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The Illuminati were not gods, but acts as they are superior to the human race. Jacob Frank told Adam Weishopt to found the Bavarian Illuminati. Rothschilds were already established in power and wealth at this time. Weishsopt was financed by the Rothschilds to form the Illuminati, but the instruction came from Frank

The Illuminati were not gods, but acts as they are superior to the human race. Jacob Frank told Adam Weishopt to found the Bavarian Illuminati. Rothschilds were already established in power and wealth at this time. Weishsopt was financed by the Rothschilds to form the Illuminati, but the instruction came from Frank

Now we can answer the initial question about God being depicted differently in the New and Old Testament. What we read in the Old Testament is not God, but anunnaki playing God. The New Testament is talking about real God helping humans to become a superior specie and survive, despite the animal instinct inherited in the process of evolution from animal to human being. God knew that as long as humans have the animal instinct printed in their DNA sooner or later they will destroy themselves. We are some kind of hybrids with a mediocre intelligence and no spiritual awareness. We are in limbo.

All of the people on this planet are condemned. During our evolution, we have transformed our lives into hell, because of our out of control animal instincts. Whether we survive or destroy ourselves is up to us. It all comes down to how soon we understand who we are, and what is the meaning of life. God sent us prophets to teach us the way of survival. We either ignored or killed them. Even worse, we turned the church of God into a very profitable business. The word of God has been twisted and used to enslave people instead of free them.

The religious dogma and rituals took the place of the true meaning of God’s teaching. The priests are always talking about salvation. They should be more specific about what that means. Salvation from what? The answer is: Salvation from yourself. Salvation from the animal instincts that have roots deep within our genetic code. Nobody can save you but yourself. The church could show you the way, but you have to walk down that path of salvation. We are all humans living on this planet, and we are dominated more or less by this animal instinct.

To be saved means getting rid of animal instincts, or at least minimizing them as much as possible. How can we accomplish this? We can’t do it alone because we do not realize who we are, and don’t have a clue what to do. We need help and we received it. We had prophets that were nothing but humans like us, with superior knowledge and understanding of our conditions. They were sent among us to help us grow spiritually.

Why we need to grow spiritually in the first place? Because being an intelligent creature with animal instincts means that we will likely destroy ourselves sooner or later. In order to survive we need to become “real humans”, not just the hybrids as we are now. We need to improve our DNA by changing our actions. It has been scientifically demonstrated that human DNA can be improved by changing our way of thinking and our behaviors. The prophets tried to teach us what needed to be done in order to transform ourselves from hybrid humanoid into “real humans”. They used symbols and parables in their teaching and even sacrificed themselves while teaching to make us understand their message.

The Bible’s apocalypse is just an example of allegory used to make us aware of the dangers we expose ourselves to, by continuing to ignore the basic rules of survival (which is the word of God). The need for change in human behavior became imperative. Why now? Because we are at the point now where we can destroy our planet and entire civilization. It looks like this happened before in human history.

Next, we find out that the newly created humans rebelled against their “creators,” the Anunnaki. “The humans wanted to have the nectar of the gods for themselves.” They wanted to have free will and live as long as the Annunaki lived themselves. Obviously, the creators didn’t want us to be equal to them. They wanted to keep us ignorant as to the true nature of spirit, freedom, and other laws of the universe. They preferred to keep the oblivious human race as their servants and themselves as gods rather than to see us as fully realized beings equal to them.

All the above, and hundreds of other materials, demonstrate that there’s a race, or several races, out there whose plan is to keep us in ignorance. They’re not the beings of the light.

There’s the race of extraterrestrials out there trying all their trickiest methods to keep us enslaved to the material plane so we don’t know who we are, or where we come from. Contrary to what people think, being a Jew does not refer to a bloodline, especially not the bloodline spoken of in secret societies.

The descendants of the kings of ancient Babylon who became pharaohs in ancient Egypt and kings in Greece now control Great Britain (the UK). From today’s British Monarchy the bloodline controls the world. The British Monarchs are the descendants of the Hebraic Tribe of Dan: the mind and most dominate figure behind the New World Order.

Experts like Michael Cremo, Richard Dolan, Graham Hancock and Michael Tsarion that our ancient star gods were the same reptilians (i.e., Anunnaki) who have corrupted and manipulated Earths religions for thousands of years. They created the secret societies! Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

If we recall a meeting took place in 1786, in the home of Mayer Amschel Bauer (later Rothschild). Invited to this meeting was Jacob Frank, and a Bavarian Jew named Adam Weishaupt. At this meeting:

`Jacob Frank told Adam Weishopt to found the Bavarian Illuminati. Rothschilds were already established in power and wealth at this time. Weishsopt was financed by the Rothschilds to form the Illuminati, but the instruction came from Frank’.

