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The heart chakra is the pivotal point in our spiritual development. The love generated here is the most powerful energy on the face of the earth—absolutely the most powerful. And when that heart chakra is awakened, the love force gains enough momentum to open the channel between the heart and the head chakras, and eventually to the Sahasrara, the Thousand-Petaled Lotus above the head

The heart chakra is the pivotal point in our spiritual development. The love generated here is the most powerful energy on the face of the earth—absolutely the most powerful. And when that heart chakra is awakened, the love force gains enough momentum to open the channel between the heart and the head chakras, and eventually to the Sahasrara, the Thousand-Petaled Lotus above the head.

Re-Awakening. The Heart is Another Name for God: Lotus Flower . All other Chakras are only switches. All the potential lies in the Sahasrara.

We are rooted in the Muladhara—the root chakra! We are so entrenched in the materialistic aspect of the world that we believe that we can fix it if we get angry and exert enough force to appease the debilitating frustration that many people feel about the state of the world.

But what humanity does not realize is that within the spine is an energy that can bring about the desired transformation. It is a jewel waiting to be discovered.

How can this be presented to people so that it will make sense, that it will empower them, that it will give them the impetus to at least begin to look at the possibility that the world we have created is within us and is being reflected outwardly? Now, if that frustrating world is inside of us, as well as the Kundalini energy, then we contain the solution to our problem. To acknowledge it is to give it its power.

The heart chakra is the pivotal point in our spiritual development. The love generated here is the most powerful energy on the face of the earth—absolutely the most powerful. And when that heart chakra is awakened, the love force gains enough momentum to open the channel between the heart and the head chakras, and eventually to the Sahasrara, the Thousand-Petaled Lotus above the head.

By the time the Kundalini gets to the heart chakra it has harnessed and incorporated the unconditional love of the second chakra, which has eliminated most of our tendency to judge. This combination of forces allows us to recognize and to understand the confusion of the world, and to realize that we are not powerless–that we have the energy of the universe at our disposal—actually from within our own being.

The treasure lies in really believing, in really knowing that potentially we have the power of the universe within us, and that we can individually bring about changes. We can talk about miracles and the God-within, but our finite mind needs specifics.

We need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the power is already within us. We must know that, vehemently as we have denied it, it is still there, and that by acknowledging it we can take the energy of the earth and move it from chakra to chakra until the heart opens.

We must refine our own energy until it matches the higher states of consciousness. If we don’t do that we will continue to experience a sense of frustration, of being the abandoned child that has to survive on its own, not realizing that its most powerful tool is within itself. I have come to realize, as a result of this discussion, that if we can move the Kundalini energy into the heart chakra, all the goodness of that level of consciousness can be ours to bring into manifestation.

But it can’t happen unless our being matches that level of consciousness, for it is at the heart level that we can truly begin to create mirades.

When we reach the heart chakra the leavening takes place, and we move beyond the heaviness of the physical because the sense of inner knowing and trusting has been awakened; and, instead of looking to the past for answers, we begin to look to the future—or is it the present? It’s like transcending a very dense level of consciousness to mow into what we might consider to be a heavenly consciousness. Our entire energy system moves into the heart chakra, and from there on we are working with the levels of consciousness represented by these higher realms.

It’s like moving from the basement of our house to the attic, except that when we are operating from that heart chakra, the attic has no ceiling. The possibilities at those higher states of consciousness are endless.

Once we move into the heart chakra we never go back. It’s almost as if this is an initiation, and from this level of consciousness we are inspired to think only the highest thoughts and to act from a place of goodness.

Most importantly, we have moved into a level of believing that is truly divine, so different from the way we believed when we were working our way through the lower chakras. That itself automatically opens many new pathways for us. From that point on, one is operating at a whole other level of consciousness, and furthermore, one is inspired to continue to operate from that level.

Kundalini is the key—and that key is within us. It’s just like it is in the physical realm, we don’t make progress until we believe in ourselves. The same is true at the spiritual level—it doesn’t matter what we have inside, it only becomes available when we believe in it.

It is true that Kundalini can cause us a lot of difficulties as it tries to get our attention—and that is all it is. It has a message to deliver and we are reluctant to open the door.

We must listen and then believe! In a way, Kundalini divides our energy into heaven and earth, the solar plexus being the division point.

The lower three chakras represent the earth, and when we move into the heart chakra we become qualified to live in the higher states of consciousness—those that might be called the heavenly realms.

Once we make that transition we know that this is our domain, and we begin to see everything very differently. We begin to assess what we know and what we see from that divine level of consciousness now operating within us.

The Bible even talks about inheriting the kingdom of heaven, and that the kingdom of heaven is within us. How could it be stated more clearly or more succinctly? It’s just that the leaders of organized religion don’t seem to believe it. We don’t abandon the earth; we just view it from a higher level of consciousness.

