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This world leading mankind further and further away from the Divine God, and they programming the herd mentality to welcome a One World Government. This is leading the “herd” or the “cheap” into a total and ultimate enslavement

This world leading mankind further and further away from the Divine God, and they programming the herd mentality to welcome a One World Government. This is leading the “herd” or the “cheap” into a total and ultimate enslavement.

The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The Reptilians, Illuminati have prevent this spiritual progress for more than 5000 years, and from 1900th Tavistock Institute has become the central key for all mind control and brainwashing.

As all action is estimable only in proportion to the grandeur and dignity of the efficient principle, so this action is incontestably nobler than any other. Actions produced by a divine principle are divine; but creaturely actions, however good they appear, are only human, or at least virtuous, even when accompanied by grace. Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself.

All other beings have only a borrowed life, but the Word has life in Himself, and being communicative of His nature, He desires to bestow it upon man. We should, therefore, make room for the influx of this life, which can only be done by the ejection and loss of the Adam life and the suppression of the activity of self.

This is agreeable to an assertion of Saint Paul: “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). But this state can be accomplished only by dying to ourselves and to all our own activity so that the activity of God may be substituted in its place.

Therefore, instead of prohibiting activity, we enjoin it, but in absolute dependence on the Spirit of God, that His activity may take the place of our own. This can be enacted only by the consent of the creature, and this concurrence can be yielded only by moderating our own action so that the activity of God may, little by little, be wholly substituted for it.

This shows how necessary it is to renounce ourselves and all our activity to follow Christ, for we cannot follow Him if we are not animated by His Spirit. Now that His Spirit may gain admittance, it is necessary that our own should be expelled. Saint Paul says, “He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17). And David says it was good for him to draw near to the Lord and to put his trust in Him. (See Psalm 73:28.) What is this drawing near? It is the beginning of union.

Divine union has its commencement, its progress, its achievement, and its consummation. It is at first an inclination toward God. When the soul is introverted in the manner before described, it gets within the influence of the central attraction, and acquires an eager desire after union. This is only the beginning. It then adheres to Him when it has gotten nearer and nearer, and it finally becomes one, that is, one spirit with Him. Then it is that the spirit that had wandered from God returns again to its end.

Into this way, then, which is the divine motion and the spirit of Jesus Christ, we must necessarily enter. Saint Paul says, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his” (Romans 8:9). Therefore, to be Christ’s, we must be filled with His Spirit and emptied of our own. The apostle, in the same chapter, proved the necessity of this divine influence. He says, “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Romans 8:19).

If all who labored for the conversion of others sought to reach them by the heart, introducing them immediately to prayer and the interior life, numberless and permanent conversions would ensue.

On the contrary, few and transient fruits must attend that labor that is confined to outward matters, such as burdening the disciple with a thousand precepts for external exercises instead of leading the soul to Christ by the occupation of the heart in Him. If ministers were solicitous thus to instruct their parishioners, shepherds, while they watched their flocks, would have the spirit of the primitive Christians; the husbandman at the plough would maintain a blessed communion with his Go; the manufacturer, while he exhausted his outward man with labor, would be renewed with inward strength; every kind of vice would shortly disappear; and every parishioner would become spiritually minded.

We are told in Scripture that “the entrance of [God’s] words giveth…understanding unto the simple” (Psalm 119:130), and we are also assured that God loves to communicate with the simpleminded: “The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me” (Psalm 116:6).

Man frequently applies a remedy to the outward body while the disease lies at the heart. The cause of our lack of success in reforming mankind, especially those of the lower classes, is that we begin with external matters. All our labors in this field produce fruit that does not endure, but if the key of the interior be first given, the exterior would be naturally and easily reformed.

Now this is very easy. To teach man to seek God in His heart, to think of Him, to return to Him whenever he finds he has wandered from Him, and to do and to suffer all things with a single eye to please Him, is leading the soul to the source of all grace and causing it to find there everything necessary for sanctification.

