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The Secret Power Within You

The Secret Power Within You

The Real Treasures Lie within You. The treasure-within journey continues to uncover the real gems within. You achieve your real power when you discover and use your natural gifts, which lie within your heart and mind. If you know how to use them, you will live the life you have dreamed about.

1. Within your mind lies the precious treasure: your subconscious mind. The real secret lies in the ability to connect and unleash the powers of your subconscious.

2. Within the center of your heart lies another precious treasure: your soul and spiritual wisdom. When you go within and connect with your heart, you discover your truth and can unleash your power, abilities, and tap into your intuition, where you find an unlimited supply of all wisdom, knowledge, love, and truth.

Do you remember the genie in the lamp that belonged to Aladdin? Do you know that you have it right now? It is your subconscious mind. Within every human being is a genius, and that genius lies in the subconscious mind. Our responsibility is to become aware of it so we can use our true potential. You are the master and your subconscious mind is your obedient servant.

When you unlock the gate that leads to the secret power, which is stored up within you, it will bring you knowledge that will make you comprehend any discovery. You have within you all the power you need, with which you can tap into what you desire to achieve in your lifetime; the best way to avail yourself of this power is to believe in yourself and that you can do it, and by doing so you are expanding the size of your brain.

Although previously unknown, neuroscientists have now discovered that there are over 40,000 nerve cells (neurons) in the heart alone, indicating that the heart has its own independent nervous system sometimes called “the brain in the heart.” In addition, the heart has an electromagnetic energy field 5,000 times greater than that of the brain and this field can be measured with magnetometers up to 10 feet beyond the physical body.

Knowing the power you possess inside is an amazing weapon that will uproot weeds and plant nourishing seeds! Tapping into yourself is groundbreaking.

Your state of health or wholeness is a matter of how you apply and direct the power within you to control your state of development. The world of energy is an intricate system, grossly woven within the macrocosm of the universe and the planet. How each individual perceives energy will be based upon their beliefs, which in turn, determine the journey to their fate.

In tasting the powers of the age to come, you simply engage the transcendence within you—that power inside you to tap into the spiritual world. You can use that infinite wisdom within you to the point where it begins to use you.

What is the power or force by which we can prove this ability? Perhaps the simplest way is to begin with the realization that Universal Mind is man’s working power.

Universal Mind is perfect in every particular . And Universal Mind , from the very beginning , has never taken a step backward , has never stood still . Always it has PROGRESSED

The holy scriptures are the easiest way to unfold the mystery of divine life. The gift of the Supreme Power categorizes the universal consciousness in its evolving process regularly, this working is hidden in such a way where it works with its own gravitational cosmic power and also with the higher dimensional conscious plane level. It is impossible to understand the consciousness working behind the door by the ordinary human mind if one has not self-realized.

So regarding every event as a gift or prasad’ from the Universal Consciousness is a way of learning to shift the view we have of phenomena from a limited ego perspective to that of our true Selves.


Tap into that power and you can accomplish great things

The power to think and create. In the thought comes spiritual energy. Thought is the secret of all attainment. When you get away from distractions and people all in your ear, you can reside in your secret place, and in the secret place there is silence where you can be still and receive the power. The power is within. Take away the spirit from the body and what is left? Nothing. When you tap into the spirit, you will tap into the supernatural that will bring forth the power. When you express your energy in the positive as constructive and productive activity in good, you will activate the power within. When you use the power mentally, spiritually, and physically, more power will be given unto you. Make use of what you have and in return you will receive more of its power. God is the source of all power, and when you understand that you will understand that all power comes from within. Where the soul of the man resides the spirit resides, and life will remain but in order to have life and life more abundantly you have to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit where eternal life flows.

Awareness Levels of Mind

The human mind has four levels of awareness each level essential to the others, In a stair-step manner they move upward supporting each higher level like a team of brothers.

To advance in mind to reach each upper level you must dig deeper within to rise and shout, The recesses of mind hold all the answers within you’ll dispel all fear and doubt.

Man spends most activity of mind at the lowest level unaware of what lies beyond the bend, The dead-end he sees ahead blocks his inner vision preventing the light to show the way so he can ascend.

The CONSCIOUS MIND is where all awareness commences making decisions and carrying them out, The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND holds tremendous power and sets in motion the higher forces without any doubt. The COSMIC MIND holds the secret pattern for all creation the third dimension where universal consciousness exists, Once you learn how to tap this vast cosmic memory you can enjoy unlimited freedom as this realm insists.

The fourth dimension is the plane of PURE SPIRIT the essence which flows in, through and around all matter, Giving form and substance to what mind created but not imprisoned by such form so it won’t scatter.

The miracle keys to unlock the power within you so you can talk with God as easily as to your friends, Prayer is the language of the soul through faith true love abounds as you ascend!


The way you live and see the world is based on what you believe, Many beliefs originate from what others say then become established in what you perceive.

Our beliefs determine our way of life since they precede our choices and actions, They plan our future and grow the seeds that at first were the coming attractions.

To begin to see ourselves differently opening a window so we can see a new stage, We must access the power within us and deliver the message from a rewritten page.

Our conscious mind can reprogram our computer and cause a new reality to be stored, Resting beneath the surface in the subconscious mind waiting to come forth and be explored.

Within us exists the power to gain access and to see things differently through our choice, We are not limited or prevented from a new focus our beliefs are changed through hearing a new voice!

Beyond Your Vision

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world, Put on the armor for battle so spirit’s power can be unfurled.

Your vision can predict the future but your spirit safeguards your life, Through prayer we appeal to the Almighty praising God who removes all strife.

The battle that you face is a form of warfare through deception darkness hides in the night, Through spiritual warfare your mind holds the answer pray that God will shine forth His great light!


Our Lord and Our God is awesome too big to get your mind around, Best you see Him in smaller pieces then accumulate and let Him surround.

God directs man to accomplish the small tasks those projects man was created to do, Reserving the big undertakings so He can intervene and bring into view.

God gave man a mind and the senses so he could listen, see, and understand, By His nature God knew that man would struggle so He sent His Son to teach and lend a hand.

God wants man to stretch and reach the summit He wants man to know there is so much more, He wants man to reach beyond the heavens so man can believe and achieve what is in store.

To describe God’s size and creative power is more than what man can comprehend, Just believe that God’s love is greater than your vision and know that in Him you can trust and always depend!

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