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The Unity of Heaven and Man, When you are fully, aware, awareness then rests and merges back into its source of observation, Consciousness. The meaning of “their meaning” is the same. One enters into an ocean where there is no bound. In “no-mind” experience, one attains the “The Cosmic Consciousness Level; seeing all as One Whole.” It is a mystical experience. It is not imagination. It is a conscious or intuitive experience. It is a state in which “Divine Mystery” unfolds itself.

The Unity of Heaven and Man, When you are fully, aware, awareness then rests and merges back into its source of observation, Consciousness. The meaning of “their meaning” is the same. One enters into an ocean where there is no bound. In “no-mind” experience, one attains the “The Cosmic Consciousness Level; seeing all as One Whole.” It is a mystical experience. It is not imagination. It is a conscious or intuitive experience. It is a state in which “Divine Mystery” unfolds itself.

Never compare yourselves to others, as each individual’s karma opens its path and experiences in a unique way. There are no levels in God, only in the mind, but once the mind is gone, where are those levels going to exist?

It is possible to say that the mind is brought to another dimension from which it becomes possible to see the circumstances of our existence with more objectivity. We must not forget that the true magician is what dwells in the depths of our being. Intuition is the direct perception of truth, beyond all reasoning and opinion. It will be understood that the death of the body is not the end of everything, because we are not the body, but the spiritual consciousness that transcends the body. We are the immortal Spirit. And the mind is everywhere because he who knows is always greater than what is known. Therefore space, as well as time, are nothing but reflections that come from the sense of the ego.

The moment you overcome the sense of the ego, you can go beyond space and time. You can travel in time. Ramana Maharsi says: “Distracted as we are from different thoughts, if we continually contemplate the self, which is Himself God, this single thought would in due course replace all distractions and eventually disappear in turn. God is pure consciousness that ultimately remains alone. This is liberation, being constantly centered on your absolutely perfect pure Self is the pinnacle of Yoga, wisdom and all other forms of spiritual practice. Though the mind wanders relentlessly, caught up in external matters, thus forgetting about our self we should remain alert and remember that – I am not the body”. Concentration on the thought “I am not the body” will produce an approach to our essential self and a suspension of bodily awareness.

There is only One consciousness, and that is of absolute nature. Awareness is the expression of consciousness, and is of relative nature. To use a simple analogy — just as thunder follows from lightning, so too does awareness proceed from consciousness. So there are many levels of awareness, but there is only one consciousness in which we all are — exist. To state this more accurately, these are the levels of awareness within consciousness.

When you are fully, aware, awareness then rests and merges back into its source of observation, Consciousness.

When the personal mind (awareness) becomes aware (realizes) the impersonal Self (Consciousness), there is no delay between mind and Being. In other words, there is no longer any distance or delay between the thunder and its source of lightning. It is immediate, one and the same — non-dual. This is the state of one who is fully aware of their true Self, and the true unified nature of reality. But for most of us, the thunder is greatly displaced from the lightning source!

There is only one thing that is uncreated, without form, that is everywhere all at once, the foundation of our being, within and beyond everything, without limit, without a beginning or an end, that is unchanging, constant, eternal, and always.

The latent spiritual consciousness in the state of unawareness (ignorance) at the base of the spine at the first chakra. It is also called “the sleeping ser-pent.” Only when the kulakundalini has been awakened and risen to higher chakras (from the lower self, the first three chakras, to the higher chakras) can the true spiritual knowledge be gained, by His Grace. Then such a person sees the light of the kundalini, not only within but everywhere. This is called “to be , born again.”

A master is one who can transcend time and space and reach consciousness  Krishna, the great master, is in the twelfth plane, that of pure consciousness. He is beyond all dimensions, beyond time, and beyond space. He is the beginning and He has no beginning. He is the end and He has no end. He is the Creator. He is the Created. He is also the Creation. In this huge canvas of the universe, He is the canvas. He is the paint. He is also the strokes and He is the painting. There is nothing that He is not. The only way to understand even a part of Him is to become immersed in Him. When great Sufi masters went into ecstasy, they were immersed in that consciousness that pervades everything.

The Atman which is the subtle of the subtle and the great of the great can be known only to a consciousness that is sensitive–a consciousness that is completely relaxed be-cause of the Ground of Negativity in which it exists. Yama tells Naciketa that it is only to the Pure and the Original consciousness that the nature of the Atman is revealed in all Its glory and majesty. Yama further says that this Atman: Though sitting still, It travels far, though lying down, It goes everywhere; It rejoices and yet does not rejoice—who else but the Pure Consciousness can know It?

“Consciousness is not your body or your mind. It’s You, the beautiful being that you are, the essence. Feel into consciousness. It’s awareness, and it’s so beautifully elegantly simple. “Consciousness is the awareness of the awareness. And, as simple as it is, most humans are not aware of themselves or their awareness. That consciousness, the I Am, can go anywhere; in and out of time, in and out of space, anywhere. Consciousness can never be taken by an-other. It can never be damaged or destroyed. It is pure consciousness. ‘This is what frees you to travel in space, in time and beyond, for consciousness can go anywhere. There are no limits, no physical barriers. It’s not slow like the speed of light; it can be anywhere the instant that you allow it. “We’re sitting here talking about consciousness and we’ re also applying it. Many, many years from now physicists will begin to understand the role of consciousness in any creation, but you’re beginning to experience it already. We don’t have to know the math or the science behind it, it’s just consciousness. It makes reality. “Consciousness, awareness, can go and be anywhere. It can be the Mothership and all the little space pods.

