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The soul thus transfigured becomes the light body. … feelings we build the rainbow bridge of light that unites our physical brain to our immortal self, the divine presence within us. Bridges were an important alchemical symbol of the conjunction of opposites. Bridges neutralizes opposites and its structures of duality. These bridges are the electromagnetic energy streams that weave a web of consciousness through the trilocular being of man. These spiritual builders of our time will be called the bridge builders. They are not destined to build a physical bridge over a body of water, but rather they will build a bridge from our current level of awareness to kingdom consciousness. By taking our hands, they will gently lead us to a life engulfed in Christ consciousness

The soul thus transfigured becomes the light body. … feelings we build the rainbow bridge of light that unites our physical brain to our immortal self, the divine presence within us

Bridges were an important alchemical symbol of the conjunction of opposites. Bridges neutralizes opposites and its structures of duality.

Building spiritual bridges; alchemy, synthesis, union, transformations, re-wiring, re-connect, merging, fusion of opposites, meditation and integration all symbolize bridges or integration of energies.

Each time we reach a stage where we are raising our consciousness, our inner knowing, this is when we cross a Bridge. This is called the Antahkarana. It happens when the Soul has reached a new level of understanding, then we are ready to move forward, to another level. There will come a point, after the Initiation when there will no longer be a need for the Soul, as it will have done its work guiding the personality forward to its highest conclusion. Then we shall be pure Spirit.

Energy is the natural bridge that connects the body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect bridge to allow people to truly experience the universality of their existence. You no longer have to enter a monastery in high, secluded mountains to reach enlightenment. Consciousness then create a bridge of light.

Christ Consciousness is the Bridge across a gaping abyss. Its though faith and meditation one building this bridge.

The physical bridge is the bridge of the physical body that connects man to God and Earth. The bridge of the mind is the bridge that connects the mind of man to the Universal Knowledge. This bridge of the mind is indeed the memories of the soul of man that transcends with the spirit through eternity. The bridge of the spirit is the bridge that connects the heart of man to God. The Christ Consciousness is the path, across all the bridges to God, for man.

These bridges are the electromagnetic energy streams that weave a web of consciousness through the trilocular being of man.

These spiritual builders of our time will be called the bridge builders. They are not destined to build a physical bridge over a body of water, but rather they will build a bridge from our current level of awareness to kingdom consciousness. By taking our hands, they will gently lead us to a life engulfed in Christ consciousness.

The bridge builders will develop a new language to shift our consciousness; while at the same time they are firmly anchored in the new reality. By standing on one side of the bridge with extended arms, we who are just opening our eyes can be guided step by step across the river of doubt to the safety of our higher potential. These steps will initiate a seismic shift in our worldview and rattle our bones to the core. Jesus predicted that once you discover the truth, you will be deeply disturbed, and ultimately amazed. When we begin to see the world through the eyes of God, we will be disturbed.

The shackles of restraint will dissolve, leaving us free to live a life beyond what we can even begin to imagine today. The disturbance emerges from the dissolution of our current worldview as it slips into the past, allowing for the birth of our expanded and evolved existence. The amazement arises from seeing reality from an omniscient perspective. The opening of new senses coupled with an understanding of our full potential culminates into a golden key that unlocks the door to kingdom consciousness. As the key turns in the lock, the click activates within us the dormant DNA that has been waiting for this moment. Science has told us that we only use a small portion of our brains, and that we have DNA that does not appear to have a purpose.

We have been equipped with everything that we need to take this step into Christ consciousness, to understand that we already have the ability to live in kingdom consciousness and only need to step forward to claim our divine inheritance? It is our birthright to live a divine life. It is our destiny to live in kingdom consciousness. It is our natural evolutionary path to allow the full potential of the physical body and mind to merge with our soul as our Christed nature is born. Christ consciousness is nothing more than the ability to embrace our fullest potential as we emerge onto a new plane of existence. It is nothing less than our commitment to use every God-given gift to propel ourselves forth into birthing the kingdom of God on earth.

In the lower state of mind humans is disconnected from their divine source, and fears keeps the aplha-bridge down within the corpus callosum.

