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The Book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden is actually a metaphor for the Supernal Triangle, or Divine Consciousness. The Creation of Adam and Eve is the creation of Duality. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, it is a symbolic depiction of Man’s falling from Divine consciousness into the Ego consciousness, the mind of Duality, where we are separated from the eternal bliss of the Unity of God

Fear had a much different purpose before. It actually was created as a function, not a state of being. This state of fear is been controlled by the ego. . The very moment we create any illusory thought of separation from God, we then, at that moment, create a dichotomy, and this is been controlled by the ego. The ego is also the vel of ignorance. And the ego has become the god of this world. “The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the “inner man” from the bonds of the world and his return to his native realm of light.” “Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists, and transform the leaden consciousness into gold consciousness of enlightenment.

The Book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden is actually a metaphor for the Supernal Triangle, or Divine Consciousness. The Creation of Adam and Eve is the creation of Duality. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, it is a symbolic depiction of Man’s falling from Divine consciousness into the Ego consciousness, the mind of Duality, where we are separated from the eternal bliss of the Unity of God.

To return to the Garden of Eden they must destroy their individuality, their Ego, their sense of self. Duality must be eliminated; all consciousness of polar opposites must be gone. Only then can one Cross the Abyss back to the Supernal Triangle, the Garden of Eden, and become One with God again.

The state of ego-duality can´t exist in a state of Oneness, so the ego can´t eixst in higher levels of consciousness.

We have left behind the Heaven reality, simply because we have created this altered-ego mentality. The result of this unconscious action has always been, and continues to be, that we fail to embrace the Kingdom.

As we have stated, this “forgetting” of our Truth, was with divine purpose. That purpose was so that God, through each and every piece of himself, could “experience” the all knowing of himself. This being in multitudes of new, different, and unique ways for the expansion of the Universal mind of God. So, with the creation of this “forgetfulness”, we embarked on the true purpose of our being in this experience. That purpose, has always been for the Soul, (God within), to embrace the fullness of that all knowing, and re-member, or mentally re-connect with the Whole of the One.

This is the purpose for the manifestation of our experiences. In essence, the experience of God, remembering God, through each and every piece of God. This, in and of itself, has been our divine “process” of life through these created experiences. A divine process indeed. In our journey, through the strength and depth of this collective creation, we have manifested our experiences with great power. So great, and so deep, that we have allowed ourselves to get “lost” within it’s very constructs. This happened when the fear of the separation that we perceived from the One, became so great, that it lead us into a survival mode, if you will.

That is to say that we became so entrenched in the thought of survival, we began to forget our core truth. The reality that our oneness with Source, makes us the very creators of this illusory process that we mistake for life itself. We, through the illusions, and the consequences of those illusions, started the process of “believing”. We started to believe, falsely believe, that we are the sum of our own outer creations. That what we consist of, is limited to a mind and a body.

A mind that thinks the thoughts, and a body that carries out those thoughts and bodily functions. That we are just this vehicle that carries us through this “mode” of surviving. So, what this altered-ego would have us to forget most of all, is the truest aspect of ourselves. The soul that is the God within us. This soul is what Jesus was speaking of when he said that the Kingdom is within you. This is what lead to the thought of separateness from that which we are. It is important to note here that we All have egos.

It is what we would consider to be our unique, or personality aspect self. However, this very thought of separation, or dividedness, is what led to the ego being altered to begin with. We, through our “forgetting”, have only attempted to convince ourselves, that the truest part of ourselves, resides somewhere “outside” of ourselves. Now, we have seen that the birth of this false sense of self that we call the altered-ego, was the beginning of the illusion of what is perceived as separation or division. It is our intention, through these writings, to reveal that what we perceive to be negative, painful, or indifferent in any form, are all the direct result of the belief in these altered-ego manifestations.

That is to say, that we believe in, or latch onto what the altered-ego has produced, in order to sustain itself. We do this, instead of embracing the True Creative Essence, and reflecting it’s reality.

The truth is, that our connection to God can never be severed. The very moment we create any illusory thought of separation from God, we then, at that moment, create a dichotomy. A dichotomy is: division into two, usually contradictory parts or opinions, such as; good or bad, right or wrong, strong or weak, pretty or ugly, black or white, superior or inferior. The result of this formulation is that we remove the way of God from the given scenario. Which is to say, that we have attempted to take One and make it two.

