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The herd mentality represents enslavement and conformity, mass consciousness and herd mentality and hive mind. The herd mentality also represent the “mob mentality”. Our government will come to the “rescue” in a valiant attempt to save us from ourselves, by giving us more of the same that got us in trouble to begin with—buying our way out with worthless funds. We always attempt to fix problems by making them bigger; shifting the note due to a future time, to an unrelated debtor, to a weaker economy, to a more confused society—pushing the pendulum to swing ever more extreme

The herd mentality represents enslavement and conformity, mass consciousness and herd mentality and hive mind. The herd mentality also represent the “mob mentality”. Our government will come to the “rescue” in a valiant attempt to save us from ourselves, by giving us more of the same that got us in trouble to begin with—buying our way out with worthless funds. We always attempt to fix problems by making them bigger; shifting the note due to a future time, to an unrelated debtor, to a weaker economy, to a more confused society—pushing the pendulum to swing ever more extreme.

For as long as humans have conducted their social life in groups, social scientists have attempted to understand the nature of, and create analytical categories for, collective identities. A broad range of such theories has evolved in sociology, social psychology, politics, and philosophy, describing the collective in terms of the group mind, the herd mentality, the conscience collective, cultures, group-think, the system, civilisations, movements, the group self, the hive mind, thought communities, collective memories, collective traumas, and collective emotions.

The herd mentality also represent the “mob mentality”

The herd mentality and mob mentality has been programmed to accept the false matrix and reality, People are programmed to accept other to be master´s and themselves to be the slaves to the Global Elite, Illuminati and other Controllers of the world and the one´s who programming the matrix and mass consciousness.

Conform to the false matrix explaining how the individual loses control within the mob and how rational people can be overcome by the “mob mentality.

Additionally, even if there are financial tyrants that act with the intent to make people their slaves, it is self-defeating to assume they have or will realize their intent. Intentions do not automatically turn into realities; it is how one responds to those intentions that has greater impact over whether they will be realized in the world. It is unwise to internalize the perceptions one’s would-be-oppressors hold of oneself, which are based on negative intentions against oneself. It is irrational to agree to perceive oneself in the same way as one’s enemy perceives one or intends one to be like. People tend to conform to the expectations which they interpret others hold of them. That explains why when others’ expectations for them are not favourable, this tends to have undesirable influence on their life outcomes. Knowing this, one can consciously defy unfavourable expectations, and freely refuse to allow those causal impact over one’s life.

There are notable movements of individuals that assert their freedom from the man-made legal systems. Freemen and sovereign individuals are like hacktivists of a naturally illegal, although artificially and socially designated, “legal” matrix. It is ironic that some persons do not recognize these brave individuals and their movements should be encouraged, not dismissed as “paper terrorism.” Such an accusation is especially ironic and unwarranted when those that coercively attempt to impose a false “legal” matrix upon everyone are themselves logically identifiable as the actual practitioners of paper terrorism,

The content of popular culture forms such as television, movies, and increasingly the Internet are less important than the amount of time and energy that all these media outlets consume in our everyday lives. Our favorite TV show or Internet site may very well bring us enjoyment and, from time to time. may spark an interesting conversation with fellow viewers. But on the whole, our participation in media culture teaches us to conform to the status quo without even questioning what that status quo is or why it exists. According to Adorno, the culture industry creates a world in which “conformity has replaced conscious-ness” (Adorno, 1991, p. 90). Adorno would have agreed with your parents’ admonishment that watching too much TV or playing too many video games kills brain cells, though, more specifically, Adorno would argue that our participation in these media destroys our ability to be critical thinkers. From the perspective of the Frankfurt school, then, the culture industry produces banal media content that has the effect of turning its audience into passive, conformist sheep. So do you feel like a sheep? Most of us would probably say no. though Adorno (1991) would argue that because of false consciousness, sheep are never really aware that they are, in fact, sheep. False consciousness is an idea that comes from Marx’s theory of class relations but has been used in other contexts to explain gender and race relations.