Building bridges within mind or consciousness is the work when one raising from one level to another. These bridges can also been seen as the ladder one need to able to climbing upwards.

Through visualization, three expressions of the human consciousness will become possible:

1.The antahkarana can be built and the shining of the Triad be definitely seen. Such will be the new vision—an outcome of the development of the sense of vision.

2. Groups, large wholes and major syntheses will also be visualized, and this will lead to a definite expansion of consciousness. Thus the sense of synthesis will be unfolded.

3. All creative an will be fostered by this training, and the new art of the future in all departments of creativity will be rapidly developed as the training proceeds. The unfoldment of the sense of vision and of the sense of synthesis, through visualization, will lead to a sense of livingness in form.”

We could look at this in terms of the three aspects:

1. The antahkarana and the sense of vision.

2. Groups, large wholes and the sense of synthesis.

3. All creative art and a sense of livingness in form.

The will of the first aspect is a key factor in building the antahkarana (the rainbow bridge), leading one to the new vision. The unity of the second aspect leads to a sense of synthesis. The third aspect deals with a new creative activity, a new creative living, and in a sense is the form aspect of the higher consciousness. That third or form aspect will be expressive of the “livingness in form” rather than expressive of form as a separate and somewhat isolated thing unto itself. The next two quotes shed additional light on visualization and seeing the livingness in form: “Through the practice of the power of visualisation, the third eye is developed. The forms visualised, and the ideas and abstractions which are, in the process, mentally clothed and vehicled, are pictured a few inches from the third eye.

take place between God and man, between the divine pneuma and the ground of the human soul.

The art of alchemy allows one to build a conscious bridge or “Anthakarna’ to the innermost higher self

Building the Antahkarana: The Bridge between the Higher and Lower Selves,”

The awakening to the other takes place in antahkarana, the ‘bridge’ which links the lower mental to the Spiritual Soul. Awakening to Oneself is accomplished when that ‘bridge’, which is the materialization of the duality between the other and oneself, is destroyed. Henceforth the person is identified with the spiritual Soul, identical to the Universal Soul

The golden key for ascension is to build the antahkarana, or rainbow bridge. The antahkarana is the bridge of light you create between your personality, soul, monad and God. This basic spiritual work is crucial. The antahkarana is, first, the key to connecting your personality with your higher self. Then it connects you to your monad or mighty Divine Presence. Finally it serves as the bridge to help create the integration of these three aspects of self.

Once this bridge of light is complete, finish building your antahkarana all the way back to God. This is your cosmic antahkarana. This light bridge allows more light to come into the four-body system, which is healing on all of these levels. Building the antahkarana is a key aspect of the ascension process.

Another golden key has been the use of meditations to widen and clear out the antahkarana and the central canal. In The Complete Ascension meditations on how to do this using the spiritual vortex meditation and the corkscrew meditation. It is important to widen the central canal, the planetary antahkarana and the cosmic antahkarana, for then a greater amount of spiritual current can flow through. The more spiritual current that flows through, the faster your light quotient will build and the greater your physical health will be.

 In the Christian tradition, the bridge is symbolized by the cross: the vertical beam represents our link with the higher worlds.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, the bridge is called the Rainbow Bridge, or the Bridge of Light. In the Hindu texts, the bridge is called the Antahkarana, a Sanskrit word derived from antah, or “inner,” and karana, or “instrument.” This etheric bridge is our link between heaven and earth, our individual Jacob’s Ladder. It links the lower mind with the higher, our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness of the soul. It is through this bridge that we bring creative ideas and spiritual wisdom down to earth. In the Christian tradition, the bridge is symbolized by the cross: the vertical beam represents our link with the higher worlds. In the New Testament, Jesus refers to this bridge as the “strait” or “narrow” gate (Matt. 7:13).

How do we construct this bridge? The well-known esoteric saying, “Before we can tread the spiritual path we must become that path.


The threads that link us to our subtle bodies—the etheric, the emotional, and the lower mental—are created automatically through the evolutionary process. We now have to duplicate what God has done and consciously build a bridge to span the gaps that exist between the three aspects of the mind.  The Rainbow Bridge is built in two sections. The lower span is built between the rational mind, the highest aspect of the personality, and the soul.