The Archons created two worlds out of one, and this world is ruled by an artificial intelligence of the ego, this is also the matrix or the mind prison. The ego´s purpose is to control the state of duality, so no one can leave this three dimensional reality, the matrix or the mind prison and progress to fifth dimension.

Its much easier to stay in the three dimensional reality and accept all the concepts of ego and duality as real.

All of what we humans experience is a direct result of our minds or mentality. That is to say, the thoughts that we manifest and bring forth are the very creators of what we experience. Since our minds are unconsciously filtered through the false sense of self, many of the resulting creations are what we deem to be “negative”.

The most common of these negative states are the illusions of fear, disease, and death. All of which the falsely trained mind has led us to perceive to be very real or solid states. When the truth is expressed through the mind/mentality, then we see these false states for exactly what they are. False states. As it is said, what we resist persists, and what we look at through the eyes of Truth disappears. What we resist, we create more of.

Our mental focus being on the resistance, inevitably will bring forth, or create more of what we are focusing on. When we see through the eyes of Truth, we see the reality of what we are creating. We then see the illusions for what they truly are… illusions, and thus, they cease to be. This, because we now can make the conscious choice to stop the creation of it.

The false state of fear, through the misaligned mind, will create, experience by experience, an inevitable mental confrontation with the Light of Truth. Once at that place, the Light of Truth will only transform the Fear back to it’s original state, which is that Oneness, that alignment with All things, which is the Light itself.

With this being said, we can now understand why Fear can only bring us to the door of understanding, but not carry us through. In our most primitive form of our “human” creation, Fear had a much different purpose. It actually was created as a function, not a state of being.

With this being said, we can now understand why Fear can only bring us to the door of understanding, but not carry us through. In our most primitive form of our “human” creation, Fear had a much different purpose. It actually was created as a function, not a state of being.

Our most primal fear was created for the purpose of “fight or flight”. To this day, it still indeed serves us in that purpose. It can detour us, or stop us in a moment of danger. For example, if I am walking close to the edge of a cliff, what is it that stops me from getting to close to the edge, or even walking over it? Fear serves us to keep the body safe and in tact. If we destroy it, as many of us continually do, whether in a moment, or slowly over time, then the soul must move into another vessel in which to experience this human physicality.

The unfortunate reality of moving into a new vessel however, is that the new vessel does not accept the memories of the previous form. This, with the exception of momentary remembrances. These, we have in our dream state or in other instances that we have come to refer to as deja vu.

So, indeed, for the protection and continuation of the physical self, the creation of fear serves us well. The “problem” if you will, with the state of Fear, is that we have continually chosen to utilize it beyond this most primal function. We have used it, to the extremes of our mentalities, to confirm our greatest doubts.

Our Fear is only a misalignment with our inherent knowing of our God Consciousness, and we cannot have true faith in the Truth of God when our fear only confirms doubt. What is it that we are doubting? If All is God, is it this fact that we are doubting? Does God Fear God? Again, if All is God, what exactly is it that we are fearing?

The creation of fear that we all experience, will always be felt because of the false sense of loss. This combined with the threat of losing that which we deem as valuable and dear to our hearts. The cause for this emotional distress, is due to the multitude of “loss-producing-thoughts” occurring in our minds. It also has to do with the mental perception we use concerning what these valuable items, (people, places, and things), mean to us. We deem these things to be, what makes us a visible being within Creation. Without them, we think that our magnitude of “being” is either diminished or non-existent. In essence, we think that these things of our perceived outer world, are the holders of our identification.

Many of the establishments of power that we have come to know, have gained their power through the promotion of fear. The reality is that we have willingly given to them our own power, as the result of our embracement of fear. They have convinced us of this false sense of our own identification, and we have more than willingly obliged them.

We give them the freedom to manipulate our minds into believing that without their guidance, we will lose the opportunity, individually, to have a successful life. That without our formulations of government, education, and forms of religion, etc., we will only create for ourselves harsh consequences of failure.

Consequences that they would have us believe could not be avoided or endured individually. This being necessary for them to maintain this control for our best interests. With a bit of inner common sense investigation, you will come to understand the reason why most of our “power structures” have become so good at what it is they do. It is because they themselves are in a constant state of fear. The question we should be asking ourselves at this point of awareness is, why are we giving our power away to these “entities of control”, when they are not the sovereign saving gods we think them to be?