The basic idea of false consciousness is that some institutions (in this case, the culture industry) can exert enough power over the way people think to mislead them about the true state of affairs, and usually about relations of power in a society. False consciousness, in a very Matrix kind of way, leads you to believe you know things that are not, in fact, actually true. In the case of Adorno (I 991) and the culture industry, false consciousness means that the media, in addition to turning us into passive, conformist sheep, accomplishes the neat trick of convincing us that the media really has no influence on us whatsoever. You don’t feel like a sheep, but you wouldn’t notice it anyway because the culture industry has done such a good job creating a sense of false consciousness and, therefore. of convincing you that you’re not a sheep at all. This concept has been applied to gender. as well. Women who claim that they experience no oppression in male-dominated society are victims of false consciousness who have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the institutions of a patriarchal society.

Mob psychology – the herd mentality –  This is related to groupthink and the herd mentality, which occur when people blindly follow the crowd (i.e., the herd).

Keep in mind that mindset shifts start small. Those who employ new strategies are often questioned as they do. It’s painful to break away from the herd mentality, especially when the herd is massive.

Herd mentality meant that everyone had to get along after they settled the pecking order.

Humanity has a herd mentality, and at this time, the herd is heading toward a steep cliff. There are signs, this book being one of them, that the course and the direction we are heading in are the wrong way. We should be climbing vertically to our summit, not following someone horizontally into a fall. Breaking away from the herd is not easy. We like going with the flow of things. This happened in Nazi Germany and Fascism in Italia not very long ago. The collective summation of the 3Cs ended in the terrible consequences of death and destruction, conditions that lasted for decades. So if we individually break away from the herd, we are, at least, helping ourselves. To hear someone say put your heart into it is basically saying put your soul into it. At the same time, doing it my way is often the wrong way when we think we can go it alone. I recommend organizing a plan of action. A plan could also be a tool when positive and constructed according to the guidance of altruistic friends that are caring and loving in their charitable soul’s heart. This is not perchance but a plan to meditate on and pray for. We should never forget that we hold the key to the tabernacle of our soul’s heart. It is up to us in our free will to either keep unlocked or unlock and have the doors open. Let me also add that prayer groups in retreats have been and will continue to be a strong tool for anyone. The climb up to the summit is indeed tough and even tougher climbing alone.

There are times when the group is wrong. Conventional wisdom says if everyone else is going one way and doing the same thing, then it must be right. It’s difficult to break free from the “everybody is doing it” mentality, but sometimes you have to withdraw from the crowd and go in the opposite direction all by yourself. Greatness comes to people who are willing to break away the status quo and stand alone. People who are eager to be different.

When you think about the herd mentality, it is evident that it is ridiculous. There is a herd over here and a herd over there and a herd everywhere, and wherever the herd goes, we go too. What they say and do is what we say and do. That is no way to live!

There’s an easy way to break free from the mentality of contradiction, and that’s by breaking free from the herd. We need to spend some time each day just being still and alone. We need a sacred place we can spend some one-on-one time with our creator —a place where we can just slow down, quiet the mind, and isolate ourselves from the world for a while, allowing the positive energy of Spirit to move in and wash our Soul. By doing this on a daily basis, we will be able to easily manage the contradictions of our lives.

Our government will come to the “rescue” in a valiant attempt to save us from ourselves, by giving us more of the same that got us in trouble to begin with—buying our way out with worthless funds. We always attempt to fix problems by making them bigger; shifting the note due to a future time, to an unrelated debtor, to a weaker economy, to a more confused society—pushing the pendulum to swing ever more extreme.

Beyond Good and Evil: Breaking away from the crowd

According to Nietzsche, the aim of herd mentality is to prevent the emer-gence of its great enemy: the exemplary noble individual, the self-created person. After you see that herd morality Oust as much as slave morality) isn’t an unbiased truth, but just another perspective (and one of the weak, at that!), Nietzsche thinks you can return to seeing your own perspective as valuable. After you do this, you’ll see that you must break from the chains of slave and herd morality and free yourself from the straitjacket of its limiting customs. Once again, you’ll want to create yourself! To regain control! To be what you are — a creator of meaning!

