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The corrupt Old World Order of Illuminati, referred to “The Establishment:’ The Establishment Illuminati has many levels and many titles: at the highest levels the inner core refer to themselves as “The Priesthood of Amen:’ At the next level down there are those who refer to themselves as the “Lucifer Web.” Other names used are: The Black Nobility, The Moriah Conquering Wind), or The Brotherhood

The corrupt Old World Order of Illuminati, referred to “The Establishment:’ The Establishment Illuminati has many levels and many titles: at the highest levels the inner core refer to themselves as “The Priesthood of Amen:’ At the next level down there are those who refer to themselves as the “Lucifer Web.” Other names used are: The Black Nobility, The Moriah Conquering Wind), or The Brotherhood

The founder of the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt said:

“Sin is only that which is hurtful, and if the profit is greater than the damage, it becomes a virtue.”

Let us NOW CONSIDER THE organization called the Order of the Illuminati. The name means the Enlightened Ones, or the Light Bearers. It is also called Moriah Conquering wind by other members of the conspiracy. It is very powerful and extremely dangerous.

The corrupt Old World Order of Illuminati, referred to “The Establishment:’ The Establishment Illuminati has many levels and many titles: at the highest levels the inner core refer to themselves as “The Priesthood of Amen:’ At the next level down there are those who refer to themselves as the “Lucifer Web.” Other names used are: The Black Nobility, The Moriah Conquering Wind), or The Brotherhood.

The Illuminati was formed by a man who was deep into the occult. The founder, Adam weishaupt, was a professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, Germany. He was called “a human devil” by Abbe Barruel who wrote the expose Memoirs (Illustrating the History of Jacobism), and “the profoundest conspirator that ever existed” by Professor John Robison, who wrote Proofs of a Conspiracy.

Weishaupt had a lot of money to throw around, and he spent it very liberally to recruit and keep people of power in his order. And guess who financed his whole endeavor? It was none other than Mayer Amschel Rothschild himself, who, in 1770, brought weishaupt under his influence.

The list of organizations created and controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers just keeps getting longer. Myron Fagan talked about how the Rothschilds controlled the Illuminati at length. Here is his quotation: Weishaupt [was] financed, I repeat, by the Rothschilds, [and] recruited some 2,000 paid followers. These included the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, the sciences, finance, and industry. He then established Lodges of the Grand Orient; Masonic Lodges to be their secret headquarters and I again repeat, that in all of this he was acting under orders from the House of Rothschild —Myron C. Fagan, “The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations”

The Rothschilds are agents of Darkness on this earth who are the instigators of all wars, depressions, insurrections, revolutions, and clashes between races, religions, and even sexes. They are even the planners behind the plagues that prophecy indicates will destroy much of humanity just before Christ comes again at the Second Coming.

“The ‘second coming of Christ is a transformation of human consciousnessi a shift from time to PRESENCE, from thinking to pure consciousness, not the arrival of some man or woman” (Eckhart Tolle)

Adam Weishaupt grew interested in the occult, becoming obsessed with the Great Pyramid of Giza. He was convinced that the edifice was a prehistoric temple of initiation. In 1770, he made the acquaintance of Franz Kolmer, a Danish merchant … (and deeply into the occult).

The following year, 1771, Adam decided to found a secret society aimed at “transforming” the human race…. His first name for the proposed order, The Perfectibilists, suggests that he borrowed from the Cathars a gnostic religion that flourished in Europe for four hundred years…. Adam fashioned his order in the form of a pyramid.

In 1776, the name was changed to the Order of the Illuminati. The Illuminati copied certain ideas from the Freemasons. That is, the Illuminati had initiation rites, handshakes, signs, oaths and so forth much like the Masons. It was financed from behind the scenes by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and its purpose was to infiltrate all governments with its own agents, take over those governments and promote wars and revolutions throughout the world. It was conceived for violence and has been the major contributor to violent revolution in the world from the day of its organization, May 1, 1776, until now.

Weishaupt adopted this attitude of hatred for Christianity and monarchy. He planned for the Order to maintain publicly the image of a charitable and philanthropic organization. It was this image which attracted so many German educators and Protestant clergymen to the Order.