And why is it that we have had such a high level of faith in these “outwardly” constructed entities to begin with?”

The reason is that they know that as long as we can remain oblivious to our divine nature, they can continue to feed off of our energy. This being primarily for the benefit of a few. This is an obvious indicator that their own personal perception of themselves is of a powerless one.

This power structure pulls energy from those of us oblivious to the fact that we are relinquishing.

These all promote a sense of need that only serves to intensify the fear of incompleteness. Positioning us for directional placement within these systems. These forms of enslaving systems promote a false sense within us that we must somehow work to obtain our inherent wholeness. This is how the governments govern their people, instead of serving them. Keeping us loyal to their selfish cause.

We are lead to believe that these actions are for God. So that we will “believe” that they are actually the desires of God. The reality is that they are actually for the benefit of themselves. These are people who have become lost in their titles and their ability to attain attention from the masses. This in turn has caused the ego part of themselves to become falsely inflated. Now, having completely immersed themselves within it, that is, it’s alteration, they are completely driven by this false force. This is the very process, as we have described, that takes the True form of ego away from its True purpose. One of the main factors that pulls them away from their reason for taking on this position, is the collection of money. This action should have been to serve the whole, but has only served to be one of our all time greatest vices.

Fear has become the dominate energy projected through the mass consciousness, and fear is the primary momentum creating events on the global stage. The Golden Age will unfold naturally as the mass consciousness shifts from fear-based into love and trust-based ascendancy.

When people are truly in tune with their hearts there will be a paradigm shift in mass consciousness. The collective heart will be activated and it will influence reality. At present collective fear, pulsating and active, is weaving the tapestry of reality. The personal fears of individuals on both sides of the fence, across borders, feed the collective fear.

The rise in consciousness of one individual has a direct effect on the mass consciousness of humanity, thus causing a chain reaction that positively alters the fate of the world.

As we expand our awareness within the three-dimensional world of space (length, breadth, depth) and time (past, present, future), we start to appreciate the tapestry of life in which we live. We reconnect to higher vibrations that wind though and around the linear life, characterized by cycles or patterns which naturally repeat themselves and are reflected in the cycles of the body and the seasons of nature.

It’s critical for our wellbeing and our path to the Living Light Body to understand and recognize the aspects of the third-dimensional box that we have been living in. Duality, reactionary present-time and the rational mind are all intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. By becoming aware of these underlying templates upon which the third dimension operates, you begin to have the choice to step out of it. You can reconstruct and remember a significant part of yourself, thereby becoming free to move beyond the limits of the third dimension and experience the possibilities of the fourth dimension, the fifth and beyond. Multidimensionality can be available to you.

The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the “inner man” from the bonds of the world and his return to his native realm of light. “Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists; which means that we have to live our life in such a way as to blend (the “sacred marriage” of Alchemy) the consciousness of our outer self with the consciousness of our inner self and create a consciousness of one harmonious self.  The two strands are not mutually exclusive; turning lead into gold, or creating the philosopher’s stone (which bestows eternal life), may also be seen as metaphors for spiritual, as well as physical, transformation. Many alchemists believed that personal transformation and spiritual purity were required before the physical processes would be successful.

Man, the main object of these vast dispositions, is composed of flesh, soul, and spirit. But reduced to ultimate principles, his origin is twofold: mundane and extra-mundane. Not only the body but also the “soul” is a product of the cosmic powers, which shaped the body in the image of the divine Primal (or Archetypal) Man and animated it with their own psychical forces: these are the appetites and passions of natural man, each of which stems from and corresponds to one of the cosmic spheres and all of which together make up the astral soul of man, his “psyche!’

Through his body and his soul man is a part of the world and subjected to the heimarmene. Enclosed in the soul is the spirit, or “pneuma” (called also the “spark”), a portion of the divine substance from beyond which has fallen into the world; and the Archons created man for the express purpose of keeping it captive there.

Thus, as in the macrocosm man is enclosed by the seven spheres, so in the human microcosm again the pneuma is enclosed by the seven soul-vestments originating from them. In its unredeemed state the pneuma thus immersed in soul and flesh is unconscious of itself, benumbed, asleep, or intoxicated by the poison of the world: in brief, it is “ignorant.” Its awakening and liberation is effected through “knowledge.”

“The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the “inner man” from the bonds of the world and his return to his native realm of light.”

