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What are the benefits with a universal consciousness?

What are the benefits with a universal consciousness?

The Universal Mind is a summary of all consciousness. It is infinite, endless, timeless, and omnipotent. Your thoughts travel between your conscious mind, which is the mind of the individual, and the Universal Mind, which is the sum of all minds.

If you’re new to the idea of everything being energy and of energy vibrating at different rates or frequencies here is a quick, and admittedly oversimplified, primer: At the center or core of Creation is Source, the origin of all energy. This is where energy vibrates the fastest; it’s the aspect of Creation demonstrating the highest vibrational frequency of all. At this level, there is no impediment whatsoever to the flow of Life Force out from the core. Energy/Life Force/Love, and the intelligence encoded within it, radiates freely and ceaselessly from Source. You might say that energy flows with perfect ease. The Divine Intelligence operating at Source level creates worlds, and every nuance of those worlds, but experiences no effort whatsoever in doing so. This is because it is doing so from a state of total nonresistance.

For most people, energetic nuances are hard to detect because they’re almost imperceptible. They’re tiny differences in feelings and emotions such as appreciation versus recognition or desire versus craving. These emotions seem like they’re one and the same, but they’re not. When you connect to yourself and become fully aware of these energetic nuances, you’ll have the power to shift and change your energy and vibrational frequency levels at will. The result? Effortless, instant manifestation. Detecting these nuances gets easier with time; it’s about recognizing the difference between how you think you feel and how you really feel.

Attaining higher levels of consciousness is about navigating energetic nuances in the moment and shifting to higher vibrational frequencies with the power of choice. It’s choosing desire over craving. It’s choosing love over fear. It’s about getting to the highest levels of consciousness, which is where you’ll start to experience effortless manifestations in the field of infinite creation.

The truth is being 100 percent spiritual opens the door to 100 percent of your human experience, and it’s in this space that you grow and thrive as a metaconscious entrepreneur. The truth is you can have it all on the spiritual and on the material realm, and you can have both at the same time. Humanity has evolved to a place in our consciousness where experiencing your life as a spiritual being and as a human being are no longer mutually exclusive. We don’t have to be a recluse or a monk meditating on a mountaintop with zero attachments and nothingness just so we can experience the fullness of our spirituality.

A force connects us all, regardless if we are speaking of a connection through a God or through subatomic particles. Our minds are linked to incredible power. You are not separate from anything in the universe. Everything connects across the invisible field of perceived empty space. You are connected to everything, everywhere, at all times, always, like a super highway to the past, present, and future. When you understand this powerful principle, you see your connection to omnipotence because your conscious mind can take advantage of this connection.

You can think of the Universal Mind as a library. The Universal Mind is an infinite field of energy. This field of energy is essentially the energy of everything. Your thoughts, also, are energy. As you think, your thoughts attract energy from the Universal Mind. If you attract enough energy, physical reality will manifest.

When your beliefs are not changing, neither is reality. Conversely, when you change your beliefs, you change reality. Your beliefs and reality are inseparable. Your understanding of this paragraph is essential to your understanding the power of thought.

Humans are, by nature, creators and creative. This creativity produces a high-level energy vibration in the brain, which in turn activates greater levels of vibration in the mind, eventually reach-ing the level of activity necessary to produce wonderful thoughts and ideas.

Manifestation of all your hopes and desires begins at the highest possible vibration of energy (God, or the Universal Mind), and vibrates easily through the super conscious / collective unconscious, and into the unconscious, inner mind. Your inner, unconscious mind is directly in contact with this highest power of vibration.

Your conscious mind can only connect with the power of creation through the brain, which is the switch point between it and the unconscious, inner mind. Therefore, the more your conscious mind connects, or is in congruence with the unconscious, the more quickly your desires will manifest.

What is the deepest sacred secret about lower and higher frequencies of manifestation?

Low ego frequencies working very slow and the desire takes long time to fulfill or achieve, and the opposite when people have raised their inner frequencies to a higher state, then they will achieve or fulfill their wishes much faster or even instantly.