What, then, does God do? He sends His own wisdom before Him, as fire will be sent upon the earth to destroy by its activity all that is impure. As nothing can resist the power of that fire, consuming everything, so too this wisdom destroys all the impurities of the creature in order to dispose it for divine union. The impurity that is so fatal to union consists in self-appropriation and activity.

Self-appropriation is the source and fountain of all that defilement that can never be allied to essential purity—as the rays of the sun may shine, indeed, upon mire, but can never be united with it. And since God is in an infinite stillness, the soul, in order to be united to Him, must participate of His stillness; otherwise, the contrariety between stillness and activity would prevent assimilation.

Therefore, the soul can never arrive at divine union but in the rest of its will; nor can it ever become one with God but by being re-established in central rest and in the purity of its first creation. God purifies the soul by His wisdom as refiners do metals in the furnace. Gold cannot be purified but by fire, which gradually consumes all that is earthy and foreign and separates it from the metal. It is not sufficient to fit it for use that the earthy part should be changed into gold; it must then be melted and dissolved by the force of fire to separate from the mass every drossy or alien particle, and it must be again and again cast into the furnace until it has lost every trace of pollution and every possibility of being further purified.

Let me, however, explain. By man’s giving a passive consent, God, without usurpation, may assume full power and an entire guidance; for having, in the beginning of his conversion, made an unreserved surrender of himself to all that God wills of him or by him, he thereby gave an active consent to whatever God might afterward require. But when God begins to burn, destroy, and purify, the soul does not perceive that these operations are intended for its good, but rather supposes the contrary.

And as the gold at first seems rather to blacken than brighten in the fire, so it conceives that its purity is lost—so much so that if an active and explicit consent were then required, the soul could scarcely give it and would often withhold it.

All it does is to remain firm in its passive consent, enduring as patiently as possible all these divine operations that it is neither able nor desirous to obstruct. In this manner, therefore, the soul is purified from all its self-originated, distinct, perceptible, and multiplied operations, which constitute a great dissimilitude between it and God.

It is rendered by degrees “conform,” and then “uniform,” and the passive capacity of the creature is elevated, ennobled, and enlarged, though in a secret and hidden manner, hence called mystical. But in all these operations, the soul must concur passively. It is true, indeed, that in the beginning, its activity is requisite; however, as

None can be ignorant that God is the Supreme Good, that essential blessedness consists in union with Him, that the saints differ in glory depending on whether their union is more or less perfect, and that the soul cannot attain this union by the mere activity of its own powers, since God communicates Himself to the soul in proportion to its passive capacity to be great, noble, and extensive. We can only be united to God in simplicity and passivity, and as this union is beatitude itself, the way that leads us in this passivity cannot be evil but must be the most free from danger and the best. This way is not dangerous.

Would Jesus Christ have made this the most perfect and necessary of all ways, had it been so? No! All can travel it, and as all are called to happiness, all are likewise called to the enjoyment of God, both in this life and in the next, for that alone is happiness. I say the enjoyment of God Himself, and not of His gifts.

These latter do not constitute essential beatitude, as they cannot fully content the soul. It is so noble and so great that the most exalted gifts of God cannot make it happy unless the Giver also bestows Himself. Now the whole desire of the Divine Being is to give Himself to every creature according to the capacity with which it is endowed. And yet, alas, how reluctantly man suffers himself to be drawn to God! How fearful he is to prepare for divine union!

This is just what is done every day. Let us all agree in the way, as we all agree in the end, which is evident and incontrovertible. The way has its beginning, process, and termination, and the nearer we approach the consummation, the farther is the beginning behind us. It is only by leaving the one that we can arrive at the other.

You cannot get from the entrance to a distant place without passing over the intermediate space, and if the end be good, holy, and necessary, and the entrance also good, why should the necessary passage, the direct road leading from the one to the other, be evil? 0 the blindness of the greater part of mankind, who pride themselves on science and wisdom! How true is it, 0 my God, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them unto babes! (See Matthew 11:25.)