The higher span is built between the soul and the higher mind. The threads that connect us to the soul include the life thread, anchored through the heart, and the consciousness thread, anchored in the head. These threads extend downward from the soul to the personality.

There is a third thread that we ourselves generate: the creative thread, anchored in the throat center. This thread begins to form when the throat center becomes active. Together, these three threads make up the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge is built as we project our attention upward from the personality to the soul.

Creative meditation is the tool we use to build this bridge. Many meditation practices focus only on quieting the mind. In creative meditation, we go a step further and actively train our minds to transmit information from the soul to the brain. How to learn

 to refine and raise the vibration of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The practice of creative meditation will help you to further refine and “weld” these bodies into a cohesive whole. You will then have a clear, unobstructed channel for the free flow of information from the soul to the brain. Over time, this type meditation will also result in the transfer of energy from the lower centers to the higher.

Meditation has been compared to sending a missile into outer space….We are literally shooting off from our earthbound station when we direct the consciousness upwards in meditation. Like a satellite leaving the launching pad, we are probing out to areas not yet sign-posted, to regions far beyond those that are known….It is truly a science of “inner space” [in the same way that] astrophysics is the science of the outer cosmic realm….In line with all scientific procedure, it is a deliberate, controlled, step by step process…a method of progressing in consciousness through various states or stages

It is the thought apparatus which is involved in Meditation  and which must be trained to add to this first function of the mind an ability to  turn in another direction, and to register with equal facility the inner or intangible  world. This ability to re-orient itself will enable the mind to register the world of  subjective realities, of intuitive perception and of abstract ideas. This is the high  heritage of the mystic, but seems as yet not to be within the grasp of the average  man.

Those gifted seekers with intuitive perception has the ability to pierce the veil.

“Man is a bridge. Even the superman, once we perceive that he is only the symbol of the strenuous ideal, turns out to be a bridge too. Our only assurance is that the gates of the future are always open.” Man is but a bridge on the road to Superman.

You have within yourself tremendous powers and latent faculties of which you have really never had any conception. You must awaken these dormant powers and faculties by the practice of meditation and Yoga. You must develop your will and control your senses and mind. You must purify yourself and practice regular meditation. Then only you can become a Superman or God-man.

Through regular use of yoga and mediation, it will be possible for you to evoke an Alpha-Theta mind state and hold your brain there long enough to experience deep relaxation. When you do this, it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of whole brain synchrony. You could call it a state of super consciousness or super intelligence—the evolution of man into superman. In other words, the yogin sees not in the ordinary waking state but in the superconscious state of samadhi.

Meditation leads to the gate of intuitive knowledge, which is real knowledge. It is a mysterious ladder that takes the aspirant from earth to heaven.

Synthesis is a connective, integral process that holds together and builds toward greater oneness.

The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, and the brain is a constantly interacting system within itself. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, where the whole is the internal and  infinite world and the parts is the finite and external world.

Meditation is the best way to speed up the process of spiritual evolution, regardless of the stage a person has reached on the long staircase to enlightenment. The goal is to use all sides of the brain simultaneously and the whole body as an integral whole.

This work of new connections building new parthways, it´s healing the evolutionary brain, unite opposite energies to oneness, breaking up the design or concept of duality (parts) and rearrange its parts into wholeness, and through synthesis it expand the limit consciousness to unlimited cosmic consciousness, and through this process more and more new dna strands is been activated from the slumbering state of consciousness and liberation from bondage of ignorance that blinds the mind within humans.

Alpha and Theta waves – is generally considered to be a super-learning state, as this is when the brain is most receptive, most easily programmed. Getting to that state requires into a relaxed position or meditation.

Theta is the state in which “super learning” takes place. Beta brain wave is the slow learning state because the duality state of beta holds less light, it also holds less information, knowledge and wisdom accessiable.

Training your brain to generate Theta activity for a few minutes each day has enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system.

Researchers have discovered that people who enter the “theta state” acquire super-receptivity to new information.

Psychologists and neurologists now believe the mind uses this ‘Theta Window’ for psychological and physiological programming.

