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The Rothschild agenda – ‘THE ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER-MORGAN AXIS . The Rothschild family was, and is, the central bank funding the Freemasonry movement. The Rothschilds have been members of the Craft since 1700.

The Rothschild agenda – ‘THE ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER-MORGAN AXIS . The Rothschild family was, and is, the central bank funding the Freemasonry movement. The Rothschilds have been members of the Craft since 1700.

The Rothschilds replaced the Templars as the first corporate financial giant of medieval Europe.

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded your wealth in the last days … You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were opposing you. —James 5:1-6

The subversive network assembled by Rex Deus and its conscription of the powerful elite has been impressive, even from our limited perspective. How wide, how far, and how deep do the terrifying tentacles of this Leviathan stretch to? Let us glimpse into this alarming juggernaut, beginning with the “Royal House of Money,” a family synonymous with international banking the Rothschilds.

The Rothschild family was, and is, the central bank funding the Freemasonry movement. The Rothschilds have been members of the Craft since 1700.

They grew rich on European wars, but they were inconsequential until they partnered with the Masonic movement. The Rothschild empire was the quasi-legitimate response by Rex Deus to the breakup of the Knights Templar.

Templars were the first modern bankers of Europe, who funded European wars with loans, controlling vast amounts of money. Therefore this powerful authority needed to be replaced. Banking funded the Knights Templar with most of the order’s wealth; just the visible Templar fortune was estimated at $20 billion.

Banking became the primary objective that then overshadowed the Priory agenda and Hugh De Payen, which supports the reasons cited at the Cutting of the Elm for splitting of the order—Templar greed and a difference of opinion about the agenda.

Markale notes that one of the primary functions of the Knights Templar was to facilitate the transfer of funds from Europe to the Holy Land for the Crusaders and pilgrims; thus, they became a bank and the greatest money institution ever created until that time. To these financial imperatives, the Knights Templar then invented exchange notes, the check, and various creative forms of credit.

Marrs describes the Templars as a Rex Deus/Priory of Sion puppet organization, which pioneered the concepts of credit facilities and the allocation of credit for commercial developments in the West;5 they were undeniably the first modern banks.

Gardner writes that the Templars established the first international banking network and became the financiers for almost all the thrones of Europe.

Thus, Rex Deus organizations were determined to replace the covert banking arm of the Templar empire, just as Freemasonry replaced the arcane, esoteric, and political arm of Templarism.

The Rothschilds replaced the Templars as the first corporate financial giant of medieval Europe. They funded the Rex Deus agenda, just as the Templars did. The Rothschilds grew opulent just as the Templars did by funding European wars, likely instigated by Rex Deus, and by using loans to manipulate monarchs for their own agenda.

By the time the Rothschild juggernaut got rolling, the Rothschilds had managed to indebt all the royal houses of Europe to them, including the famous Hapsburg dynasty.? Security for the secret end time agenda of Rex Deus was thus assured, for Rothschild bloodlines are also Rex Deus, as testified to by London Banker David Rothschild; he also claims to be a descendant of Jesus, according to Hancock.

The Rothschild family originated with Mayer Amschel Bauer, a Jewish/ German individual, born February 23,1749, in Frankfurt. Mayer was the court financial agent to William IX, the royal administrator for the Hesse-Kassel province, a prominent Freemason. Later, Mayer added the royal German family of Thurn and Taxis? the powerful family that established the first commercial post and courier companies in Europe as their clientele before entering into banking.

Through these first innocuous entries into the royal houses of Europe, Bauer prospered because of the inside information he received from his well-connected patrons with regard to market trends, futures in commodity prices, and forthcoming political events?’ Bauer opened his first bank in Frankfurt. His son Nathan established the London bank, and the youngest son, Jakob, established the Paris bank by 1811.

The Bauer family formally changed its name to Rothschild (meaning “red shield” and likely the insignia for the Rosicrucian cause) upon Nathan’s arrival in London to distance itself from anti-Semitism. While in London, Nathan purposefully established a stable of (wealthy, covert) agents to operate their far-reaching operations.”

This diabolical concept establishing strategic stables of wealthy agents by the Learned Elders has many covert tentacles into all aspects of life. Freemasonry acts to ensure all governments perform as puppets to install its secret plans, appointing only fellows to government agencies and departments; this includes presidents.