In the fifth dimension, the denser energies do not exist. There is instant manifestation. If you make a decision that puts you out of alignment with your Divine Plan, you will get an immediate corrective adjustment. Instant Karma, if you will. You will not be able to store unexpressed thoughts, emotions, imbalances or lessons as holdovers to be dealt with later. Everything is NOW. The higher light frequencies that are bathing the planet are also flushing up the denser energies.

The high vibrational frequency of the Soul has great purpose in uniting the personality with the pure essence of Love and Light. This unification leads to the activation of gifts available in the realms of high vibrational frequencies including telepathic communication, instant manifestation, teleportation and more. Welcome to the world of spiritual metaphysics and natural God magic!

Source is synonymous with God but God has all sorts of limited ideas connected in the collective consciousness to it, thus we use the word Source. You can use whatever word you like. What matters is that infinite power that you are, connecting to it, recognizing it and allowing it to do its work to remove the blocks that are keeping you in these cycles of limitation for the benefit of the whole because you are the whole. You are not separate.

so When you’re doing your practices, when you are letting go and releasing these limited ways of thinking, you are lifting the whole, and you feel it and you see it manifest. You see it in the responses of those who come and resonate with your vibration, with the intent you put out. And it’s not something you have to practice over and over, it is automatic when you align. Just like the cells doing their work – you don’t have to keep focusing and praying and asking and willing. It is automatic, you just need align. So, why are we excited about this message?

 Because instant manifestation, as one of our dear friends, has known for some time, instant manifestation is your birthright. It does not have to be something that draws out for some time in you’re waiting, waiting to have, to be, to do. This is not why you came! Your power is far greater. But the recognition of what instant manifestation is is where the disconnect lies.

So, instant manifestation is at the first level. Vibration and frequency. You have the power to instantly create any vibration you desire. Yet when we are focused on the manifestation: the results of the vibration in this illusion – when we are focused on making that happen, we’re often skipping our power to give ourselves in the moment exactly what we desire. If you can simply remember the only thing that matters. The only thing that matters is truly vibration, frequency level, internal.

That’s what it means. The vibration is the spacious unseen domain. The essence is creation vibration, is the unseen creation that you create immediately when you intend it. You are powerful masters of intention. However, when we forget, we need reminders. Reminders that let us know “don’t worry about the external.”

If we expand our energy, and elevate our attention to the level of Universal Consciousness, we can source information that more broadly benefits ourselves and those around us. We desire less, to fulfill the cravings of the body and the ego; and we aspire more, to obtain information that helps us attain a more sustained and conscious union with the Universal. Since energy pervades both the physical and spiritual realms, we can literally become animated with this information as it circulates through our spiritual body and into the physical.

The benefits of energy meditation are vast, and include improving physical, emotional and mental health. Although these benefits are immensely valuable, perhaps the greatest purpose for pursuing energy meditation and similar practices is the spiritual benefit. Energy takes you beyond the physical body, the five senses, and even the intellect; it is the gateway to Universal Consciousness.

Physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, can trap us in a world of duality in which we constantly distinguish between opposites: right and wrong, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Distinctions of this kind are useful for living, but they also have the potential to foster unhealthy attachment to our personal preferences – solidifying our ego and self-consciousness – instead of fostering an awareness of the underlying oneness of all creation. Energy meditation provides a means of diminishing self-consciousness and expanding Universal Consciousness, which provides enumerable benefits.

Just a brief glimpse of Universal Consciousness can have a profound spiritual influence. Universal Consciousness is timeless, eternal and infinite, and is the underlying truth of our existence. Immersion in Universal Consciousness enlightens the spiritual body, by bathing it in ultimate truth.

This immersion inspires new thought and can radically transform the spiritual body. Remember, the spiritual body is simply the information in our being: all of our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and aspirations. An experience of Universal Consciousness may inspire a practitioner to act in a more selfless or “greater-self’ manner. In this way, practices like energy meditation, that are a means of experiencing Universal Consciousness, can serve to improve one’s character.

