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The End of Illuminati – The Losing Power of Secret Societies

The End of Illuminati – The Losing Power of Secret Societies

So, what is Kundalini yoga all about?

At the base of the spine, subtler than the physical body, lies the Kundalini energy, or spiritual energy, in a latent form.

The practice of Kundalini yoga aims to unlock and awaken the radiant transformative energy that exists within every person.

The awakened Kundalini expresses the primal divine impulse and ultimately joins the individual with the divine.

In route to his own realization

The secret of the ancient mysteries is that within us all there is a bridge between the mundane and the divine through which cocreation is possible. To this end it is possible to discover the noble Self and to know that we already carry the grail we are seeking on the spiritual quest. To search for the limits of human potential is to attain knowledge, beyond the ego, of the Higher Self that connects us to the source of all life.

Secret Societies know that “the whole universe is vibrant with life, that each object constantly emits from itself vibratory waves which reveal its nature and presence. If it was possible to throw colored moving pictures of the desire body upon the screen and there show how this restless vehicle changes contour and color according to the emotions, even then it would not give an adequate understanding to anyone who was not capable of seeing these things himself”.

The magnetic field of our environment affects our own. But a highly spiritual individual can sense and perceive lower levels of brainwaves in social environments as well, which will make him feel tired when such magnetism interferes with his own.

That is why such people tend to avoid crowded places and prefer isolation. The spiritual awakening, that society has been developing with the Era of Aquarius, is also related to a magnetic interference in their physical bodies. And even though not all humans have felt it, and have been suffering more with diseases of various nature, others have no choice but to change their habits, as their bodies react more aggressively to processed foods, meat consumption and other poisonous interferences in the chemical body housing the spirit.

“The bodies are becoming more high-string and more sensitive to pain on account of the spirit’s growing consciousness”.

On one side, any spiritual evolution would be suppressed, ridiculed or furiously attacked. And on another side, there would be a need for secrecy to maintain this light hidden from the public eye.

The word Illuminati has been the source of much controversy and confusion because there are two Illuminati agendas the hidden powers of the shadow government and the true God’s army.

Both are the Illuminati, because one carries the light of God and the other carries the light of Lucifer. One group is attempting to promote spiritual freedom while the other wants to enslave mankind. One promotes a spiritual awakening while the other suppresses any information from entering the public spectrum.

These two armies the knights of light and the knights of darkness — often cross paths, even inside their own organizations, institutions and religions.

Specifically Illuminati also known as the dark cabal, among others, these are the dark energies at work of humanity.

There’s a huge awakening and the globalists are in trouble. They want people to basically believe that they are powerless. When we see this giant build-up of police/state control is a good indicator that the system is desperately trying to get humanity back on the reservation. The prime reason for this massive imposition and escalation of the Orwellian state globally is that they’re trying to get more power. As the human mind awakens and expands its sense of the possibility. Instead of living your life looking through the wrong end of a telescope and seeing everything as “I can’t, it’s impossible and everything is limited” you start to expand your awareness of possibility and when you do that everything changes.

If you’re looking through the wrong end of a telescope will have no alternative to the official story because you haven’t got any alternative. If you expand your mind and your awareness to the problem to offer a solution, becomes a byproduct of the attack on gun ownership. Then you do have an alternative to the lie and suddenly the lie is under a challenge.

Back of your brain that are creating your visual reality. Therefore the programming gets harder to impose itself. Then your mind starts to truly open up to new possibilities and way of life.

There’s kind of a race on. They had been aware that this awakening was coming and therefore they’ve been preparing for it. What we’re seeing now is a race between them locking everything down to the point where there’s no margin. You see this is why they want microchips. In the end, these few centimeters at the back of the brain are key. That’s because the micro-chipping is about the external, but the external manipulation of the sense of reality becomes created reality and that’s manifested by the brain.

Why are they telling us what they want and what’s coming in Hollywood movies?

Surely, they don’t want us to know. They do it, because the more they’re feeding that information into the subconscious mind the more that is becoming the future reality of the subconscious mind which then becomes the manifested reality of the conscious mind. It’s like putting information into a computer and then pressing enter and it comes up on the screen.

What we are dealing with is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we interact with it, and how we create it. It is a set up in society through its control of science — not least through funding and peer pressure and all the other stuff that goes on.

Through the media and what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality. Thus, if you know how “reality” works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want is what is played behind the scenes.

All the stuff they put in Hollywood movies and television programs is far ahead of what they’re seeking to create. You know the reality that we’re experiencing here every day. You stand and look into the night sky and you see all those lights, all those planets and stars – billions of light years away.

What you are seeing exists in that form only or in a few cubic centimeters at the back of your brain where the brain decodes information in electrical form through an illusory physical reality which is actually holographic.

So, if you want to bring down this whole conspiracy, to its real bottom line, it is about what controls those few centimeters at the back of your brain.

That’s because if they do it by programming your sense of reality, you will perceive and thus manifest your individual and collective experience of what they have programmed you to decode and manifest.