It is the relaxed body-mind state, and strong belief in one’s power that leads to superlearning and super achievements.

Theta waves also unlock the door to the unconscious mind and may produce spiritual bliss during meditation.

The meaning of unlock the door to the unconscious mind also means veil going down and one can experience present time and now through the “Alpha State”.

The alpha state is also associated with creativity and receptive ‘super-learning’, where the brain learns at a faster and deeper level than it does in beta. In fact it is very easy to absorb and store information when in a relaxed alpha state. More serotonin is released, aiding in regulation of learning, moods and restfulness. Most meditation and healing methods utilise an alpha brain wave for relaxation, transformation and attaining deeper states of awareness.

Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, so by learning to use a conscious, waking theta brain wave, we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds.

The art of meditation teaches that it is not only possible to control our thoughts, but to learn to transcend them completely. Through meditation we can bring our unruly minds under control. By mastering our own minds we immediately attain a new level of empowerment. Not only does this liberate us from feelings of failure or inability, it brings peace of mind and enables us to achieve our greatest potential.

Spending 15 minutes quieting the mind and focusing on the present moment makes us more relaxed and effective decision makers. Meditation techniques adjust our physiology in ways that directly reduce stress.

Slowing down brain wave activity and adjusting brain chemistry increases serotonin levels, positively influencing mood and behaviour, and switches on endorphins, easing the nervous system and improving healing responses.

Through meditation we gradually improve our powers of concentration, which can be used positively in every area of our lives. Increased brain wave coherence is also developed. Greater communication between the two brain hemispheres increases one’s perceptual ability and motor performance, supports the growth of higher intelligence, and slows down mental aging.

Through meditation we gain a new perspective on life, untainted by our own egoistic perspective. We also transcend our fears, which for the most part are unsubstantiated and pointless. By gaining a more awakened awareness about the true nature of life and ourselves, we attain a greater sense of power, freedom and release from our own imaginary limitations. If we enter the meditative state often enough this will then be the new state of consciousness.

The Supermind, unlike the mind, is not shrouded by Ignorance. Its knowledge is not confined to narrow ego-sense. The integral knowledge at the Supramental level is not veiled within the dark chamber of inconscience. The vision at this level is cosmic, all comprehensive, all extensive, all inhabiting, the subjective timeless, spaceless static self-awareness and the objective dynamic knowledge in space and time are simultaneously present at this level of consciousness.

The development of this faculty or “Heart Awareness” is not of the lower mind or conditioned mind but of an acutely awakened mind or super mind, which is in sync with the lotus chakra of the heart and the sixth chakra or the third eye. The lower mind cannot observe itself beyond the limits of its own accumulated conditioning; but can observe the process through “self-introspection;’ from the stillness of the heart, which awakens this faculty. This faculty of “self-introspection;’ is already embedded in our DNA or the evolutionary urges of our lower mind. This faculty slowly “awakens” the higher mind and like divine alchemy turns the “intellect” into “intelligence”. This is the alchemy of mind, brain and consciousness.

Our consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Just as light exists independently of shadows and darkness, consciousness is independent of matter. The consciousness of each human being has the potential of going beyond the limitations of material sense perception, even beyond the limitations of the body. The awakening process is a shift of consciousness and perceptions; from to be a body with a soul to soul with a body, and it is a shift from a body/ego perception to Universal Spiritual Perception of the real Divine.

The brain is the instrument through which reality reveals itself. Perceiving reality only through our body/ego-identification requires the use of a very limited part of our brain. 

When we move away from our limited self-identification, we open a wider window to our brain, and activate larger parts of it. This process of expanding the use of our brain may lead us to experience phenomena that are perceived as unusual, like knowing about events and actions before they unfold, commonly known as intuition.

Through the practice of meditation we exploit a larger portion of the unused brain. The end of this development process is when the mind realizes itself. If we utilize the full potential of our brains, we can expand our perception to its maximum. This is when we start to see reality as it is, beyond time and space. This state gives us the power to know, even before we process any empirical information. This is intuition! We tap into a spontaneous flow of events beyond logical reasoning.