When they joined they were convinced that the goal of the Order was the purest form of Christianity, to make of all mankind “one happy and prosperous family.” Once enlisted as novices or “Minervals” in the Order, those who were prepared for deeper commitment were allowed to advance to the rank of Iluminatus Minor, where they were told that the only obstruction to the Order’s goal of universal happiness was the power being held by the religious and governmental institutions of the world.

Accordingly, the leaders of these institutions—monarchs (or future monarchs) and clergymen—had either to be brought under the control of the Order or destroyed. If such a prospect frightened the new Illuminatus Minor, he was kept inactive at this level until his ethical concepts were altered….

After the candidate had proven his absolute devotion to the secrets of the Order, he was allowed to enter the top-level circle of initiates as an Illuminatus Major, just below the position of Rex held by Weishaupt. By now, all conventional idealism had been purged from the candidate and he was told about the real objectives of the Order: rule of the world, to be accomplished after the destruction of all existing governments and religions.

He was now required to take an oath which bound his every thought and action, and his fate, to the administration of his superiors in the Order. But Weishaupt did not simply rely on the sincerity of his disciples. He set up an elaborate spy network so that all members would constantly be checking on the loyalty of each other.

The secret police of the Order killed anyone who tried to inform the authorities about the conspiracy. This band was known as the “Insinuating Brethren” and had as its insignia an all-seeing eye. … Weishaupt, who had been raised and educated by the Jesuits before rebelling against them, adopted much of the organizational system of the Jesuits for his Order….

Here is the problem in a nutshell, from Weishaupt’s viewpoint. He wanted badly to destroy the Western governments, replacing them with one new global government, called the New World Order.

But, how do you get from point A to point B?

How does one thoroughly, gradually change every single aspect of every Western nation, moving them from freedom into slavery, without the citizens of these countries finding out your Plan, and forcing their governments to attack and destroy you? …

Weishaupt lacked only one element in his grand Plan to establish his New World Order: a tactical Battle Plan that would clearly specify how he was to proceed overthrowing all the established governments in the Western World. In 1823, a German professor named Hegel provided that formula, that specific battle plan. Hegel, a social philosopher, proposed that societies were governed by the following formula:

The existence of one type of government or society, named Thesis, would provoke the appearance of the opposite of that type of government of society, which Hegel named Antithesis.

Thesis and Antithesis would naturally begin to battle one another, since they were exactly opposite systems and, therefore, would see matters differently.

If Thesis and Antithesis battled each other for a long period of time, with neither side annihilating the other, that battling would result in both sides changing for a hybrid system of government and society, which Hegel called Synthesis.

A constant battling, or threat of battling, was the key. Hegel theorized that “Conflict brings about change, and planned conflict would bring about planned change.” This theory swept through Europe, on college campuses, sparking many a debate! After awhile, student’s fascination with this theory died down, but the Illuminati, with Freemasonry now thoroughly involved in the leadership in the New World Order Plan, now had their formula to achieve their goals!

Let us now define these terms as they relate to Weishaupt’s Plan:

  • Thesis—is the original system dominating Europe in the late 1700s. This system was economically private enterprise, politically either monarchy or democracy, and religiously Judeo-Christian.
  • Anti-Thesis— is the opposite system to Thesis, which, theoretically, by battling Thesis for an extended period of time, would produce a new system, called Synthesis. The major problem is that no truly opposite system to Thesis existed in 1776.

So, what can you do when no truly opposite system has spontaneously sprung up? If I were in charge of executing the New World Order Plan, and I believed in Hegel’s theory, I suppose I would sit down to create a system exactly opposite to Thesis.

  • Synthesis— is the new, hybrid system produced by constant battling between Thesis and Anti-Thesis is planned to be economically Fascist, where the means of production and the distribution of goods are privately held, but the government dictates how much is produced and how many companies can produce the same type of product. Synthesis was planned to be religiously Satanic, which is the hybrid between the Judeo-Christian Thesis and the Atheistic Anti-Thesis. This new system, hypothetically called Synthesis, has always had a title. It has always been know as the New World Order.

By creating “order out of chaos” they then provides their own solution to fix the problem themselves created. To win the game you need to control both sides of the war.