Nietzsche says ethical codes and religion have been used as weapons against you. To be fair, although Nietzsche focuses on Christianity. Many religions have in common, Nietzsche would argue, is that they keep man mediocre and passive. They keep you harmless and toothless and unable to unsettle the weak. But why should your life become organized around goals that protect the interests of the weak? What should your revolution look like? Should you help members of the herd free themselves and become great too? Nietzsche has no desire to free the weak from their own systems of thought. For all he cares — and for all he thinks you should care — you should let them stay bound up tight in their straitjackets of morality. As he puts it, “Let the ideas of the herd rule In the herd.”

You’re different. As a potential exemplary individual, you’re not obligated to live by those rules. You must learn the need to brave the cold, outside the comforts — and distractions — of the mediocre, hedonistic lives that society lauds. You must learn to leave the herd and take on the task of being a self, of becoming the exemplary noble individual you can be.

From Nietzsche’s point of view. herd mentality has seeped into your consciousness.

Nietzsche’s character Zarathustra, and Sartre himself, often talk about their nausea. How do you respond to it? You must begin the work of healing yourself. This means that you learn to live beyond good and evil — to see that what you are transcends the values of the herd.

This is your chance to break away from the herd mentality and become your own person .

Is financial freedom a state of mind? The feeling of being free to do what we like with our money is very subjective and can mean all sorts of things. How many of us can break away from the cycle of the rat race and say we are feeling free?

When individuals gather in crowds, the challenge increases by orders of magnitude because fear, greed, and anger are contagious. As Gustave Le Bon pointed out long ago, crowds amplify every human defect and manifest many new ones of their own. “The masses,” said Jung, “always incline to herd psychology, hence they are easily stampeded; and to mob psychology, hence their witless brutality and hysterical emo-tionalism.”‘ Nietzsche was even more scathing: “Insanity in individuals is something rare—but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.’ The greatest weapon of mass destruction on the planet is therefore the collective human ego. History teaches that the human capacity for evil is virtually unlimited. Unless wisdom and virtue are deployed to counteract ego’s potential for destruction.

The human perceptual apparatus is a trickster. We are in touch not with reality but with a kind of shadow play projected onto the screen of the psyche by invisible deep structures. We have also seen that even the finest intellects struggle to comprehend complex, self-organizing systems, for nature does not make it easy for us to know reality.

Herd behavior seems uniform on the surface.

It is non-rational, a culture of dormant vegetativeness. It is lost and headed for catastrophe, if not already in it. It is an anti-culture. Thus serious questions should be raised to blow open the mind, light up the darkness, and thaw the ice. Such questions must take priority, first and foremost, in a democratic culture.

Serious philosophical questions need to be confronted actively, courageously, and with due urgency. In successive order, we need intellectual dynamite, or mental grenades, plus illuminating lanterns, and subsequent radiant sunshine on our complacent, unconsidered views. Tunnel vision becomes exposed and the quest for holistic vision is made more comprehensive. Yet a herd mentality prevails.

The herd mentality does not like the raising of questions. Such questioning challenges popular faiths and demands that people reorient their minds. “It arouses in the opinionated the unwelcome suspicion” that they may be deceiving themselves. It hints that conformity and moral earnestness might not be enough and that having ideas without thinking is a little ridiculous.

Everett Dean Martin asserts that every person “who rises out of crowd-mindedness, into independent thinking, weakens to that extent the faith of the crowd in itself, and puts it on the defensive.” (2) Thus liberal education challenges the herd mentality of the crowd, and leads to independent thought. It does this by starting a process of philosophical questioning.

 In a desire to follow others, sometimes called ‘herd mentality’, you want to fit in. Have you ever felt yourself compelled to watch a TV show because everyone else was watching it?

Tavistick Institute and herd mentality………….

