—between our lower and higher natures—happens within. When our higher centers are fully awakened, the energies of divine love will flow through us from the spiritual kingdom to the subhuman worlds. When the spiritual and physical worlds are united, the “new heaven and a new earth,” mentioned in Revelation, will be revealed

Crown chakra – The literal meaning of the word apocalypse, derived from the Greek word apokalypsis, is “unveiling” or “revealing.” The true battle between good and evil—between our lower and higher natures—happens within. When our higher centers are fully awakened, the energies of divine love will flow through us from the spiritual kingdom to the subhuman worlds. When the spiritual and physical worlds are united, the “new heaven and a new earth,” mentioned in Revelation, will be revealed.

The sixth chakra is more commonly known as the brow chakra or the third eye. This chakra is associated with intuition and the ability to access the ageless wisdom or bank of knowledge in the depths

When the nectar fills the head chakra, you experience the wisdom of bliss. … Or, when the nectar comes from the head chakra to the throat chakra you feel bliss, from the throat to heart chakra supreme

The pituitary and pineal glands—called “evolutionary sleepers” by one author—are our keys to the higher worlds. Their higher functions remain dormant until activated by the inflow of energy from the soul. The flow of soul energy to the brain awakens new brain cells and stimulates our optic nerve, which makes it possible to register the etheric realm.

The Breaking of the Seventh Seal

The Opening of the Seventh Seal

7th Seal Hidden Wisdom

The Apocalypse – The Book of Revelation

In his commentary on the book of Revelation, D. H. Lawrence writes, “The famous book of seven seals…is the body of man…of Adam; and of any man….And the seven seals are the seven centers….We are witnessing the opening and conquest of the great psychic centers of the human body. The old Adam is going to be conquered, die, and reborn as the new Adam. But in stages. In seven stages, or in six stages and then a climax, seven.’ The book of Revelation is usually read as an apocalyptic tale about the final battle between good and evil. The literal meaning of the word apocalypse, derived from the Greek word apokalypsis, is “unveiling” or “revealing.” The true battle between good and evil—between our lower and higher natures—happens within. When our higher centers are fully awakened, the energies of divine love will flow through us from the spiritual kingdom to the subhuman worlds. When the spiritual and physical worlds are united, the “new heaven and a new earth,” mentioned in Revelation, will be revealed.

Scriptures mention; new mind and new heart

The Wisdom teachings tell us that there are three aspects to the mind—the lower, rational mind; the soul, our individual fragment of the divine mind; and the higher, or intuitive, mind. The lower mind, linked to our five physical senses, is the reasoning principle. We use this aspect of the mind to function in the physical world. The higher mind is the custodian of abstract ideas and universal concepts. When we tap this level of mind, we have access to the universal, or divine, mind—the great storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge. It is the soul that connects the two minds.

  • The rational brain mind cannot make direct contact with the subtle planes. It is only through the soul that we can access to divine ideas and concepts.

The power of meditation

It is through meditation that we create the threads and cables that connect the three aspects of the mind. In the same way that our homes are wired for phone and internet reception, these threads function as communication lines that allow us to receive information from the higher planes. Over time, as we project our attention upward, these threads and cables fuse and widen as a symbolic bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds is built. This bridge is built in two pieces. The lower span links the lower mind and the soul. When we build this bridge, we create a direct channel for the downpouring of information from the soul to the brain, where it is interpreted and used. As you’ll see in the next chapter, this experience has produced many of our greatest achievements in religion, the arts, and business. At a later stage in our spiritual development, the higher span—the one between the soul and the higher mind—is built. We then have a direct link between the higher mind and the brain, an experience that prompted Jesus to say, “I and my Father are one.”

When the three minds unite, we have access to all information—past, present, and future. Time and space disappear as the past, present, and future are experienced in each moment. According to the Wisdom teachings, this bridge building is the “new and true” science of the mind.

Sri Aurobindo, a twentieth-century Hindu master. Aurobindo also teaches that the next evolution in nature is our transition from human intelligence to superconscious awareness. In The Life Divine and other books, he presents his teaching on the mind. Aurobindo’s model includes four, rather than three, levels of mind. Aurobindo writes that the first step beyond the rational mind is the higher, or abstract, mind. The second is the illumined mind, which he calls “the mind of light” or “vision.” The third is the intuitive mind, and the fourth is the divine or “supermind”—the level of cosmic consciousness where “the ego-sense is subordinated, lost in the largeness of being…a wide cosmic perception and the feeling of a boundless universal self replaces it.

The higher life is seeking to become incarnated in us the opening to the light, where spiritual forces can make a movement of redemption of mankind. Therefore, let us yield ourselves to life and experience that greater life stirring within us. That greater life has transformed our carnal nature and made us blossom like a rose that we may have perfect liberty of life by having true awareness of the indwelling of a higher life. The inner voice, the ever presence of a new life. Being the upper strata of divine consciousness.