The intuitive mind has access to information that lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities. Our intuition, or sixth sense, frees us from our thinking mind which is designed to conceptualize, analyse and interpret our experience. Learning to dowse is one way to develop intuition and connect more deeply with the gift of inner knowing.

Developing an intuition of what lies beyond opposites is the beginning of a deeper understanding. This is the shift from ego-reality to meta-reality, its a shift from the ego-lens to begin to see through a multiversal lens. Yet we do not perceive the world as through a giant magnifying lens, but through the limited ego-lens of the three dimensional world. Human consciousness is limited due to dense material of physical body. Consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Consciousness is independent of matter.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery.

Perhaps the problem consists in this: that the gates of the future seem to open upon an immaterial world, and upon a realm that is intangible, metaphysical, supersensuous. We have well-nigh exhausted the resources of the material world, but we have not yet learned to function in a non-material one. We even deny its existence at times. We face the inevitable experience, which we call death, and yet take no rational steps to ascertain whether there really is a life beyond. The progress of evolution has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatus and a reasoning mind. We possess the rudiments of a sense which we call the intuition and, with this equipment, we stand before the gates of the future and ask the question: “To what purpose shall we put this composite, complex mechanism which we call a human being?” Have we reached our full development? Are there shades of meaning to life which have hitherto escaped our attention, and have they escaped our attention because we have latent powers and capacities as yet  unrealized? Is it possible that we are blind to a vast world of life and of beauty, with its own appropriate laws and phenomena? Mystics, seers and thinkers of all ages and in both hemispheres have said such a world exists.

With this equipment, which we might call the personality, man stands with the past behind him, in a present that is full of chaos, and before a future into which he cannot look. He cannot stand still. He must go forward, and the vast educational, scientific, philosophic and religious organizations are all doing their utmost to tell him which way to go and to present to him a solution of his problem.

We know that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electrical age was inaugurated and the wonders of the scientific achievements of our time are known by us all. With optimism, therefore, in a time of fresh crisis, we can go forward with true courage, for the portals into the New Age are far more clearly seen. Perhaps it is true also that man is only now attaining his majority and is about to enter upon his inheritance and to discover within himself powers and capacities, faculties and tendencies which are the guarantee of a vital and useful manhood, and of eternal existence. We are completing the stage wherein the emphasis has been laid upon the mechanism, upon the sum-total of cells, which constitute the body and the brain, with their automatic reaction to pleasure, to pain and to thought. We know much about Man, the machine. The mechanistic school of psychologists have placed us deeply in their debt  with their discoveries about the apparatus whereby a human being comes into contact with his environment. But there are men among us, men who are not mere machines. We have the right to measure our ultimate capacities and our potential greatness by the achievements of the best among us; these great ones are not “freak” products of divine caprice or of blind evolutionary urge, but are themselves the guarantee of the ultimate achievement of the whole.

Consciousness works through the brain, but doesn’t require a brain to exist. It was, indeed, that produced the brain, as it did everything else in existence—even the apparently insensate rocks.

Consciousness requires a material medium, such as the brain, to bring it into material manifestation, but it requires no such medium, to exist. The outward manifestation of consciousness was a potential from the beginning of creation. That this is not an inference, but an actual fact, can be experienced in superconsciousness by anyone who attains deep states of meditation. That essential consciousness exists everywhere, but is forever unaffected by anything.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can  no more produce superconsciousness than a window can  produce scenery. That is why scientists encounter so much frustration in their efforts to subject higher levels of awareness to testing by the scientific method. The conscious mind cannot oblige superconsciousness to do its bidding.

Only in mankind does consciousness reveal its poten-tial for abandoning its material identity altogether. The fact that human beings seem to possess a capacity for increasing their awareness indefinitely suggests that they may even have the potential to continue that expansion to infinity. Rational thought suggests, and the experience of great mystics—the “scientists” of the spiritual world—confirms, that human beings, with their more highly refined nervous system, have the potential to transcend ego-awareness altogether, and attain cosmic consciousness.