The radical nature of the dualism determines that of the doctrine of salvation. As alien as the transcendent God is to “this world” is the pneumatic self in the midst of it. The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the “inner man” from the bonds of the world and his return to his native realm of light. The necessary condition for this is that he knows about the transinundane God and about himself, that is, about his divine origin as well as his present situation, and accordingly also about the nature of the world which determines this situation.

“What liberates is the knowledge of who we were, what we became; where we were, whereinto we have been thrown; whereto we speed, wherefrom we are redeemed; what birth is, and what rebirth.”

This knowledge, however, is withheld from him by his very situation, since “ignorance” is the essence of mundane existence, just as it was the principle of the world’s coming into existence. In particular, the transcendent God is unknown in the world and cannot be discovered from it; therefore revelation is needed.

The necessity for it is grounded in the nature of the cosmic situation; and its occurrence alters this situation in its decisive respect, that of “ignorance,” and is thus itself already a part of salvation. Its bearer is a messenger from the world of light who penetrates the barriers of the spheres, outwits the Archons, awakens the spirit from its earthly slumber, and imparts to it the saving knowledge “from without.”

The mission of this transcendent savior begins even before the creation of the world (since the fall of the divine element preceded the creation) and runs parallel to its history. The knowl-edge thus revealed, even though called simply “the knowledge of God,” comprises the whole content of the gnostic myth, with everything it has to teach about God, man, and world; that is, it contains the elements of a theoretical system.

On the practical side, however, it is more particularly “knowledge of the way,” namely, of the soul’s way out of the world, comprising the sacramental and magical preparations for its future ascent and the secret names and formulas that force the passage through each sphere. Equipped with this gnosis, the soul after death travels upwards, leaving behind at each sphere the psychical “vestment” contributed by it: thus the spirit stripped of all foreign accretions reaches the God beyond the world and becomes reunited with the divine substance.

On the scale of the total divine drama, this process is part of the restoration of the deity’s own wholeness, which in pre-cosmic times has become impaired by the loss of portions of the divine substance. It is through these alone that the deity became involved in the destiny of the world, and it is to retrieve them that its messenger intervenes in cosmic history. With the completion of this process of gathering in (according to some systems), the cosmos, deprived of its elements of light, will come to an end.

“Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists

The pearl of great price is the individuated consciousness of our divine self; but to realize our divine self we have to become our divine self with relentless conscious effort, which is what makes it so difficult to realize. “Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists; which means that we have to live our life in such a way as to blend (the “sacred marriage” of Alchemy) the consciousness of our outer self with the consciousness of our inner self and create a consciousness of one harmonious self.

Many people are already engaged in this work as we work to heal the wounds in our lives and in our society. The alchemists found that the Philosopher’s Stone, the divine essence within each person, was born of the chaos of the prima materia. This prima materia had to be distilled, and burnt to ashes, and separated and worked, until it yielded up two essences, which were symbolic of the King and the Queen, Sol and Luna, the Masculine and the Feminine, Yang and Yin. It was only after the separation and discrimination of the elements that a new union was possible. This was achieved in the hieros gamos, or sacred marriage, which produced the Philosopher’s Stone, or in Jung’s terminology, the Self.

We understand the Macrocosm to be the entire warp and woof of creation, known and unknown, visible and invisible. We understand the microcosm to be man himself—the epitome of the creation confined within a framework of individuality. Each microcosmic world is a cell in the Macrocosm, a crystal fragment of the Greater Crystal, reflecting a portion of His glory.

The key to infinity is won through the mastery of the lesser self (the microcosm) by the power of the Greater Self (the Macrocosm). Through man’s correct use of the sacred gifts of Life, including free will, his consciousness in the microcosm can identify with the fullness of God’s consciousness in the Macrocosm. But first, it is essential that he learn how to make the contact, how to establish and maintain his relationship with the Superconscious Ego. The figure-eight pattern is used to illustrate the principle of exchange between the Macrocosmic world Above and the microcosmic world below.

At the nexus, the point where the lines in the figure eight cross, the virtues of the Greater Reality of oneself, of the Superconscious Ego, flow downward into the microcosm, and the aspirations of the lesser reality of oneself, of the ego, flow upward into the Macrocosm.

This exchange is accomplished through the consciousness of the Christ, the Super Ego, who, positioned in the center of the cross, is the agent of the alchemical transformation that takes place between the energies of God and man.

