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If you know about chakras, you may want to rethink what you think you already know.

If you know about chakras, you may want to rethink what you think you already know.

Your challenge for transformation has to do with integrating the Higher Self, or soul essence, into your consciousness. You have an instinctive attunement to the teachers of higher knowledge, and may go on many spiritual quests and explore many paths in your search to embody this wisdom. Eventually through this searching, you come to understand that you are the conduit, the wisdom and knowledge you seek can only be found within you.

Then you can cease to search the world for ascended masters, and listen to the master within your own heart. Your path is one of growing awareness, and you have the potential to learn and bring forth a new awareness of the kundalini as the healing force within our bodies.

The real healing comes not through answers found by the mind, though these are necessary for you, but through integration of the electrical kundalini energy. The mind can take you only so far, and then you must make the leap of faith and submit to the process within, trusting your higher self to guide.

In the times to come, you will begin to see how more and more individuals are able to sustain their physical bodies on this force alone. This strong, pranic force of energy is all that is needed–in fact, all that is desired, for the smooth and efficient functioning of a body as it merges more and more closely with its spiritual foundations.

The amount of substance consumed will gradually decrease and one will find that one’s vehicle works and feels much better on very little to no food, because it is operating off an entirely different type of fuel altogether.

Here is where we would like to make the biggest reversal of the status quo thus far–blast the biggest misconception about the way you are living your lives.

A great majority of you have been conditioned to believe that that which you seek is somehow above you or outside of you. It is the reason why the mind is never satisfied and the body is never satiated. It is constantly assuming that its salvation will be from “above” in some form.

What an ironic paradox, then, when this is flipped onto its head 180 degrees–literally! Everything each of you, on a soul and spirit level, truly desires originates beneath you. It is beneath your feet, a deep and lasting connecting to a current that raises up through your body. A sense of power, vitality and well-being–all of these have their roots underground.

Whether “below” to you means your root chakra, your feet, or deep below the surface of the earth, it is always in the unsuspecting of places that truth is found.

You will find that as you get more and more connected to your roots, and pay more attention to what is beneath you, your sense of “higher” spiritual knowledge and wisdom will gradually increase. Again, we say, this is the irony of life–those busy looking for these truths in their mind or somewhere above them will not find them. The gems, the real jewels you seek are right below you and have been with you all along.

There are many ways to open the pathways for Kundalini energy to flow. We highly recommend, however, that you pace yourself with this. Kundalini is a very powerful energy, and at the current collective stage of evolution, most are not ready for the full force of it within your bodies. However, gradually, more and more and more space can be made within you to allow the stream to grow ever stronger. To do so, as mentioned, less consumption of foods and beverages will assist in physically opening up space. There are also yoga kriyas and deep breathing exercises that can be performed to pump the energy in and upwards.

As you stay perpetually grounded and centered in your being in everyday life, you will begin to notice a flow, or current. This is the universal life force energy moving in certain directions.

All that is really necessary is to ride the wave and go with the flow. It is about taking the path of least resistance, and allowing the current to guide you to your destination. It is funny to us that you humans trust your mind, which has no sense of reality and frequently gets you lost, more than you trust your own feet and body–which truly know where you need to go and how you need to get there. In order to feel this flow in action, we recommend frequent hikes or walks where you can allow your body to follow the energy and move where it feels pulled. It is a very spontaneous and natural reaction, and can only be experienced in the present moment of NOW.

What does this have to do with transformation, you may ask? Well, just about everything. You will literally be living your life from the bottom•up rather than the top-down. And this will fuel real growth, in every sense of the word because you will have a strong, solid foundation from which to grow and will be connected to yourself and the planet in a tangible way.

Your feeling of yourself will change-how your body and mind feel on a daily basis. There will be a greater sense of stability and security below and a lightness and openness of clarity and peace above, in your heart and mind.

Although you will be more grounded, you will feel less physically dense because the pure energy is lifting the heaviness that may have been stored in higher centers upwards, outwards and away.

You will feel an overall sense of wellbeing and cosmic humor more than ever before-able to perceive things that others miss from your unique vantage point of “below.°

You will also be more naturally in touch with your physical body’s needs and desires more than ever before, and so quite naturally take better care of it so that it functions more effectively.

The transformation may be gradual, or for some it may be very quick. However, eventually all of you will reach the point of total integration and the 180 degree reversal we speak about.

Your trust in your bodies, and in yourselves, will grow. In being more in tune with nature. your body will naturally begin to balance out and become extremely proportionate and beautiful, as it was always meant to be. It will also naturally move with a sense of gracefulness, in tune with the rhythm of the seasons and in harmony with the cycles.

At this point in your evolution, you will begin to notice an increased sense of personal power. You will have the ability to transmute energy from lower, darker, denser forms of being to higher, lighter forms of love and light that are in the best interest of the whole.

You will feel this power coursing through you and, for many who have not experienced this directly before, it will feel like you are on some kind of high. But the high will be very down to earth, very practical. It will almost feel as if you have taken a “super pill” that grants you direct access to divine power. wisdom and energy.

The more you exercise this muscle and harness the energy within you, the stronger it will become.

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