One often hears references to “altered states of consciousness.” Implied in the expression is a suggestion that higher states of awareness are anomalies. Actually, there is only one state of consciousness: superconsciousness. The conscious and subconscious minds are our “altered states,” representing as they do the downward filtering of superconsciousness through the brain. Superconsciousness is, forever, the reality. It is our true and native state of being. The secret of meditation, then, lies not in affirming states that are foreign to us, but in reclaiming what we are. Meditation is a returning to our center within. It may be termed a process of upward relaxation into superconsciousness. The only “effort” required is to resist the tendency, born of habit, toward tension and restlessness. What we must do, simply, is increase our receptivity—mentally and emotionally first, and then intuitively.

The refinement of the human ego is as gradual as the upward climb of evolution itself. People whose reality is wholly identified with their physical bodies still have a long climb ahead of them. Only dimly aware, as yet, of how priceless is the gift of human intelligence and of its potential for creative action, they live in mere reaction to sense stimuli, as the animals do. Such people are problem-oriented, not solution-oriented, by nature. In response to any challenge, if they can’t combat it on a level of muscle or emotion, they are likely to develop victim consciousness. Their sense of right and wrong is determined by their habit patterns and by the opinions of others, never by deep inner conviction.

The more consciously we respond to that call, by meditating and offering up our hearts’ devotion, the more we find ourselves relaxing, not downward into subconsciousness, but upward into superconsciousness, drawn there by the “gravitational” pull of divine grace.

Meditation is the highway to this state of perfect enlightenment.

Scientists no longer expect to be able to predict the future, no matter how complete the information available to them. Nor, they now real-ize, could any imaginable formula make it possible for some super-being to replicate the universe: Rationalism is simply not an adequate tool for arriving at the final explanation for anything. The universe, in other words, is no longer seen to be bound by the rules of logic.

Stilling the Waves (stilling the beta brain waves of the ego)

Fulfillment can never be achieved by reaching out forit, but only by stilling the active and reactive feelings in the heart. The ego, in seeking fulfillment outside itself,mistakes reflections for reality. Yet you yourself are the joy you seek. In the restlessness of striving for it, you distort that perfect joy to which there is no opposite. That Self, which is joy, can be found only when the waves of desire, of likes and disltikes, subside in the mind. Meditation is the process of neutralizing those waves of feeling, by releasing the ego from involvement with them. To achieve this release, simply observe the waves.

Likes and dislikes form deeper roots in the consciousness. Whereas impressions are like waves, rising and falling without special reference to the ego, likesand dislikes have a greater resemblance to vortices: They draw feeling-energies to a focus in the ego; they define us to ourselves, instead of merely distracting our minds. These vortices are the real bonds of our delusion. It is they above all that need to be dissolved.

By stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the beta brain waves one is able to access other brain wave state that is capable of holding more light, and light represents information, knowledge and wisdom about the whole existence and universe. By stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the beta brain waves ome actually dissolve the state of duality and ego-world-perception. Likes and dislikes of this world feeds the structures of duality in the mind.

Present humans are dormant machines driven by the legion of “I”. Intuition is the gateway into this Inner Wisdom. Integration of body-mind knowledge and Inner Wisdom gives us a holistic perspective. Personal  Alchemy will teach why your vibration is important and, more importantly, how to raise it. The logical brain will cancel out the intuitive information because it is illogical and inconsistent with the preconceived notion. Get out of your “Ego space” since your Ego is 100% non-intuitive.

We believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and that we experience this Kingdom in the degree that we become conscious of it.

The Spirit has placed divine intuition within everyone. This divine intuition is the gateway through which the inspiration of the Almighty enters the mind. This is why the Psalms tell us to “lift up our gates.” That is, lift up the intuition and permit the Divine Light to enter.

Intuition is the gateway into this Inner Wisdom. Integration of body-mind knowledge and Inner Wisdom gives us a holistic perspective.