The upper strata of our mind is our higher mind. When man enters the universal mind, he sees all things in the universe in harmony with the light of the eternity. All of mankind has a divine spark, which is the true light of eternity within them that is lying dormant, unexpressed, and imprisoned. The imprisoned divine nucleus awaits birth that the divine mind may open up from within mankind. Mankind will then enter the age of enlightenment, which will arise from within them. The hidden splendor imprisoned within will unfold, bringing liberty to mankind, creatures, and creation. The breakthrough will come, that ever-expanding divine consciousness.


For subtle energy practitioners, accessing the subconscious is one of the greatest gateways to transformation and healing. It is there that we are able to work with the beliefs that underlie our waking realities, as well as the feeling states that are prompted by our beliefs. By shifting from the higher brain waves (beta and alpha) into the theta state, we enter the domain of deep receptivity that allows us to identify our limiting beliefs and alter them if we choose.

The alpha and theta states access the subconscious mind, which is what we want to use to learn our hidden beliefs, patterns, and stories.

Alternative Consciousness To discover and neutralize your stories, it’s necessary to move out of day-to-day beta consciousness and into alternative consciousness because it moves beyond polarity of either/or to either/and links with Source energy where all possibilities exist. Alternative consciousness is active in two brain wave states, alpha and theta. Of these two, alpha is key because it is the transition, or “door,” to reaching theta higher consciousness. Think of beta consciousness as the room of waking consciousness. Here your brain waves move fast as you undertake and accomplish your daily tasks. On the other hand, theta is the room of both the subconscious and higher conscious states where you can access your unconscious stories. It has much slower brain waves than beta. In the theta room, the mind is clear, receptive, and rapidly makes connections, solves problems, and has realizations. There’s a sense of peace and well-being as your awareness expands and creativity flows. Theta is the best state for reprogramming your subconscious mind through such means as meditation, deep contemplation, lucid dreaming, daydreaming, fantasizing, and ecstatic prayer. To shift from beta to theta consciousness, we need to open the door, and that door is alpha. Alpha consciousness is a state of calmness, relaxation, and play. This is when you have “light bulb” moments. I Jere your creative juices flow so you can recall easier, learn faster, and absorb

What he describes as supermind is a highly illumined consciousness

the super mind, super-consciousness and the “unbounded state, always free from the bondage in  the veil of Ignorance


Regarding this Sixth Sense, which I shall call the “Telemental Sense,” I would say that there have been a number of theories advanced to account for it, some of which endeavor to locate a physical organ for it. Some very good authorities hold that the “Pineal Gland” is the organ receiving the vibrations of the Mentative Energy. The “Pineal Gland” is a small gland of reddish-gray color, cone-shaped, and attached to the floor of the third ventrical of the brain, in front of the cerebellum. It is composed of a mass of nervous matter, containing tiny nerve-cells, or corpuscles, of a peculiar nature; and also containing small particles of a gritty, calcareous matter, known as “brain sand.”

Our desire is based on our purpose. Every thought from our mind is a communication to the universal mind through our super-conscious mind. The universal mind is in tune with our every thought. Being in harmony is the key. Our intention has created the life we live. When our thoughts, desires, and focus are in harmony with our purpose, our depth of intention will have the power to accomplish all we desire. Its note, G, gives strength to our intentions. Raja Yoga, the “royal path” helps we to connect with The Brow Chakra as it involves all the dimensions of human interaction, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to help us to achieve balance and harmony of all levels to attain full realization of the Self and the awakening of the energy of the universal consciousness. The pineal gland possesses the power of the Brow Chakra. The brow, or third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead between the eyes just above the eyebrows, is linked to the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. This chakra strengthens imagination and increases dream activity. It serves to connect the unconscious with the conscious mind, translating our feelings into thoughts. In addition to extrasensory perception, this chakra is also the center for the spirit, intellect, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Because the pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and awakening, it represents time, awareness and light. It governs the eyes, ears, nasal passage, teeth and facial muscles. When an individual’s third eye has been opened, the usual meaning is that the individual has had a spiritual awakening. This chakra stimulates and enhances meditation, intuition, dreams, spirituality and wisdom, integrity, abstract perceptions and concepts, and deep spiritual understanding. The Brow Chakra is associated with Indigo, the color of intuition, imagination and understanding. The Brow Chakra helps us to still our mind and improve concentration to achieve greater vision for our life.