They ruthlessly blackmail all those who do not respond as puppets. Freemasonry further ensures that their agents control all police agencies of the world. Other agents utilize liberalism, liberty, freedom, and covert fraternities to blind society. They diligently degrade society with degenerate doctrines, various immoralities, alcohol, and other vices.”

The far-reaching operations began with strategic alliances with influential families that exist to this day. In 1814, the Rothschilds established formative business ties with the Warburgs of Hamburg, Germany.

In 1785, they established close ties with the Schiff family. Jacob Henry Schiff immigrated to America in 1865, joining Abraham Khun’s investment firm. Jacob married the daughter of Solomon Loeb, the head of Khun Loeb and Company of New York, in 1875. Jacob Schiff was promoted to the head of Khun Loeb in 1885, with the death of Solomon Loeb.14 Solomon Loeb and Abraham Khun married each other’s sisters. Felix Warburg married Jacob Schiffs daughter, Frieda. Paul, Felix Warburg’s brother, married Solomon Loeb’s daughter, Nina, from Loeb’s second wife.

Otto Kahn, another partner in Khun and Loeb, married one of the original investors at Goldman Sachs and Company. Two of Sach’s sons married two Goldman daughters.

These families were, and still are, prominent in American finances. It is important to appreciate the great lengths these families went to in order to keep the wealth and control within a close circle of strategically aligned families, all in the Rex Deus and Gnostic spirit of genealogies, which all operated as extended arms for the Rothschild empire, the covert stable of agents we discussed.

The power of the Rothschild empire continued to reach across the Atlantic and into America, where the Rothschilds funded a company in its infancy, Standard Oil. The family that owned and still maintains controlling interests in Standard Oil is the American powerhouse of Rockefeller.

The Rockefeller empire, because of this, according to Gary Kah, owes its wealth, loyalty, and power to the Rothschilds.16 Working through Wall Street and their strategic partners of Khun Loeb and Company, along with JP Morgan, the Rothschilds financed JD Rockefeller through the City Bank of Cleveland, a branch of the Rothschild empire, so that he could create Standard Oil.

The Rockefellers are renowned globalists and Masons. Today, the Rockefellers control four of the top seven of the world’s largest oil companies that include Exxon, Standard Oil, Chevron, Mobil, Phillips 66, Marathon, and Texaco; and they further control 321 other oil companies.

Masonic/Rex Deus forces do not care whether the government is democratic or a dictatorship, for they will and do control both, generally through economic power levers in the form of money lent to disparate governments.

Rex Deus then imposes their own unique form of social engineering, partnered with physical conservatism, designed to enhance and further their ultimate goals of free trade and globalism.

The disparate globalist groups operate collectively from a predetermined vision, diligently dictated from a cohesive assembly of Adepts, which has been identified with many powerful organizations, including the New World Order, the Committee of Three Hundred, the Illuminati, and the Secret Brotherhood.

Some believe this powerful, occultist assembly of Adepts is guided by nonhuman intelligences, described as prison wardens or custodians24 (spiritual guides, demons, and/or fallen angels, and/or aliens). All this is consistent with the testimony from the Rosicrucians, the most illuminated of Freemasonry, and the Illuminati, who secretly plot and coordinate all this sedition, for they also converse regularly with spirit guides, whom they secretly recognize as fallen angels and demons.

And let us not forget the New Age and Theosophical religious leaders, who regularly converse with their superhuman spiritual guides, the Avatars. The boldest gambit to date in the march to globalism has been the usurping of the power levers controlling economic prosperity.

By this I mean the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banks/central banks of the great western economies, in tandem with the World Bank, partnered with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). All are dominated, manipulated, and controlled by Masonic/Rex Deus/globalist forces.

The central banks of the world, not the elected governments now control economic policy. One should note with particular relevance the first act of Tony Blair and his Labor government in Britain was to establish the Central Bank of England, thereby relinquishing Britain’s economic control levers, the last bastion of common sense among western governments.

The IMF and the World Bank both perpetuate a sinister strategy over the poorer nations of the world. These organizations lend countries money until they have all but brought the poorer countries to economic ruin. Like drug dealers and pimps, first they irrevocably addict the victim on the credit narcotic, ensuring those nations are completely dependent for their survival upon the continuation of credit being granted, for they are no longer able to manage their debt or the enormous interest charges associated with it.

Then these globalist pimps impose their will on the dependent victims, manipulating or coercing them into whatever globalist policies are in vogue at the time, for fear of being cut off from the supply of credit. One might correctly surmise that the globalist money supply simultaneously addicted the great Western nations in a similar manner through the ill-advised deficit financing of their budgets in the 1970s and 1980s and once more in the wake of the 2008 global meltdown.