It can transform one’s spiritual body with the inclusion of new beliefs (based on the practitioner’s experience), that he or she is inherently connected to all other beings, and his or her environment. This has the potential to inspire the practitioner to live a life and develop a character that more widely benefit those around him, instead of considering only ego-centered desires.

It may be hypothesized that the electron has a consciousness with a purpose to create atoms that can coalesce into stars and planets. Consciousness may be inherent in organic matter that reaches out to understand its creation – the universe. This hypothetical idea that matter, created by atoms that determine inorganic and organic outcomes that assumes higher levels of consciousness may have some merit because we are proof as thinking products of our universe. An author, poet, great Islamic historian and scholar, Anwar Shaikh, distinguished himself as a philosopher by sharing his thoughts that consciousness has a role in the cosmos. He wrote,

“Since consciousness means cognition or knowing, there must be something worth knowing. Therefore, eyes have a multiple purpose; firstly, to play a definite role in the evolution of consciousness, and secondly, to know the world around us. From this conclusion, it also follows that the world or cosmos has a purpose: it wants to be known; it aspires to be conscious of itself. This seems to be the entire purpose of consciousness. Since man is the cosmic baby, he happens to be the medium for the universal consciousness.”

It becomes apparent that the forces within the atom have an intelligence or a consciousness that tries to express itself in many ways through the evolution of organic life forms. It is this consciousness that reaches its height in human beings to think and reach out with hypothetical thoughts to try to understand its own existence. And that is why this author believes that the transformation of energy in particles is a long, evolutionary process whereby it transforms itself into matter with an inherent will to exist as consciousness in higher life forms that will question and examine its nature. Namely, thinking life forms are the crown achievement of consciousness in the universe.

“If we delve deeper into consciousness, it transpires that it is the apex of evolution. Without it, existence or non-existence of the universe will not matter. A thing may exist but it is the knowledge of its existence which gives it a proper valuation. The universe obviously wants to be recognized, otherwise consciousness will have no meaning because whatever man sees, feels, senses or perceives relates to the universe; man himself is a part of it. Therefore, human consciousness belongs to the universe. More properly, the cosmos evolves man for the sole purpose of seeing, feeling, sensing and perceiving through him. Thus, man ranks as the cosmic baby with a special purpose. What is this purpose of man?”

Access to Universal Consciousness: Another Benefit of Going Within and Meditation

To be a metaphysician, one must also be a free thinker. I think this is so because a metaphysician must stretch beyond the boundaries of conventional thought and religious beliefs in order to investigate such matters as life after death, communication with Spirit, reincarnation and karma. While those who wish to connect with their Higher Self or Guides can do so, they must first be free thinkers and overcome fear in order to explore and know that such a thing is possible.

A metaphysician is concerned about the evolution of our species and seeks to find the answers to questions that human beings have asked since the beginning of time, i.e., who are we and why are we here? Metaphysics is concerned with being and how beings relate to each other, where we ALL fit into the bigger universal picture of life, and, therefore, our connection to each other and to Spirit. Universal Consciousness, also known as the Universal Mind, is a great example of being connected to Spirit/Source.

 One of the best explanations of the Universal Consciousness/Mind that I’ve ever read was written by Tania Kotsos, the creator and author of the website: Whichever way you cut it, you come to the one unavoidable conclusion: there is but one consciousness of which your consciousness must be a part; and a part, as Charles Hannel said, must be the same in kind and quality as the whole, the only difference being one of degree….

The nature of the Universal Mind is Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotence (all powerful), Omnificence (all creative), and Omnipresence (always present). Know that this, too, is your nature. You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible; you have access to the limitless creativity of the One Creator. All these attributes are present within you at all time in their potential form.

Finding Our Purpose: Yet Another Benefit of Going Within and Meditation

Tapping in to Spirit in a great way to figure out why we’re here, too. Who doesn’t want to know what we came into this body to learn and accomplish?

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