They’ve proven that humans are builders, designers, creators, so they simply program us to manufacture what they want for private gains and control — it’s all happening below our radar. In fact, it goes much deeper than that for reasons.

When you expand your mind, you go beyond consciousness and gain a greater sense of awareness. You are increasing your potential every time you do that, because you have the power to control those centimeters at the back of your brain that are creating your visual reality. Therefore the programming gets harder to impose itself. Then your mind starts to truly open up to new possibilities and way of life.

The globalists are programming the public, because they believe of possessing a spiritual influence to do this. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, they believe it — and they will not stop until they do it.

Control of Human Consciousness

The Dark Force beings existing in physical form began breeding with certain humans and also recruiting others as their “minions”, thus creating the Cabal and Illuminati bloodlines which would serve to keep humanity in line.

In the past, there were the royal bloodline sovereigns and priests who acted in this role. Today these royal bloodlines are mainly hidden in our political, military, religious and corporate structures. The energetic Veil technology still in operation today also includes the placement of implants in our etheric bodies, designed to suppress the consciousness and prevent spiritual awakening.

The technology also helps prevent us from being able to form a coherent telepathic consciousness with each other, whereby we could become dangerous to them. They also use Al and spacecraft to monitor our thoughts and steer us away from information that would help us grow spiritually.

The Fall of Consciousness

So this is a rather dark version of the story of the Fall of Consciousness into the extremely dense Third Dimension with all its inherent distortions and anomalies causing immense suffering. We have been living in this fallen state for these last 25,000 years or so.

It’s important to recognize what this fallen state of humanity has entailed, as we tend to simply take the aspects of our fallen state for granted since it’s all we’ve known for so long. We no longer have reference points of what is like to be living in a civilization of beings who are not existing as a fallen race.

The “fallen” state involves the fact that life is generally fraught with difficulty. The human condition is dominated by the struggle for survival, and much of humanity lives in poverty, barely maintaining the necessities of life. Most of our time and energy go into obtaining food and shelter.

Additionally, we experience illness, difficult aging, suffering, and physical death. Relationships on earth often bring deep disappointment, sorrow and heartache, and many people are alone, abused, or emotionally lost.

Any sense of true fulfillment is rare and usually fleeting. All but a few exist in a state of separation from the Divine and forgetful-ness of their own divine nature. The fallen state of our planet also means that just about all of our institutions are corrupt, and that no matter how hard we try to change or replace them, corruption always seems to take over again.

Most countries are unable to live in peace with one another; and despite all the efforts of those desiring peace throughout history, we still fight and kill one another. And always the innocent suffer.

Most of us generally accept that this is just “how life is”. It’s what we’re brought up to believe, what we learn in school. Life is struggle, you have to work to survive (unless you’re one of the very few fortunate ones), and life always has sorrow woven through it.

What does This All Mean?

Think about all this for a moment. We’re being told that we are a race enslaved by other hostile races and have been for thousands of years. If this is all or even just somewhat true, consider what it might mean, not only for humanity as a whole, but for each of us as individuals.

If, indeed, we have been held as hostages in quarantine, if we have had implants inserted into our consciousness to control us with negative programming that holds back our awakening to Source, and if we have been incarnating over and over again through a karmic system designed to keep us unaware of who we really are – what does this all mean about us?

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how much awakening and healing work you’ve done, there always seems to be more to move through? And why you never get free of your feelings of self-doubt and self-judgment, no matter how much love and respect you develop for yourself?

Do you ever get the sense you’re somehow being “interfered” with? That there are forces messing with you, preventing you from making the breakthroughs you long for and work toward? If so, have you just decided that there must be something wrong or flawed about you, and that you just have to do more “work” on yourself?

Have you ever wondered about your superego, the inner critic that always seems to be making you wrong in some way, no matter what you do? Why is there something within you that is always tripping you up with self-judgment, guilt, shame and self-hatred?

Does it ever feel like this is not a natural part of you? Could this story of the Dark Forces and humanity perhaps bring some clarity to these questions? Feel into this possibility. What could this mean for you if it is true?

The world needs to wake up spiritually and psychologically and stop consenting to victimhood. It is this victim consciousness that contributes to continued manipulation of unsuspecting humans. It bears repetition that change begins in consciousness, which leads to individual and group action. The Illuminati power cabal and their negative allies are more vulnerable now than ever before.

Their greatest advantage, for both the malevolent beings and the secret government, is how outrageous these claims will seem to the mass populous. That is why they keep us guessing with just enough information, combined with clever disinformation tactics, to divert us from the truth of what’s really going on.

The only real hope for the people of this planet is a mass spiritual awakening which is just beginning to occur.

This spiritual awakening must also lead us into politi-cal action to remove the secret government and Illuminati from power. They too are capable of becoming aware of their own victimization by the negative beings.

They too can even begin to realize the dead end and ultimate insecurity of ruling by fear. And for the rest of us, we will have to find a way to forgive them. Change in human perspective is always possible and no one is beyond redemption.

The global spiritual awakening already in progress will bring forward a profound new respect for all beings in all dimensions, not the least of which is the terribly mistreated animal kingdom here on Earth.

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