American and European international bankers financed both sides of the wars and become rich on wars. The Rothschild family owns most of all of the world’s central banks. Rothchild was the founder of the Illuminati.

Before one can understand the 21″ century version of the United States of America, or see what it might become, it is necessary to reflect on a bygone era that Margaret Mitchell appropriately described as having been swept away by the wind, in this case “Moriah, Conquering Wind,” one of the many names attributed America’s long-standing archenemy,

The Order of The Illuminati. As you peruse the pages of this novel, keep in mind that the chapter in history it depicts ends in the year 2012 A.D. Whether—as some have predicted—the world ends that same year, one thing is certain: more “change” is coming.

America will be heading down one of two roads. It will either be returning to a free and independent republic ruled by auto-determination or continuing down its current path of destruction, as described in Alexander Tyler’s “Cycles of Democracy.” Without a revolutionary change of direction, America will likely become a puppet nation in an Orwellian-styled, One World Government ruled by self anointed gods of a New World Order.

If unity is the goal of humankind, and God desires unity, then how is the Babylonian concept out of line with God’s purpose?

As for the first Babylonians, their desire to build a tower, united in effort, one in purpose, and forged into a new sameness of belief, culture, language, and government may appear to a non-discerning mind to be Utopian. However, their project was devoid of good intentions, openly opposing Almighty God through their efforts to create a society ruled and overseen by humankind without God. Their Creator had to destroy their work, confusing their language and stirring division between them to block their efforts, lest they achieve an outcome that can only be imagined. The Babylonian Empire, which later arose from the roots of the original Babylon, was the nemesis to the people of God.

Secret Order of the Illuminati – History is Made with Betrayals

Although this is not publicly admitted, many leaders of Secret Societies are perfectly aware that their groups have been corrupted and are doomed to end.

They also know that most of their members are in the darkness. The transition is obvious by the history of many other Orders:

  • The Teutonic Knights, started as a militia that persecuted religious dissenters, later formed an empire that protected these same dissenters, and eventually merged with the nazis, to persecute in the name of the Vatican;
  • The Knights of Malta, started as a militia composed by the nobility of the best families of Europe, and turned to piracy;
  • The Knights Templar, protected christian history and artifacts, but later became corrupted by the Freemasons, a branch of their own creation.

The same we saw happening with nations, and how they betrayed each other. The Portuguese, for example, still believe that their greatest threat was Spain, and yet, they were betrayed, and tremendously, by their greatest ally — Britain. The World Trade Organization — in practice founded by the Portuguese, through the Order of Christ — was stolen by The Rothschild and the Freemasons. Nonetheless, we need to look deeper for the reasons, for they are rooted in greed and jealousy — a spiritual corruption influenced by the Dark Powers.

In other words, they are a cult of lies, not truths. And these lies have nothing to do with Freemasonry as it was intended by their own founders. They fear consciousness at this point.

The world is now experiencing a massive acceleration and convergence in biblical end-times signs, much of it orchestrated by hidden forces. Whether we call it the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, or the shadow government, the operating principle is the same: “order out of chaos.”

The primary strategy these groups use is to deliberately create chaos in order to break down the current order and create the new order. They employ what is known as “manufactured crises” to accomplish these goals.

These secret societies and organizations frequently change their names, but they’re hiding in plain sight and the end goal is the same: the creation of a global government and economic system under the guise of sustainability, world peace, and the fair redistribution of wealth. At the most basic level, this is a spiritual conspiracy with roots in the great spiritual battle between good and evil.

Ever since Lucifer failed in his first attempt to install his acolyte Nimrod as ruler of the known world, he’s been seeking to do it again. In 1 John 2:18, the apostle John wrote that the world would experience many “antichrists” before the final one emerged on the world.

One of the keys to understanding the Babylon code is to recognize that the powerful, secret occult societies that began with Nimrod constantly change their names. For example, the Illuminati emerged from the Rosicrucian Order and other prior secret societies. The Illuminati may well be one of the secretive organizations that help to usher into power the charismatic world leader known as the Antichrist to oversee the end-times political and economic system, or it could be another organization operating under a different name that few know of.

