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The specific aim of Illuminati and Freemasons is to take total control of Planet Earth through covert mind-control methods, much as the secret government is trying to do. Masonry is ancient, its teachings are ancient, and its philosophy is ancient, but its teachings come from the Orient!

The specific aim of Illuminati and Freemasons is to take total control of Planet Earth through covert mind-control methods, much as the secret government is trying to do. Masonry is ancient, its teachings are ancient, and its philosophy is ancient, but its teachings come from the Orient!

For the word “Illuminati” meaning; a person who has been enlightened, or illuminated, by receiving knowledge from a higher source. This may have originated in the ancient Mystery Schools of Greece and Egypt.

You see, in history there have been many secret societies of knowledge. Some were good, but most were bad, to keep secrets away from the majority is clearly trying to have power over a group, government or people.

The Knights Templar brought ancient knowledge from the Cabala and the Mystery Schools back to Europe from the Holy Land at the time of the Crusades and that this knowledge was pasted through stonemason guilds formed by the Templars. Masonic historians have acknowledged that their knowledge was in part to the Cabala information captured from the holy lands, and all secret societies used to include the Freemasons, Rosicrucian’s, and the Illuminati.

You see, the powerful Rothchild family started in Germany, but the origin Father (Mayer Amschel Rothschild) with attachments to the Illuminati, had his sons move to France and England to start banking in those parts of Europe. As their secrecy contained over many centuries, their secret power increased in Banking system, industry and government in the western world.

This is the tie in to the London banking center (at the first part of this chapter) and the Catholic Church (origins to the Roman empire) eventual involvement in the global control of the money, corporations, and governments. To where, their ultimate goal was to have a group of wealthy corporate elite trying to run the world has given rise to the notion of their attempt to instill a global socialist system of system of governance and finance called the-New World Order, another name for the illuminati or Cabal. This means world domination for all countries. Including have “one world” one military rule through the United Nations, which today is just a paid off puppet of the Illuminati today. It still began in Germany and spread all throughout the total western world over centuries.

The specific aim of Illuminati and Freemasons is to take over Planet Earth through covert mind-control methods, much as the secret government is trying to do. These two groups are intimately connected.

Most people think of world takeover as occurring only by military means such as bombs and guns, but those are not necessary if the people and the leaders can be manipulated by mind control, hypnosis, and brain implants. The key question is, what is to be done to stop this?

The government has sold out because of greed for power and world domination and now those involved can’t stop what they have started.

The only true hope for this planet is mass spiritual awakening which, in truth, is beginning to occur. This spiritual awakening must also lead to political action to remove the secret government, the Illuminati, from power. It is these people who are being controlled, manipulated, implanted, and hypnotized by the negative or selfish forces, and their hunger for more power and wealth.

The only means of protection is through strength of consciousness. If a person is attuned to God and the masters, owns his personal power, and has mastery over his energies, he has nothing to worry about. The people of the world need to wake up spiritually and psychologically and stop being victims. It is this victim consciousness that allows them to be manipulated.

Conditioning our judgments, by the way, is how rulers rule people. Manipulating and conditioning our judgments and emotions is how mass

consciousness is controlled. It is what mass consciousness is made of. An astute ruler knows he can pass a certain judgment and get the desired emotional reaction from the masses. (That is why rulers use the word/judgment evil when they want the people to get emotionally ready for a war.)

And yes. churches control the people through judgment and the resultant emotion. And they usually have a long list of judgments to live by. so they can control a large spectrum of our emotions. Their judgments produce tear and guilt. That is how you control people: through fear and guilt. Since judgment is a combination of thought and emotion, there is energy to every judgment since thought and emotion have energy.

When we make a judgment, we are energizing whatever we are judging. Let me repeat that: When we make a judgment. we are energizing whatever we are judging! What does that mean? It means that if we judge the homeless man as lazy, then we are energizing any lazy inclination he might have. If we judge him to be a danger, we are energizing any inclination he might have to be dangerous.

If we judge him to be a victim, we are energizing the likelihood of him being one. As for ourselves, If we judge Ourselves superior to the man, then we energize and strengthen our superiority complex, giving energy to ego. If we judge ourselves to be in danger. we energize that likelihood. If we judge Ourselves as guilty for having more, we energize that guilt.