Physical conservatism will once more be imposed alongside global socialism, for fear that the debt bonds will not be renewed unless the debt-ridden nations capitulate to the globalist agenda. All this is yet another tentacle of the Rex Deus conspiracy. Rex Deus members surround themselves with the best-educated economists, bankers, industrialists, and capitalists—all educated at special, elitist universities—and have over many centuries gained control over most of the world’s wealth.

The money is then lent to governments and capitalists, who become their economic slaves, as they cannot pay it back, thereby bankrupting many nations, all to enforce their loyalty. All this was perfected in the twentieth century through covertly founded central banks that control the world’s money supply.

Does anyone really believe that any of their state/provincial or federal governments really have any say over their economic policies, including trade? The answer, of course, is “no.”

All such policy is dictated and controlled by the powerful globalists. This is why it matters not today what party or leader is in power, for their economic policies are identical for all practical applications. Because of their debts, governments take their marching and policy orders from those who control the money. if debt is not enough to control government policy, then the complete infiltration of governments at all levels by Masons and other globalists ensures the spurious will is carried out.

The most powerful potentates, who include the Rothschilds, Morgans, and the Rockefellers, back the globalists. This is why politicians run on one set of pastoral principles in their platforms and adroitly implement different doctrines and policies as soon as they reach power. One only needs to look at Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien with respect to NAFTA and free trade as proof.

Among the first of these spurious, globalist institutions was the Federal Reserve in America. This most important bastion of Western economic leadership was established through persistent efforts by Illuminated Freemasonry in partnership with the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan axis.

The Morgans worked closely with the Rockefellers to conceive the founding of a banking cartel. They did this in a secret meeting held in 1910 at JP Morgan’s private resort, on an island off the coast of Georgia.

Their subversive efforts paid off, with the suspicious passing and enactment of the Federal Reserve Bank Act while opposing congressmen had already adjourned for the Christmas holiday season, ensuring European Illuminists a permanent role in America’s finances and its defacto economic destiny?

Not many know that the United States Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned, for this fact is kept in relative secrecy. Most believe the Federal Reserve is government owned and government directed, but it is not. it is a private corporation held by stockholders, whose names are kept secret through the Federal Reserve Act.

However, it has come to light that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are the most important and influential stockholders of the Federal Reserve.” The top eight shareholders of the Federal Reserve are an intriguing cluster of strategic, covert partners.

First, there is the Rothschild’s Bank of London and Berlin. Then there are the Lazard brothers, who own the Bank of Paris. Next, we have the Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, followed by the Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam, whom the Rothschilds are partners with. we then have the Lehman Brothers (who used to own the Bank of New York), as well as the Kuhn/Loeb Banks of New York, who also have the Rothschilds as partners.

And, of course, we must not overlook the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, which is owned by the Rockefellers and has merged with Citi Bank. Finally, there is the Goldman Sachs Bank of New York. Expect that Lehman Brothers will emerge reorganized from bankruptcy as a powerful phoenix company or that they will remain in parts within one of these powerful, banks.

One can only interpret this institution through the lens of its powerful, capitalistic shareholders, all strategically aligned for hundreds of years as a giant globalist Leviathan, bent on biased globalist policies.

The other central banks of the world contain the same sorts of shareholders. To this globalist end, governments have been coerced by the banking cartel into sheltering enormous wealth created by bank profits through the establishment of seditious, tax-exempt foundations. Profits from the globalist banks are laundered into them, where they are, in turn, invested into other corporations that will further influence the global economy.

By this diabolical scheme, an elite few capitalistic potentates/Adepts increasingly influence and manipulate the global economy, just as the so-called think tanks, also created by the same globalist forces, influence the opinions of the general public.

Private foundations, complete with requisite laws, serve as tax shelters for the enormous wealth of the international banking cartel” controlled by Rex Deus and the Rothschild family, all to fund world government. The power of the Rockefellers, Warburgs, Schiffs, and Morgans has now shifted to their giant global foundations.

Private foundations, complete with requisite laws, serve as tax shelters for the enormous wealth of the international banking cartel” controlled by Rex Deus and the Rothschild family, all to fund world government. The power of the Rockefellers, Warburgs, Schiffs, and Morgans has now shifted to their giant global foundations.

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