Our mind is a tool we can use in any which way. We are not its helpless victim but its master because in any given moment we have control over our current thought. We relinquish this power because of our herd mentality. We have been told what to think for so long that we have forgotten how to think. We blindly follow others, do as they do and think as they think. We feel afraid of thinking or behaving differently. We believe whatever our social, political, religious, media and other authority figures say.

This is a frequency game, and those brave enough to decode the matrix and break out of the herd mentality and free themselves from a belief system are the ones who will evolve and enlarge their hearts.

The reason we do not create more with our minds is because the lower self and the ego is controlling. It prefers to stay with what is familiar, as the lower self deals with fear as a primary mo-tivating factor. Ego works daily to convince the lower self and mind that this is the best choice. The mantra of the ego says, if one stays with the familiar, the fears have been weighed and considered and one will be in greater control of all situations. The belief is that in keeping with this system, one stays safe and prepared for whatever is going to happen next. The ego never lets the mind forget that a negative experience is always sure to be looming around the next corner. What the person does not see, is that the ego while doing this, slowly builds brick by brick, or shall we say, thought by thought, a wall around the person and the soul, which limits the person from the full expression of their soul.

 flight-or-fight programming – fear programming and herd mentality

To follow fear as control

The Reptilian Bloodlines hunger for more can be characterizatized by; Predatory dominance and “competition for limited resources” mentality. Through this follows hunger for power, greed, domination. The One World Government is a One World “Reptilian” Government based on the principle they are the master´s and masses the slaves, and the end product is depopulation in near future. Genocide is already in action.

Predatory dominance overemphasizes a “competition for limited resources” mentality. It employs hierarchical, command-and-control leadership models combining intimidation, entitlement, violence, and fear escalation to enslave or prey upon others.

Fear was the great instrument which it employed to maintain its control, and the herd psychology played admirably into its hand.

Then there is the almost universal fear of what people think of us if we speak a different version of reality or live a different kind of life

Then there is the almost universal fear of what people think of us if we speak a different version of reality or live a different kind of life. … group of interbreeding family bloodlines to control the lives (in other words, the minds) of billions, once the key institutions of ‘information’ are in place, … Once you have the herd mentality policing itself, there is a third phase in this entrapment of human consciousness.

For Nietzsche that is the same as a herd mentality that fears anything that’s different, even if what is different is grander and more magnificent.

 Of particular concern here is how the media— supported group mind could, in the wrong hands, be intentionally used toward negative ends, thereby giving new meaning to the term “remote control.

There’s an easy way to break free from the herd mentality of contradiction, and that’s by breaking free from the herd.

The master cannot be certain of the truth of his independence, because he has the recognition of this truth only through the inessential, dependent slave, whose recognition is coerced and thus worthless. The truth of mastery is manifest in the dependent servile consciousness of the slave. In his apparent victory, the master has undermined himself The slave also undergoes a dialectical reversal. He becomes a slave because in confronting the possibility of death—the absolute master—he prefers survival, albeit as a slave. His desire to preserve his natural existence holds him in thrall to the master. He not only becomes a slave, but is servile because he allows himself to be coerced. Confronting death, the slave finds everything, including his self-certainty, shaken to its foundations; everything solid is rendered fluid and unstable. He has discovered absolute negativity. But the slave does not yet realize that consciousness is also absolute negativity: the ability to dissolve everything fixed and stable and render it fluid. Or rather, his awareness of this negative power of rational freedom locates it entirely in the master; he does not yet realize this power is also his own. But through his service he brings about world transformation; through his world-transforming labor the slave comes to himself His ability to transform the world effects a transformation in the slave: “Through his service he suspends and rids himself of his attachment to his natural existence.”” Thus the slave works off his fear of death.

Our five natural senses need to be elevated into our soul’s senses. This only occurs in our climb up to our summit. It occurs when we are in communication with that spark within our soul’s tabernacle within our soul’s heart.

The Objective of “the Dark Side”

The ultimate objective, the crown jewel, of the dark side is called the New World Order. The New World Order is a fascist world government, controlled from the top of the pyramid, by the global elite. This would consist of a world government, along the lines of the United Nations, which is a stepping-stone toward this end. It would also consist of a world army, and again the UN Security Force, as well as multi-national armies, such as NATO, are stepping stones for this.