Judgment is an energy exchange. both between us and another other person, and within our selves. Judgment is a function of duality. To judge something, one needs a second something to judge it against: Good/evil. night/day, strong/weak. rich/poor. white/black. etc. As long as we are judging. we are in duality. Guaranteed! And as long as we are in duality. we are in emotions, as opposed to feelings. This is where most Of us are almost all the time. This is how we live most of our lives. in a dualistic hampster wheel: judgment-emotion, judgment-emotion, judgment-emotion.

But there is another way! Most of us are not even aware of most of the judgments we make on an ongoing basis. They are habitual. We are usually more aware of the resultant emotions. These judgment/emotion patterns are sell-perpetuating.

It is through an awareness of these patterns that we can decide to step out of them into another way. And yes, that other way is one-ness. When we are in one-ness, we are operating on feelings rather than emotions. We are not creating a polarity through judging. In oneness. everything just is.

When we are in one-ness instead of duality, and when we are in feelings instead of emotions, then we align with the feeling vibrations of love, joy, and beauty. And we will be able to find love, joy. and beauty in everything we come into contact with–even a homeless man.

When we can do this, then we are energizing the love, joy, and beauty of everything we come into contact with, rather than the dualistic patterns. This changes the whole world! And you know, everyone seems to want to learn how to develop their psychic abilities.

Well, it is not so much a matter of developing those abilities as releasing the patterns of duality that is shielding us from those abilities. Psychic ability is a feeling function, not an emotion function. If we can learn to react from feelings rather than judgments/emotions, then we are using those psychic abilities that are always there, but we do not see them because we are too busy judging and reacting emotionally. If we had turned that corner in one-ness. there would have been no judgments made, and we would have been able to quickly feel the vibratory essence of that man, and we would have seen love, joy, and beauty in his eyes when he turned to look at us–despite whatever judgments he was making about himself. And by making an energy exchange with him of unconditional (no judgments) love, joy, and beauty, we uplift him energetically, despite the duality he may wish to cling to. Turning that corner in one-ness, we would be immune to any judgments he might make on us. If we keep going around uplifting each other like that, it will eventually pull us out of the density of strict duality. We have created and live in a reality of duality, but when we add the third ingredient of one-ness, we create a whole new reality, a reality known to some as Heaven on Earth. We are all divine beings. We are Creators. We can create anything we desire.

We do so through the use of feelings. When we utilize feelings, our creations come quickly. When we use emotions, we create more emotions, and what we desire remains beyond our reach. When we are in judgment/emotions, we create by default, magnetically attracting to us circuitry and events that fit our judgments/emotions.

When we slip out of judgment/emotion, and live our lives in feeling, then everything we create will be an expression of love, joy, and beauty. How many times a day do you judge your body? What judgments do you make when you look in the mirror? How do judge that gray hair? Those wrinkles? That beer belly or those extra pounds? How many times a day do you make a disparaging remark about that bum knee? Or those painful feet? Or those incompetent fingers? How many times do you judge your body as incompetent? As un-sexy? As fat? As tired? As sick? As anything less than god-like?

If we are creating by default through our emotions, then every judgment we make gets energized, and that means that every judgment we make about our body will be energized and will become part of our creation. And not just our judgments, but all the judgments others make on our bodies as well, whether that is friends judging your waistline or doctors judging us as cancerous. Every time we judge our bodies and every time we accept a judgment placed on our bodies, our bodies respond in kind, manifesting those judgments.


We the people are the ones that they’re afraid of. We the people are the ones they fear will wake. And we the people have indeed begun to wake.

They, the rulers, feel entitlement to rule. They, the rulers, look on us with proud contempt. Having placed themselves on high, their downfall will be terrible.

We the people are a most imperfect force, easy to rule and lacking vision and cohesion. But something changes as a critical mass is formed.

They, the rulers, do not know what moves the mass. We are but sheep, they say, for them to work their will upon. Their failure to know love — that is their fatal flaw.

They start to waver — what’s happening to them has never happened like this before. Watch how, as light reveals what lives in darkness, they consume themselves. We the people, with all our imperfections, serve the God of Love.

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