The Intuitive consciousness is the point of touch where man meets God and becomes confluent with the mind of the Infinite. It is the gateway through the last sense limit where all lines are dissolved, and the soul looks beyond the circumscribed

In its popular (limited) definition, Alchemy is an empirical science which concerns itself with the transmutation of base metals into gold. For many the word Alchemy conjures up an image of a crude laboratory where foolhardy pseudo-scientists labor to turn lead into gold so that they may spend their lives living in a state of luxury. However Alchemy’s true definition encompasses the doctrine of the transformation of humanity to a higher stage. The treatises of Alchemy are not only chemical in nature, but also mystical and magical. Certainly many Alchemists left behind a vast amount of information to prove the fact that one version of Alchemy was primarily practical and chemical in nature. On the other hand, the principal interest of many Alchemical philosophers was spiritual. These Alchemists did not look merely for the substance of gold, they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being—to transmute the base metals (gross and impure parts of their own nature) to spiritual gold (wisdom). To them gold, the metal which never tarnishes and cannot be corrupted by Fire or Water, was a symbol of illumination and salvation.

Present humans are dormant machines driven by the legion of “I”

From the mind the dross of Ignorance (Avidyā); and the human is transmuted into the divine by the spiritual alchemy of yoga.

This illumination which permits us to have a true conception of the beautiful scheme of existence is obtained by “drinking,” or absorbing, the “Wine of Life,” which brings about the union of the Sun and Moon, or head and heart, or physical and spiritual being, in the alchemical marriage.

One might even acquire an inner elixir through spiritual illumination and produce an ethereal and immortal body within oneself .

The function of human existence is to strive for illumination. This is the natural development which needs to take place if we are ever to realise our true potential as unlimited spiritual beings.

The objective of the work is designed in such a way as to change us from a dispersed fear-based culture to an interconnected love-based collective, so as to make the largest soul-stride possible at this time of remarkable change.

This harmonious vibration is vast and potent, for it unifies mind, body, and soul. Harmony is benign yet powerful; through it, we achieve a unique fusion of embodiment and spiritual integration. Just as the alchemists of old intended, the embodied divine human is the ”philosopher’s stone.” When we emerge suffused with divine love, we discover the “stone” multiplies to infinity, endlessly repeating as we use breath-light and sound. We become selfless instruments of the divine, moving like thousands of meteors throughout the cosmos.

Personal Alchemy will teach why your vibration is important and, more importantly, how to raise it.

The logical brain will cancel out the intuitive information because it is illogical and inconsistent with the preconceived notion.

Get out of your “Ego space” since your Ego is 100% non-intuitive.

The stronger the ego, the less the intuitive information will flow from your Higher Self. So the ego become the tyrant of human mind and through this less intuitive information will expand to the real Higher Self. The ego has not just become the god of this world, it has also become the god of mass consciousness. Ego and mass consciousness is not divine or the gold consciousness, but rather the leaden consciounsess.

The ego wants us to create divides and it will find anyway possible to do that, because if we stay divided the ego can live on as a powerful guidance of our lives; our fear becomes our inner guidance system.

The intuition, with its symbols, is a gateway to the inner unconscious, source of our most powerful thoughts and urges.

Earth are still locked in the embrace of the ego.

 Thus, the ego-self is intuition’s enemy.

The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” It is the ego that deny or rejects intuition and wisdom of the stone. The ego deny humans from knowing their inner true self and spiritual wisdom.

Intuition is what brings us near to God, so the ego´s goal of this world is to keep humans tuned into low vibrational frequencies, then they are disconnected from being in touch with high vibrational frequencies that vibrates fast enough to be in touch with the divine higher self. Instead it is the ego itself that has become the god of this world and therefore present itself as god.

Alchemy is a powerful and effective system consisting of seven basic stages in which consciousness can be transformed in positive and life-affirming ways. It’s generally thought of as a process that turns lead to gold. Like the alchemists who transformed lead into gold, you will transform your consciousness into gold and divine light.

Transcending the elements in this way psychologically means that we’ve transmuted lead into gold. We have, in other words, fused the four elements, or states of consciousness, and transformed them into a superior state of golden consciousness.

Alchemy of Light is a groundbreaking and unique approach to spiritual life and awakening, which reveals the real power of spiritual consciousness as an agent of global change.

The power of alchemy is as a metaphor for such transformation. “The gold of which [the alchemists] spoke was thus not really gold, but a “golden” state of mind,

It is not so easy to let the familiar world dissolve. But this is how we can open the door to transformation.

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