The path of liberation is rooted in the genuine attitude of renunciation, while the four mind-changings are the method that engenders this attitude. The path of the Great Vehicle is rooted in the precious mind of awakening, while the four immeasurables are the method that engenders this mindset.

The power of obstruction and discovery of new potential are related to the journey from known to unknown. The known is on obstruction which should be crossed over to reach realm of unknown. This energy is also regarded as illusion to be transient position Every illusion has underlying light of consciousness darkness of ignorance prevent from seeing basic reality.

“Be still and know that I am God”. This Divine force which enables you to tap the power of stillness also divest you from all confusing transitory identification. This stillness destroys negativity. It has a power to stop the functionary of the mind. Infact, destroys false mind construction and the stillness of speech thought and prana is one of the way of transcending known. It is the power of attraction to centre of stillness. It confers mystery all inner energies to go beyond influence is to become unidentified. This is a process of observation whether we are disturbed or at peace. Mind remains as an observer. We are no longer hypnotised by externals but there is an inner spell of hypnotic influence towards core of our being.

It is a power of metamorphosis of sorrow into hidden joy. Of death into the life of failure into success, and of speech into silence. Creation dissolve back into a created absolute. The third eye and heart Chakara are primary centres of this power. The radiance of knowledge, a bright clinching energy sweeps away negative speech patterns. Stillness is the meditation posture arrest the movement of prana and one gets ability to stop the energy at will and attention and will is focused at the self from the externals. Self-awareness remains steady. One becomes rooted and still in the heart.

Meditations activate your higher Chakras and expand your light quotient. A person’s vibration or frequency level is indicative of their inner light capacity. The lower your vibration or frequency the less light capacity you can hold in your system. The higher vibration levels allow you to expand your inner circuitry to receive the higher capacity electrons, which expand your inner light quotient.

This creates awareness of you as a Spiritual being and expands your limited beliefs, releasing your stuck pain, suppressed emotions and stress, empowering your thought process, overcoming fearful issues like worry, and anxiety. By expanding your heart this new energy fills you with greater flow of Love and compassion to gain more confidence, self control, focus and direction which opens up your Spiritual body: Aura, the Chakras, and higher energy channels. You then can develop clarity of vision for your Life path with greater creativity using the creative GOD force, giving you a more open and direct relationship to your higher GOD source.

Through our inner awakening we receive the answers and begin to teach, and help others directly opens up the processes that raises consciousness to higher levels which allows higher dimensional frequencies to assemble into their DNA.

This journey to self-awareness and the Soul awakening requires that your intentions are in line with what your life’s purpose is. You must expand you existing Spiritual beliefs with a deeper hunger to perseverance to know the Universal Truth. You must open your mind to receive teachings and healings from the heart without interference from the Ego-Mind.

As you become more aware you leant to let go of your negative ego your wealth, status, job title, these are all illusions. It’s NOT YOU. You open up and are able to bring more Love in your system. This sometimes creates humility which provides a higher perspective to life. This is understanding your Self as a being of energy existing with multiple subtle body layers, and that you create with your thought forms and feelings.

Positive thought forms create positive energies and negative thought forms create blockages in your system. Clearing all blockages from all your subtle bodies opens you up to the higher frequency energies. The higher frequency energies speed up your development. Expanding your pillar of Light.

Once you open up your sacred Spiritual heart you allow yourself to open up to the pure love GOD consciousness energy and develop your direct connection to the GOD source. As you expand your awareness you activate your higher DNA strands.

Develop your life to this 5th Dimensional Plane is the beginning process of creating Heaven on Earth. The ultimate goal of awakening your Soul is to open up to the higher dimension realities and to truly know your true self. This phenomenon of Self-transformation is a process that has been available to every living Soul on this planet through our advanced Spiritual masters, to aid us in expanding our consciousness.

As you begin to receive a deeper understanding of your Whole Self, the energies within and its relation to vibrations, frequency, and density and varies dimension you begin to align with your higher self, the part of you that is your Soul.

We Are Living in an Artificial System That Doesn’t Suit Our Consciousnesses.

You are currently living in a system on earth that does not suit your true nature – which is love. You are in a low vibrational situation in the fourth dimension, which has been hijacked by malevolent beings who control your people into thinking of themselves as far, far less than who you truly are.

A bird in a guilded cage is still a prisoner,and whether your lives on earth are to your liking or not, you are still living as far less than your birthright allows for. You are trapped.

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