This world leading mankind further and further away from the Divine God, and they programming the herd mentality to welcome a One World Government. This is leading the “herd” or the “cheap” into a total and ultimate enslavement.

God is still working with humanity in order to bring it from undeveloped life (bios) to a state of self-realization in divine love.

We are still looking back to the pentecostal events in a dazed way instead of looking forward to the goal the Spirit is leading us to. Therefore mankind is wholly unprepared for the things to come. Man is compelled by divine forces to go forward to in-creasing consciousness and cognition, developing further and further away from his religious background because he does not understand it any more.

His religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by the beginnings of a then new aeon of consciousness instead of understanding them and their im-plications. What one once called the “Holy Ghost” is an impelling force, creating wider consciousness and responsibility and thus enriched cognition. The real history of the world seems to be the progressive incarnation of the deity.

Will lead the people further away from the path of God through his deceit, which will only cause God to wreak further havoc on the world.

Following the archaic, embellished words of the Bible has created a world that has suffered a thousand years of misery in their own negativity; their own living hell and damnation. The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The weak will continue to cling onto traditionalist religion for as long as they can, because they feel safer in their comfort zone.

There’s also another major element to take into consideration here. Fear! People are frightened of the unknown. If people can’t see and know what’s ahead, they’re afraid of the consequences or outcome. What if they tried this new belief; learnt to meditate and connect with God; and failed? What then? Failure for most people is not an option. Take the least route of resistance. Stick to what you know. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. Put you hands over your ears so you can’t hear; so you won’t be susceptible to evil thoughts. What if?

The writing is on the wall. Traditional religion is doomed. No longer can we hang on to a medieval world that no longer exists. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s time for a new belief. You are about to be awakened to the reality of who you truly are. Your continued belief in the status quo is what draws misery and suffering.

The power you give to your religious leaders are the ones who perpetuate division amongst you all, thus leading to violence, hatred, discrimination, abuse and suffering. It’s time for you to awaken to the fact that you are all one and the same, so you can happily share the food and possessions you have; choose love, forgiveness and peace to create and define for you the world that God; light; the one conscious energy; actually had originally intended. It’s time for you to understand that, even without trust in the Bible; the message is still the same: a belief in God; light; love; the one conscious energy. But this belief needs to be with loving actions and liberation, not guilt, blame and brutality. We’re talking about a new dawn; a new day; a new belief; needs of people today, not of thousands of years ago.

Transform your thinking. Understand yourself, your life and what life is all about. Question which is the truth. Scientists are already being stopped in their tracks, having to accept that there is a force ‘out there’ that they can’t explain. A force that defies all logic and all current laws of science. Until you embrace your duality and connect once again with your spiritual side; the barriers will remain. No amount of logic, calculation or invention will explain this force that eludes scientists. It has to come from within. You need to stop thinking about mankind being a dispensable commodity, and start accepting we are all connected and have access to that force.

Take a leaf from the book of Star Wars: May the force be with you. The ‘force’ in that series of films is closer to reality than people will presently accept. Remember, God; light; the one conscious energy, cannot be comprehended by mankind, but it ‘can’ be connected; through your words, deeds, thoughts and beliefs.

It’s time for you to learn about the universal life force grid that keeps everything unified; and how to utilise this energy to manifest for yourselves, total healing, acceptance of each other and harmonisation. Wake up and smell the roses.

It’s time to stop putting money into the banks of those that want you to continue to live in fear of the wrath of God; want to take money for atonement; want you to ‘gift’ money for an archaic book of prophecies with embellishment which was written thousands of years ago, for people in those times; want you to give for the sake of Jesus; want you to subscribe to the teachings of the Bible; want you to pay to listen to someone giving their own interpretation of the Bible… Stop!; and listen to the word of God; light; the one conscious mind in the 21th century.

People around the world and even religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by The New God-Image.

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