“The reason why it is said that the myriad things form one substance is that all have this Principle, simply because they all come from it. ‘Change means production and reproduction: Once things are produced, all possess this Principle completer” All things are one substance since they possess the Principle of Production, which can also be understood as the Principle of ren. This idea has been spelt out clearly in the following passage:

“The supreme virtue of Heaven and Earth is to producer “From the generative forces of Heaven and Earth the innumerable things are evolved.” “The life in us is what is meant by nature.” It is most excellent to look into the vital impulses of the innumerable things. This is what “The Originating is at the head of goodness” means, this is also what is meant by ren. Man being one thing with Heaven and Earth, why should he belittle himself?

Man and Heaven and Earth, as well as all things are one substance as they all have ren as their nature. That is why when one fully actualizes one’s own nature one can also actualize the nature of other things. Once things come to existence they possess this Principle (of ren] complete. Even though this Principle is possessed by all things only potentially, it provides the ground for the unity of man and things.

Dhyanam – After holding on to something (i.e. dharna), one goes to next phase called “Dhyanam.” Dhyana means to continue unbroken flow of ability to hold on in the object selected in Dharna. In Dharna (i.e. in holding on to something), one experiences concentration as a result. Now continuing with this concentration in the object so much that a fusion (joining two or more things in one) of mind and the object happens, is Dhyan. At this stage, there is “no mind i.e. no mental impulses.” Only object remains there or joy remains there. Dhyana is not what we mean by meditation in English. Dhyana means fusion i.e. to fuse the mind in that unbroken continuation of concentration with the object.

What is the difference between Dharna and Dhyana? Dharna resulted in concentration. Dhyana means continuation of the unbroken flow of this concentration and achieving fusion of mind and the object. What do we get after this phase, Dhyana? It is fusion (joining two or more things as one) of mind with the object and immense happiness. viii) Samadhi – Now after the fusion of mind and the object, unified mind (unified consciousness) goes to transcendental realm (area of awareness beyond human experience and understanding) through the last phase, called “Samadhi; culmination (highest point happening); perfect absorption of thought into Supreme Spirit.”

When the mind gets relieved of mind’s functioning (ideas, thoughts and impressions), it becomes pure mind. If one can hold it and continue holding it, it reaches the highest state of consciousness. Mind becomes one pure consciousness. The pure mind and the pure self are the same. This “no-mind i.e. mind without mind’s functioning” has the capacity to unfold from within the light of Truth or Light of Pure Consciousness.

It is Samadhi. It is fusion. It means culmination i.e. reaching the highest point. When the mind loses its mental activities (ideas, thoughts, and impulses) and reflects the light within, this state (i.e. after fusion with the space behind the object or reaching the culmination, highest point) is called Samadhi. This is the point where one experiences “I am that (The Absolute; The Supreme Universal Self; The Brahman; I and my father are one; the point where the salt doll melts in the ocean).” Different words are used to describe this state.

The meaning of “their meaning” is the same. One enters into an ocean where there is no bound. In “no-mind” experience, one attains the “The Cosmic Consciousness Level; seeing all as One Whole.” It is a mystical experience. It is not imagination. It is a conscious or intuitive experience. It is a state in which “Divine Mystery” unfolds itself. This stage comes when one loses name and form. In this state one goes very deep to “One’s own Ground; one’s own pure consciousness.” After this stage one is able to see this pure consciousness in everything and every being, everywhere. This is the stage in which pure mind enters into pure consciousness, becomes one with it and sees only pure consciousness everywhere. This is the state for which the Christ said “The kingdom of Heaven is within you, seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Those (Christ; Moses; Mohammad; Buddha; Krishna), who taught about it used different words to give meaning. But the meaning of ‘their meaning’ is the same everywhere. This is the point where one experiences All-pervasive spirit, All-inclusive Spirit; Supreme Universal Eternal Reality.

A paradox — This verse presents a beautiful paradox. it shows how the perception of a muni is different from the perception of an ordinary man. A muni is one who is able to see beyond what just eyes are able to see. A muni is disciplined and is alive to the beauty of the reality within or alma (soul). A muni realizes alma (soul). He is able to see its grandeur, its reality, its expanse, its irresistibility and its permanent effect. A muni (an accomplished sage) does not run after wealth and power. However, this view does not match with the view of an ordinary man. An ordinary man does not find interest in the higher thinking or soul-based thinking. An ordinary man is extremely attracted by the glitter of the sense-objects. For a yogi, sense objects are like dark nights. What is the reason? A muni is wakeful (or alive) to the nature of reality to which an ordinary man is asleep or indifferent. While an ordinary man is alive to the glitter of the worldly objects as day light, for a muni it is like darkness of the night. In darkness of night, nothing is visible to eye. Similarly, a sage has no attraction whatsoever in the glitter of the sense objects. What is the reason? A muni (an accomplished sage) does not go on the upper layers of the things. He seeks to go to the bottom of the reality. He goes for the substance or the enduring feature of the reality or truth in the worldly objects. A muni (accomplished sage) does not see substance in the worldly objects and therefore finds the “impermanence of the worldly objects” as dark nights. A muni (an accomplished sage) sees in the light of the soul. He is self-realized and awakened person. He goes for the intrinsic worth and not for the looks. A muni sees nothing but darkness in the worldly objects due to their mere show and lack of substance. A muni is more cognizant of the inner world where one can walk and talk and remain in the blissful relationship with the “One” in the “Inner castle of peace in the Individual,” of which mother Teresa also spoke. For one alive (or fully sensitive) to richness inside of one’s self, the worldly activities appear to be dull, lifeless and colorless like darkness of night. An obvious reason is there for this. A muni remains anchored in that, which alone is changeless in this changing world.

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