LaHaye believes the Illuminati will help bring the Antichrist to power to establish the end-times global system described in the Bible. “The devil has his emissaries in every language and in every country in the world working toward [a one-world government],” LaHaye says.

“I see it in our own country and in Europe and other places where you hear this obsessive idea that if we could just have one-world government we could have peace. If you analyze that from a Christian standpoint, you can’t have world government with one man, a depraved fallen human being, running the world. As Lord Acton said, ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ A Dutch representative [Paul-Henri Spaak] from the United Nations said the world is ready for a one-world government led by one person and ‘be he god or devil, we will receive him.’”

Rosicrucianism resembles Illuminism in that its adherents believe themselves to be in possession of an esoteric knowledge unavailable to the common man, which provides secret insights that in turn confer power on the initiates.

Unlike the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians—who date their beliefs to late medieval Germany—do not see themselves as members of an elite secret society but as adherents of a mystical religion guided by an elite theology.

Nevertheless, according to some NWO theorists, Rosicrucianism became a vehicle of the power elite and may therefore be regarded as a precursor and contributor to the creation of rule by shadow government.

Rosicrucian doctrine is intimately related to certain strains of Freemasonry, a widespread fraternal movement that played an important part in secretly marshalling the most powerful men in the world. It was especially active in America both before and after independence; indeed, Freemasons’ lodges became important meeting places for the architects of the American Revolution.

This whole thing with the Illuminati and a Shadow Government may be unreal to many people but stay with me for a while and give it a chance. Most of us can agree upon one thing, that something is very wrong with this planet. Civil wars, diseases, famine, ethnic cleansing, religious wars and different violations of human rights are rampant. The list is long and it just goes on. Are all those bad conditions totally separated from each other or do they have a common source?

Let us start thinking for ourselves for just awhile. It is not too often we have this opportunity. We are constantly fed with propaganda, bad news, opinions and lies. There are tons of untold secrets and life is hectic; we have to earn a living and we are afraid to be laid off work. Our survival is threatened on a daily basis and this is the direction in which much thinking goes these days. So what is it that causes so much fear and uncertainty in our lives? Is life really this threatening or is somebody creating this condition on purpose? Much of the fear and terror is spread through Media, which is owned by a few people at the very top of the society. These people have their very own agenda of keeping their own jobs. You must broadcast the ‘News’ as we say, when we say it or you are fired, no exceptions.

The Illuminati or “Moriah Conquering Wind” as they prefer Much of the fear and terror is spread through Media, which is owned by a few people at the very top of the society. These people have their very own agenda of keeping their own jobs.

You must broadcast the ‘News’ as we say, when we say it or you are fired, no exceptions. The Illuminati or “Moriah Conquering Wind” as they prefer to call themselves these days, is a very secretive group of occult practitioners who have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

It is not a boys’ club or a group of adults parents trying to get some excitement in life; this is something much bigger than that. This is a very well structured organization consisting of people in extremely high places. These people are the ‘Super Wealthy’, who stands above the law.

Many of them do not even appear on the list of the wealthiest people in the world, it is that secret. Who you think is siding with you is not, using you.

The word Illuminati means people claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a particular subject. Illuminati also focus on any various groups claiming special religious enlightenment. These people are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes. Yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions.

They are the “Black Nobility”, the ‘Decision Makers’, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their actions cannot stand being scrutinized.

Their bloodlines go back thousands and thousands of years and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines pure from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding.

Their power lies in the occult and in economy because money creates power. The Illuminati own all the International banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and they own most governments or at least control them.

An example of this is the American election for presidency. It is no secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money wins the election, as this gives the power to ‘un-create’ the opposed candidate. Who sponsors the right candidate? The Illuminati do.

More often than not they sponsor both sides to have a game going. They decide who will be the next president and they see to it that their man wins, even if they have to cheat.

Is the President really running the game? Not at the least. The power does not lie with the politicians but with the Illuminati, whose top members are mostly International Bankers.

The leading candidates for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families and if we research all the Presidents of the United States from the beginning up to now, we will see that almost all of them are of the same royal bloodline and they are all family; related by ancestry and family trees. Royalty is equivalent to the Illuminati.