There was a third attempt to create a central banking system pushed by the Rothschild banking dynasty. One of the founders of the Masters of the Illuminati was Mayer Amschel Bauer, who later changed his last name to Rothschild. He was the money man behind the public founder, Jesuit Adam Weishaupt!66 Also, the Rothschild family bears the name of “Guardian of the Vatican Treasury.” It was the Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff, a Jesuit, who sought to gain control of the banking system of the United States. The Jesuits and the Rothschilds believe that “he who has the gold, makes the rules.” This is their Golden rule!

In 1763 Mayer Amschel Rothschild established the largest banking dynasty of all time. Their influence was cemented into the capitols of capital in the 19th century throughout Europe. It has been frequently written that the wealth of Rothschild is made from bankrupting nations”. The American Revolution 1775-1783 contrary to popular belief was caused by Britain’s control over the American money supply, not just a simple tax on tea. The Bankers of England could not allow America to be financially independent and made plans to subjugate America in ways other than direct control.

Nathan Rothschild ordered “Teach these impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to Colonial status.” Britain began the War of 1812 and Nathan Rothschild’s plan was to impoverish the US so much that they would need financial aid that would only be given if the charter for the Bank of the United States was renewed, with congress doing just that in 1816. In 1815 Nathan Rothschild takes over financial control of Britain and then After the Battle of Waterloo he was able to buy up a large portion of the Bank of England and establish the Rothschild family as major players behind world financial control.

Weishaupt duly created his society as the Order of the Illuminati. As we know the true intentions of this secret society were eventually exposed and the society was subsequently banned by the King of Bavaria, with members of the Order being rounded up. Weishaupt, however, managed to escape on horseback, and ultimately rode as far as Gothe before he was granted exile. Later, members of the Order of the Illuminati began to regroup and concluded that, because their Order was banned in Germany, they would infiltrate another secret society and take control of it. The society they chose was the English medieval order of Freemasonry, which was founded centuries before – likely by exiled members of the Knights Templar. This was the original infiltration of Freemasonry by the Illuminati and even today the highest rites of this society are controlled by them. Today the Illuminati is controlled by 13 family bloodlines. These families include the Rothschilds

The Illuminati are experts on mind control

Identifying these people at the soul level and controlling and manipulating their thoughts and actions can only be accomplished by experts in genetics and mind control. The Illuminati are known to be masters of both.

Although the Anunnaki royal bloodline ran in the family, most of them didn’t hesitate at other extra-familial relationships including breeding with their slaves (humanity) during their thousands of years on Earth. The workers bred with the human slaves as well.

According to the Bible, “the sons of god saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose” and “the sons of god came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men” and “There were giants in the earth”…. For more hair-raising detailed information on this, see the Book of Watchers, the first 36 chapters of the Book of Enoch. The hybrids of human-Anunnaki royalty became known as demigods (Titans in Greece, Asuras in India, etc.), while human-Anunnaki worker hybrids were known as the Nephilim (or Watchers) in the Bible.

Fast forward to today, and the ultra-elites continue to interbreed in an attempt to keep their Anunnaki bloodlines strong. They consider themselves to be more Anunnaki than human, which explains the elite’s utter contempt for the human race, including their indifference to slaughtering humans with no remorse through genocide, eugenics, star-vation, provoking warfare and even ritual sacrifices.

There is one ruling bloodline that exists on the Earth, and it is very old. It is the same I bloodline that has always ruled over the Earth, dating back to the royalty of ancient Egypt. It is very pervasive. The families of this bloodline are steeped in tradition and power. Numerous investigations show that the entire global financial system is ruled by the crown, but the “crown” does not refer specifically to the British monarchy.

The crown refers to the Inner City of London, which is a privately owned corporation out-side the jurisdiction of England. Its sister cities, completely separate sovereign states, are the Vatican City and Washington’s District of Columbia. Each of these three city states has their own unique flags, laws, use services, police forces, and each pays no taxes to the host country where it is located. These three cities form a private covert empire that controls the entire Western world. London is the center of financial control, Vatican City represents spiritual control, and Washington D.C. is the city for military control.

The “Empire of the Three Cities” controls the whole world, or at least they like to think they do. It is the private individuals, this pervasive ruling bloodline, that control these three city states. Because of their stranglehold of the financial systems, these entities are able to control all mainstream media, Western governments, the largest organized religion, and the strongest military force in the world.

For the last three centuries the wealthiest bloodline in the world bar none is the Rothschild family. They have attained this position through lies, control, manipulation

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