At this moment you can feeling so totally blessed! And everyone has within himself or herself the key to feel the same—Kundalini. It has that feeling of coming Home, really and truly coming Home, and of knowing that nothing of a negative nature can ever again touch us. However, after having said that, I am painfully aware of the thrust of energy that is required to move from the root chakra to the various upper levels of consciousness. Our lives are that force. So much depends upon how we handle our lives. If we handle them in a useful way, we develop that rocket-like thrust to propel us upward through the first three chakras until the heart chakra is reached. Here the real work begins. This is where the path truly takes an upward turn. And it becomes obvious that everything that we have experienced in life is real, but what happens now is real in a totally different way.

The Sahasrara Chakra

Awakening of the Sahasrara Chakra is an experience beyond description. It is at once everything and nothing. The Sahasrara Chakra is the final destination of Kundalini as it awakens from the Mooladhara and travels up along the six Chakras through the Sushumna Nadi. It is situated at the crown of the head.

Symbolism of the Sahasrara Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra is depicted as a thousand petalled multi-coloured lotus flower. The fifty letters of Sanskrit are inscribed repeatedly on these petals. At the centre of this multi-coloured lotus is a crystal lingam that signifies glorious illumination. Symbolism associated with this Chakra is sparse as all attributes are inexpressible. Its Loka is Satya. All Chakras are intimately connected with this Chakra. All other Chakras are only switches. All the potential lies in the Sahasrara.

Awakening of the Sahasrara Chakra

When the Kundalini awakens at the Sahasrara Chakra, the practitioner loses their individuality and becomes one with Sat-Chit-Ananada or Existence-Knowledge-Bliss. It is the culmination of the journey of a practitioner seeking answers to his existence and its purpose. It is the culmination of all the vibrations of sound into the silence of God.

It is the dissolution of all forms into nothingness. The past, present, future and time itself become motionless here. Energy with its full potential to create rests here in seed form. The five elements—earth, water, fire, air and ether, the Antahlcarna—Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankara are all dissolved, as Kundalini Shakti embraces Shiva, the super consciousness.

The Divine presence leaves no one behind. Nothing can or ever will prevent Divine Order from manifestation and progression. It must unfold. The Universal Light Force emanating from the Most High knows only singularity of purpose.

This charka is obviously located where a crown is placed on top of your head. The element perfectly follows the name of the chakra — thought, considering the head is the place where the thoughts are being created.

The color is violet, which is also considered a royal color. The symbol that represents this chakra is a lotus flower with a thousand petals. This chakra is also considered to be the highest spiritual center in the whole body. Imagine what can happen when you block it.

• Blocked Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra is blocked, you feel like you are the tenth in line for the throne, literally. Pretty insignificant, invisible, alone, forgotten about… One specific thing that happens is disconnecting from your spiritual side of mind and, often, connecting to the material one.

Also, people think that a higher power has left them alone and forgot about them which brings them to a depressed or angry state of mind. Head tensions and headaches occur frequently and sometimes make you addicted to pain medications.

• Opened crown chakra

You feel like a higher power is watching over you constantly. You feel blessed, fulfilled and happy. Your life has a great meaning and you feel like you deserve every blessing that you get.

Achieving balanced Crown Chakra is like achieving Nirvana by Buddhist conception. But, even trying to achieve that balance can make us extremely happy and satisfied with our lives.

It’s as if an illumination takes place as each chakra is touched by this God-substance—and that is truly what Kundalini is. But for the successful enfoldment of this fora, we need the strength of the earth plane to give it the momentum required to move to the top of the head.

Very seldom do the higher realms interfere with the evolution of mankind, but I believe that we are at a point in our development where gaining knowledge of this energy in the spine is so important that the decision has been made to extend help to those who are ready or dose to ready.

The root chakra is like a huge ballast and—considering the job it has to do—it must be massive. I’m so aware of the earth plane at one extreme and the God plane at the other, and I know that somehow these must come into alignment to bring about the inner awakening of Kundalini.

There is much evidence that this transformative energy is beginning to touch many people. I know that compared to the mass ignorance that exists, the current openings seem like a drop in the ocean, but what we must remember is that this energy is so powerful that a small amount can counteract a tremendous amount of ignorance and negativity.

We also need to understand that the importance of Kundalini’s mission is such that if it has to bring about pain, suffering, and destruction for its accomplishment—well, then so be it. Ask the people who have resisted it. Consciousness is the ultimate reality; all else is expendable. There is a tremendous attraction between the higher states of consciousness and the Kundalini energy that is deeply rooted in the earth plane.

These two energies are being drawn together like huge magnets, and something must give. There is no doubt that Kundalini is beginning to manifest itself in many ways in millions of people. What is needed right now is for people to be empowered rather than frightened by the energy that they have within their own being.

This is not something they have to acquire, rather it is something that by simply recognizing and encouraging it, it will begin to move up through the several chakras and bring about a transformation in their lives. But more than that, it’s suddenly realizing that they have the key to unlock this fabulous power, this treasure within.

The churches speak about goodness and transformation, but they don’t give us the keys to unlock the treasure chest. They always speak of it as something “out there,” very much removed from ourselves, something we have to work toward, not something that we already have within us.

True, we have to put forth effort, but it would help empower us to start out with the knowledge that this energy is already within our spine, and that merely by shifting our attention we could begin to bring about the magic that releases this energy. Some part of us knows that we have this information and power within us. Do you realize how empowering it is just to know that you contain this transforming energy?

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