The pineal gland regulates intuition to provide cosmic intelligence

The pineal gland expands the spirit

The pineal gland opens the door to super-conscious for spiritual attainment, self-mastery, wisdom, intuition

the five different brainwaves: enter the heart of earth must be through the elements, or through the different stages of brain waves……….

gamma ……….ether

Wheel of Control

Wind controls ether
Fire controls wind
Water controls Fire
Earth control water
Ether controls earth

The cranial rhythm pumps cerebrospinal fluid. Dr Stone believed that this fluid was involved in energy exchange and conveyed subtle etheric energy to all the tissues and cells of the body

Cranial pump -mouth of god – when the cranial pump is open, inspiration can be received from the spiritual world. The back of the brain controls involuntary functions like breathing and heart rhytms, so when it is open you can be spontaneous and respond to your intuition.

Then the cranial pump open the spiritual channel and intuition the cranial pump must be related to the pineal gland

Dr Stone perceived the cranial rhythmic impulse to be a very important piece in the energy jigsaw puzzle. Each life breath pumps a fluid through the body. The respiratory rhythm via the lungs pumps air and facilitates the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. The cardiac rhythm, via the heart, pumps blood and facilitates oxygen and gaseous exchange at a cellular level. It also facilitates the exchange of nutrients and cellular waste products. The cranial rhythm pumps cerebrospinal fluid. Dr Stone believed that this fluid was involved in energy exchange and conveyed subtle etheric energy to all the tissues and cells of the body. In Polarity Therapy he writes:

The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer energies, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibres as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body. Through this neuter essence mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence.

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the ventricles of the brain and is pumped throughout the body via the cranial rhythmic impulse. It bathes the brain and spinal cord and also flows in the middle of the spinal cord where the sushumna traditionally resides. Dr Stone believed that the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) conveyed the ‘ultrasonic and the light energies’ throughout the body. The two aspects or poles of etheric energy are represented by sound vibration and light energy.

Sound or vibration is the formative aspect of etheric energy and light is the positive, manifest pole of it. So etheric energy is expressed as vibration and light and is conveyed throughout the body via cerebrospinal fluid. Modern research concurs with Dr Stone in his belief that the CSF is pumped throughout the body via the nerve roots of the spine.

He also believed that the etheric energies, which are conducted by the CSF, conveyed the ‘first airy mind and life principle’ throughout the body. Via the ‘neuter essence’ of CSF, the mind functions in the body as ‘the light of intelligence’. This is mind-blowing stuff! What Dr Stone is claiming is truly extra-ordinary. He is saying that the cerebrospinal fluid conveys the energies of the mind throughout the body! Mind energy is considered to be the first principle of life.

Cranial pump -mouth of god is referred to the Alta Major chakra at the base of the skull and is named as the mouth of god-ness

Cranial pump, Alta Major Chakra and Pineal Gland

PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF the eighteen pathways, along with the womb and heart, is the Alta Major chakra, referred to as the Mouth of the Goddess in the Asian Tantric traditions. Located on the back of the head at the base of the skull, Alta Major is the chakra where Shakti ignites and travels down the spine, sending waves of vibration like a tuning rod throughout your brain, neck, and body. It is the major chakra where the higher aspects of your body of light activate and enter into your physical body.

In ancient Egypt, initiations were given to people through the Alta Major. In many paintings from that culture, the High Priest stands behind the initiate, aiming a copper rod at the Alta Major. This rod transmits sound and also what is known as the “negative green” carrier wave, which sends pulses of pure consciousness into the initiate, turning the whole bodymind into a tuning rod. In these initiations the Alta Major was properly aligned with the rest of the spine, and could therefore conduct vibration easily throughout the whole nervous system and brain in ascending and descending currents of light and Shakti energy. Indeed, the Alta Major was seen as a galactic doorway to these higher forces, a portal to the concentrated, high frequency beams of light that unite the Alta Major and the pineal gland.

Together, the Alta Major and the pineal gland are the seat of your intuition. When you consciously connect into these chakras, you accelerate the embodiment and enlightenment process.

The Alta Major is the lunar, feminine entrance to the third eye, as the pineal is the solar, masculine entrance. In most of us, these two entrances to the third eye are disconnected.

When both solar and feminine entrances connect via their infinity loops, all the codes that have been waiting in the DNA for thousands of years activate, and express themselves through the throat chakra, literally manifesting our goals, visions, and perceptions.

When the Alta Major is aligned physically and energetically, your physical body and your lightbodies also connect on a deeper level, accelerating the awakening, ignition, and “descent” of your lightbodies into your physical one. The Alta Major, pineal, and the energy flow of the eighteen pathways can now anchor, and flow freely and unimpaired, allowing you to integrate and unite bodymind and spirit here on Earth, and to embody light into matter itself.

Yet in order to manifest this, the Alta Major dissolves the old, worn-out parts of you, in order to create a new you. As Shakti says, “Wild, sweetly singing, I am joyous in my destruction. I am pure vital life force. I am beyond duality. I will bum through your illusions, bum through your mind. I am your liberation. Feel me now; I do not come softly. My breath is fire. I will melt all resistance in my path.”