The global elite also own and control all the major media outlets, the enter-tainment industries, the systems of public (and private) education, and all the main-stream systems of information distribution. Their control of our information on such a vast scale gives them probably their most powerful tool of deceit, manipulation and brainwashing. And specifically, the most powerful single tool. In this regard, is television, with the Internet gaining fast.

The herd mentality is so bad in the world and much of the rest of the West that people tend to believe whatever they hear on TV, without questioning it – even if it defies logic and common sense – a mind controller’s dream. However, all of this power and control amounts to nothing, unless the peo-ple play their part in this dynamic. Once the people accept their role of dependency, and being helpless victims, then the cycle is complete.

This happens when people cease to trust themselves as the primary source of what they know, and what they are capable of achieving or manifesting in life. Once people give themselves up, and trust the virtual reality of their TV more than that of their own body, mind and spirit, then they are dead ducks. With all of the above, the global elite are able to use their immense ownership and control to create a vast world of illusion – an illusion that accomplishes everything they want.

This illusion is, literally, a virtual reality, in which they dictate the rules of a totally different game. It is an illusion that covers up the part the global elite plays. It portrays all of the institutions of the mainstream system, which are puppets of the elite, as the helpers and caretakers of the helpless people, instead of the primary vehicles of their servitude. And it cements all this by selling people on a philosophy of life that is totally contrary to our metaphysics of universal spirituality, derived from nature, discussed earlier.

It is a philosophy in which the universe is seen as inherently random and dangerous, and in which bad things will happen unless people get protection from outside of themselves. And it is a philosophy, in which people are seen as too igno-rant and incompetent to understand their world, and take care of themselves.

Obviously, this is a far cry from the metaphysics of our indigenous people, spanning the globe, who believed that when you connected with the divine spirit with your vibration, and harmonized with the forces of the natural world, that these connections and forces would provide everything you need in this world – in other words, a metaphysics in which we belong in the universe, and are safe, and in which we are empowered to create (or co-create) our destiny.

This entire New World Order scheme is sold to the people of the world with the rationale that they absolutely and unconditionally need it for protection and se-curity in a dangerous and out of control world. And if all of this wasn’t nasty enough, here’s where it really gets “dark”. One of the primary techniques of the dark side to accomplish their dark agenda is to create all the catastrophes that make the world so dangerous to begin with. Because they own and control virtually everything, they do have the power to do this, and it’s been working like a charm for thousands of years.

The history of Western Civilization is replete with examples of these fab-ricated catastrophes. As a matter of fact, that’s what our history is — a long series of fabrications, making history itself a fabrication. The formula is tried and true. Create the disaster. Scare the crap out of people, to the point where they demand something be done. Then ride into the fray on your white horse with the only possible solution, which always involves increasing the power of the central government, and subsequently the global elite, at the expense of the liberty of the people. And please note – none of this would work without brainwashing the people into the helpless victim mentality, which prompts them to look for solutions outside themselves.

And yes, with all we now know about the conspiracy and the New World Order, it is totally consistent and reasonable to believe that the dark side has suc-ceeded at getting into the heads of these New Age folks. This is how this game works. Whenever any movement, such as the New Age or environmentalism, becomes mass in scope, as far as reaching the awareness of the masses, they are always contaminated and infiltrated. This is done both through ideas, disseminated through the controlled information system, and through individuals, who are the equivalent of double agents or plants. Pretty soon, the message of these movements becomes diluted and con-fused, and more establishment, as opposed to non-establishment, in its orientation, which, interestingly enough, makes them even more popular because they are not such a stretch for mainstream thinkers.

Once you understand how the game is played, you can simply disengage from it. There’s nothing new to learn. It’s the same thing, over and over again. Once you understand how the game is played, you don’t need to watch the TV news, read the newspaper, read any books, or visit any websites. All you need to do is glance at the headlines, and you see that it’s the same old game being played out.