So what are the goals of the Illuminati? It is to create a “One World Government” and a “New World Order”, with them on top to rule the world into slavery and fascism. This is a very old goal of theirs and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal is not of a kind that is supposed to be obtained within one lifetime. It has been a goal that slowly is to be accomplished over a long period of time.

The British Empire is in truth a Freemasons’ Empire. Above this Empire we have the so called Illuminati, which are as enlightened as the ones be-low them. In other words, we’re talking merely about very powerful, self-ish, mentally insane and arrogant people that would make their ancestors feel ashamed of their actions and misuse of ancient symbols.

They’re what we should instead call Shadows of the Illuminati, as there’s nothing enlightening about them, and this term has been misused as well, so that the masses are led into thinking that their power is legitimate and don’t

While people are still being led to believe that they’re ruled by their politicians and monarchs, “behind the ostensible government sits en-throned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledg-ing no responsibility to the people (President Theodore Roosevelt).

“The world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” (British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli). Today, the major forces of international security and espionage, such as the CIA, FBI, Europol and MI5, are completely controlled by the Illuminati organization, also known as the shadow government.

The way it operates is so discreet that we barely notice how the control expands. If a leader is immune to corruption, he will be attacked first with rumors, then murdered in a mysterious way, or alternatively put in jail with false accusations. The emotional dissociation and disinterest of the masses to-wards their leaders and most prominent prophets is still one of the fa-vorite tools of mass control.

The illuminati of modern times are members of the wealthy elite from around the world, and base their body of practices in several other an-cient groups related to enlightenment and gnostic practices, i.e., the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Satanists and the Druids. They’ve organized their values and practices according to what they found fit to serve their best interest and not so much advance spirituality or as com-passionate human beings. The illuminati, as a religious society, is formed under egoistical values and, therefore, promotes the dark side of the hu-man soul.

Despite the secrecy, it is now known that the first stage of the plan is created with the manipulation of stocks and interest rates, to increase mass debt. And because most people won’t be able, at some point, to pay their debts, the national banks will be bankrupted, reason why we witness so many suddenly closing doors around the world, and mostly in the most impoverish nations of Europe, such as Portugal and Spain. Every time this occurred, people lost an entire life of savings, which dis-appeared from their accounts and into the hands of the Power Elite, the debt collectors.

Once people start rioting in the streets and massively protesting against their governments, the state of emergency will justify a military inter-vention and the imposition of martial law. Nato and other international forces will be called to interfere until a solution is presented that will guarantee peace among all nations, and this solution would be the one the bankers and leaders of this Illuminati order have designed before or-chestrating world chaos, following one of their favorite quotes and illu-minati premise, ordo ab chao, which means order out of chaos.

The most basic and powerful emotion in humans is fear, the fear of losing a competition, fear of death, fear of losing friends, fear of not being so-cially accepted, and so on. And this fear is stimulated through many dif-ferent sources, being the main one the media. Now, interestingly, fear pushes people towards themselves, their own introverted thoughts, as opposite to curiosity, and excitement, which bring people to become more extroverted and honest towards the world around them.

A person can’t be fearful and selfish, and open-minded at the same time. The two things are incompatible and drive humans in opposite direc-tions. And so, society finds itself divided between trust and the lack of it. I.e., the more fears someone has, the more closed minded this person tends to be.

It is at this point that we notice the fear of being different, excluded and, fundamentally, the fear of the unknown. Whatever may seem different, triggers anxiety and fear of loss, as well as the instinctive need to react. And that’s why we tend to see more people reacting aggres-

Desacralization of the world in any form will eventually destroy all sentient life on our planet. Through the propaganda of the mass media control system, we become the unfeeling and dispassionate clients of the atheistic elites. Dumbed down, we become more manageable. Robbed of our feelings and intellectual competence, we become more amenable for the shadow government’s final solution.

Zionist illuminati own and control Western media. Their aim is to indoctrinate the unsuspecting into thinking that crime is fun and vulgarity laughable. Valueless entertainment becomes the tool of manipulation. When all consciousness has been pumped out of the human spirit unaware, we reverse the evolutionary process and live like nonenlightened men and women.

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