Truth has no convention to it. Sometimes it is not nice, or is politically or spiritually “incorrect.” But it is truth nonetheless, and it is this that burns and transforms. It is this that brings us to our self. And it is this enflaming energy that the Mouth of the Goddess ignites.

Alta Major Chakra (inside the skull): Opening the alta major creates a direct pathway to your subconscious and your intuitive mind. It is an anchor for the multi–dimensional energy structure known as the lightbody

The three head centres, the pineal gland, the pituitary body, the alta major centre

In addition to the seven major chakras there are three alta-major (`high-major’) chakras that have rulership over the three main areas of the human form and which have a direct relationship to the Holy Trinity. Although each of them is located in and primarily rules its particular area of the body and associated aspect of the psyche, each also links with and affects the other two areas, for the Holy Trinity is essentially a unity. Two of the alta-major chakras, relating to abdomen and head, are nowadays much more widely known and understood, whilst the one relating to the chest remains more of a mystery.

Heart forms both the solar plexus and ajna chakra (third eye) – the ajna level is were the ego is dissolved and the solar plexus refers to the ego, and which forces then seals all the chakras, or unplug the 10 etheric dna strands, so just the physical 2 dna strands is activated….

Heart forms both 3rd and 6th chakra,

Wheel of Control

Wind controls ether
Fire controls wind
Water controls Fire
Earth control water
Ether controls earth

The alta-major chakra ruling the head is outwardly located at the nape of the neck, but inwardly has its focus in the brainstem. It is called variously the Eighth chakra, the Pan chakra, the Holy Spirit chakra or the ‘Mouth of God’. It is associated with divine intelligence and universal consciousness, and with the breath and whole nervous system of the body.

The alta-major chakra ruling the abdomen is known as hara. It is the physical centre of gravity, and the seat of willpower

The alta-major chakra ruling the chest is located in the centre of the chest, in the region of the thymus gland, and is associated with divine wisdom. Some people call it the seat of the soul. It is the true centre of our spiritual radiation of love. 

When energy ascending upwards through the third chakra (solar plexus) and upwards to the fourth it transforms the earth-bounded-gravity matter (earth and water) to the lighter air-based element, and when energy ascending downwards the process must be to transform the ligher air-based element to the earth-bounded matter (water and earth), and earth matter has gross dense and gravity. The second chakra spinning counterclockwise and downwards (apana) and the first chakra is the base of earth (matter).

The alta-major chakra; soul star chakra, the eight chakra, pan chakra,

The eight chakra –  the earth star……………Higher Self Chakra

The ancient texts teaching there is “three knots” and it seems these are located at the same place at the alta-major chakras and are three in numbers. We have different “knots” in our system that are essentially initiatory. Working through them signifies a huge shift in consciousness. In Daoist systems, there are three main chakras, called dan tiens. These are located in the lower abdomen, the heart, and the third eye.

The passage of Fire

Head Chakra from the Base of the Spine Chakra

Heart Chakra form the Solar Plexus Chakra

Throat Chakra from the Sacral Chakra

Alta Major Chakra from the Throat Chakra

Ajna Chakra from the Heart Chakra

Wheel of Control

Wind controls ether
Fire controls wind
Water controls Fire
Earth control water
Ether controls earth

The five senses


The five brain waves

Theta…………Fixed stars
Delta………….Deep space

the higher dense – lower frequency (earth matter is alseep)

gamma ……….ether


And this going with; the seven stages in alchemy, seven glands, seven colors, seven stars, seven churches, seven candle sticks, seven levels of consciousness, and each chakra has a crystal, and each chakra has a certain vibration, and a certain frequency…………..every thing in the three dimensional is built up around duality, opposite forces, entanglement

The sacral centre (the ego and mind) is the second chakra

 The alter ego of the Sacral Chakra is the Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra

The Alta major chakra is formed through the fifth chakra, but this chakra is not the Ajna Chakra or third eye where the duality and ego is dissolved………….

At the sixth chakra the ego dissolves, as consciousness expands beyond the individual self.

The sacral (second chakra) forms the throat chakra (fifth chakra) and the this forms the Alta Major Chakra (the second chakra is the mind and the fifth chakra is also referred as the mind or ether

Heart forms both the solar plexus and ajna chakra (third eye)


 The goal of this movement is the merging of humans with advanced computer technology. By adding advanced computer components to our brains and bodies, transhumanists believe that we can enhance our intellectual and physical capacities, transcend our biological limitations, and create a new species they call the “posthuman.” In the New Testament, Jesus said, “ye will be Gods” (John 10:34); and, like an acorn, the potential of growth is already within us. We are born with all the “hardware” we’ll ever need—hardware that is slowly activated by the evolutionary process. We need only to unveil the faculties we already possess to reach the superhuman or posthuman state.

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