Disengagement means a couple different things. It means you simply don’t have to pay any attention to it anymore. It also means disengaging ourselves from the snares of the old paradigm system. It means reassuming complete responsibility for our own lives, and eliminating all the dependency that the system trains us to believe we can’t survive without.

This disengagement also frees us to do the one thing we need to do anyway, if we are play our part in the shift, and create the new world of light and spirit. It frees us to work on getting our energy right, and raising our frequency, so we are in reso-nance with the higher frequency energy of the photon belt and the shifting energy fields of this monumental time. It frees us to focus our energy on the one thing that matters — embarking on our own ascension process. It always comes back to this, and it always will. This is the primary source of our protection and the primary source of our power to transform this monumental challenge into the divine blessing the universe designed it to be.

What the Rulers, Powers and Controllers fear is that; the energy of masses moves towards a critical point of mass and raising it´s vibrational enegies to higher levels than today´s suppresses “fear frequency”.

Fine Tuning Our Body, Mind and Spirit

In this tidal wave of Earth changes and paradigm shifts, the one thing that matters above everything else is our spiritual ascension. This is the primary source of our protection, and the primary source of our power, to create the new world of light and spirit.

We’ve already established that ascension is an energetic and spiritual process, in which we are able to move to higher dimensions by raising our vibrational fre-quency. We have also established, in the most simple and basic terms, that we do this by experiencing life with certain feelings, and specifically, these feelings are feelings of peacefulness, joy, reverence, gratitude and trust. When we have evolved to the point where our essence is defined by these feelings, as opposed to the fear and anxiety of the old paradigm, then we are an ascended being, ready to birth the new paradigm. Attaining this state does take some learning, and some work. This work consists of two basic parts. First, ifs necessary for us to disentangle ourselves from our conditioning, or brainwashing, in the old paradigm, which amounts to depro-gramming. Then, secondly, once were deprogrammed, we must reprogram ourselves.

Relaxation – Our Most Powerful Tool

There is a common link between every viable technique for evolving our personal growth and spirituality in the history of the planet Earth. This is where it all starts, as it always should. This is something we all need to learn to do, if we haven’t already, particularly in today’s crazy world. There are no exceptions. The first thing we need to learn to do is: relax – plain and simple. Steer clear of any personal growth or spiritual teaching that is not built upon the foundation of relaxation. The power of relaxation cannot ever be overestimated. Our ability to relax the muscles of our physical body is probably the most powerful tool we have.

Relaxation has a positive and healing affect on virtually every part of our body. It starts with our muscles, and spreads from there to our other organs, and to our tiniest cells and DNA. When our physical body is relaxed, this then relaxes our totality, including our mind and spirit. As we will discuss shortly, calming and quieting the mind is also an essential feature of relaxation, and ascension. This means stopping the incessant, negative chatter in our minds, which is the norm in our culture, and making the mind a place of silence and stillness.

In this state of calm body/quiet mind, our physical body is optimally reso-nant, as far as being able to connect with spiritual forces. The energy of this relax-ation extends beyond our physical body, and into our energy field, as well as all the other energy fields in which we are enveloped. Ultimately, this gives us the power to connect with the vibration of the divine spirit of a living universe – the source of creation.

This, of course, is the highest frequency of all – the frequency of creation. And this is the vibration with which we must aspire to resonate on our path of ascen-sion. And if we take a look at some of the words we are using to describe all this, we can get a true feeling of this high frequency vibration – calm, quiet, silence, stillness, joy. Yes, these are just words, but when we clump them together into their aggregate feeling, we get the feeling, the vibration, of creation. And this is what were after on our path of ascension.

Breaking the spell of the old paradigm, and waking up, and paying attention to life, everything in life, is the indispensable first step in our personal and spiritual growth, and our ascension. When we begin to pay attention to our world, it comes to life, and so do we. When we pay attention to our world, we have the opportunity to learn that we are not slaves to an external script, and that we do play a primary part in creating our world, and our life.

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